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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

How to set SMART goals!


In this episode, Larry talked about setting SMART goals. SMART is an acronym for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timeline. He discussed each of them.


  • 3-day Training coming up
  • What SMART goals stand for
  • - need to be specific
  • - need to be measurable
  • - need to be attainable
  • - must be realistic
  • - must have a time limit/timeline
  • From A to B by C


  • "A goal without a deadline is just a conversation."
  • "Be honest with yourself."



Larry: Hey, guys. What’s up? How are you doing? Welcome to the weekly BRAG Show live from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. I’m Larry. Thanks a bunch for watching. I really, really appreciate you watching. Appreciate you being here. Got a new camera I’m trying out. It’s a Logitech. It gives a little wider view so I’ve got it sitting up here on the monitor instead of using my regular camera that’s built on the MacBook down here. So, anyway, Kandas is on vacation so she’s not with us this week. She’ll be back next week. Maybe. I’m not even sure when she’s coming back. She’s already been gone going on two weeks. I don’t know. You need to send her a message and tag her and say, “Hey, get back here, Larry needs you,” right?

So, thank you, guys, for watching. Appreciate you being on here. We already got quite a few people on here. This is cool. Send me your comments. Let’s see here. I got a couple things I wanna talk about. If you want to net a free investor’s kit, it includes a copy of my books, it includes a copy of the HUD Homes Half Off book, and it’s available wherever books are sold, and also a copy of Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading, you can get that copy as well, as well as a couple of other videos, by simply calling 877-LARRYGO. That’s 877-LARRYGO, and you get a free copy of that. Another thing that I wanna mention is we’ve got a three-day training coming up. I believe it’s August 9th, 10th, and 11th, but you can get all the details by going to larrygoinslive.com or, if you would rather, you can just call my office, right, at 888-212-6567. You can call the office and speak with Ron or Dean and anyone of them will help you and get you signed up for the three-day. Our three-day training is a little different than a lot of other three-day trainings that you’ve probably been to, seminars, boot camps, expos, whatever. All three days are taught by me and it’s content only, all three days. And we do charge a $97 refundable seat reservation. That’s just so we can get an accurate count of how many people are gonna be in the room so we know how many to book the hotel for, right? So, as a student, if you got any of our books, anything, you can come to the event for $97. We refund the $97 afterwards. However, if you want a copy of all my 600 plus PowerPoint slides for the entire weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, just tell Kandas at the back table that, “Hey, I wanna keep the slides,” and we’ll keep your $97. So that’s kind of the way that works as well. I wanted to let you know that. Or you can go to larrygoinslive.com and register. I just recorded a video, explains everything we’re gonna talk about, everything we’re gonna go over, what we’re gonna teach you and train you, and some of my own team members will be there as well so you get to meet them and see what we’re doing on a regular day-to-day business. So there you have it.

So, I wanna talk about today’s topic, Setting SMART Goals, okay? Setting SMART Goals. I wanna talk about that. SMART goals is really just an acronym, right? S-M-A-R-T. It’s, what do they call that, an acrostic or something? But I’ve got a template. I attached a template to this post so that way you can download your own and you can create your own SMART goals, okay? But, SMART, the S in SMART stands for specific. Any goals you wanna set, they need to be specific. They can’t be what I call vague generalities, right? They can’t be vague generalities, they’ve got to be specific goals, okay? You’ve gotta set real numbers with real deadlines. I’ve always said a goal without a deadline is just a conversation. A goal without a deadline is just a conversation, and it’s gotta be in writing and it’s gotta have a deadline, gotta be specific, okay? Specific. So, that’s the S.

The M is for measurable. Any goals you set, they need to be measurable, right? You just can’t set a goal of “I wanna be rich.” You can’t set a goal of “I wanna make a lot of money.” How much is rich? How much is a lot? It’s got to be specific. In other words, it’s gotta be a number that you can track, okay? It’s gotta be a number that you can track. Don’t hide behind any kind of buzz words or anything like that, right? Like, you know, “I wanna be famous.” “I wanna be rich.” “I wanna, you know, have a lot of friends.” It’s gotta be measurable. Something you can put a number to, alright? That’s very, very important.

The next is it has to be attainable. Goals have to be attainable. S, M, A, attainable. You wanna work towards goals that’s challenging. You gotta challenge yourself. You gotta push yourself, right? But, you also wanna make it realistic, alright? What can I do if I really, really, really push myself, okay? In other words, don’t try to take over the whole world in one night. Don’t say. “I wanna be a billionaire in the next twelve months.” So, that’s not gonna happen. You want ’em to be attainable but you want ’em to push yourself, which leads to the next part in SMART goals is your goals must be realistic. Come on, be honest with yourself, okay? You know, you know what you’re capable of, but you also need to push yourself. You need to push yourself so be realistic. Forget anything that you’ve had to overcome in the past or anything you’ve given up on in the past. Don’t worry about that. Make them realistic, okay? Make them realistic but make yourself challenged, alright? That’s very important.

And the last part in your SMART goals is there has to be a deadline, a time frame. I mentioned this earlier when we’re talking about measurable. There has to be a time limit, right? In other words, give yourself a deadline. Give yourself a deadline. You know, don’t just say, you know, some day or whatever. Some day or, you know, soon, or whatever. You’ve gotta be specific in your time deadline, alright? In other words, here’s a good way to look at it. I read this in a book, I can’t remember which book it is, but you wanna go from A to B by C, right? I wanna go from A to B by C. For example, let’s say you’re already closing one deal a month in your real estate business. You wanna go from one deal a month to two deals a month by August 31st, right? Or by September 31st. So, from A to B by C, okay? So, I mean, that would double what you’re already doing, right? That’s realistic. You should be able to do that. That’s not a problem at all, right? It shouldn’t be a problem. You want – maybe you wanna go from one to three per month by the end of the year, right? I don’t know what your goal is. So that’s very, very important, and those are your SMART goals, and, remember, what I have done is I have attached to this post a screenshot of how to set your SMART goals up, right? The S, Terri says – Terri was playing referee for the grandkids. I know that feeling. S is for specific, Terri. S is for specific. There you have it.

So, guys, those are SMART goals. Make sure you set goals. Make sure you put ’em in writing. Make sure you put ’em up where they’re visible. That’s very, very important. You want them to be visible. Also, I do have a couple of – you’re welcome, Terri, no problem. Also, if you have an interest in partnering with us, okay? I do have a couple of openings right now. Not a lot but a couple of openings for our partner program – Thank you, Terri, for posting that. That’s really good. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timeline, so that was really nice. Thanks for doing that.

So, I do have a couple openings for our partner program. If you would like to apply, go to larrygoins.com/apply and you can fill out a little application and Ron or Dean will talk to you. Make sure it’s a good fit. We’ll get on the phone, see if it’s a good fit, and it’s where basically I help you get all your marketing set up, help you get everything rolling, help you make the phone ring, and then I help you shape your deals, and then we split the profits. My portion, which is usually about 25 percent, goes to charity, okay?

So, there you have it, guys. I really appreciate you guys watching. I hope you got a lot out of this. I hope you guys got a lot out of this. Hope you enjoyed it. Please leave us some feedback, share this, if you don’t mind, we really would appreciate it. If you enjoyed it, if you liked it, if you got a lot out of it, please share it with your friends and any of the groups you may be involved in. We really, really appreciate it. We’ve been doing a lot of deals here, getting a lot of deals under contract. We just went through a whole stream of closings that we had recently so we’ve got another round coming up really soon. There for a few days, we had hardly nothing on our website that you could buy, but we got five properties we’re marketing now and we’ve got more coming in the pipeline. Teresa is on. She is on vacation. She is our accounting manager and she’s on vacation. That’s Kandas’s mom, and so she’s on vacation, but even Kandas couldn’t get on, right? Kandas should at least be on, right, Teresa? Just kidding. I’m sure she’s out on the beach somewhere playing, so hope you guys are all having a great time, Teresa.

So, thank you, guys, so much for watching. I really, really appreciate it, and be sure, like I said, share this, if you got a lot out of it, leave us some feedback, leave us some comments, and hopefully Kandas will be back next week, I’m not really sure what day she’s coming back, I think it’s some time mid next week, so, hopefully, she will be back next week and get to see her as well. So, thanks a lot, guys, for watching. I really, really appreciate it. Have a great week and go out there and make some offers. Remember, the three most important things in real estate: make offers, make offers, make offers. Thanks a lot. We’ll see you next week. Buh-bye.