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How To Find Boots On The Ground


Each week, Larry and Kandas talk about topics they are living out—problems they see and have to overcome on a daily or weekly basis. Once they figure things out, they share their insights with their listeners.

In this episode, Larry and Kandas talked about the specifics of what a boots on the ground person is for, how to find them, and the different ways to compensate them.


  • Share sponsor winner
  • 3-day event
  • Deal of the week
  • Why you need a boots on the ground person:
  • - Somebody to go out and sign the contract and extensions
  • - Somebody to take pictures
  • - Somebody to put out signs
  • - Somebody to check out the signs and put them back
  • Finding boots on the ground
  • Ways of paying them


  • “Keep it small. Keep it simple.”
  • “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”



Larry: Hello.

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Kandas: We’re having technology malfunction.

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Kandas: So, each time they share, does their name go in the bowl again? Is that how that works?

Larry: Oh, that’s funny. That’s funny. I’m not really sure about that. I’m not really sure, but anyway, William Moody won the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. And, he won the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. That’s our course that sells for $1,288, so, also, if you guys have an interest in partnering with myself, then we do have a partner program and – there is a fee involved, you know, but I’m going to work with you one on one and help you get your real estate business up and running. We’re going to partner on your first three deals and my portion of the partnership goes to charity, right? So, we really divide it by three, a third of it goes back for your tuition. Look, my wife even shared it. Hey, honey.

Kandas: Will you focus? You are such a squirrel.

Larry: I really am, aren’t I? Anyway, so if you want to partner with us –

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Larry: If you want to apply for the partner program, go to Larrygoins.com/apply. I’m looking at two different things right there, right? I’m looking at several things. Marti is so glad they found us, right?

Kandas: Wait ’til the end of the show.

Larry: That’s hilarious. And the cool thing is we do try to keep it short, right?

Kandas: Yeah, we do.

Larry: We try to keep it short, right? Tina King is on, my wife is on, hi, honey. So, also we have an event coming up. Kandas, tell them about the event.

Kandas: So, the event is going to be in Charlotte, well, it’s our Charlotte event even though the hotel is not going to be in Charlotte, but it is October 25, 26, and 27. We have talked to you guys about this event for a few weeks. We’ve got a few seats left. You register, everybody’s kind of locked in, unless some type of family emergency happens, so there’s a few seats left. If you guys want to come out to the three-day Charlotte event, it’s a ninety-seven-dollar seat registration. That’s my fault because I want to make sure that we hold seats for people who are actually serious about coming out. So, when you attend, that ninety-seven dollars gets refunded back to you after the event. If you want more information on that, go to larrygoinslive.com, or you can call the office and Dean, Ron, Mikey, myself, anybody would be able to help you register for that event. The phone number is 803-831-2858, or when you call to get your investors kit, Zenobia can help you with that as well.

Larry: Awesome, awesome. So, we also have a free investors kit to the first twenty-five people, first twenty-five people, a free investors kit. All they have to call is the 877-LARRY-GO, I mentioned that earlier, but I forgot to mention they can also text the word BRAG.

Kandas: Yeah, B-R-A-G to 803-897-6063. It will get you the same kit.

Larry: Awesome, awesome. Okay, so let’s see. Where are we going?

Kandas: Deal of the week.

Larry: Let’s talk about the deal of the week, right? The deal of the week. We had several deals that I really wanted to talk about but I think I’m going to talk about the one that – and I don’t even have one listed right here in my notes. I normally would do that, but I don’t have one listed in my notes, but the deal I want to talk about is one that we got under contract. We literally got this property under contract, what, Friday of last week, I believe it was.

Kandas: You got to be more – I have no idea which property you’re talking about.

Larry: Oh, signed it in Shelby.

Kandas: Friday, yes.

Larry: We had two under contract on Friday. But anyway, I got this property under contract and I’m buying a couple of properties, and I got it under contract for $4,500, right? We’re buying it $4,500. Now, check this out. It’s a three-bedroom, one-bath, ranch-style house on four acres of land. Now, the house is trashed.

Kandas: And it’s on the smaller side than what we usually do.

Larry: It is a smaller house. It’s less than a thousand square feet but it’s probably eight or nine hundred square feet.

Kandas: Yeah, it’s 816.

Larry: 816? See, she knows the detail. Detail person visionary, detail visionary, right?

Kandas: I just put it in the pipeline so the details are still fresh.

Larry: That’s good. That’s good. So, anyway, I got it under contract. I went out Saturday with my son, putting out signs. If you’re on my Facebook page, you see that we’ve got – I took a picture of my son putting out signs to help us on Saturday. But, anyway, we put out some signs yesterday – oh, no, Monday. Monday, we started getting calls and we had the house sold by Monday.

Kandas: Monday night, ten PM.

Larry: Got it under contract Friday. We started marketing it on Saturday and Monday we have it under contract and we’re closing some time in the next ten to twelve days, something like that.

Kandas: How ever long it takes to title.

Larry: And we bought this property for forty-five hundred, not thousand, hundred dollars, okay, and we’ve got it sold for $15,000 cash. Three-bedroom, one bath on four acres of land. Can you believe that? Don’t tell me you can’t still get a filthy rich’s deal, right? We could have probably sold this –

Kandas: You can’t tell us that.

Larry: You can’t.

Kandas: We’re going to say your line.

Larry: That’s true. So, that’s the deal of the week. Now, if you want to see more deals, go to investorsrehab.com, okay, and we have a lot of deep, deep discounted, wholesale, dirt cheap, cheaper than dirt properties, right?

Kandas: Some of them are filthy rich’s style houses. You can pick some up, put a tenant in them, some of them you can fix to flip, it just depends on what your model is but we pretty much get paid, Larry said this before, to professionally negotiate deep discounts on properties and then have the ability to turn those properties over to our buyer’s list.

Larry: Yeah, we provide deal flow. That’s what we do. We provide deal flow. We spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on marketing and she gets the leads, I negotiate the deal then sells them and –

Kandas: Bada bing, bada boom.

Larry: There you go. That’s the way it works, right there, simple. Keep it small, keep it simple, right? The KISS method. Keep it simple, sir.

Kandas: We say in my house, because we don’t use the word stupid, we say, keep it silly simple.

Larry: Keep it silly simple?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Or how about keep it simple silly? Alright, here’s the topic today we want to talk about is boots on the ground and the reason I want – and I’ve shared some different websites and things like that in the past that you can use to do various things, but I wanted to talk about a few specifics that what you need a boots-on-the-ground person for because if you live in a market – let’s say you live in a market like, you know, Orange County, California, or you’re in wherever, Orlando, Florida, or maybe Dallas, Texas, or Las Vegas, lost wages, right? Or, you know, I don’t know, Phoenix, Arizona, the really, really hot markets where it’s tough to get a deal. Well, if you want to do some virtual investing in smaller areas where there’s not as much competition – guys, like what we do. We’re in the Charlotte MSA and there’s about three hundred people at the local REIA groups, okay? Groups, plural, right? There is about three hundred plus people. We don’t even buy anything in Charlotte. It’s been years since we bought a house in Charlotte. I go not one county but two, three, four counties out and that’s where we buy properties, okay? It’s very, very, very rare that someone gets a postcard from me and they’ve gotten a postcard from somebody else. It’s very rare. We’re usually the only game in town. They don’t know there’s other people that buy houses, right?

Kandas: Or at least they’re not being marketed to for those. I want to throw in too, the topics that we bring you guys each week are because it’s stuff that we’re living out. It’s problems that we’re seeing and having to overcome on a daily or weekly basis, and so once we get it figured out or once we think we’ve got it figured out, for lack of a better term –

Larry: At least temporarily.

Kandas: Yeah, at least we got some type of fix for it. That’s where this information comes from, so all of this stuff, yes, is in our trainings. It’s taught at the live event in a lot of detail, a lot more than the fifteen to twenty, twenty-five minutes that we spend with you guys every week on Facebook Live but it is stuff that we encounter every day and so, to be in the current real estate market and able to follow, for you guys, able to attach yourself to somebody that you know, like, and trust that’s actually doing what you want to do is of incredible value. So, I guess I just don’t want that to be overlooked. Because it is stuff that we face every day.

Larry: That’s a good point. I was talking with somebody earlier that was teaching before we started doing a podcast, they were interviewing me. They have a podcast and they’re teaching and training and before they started interviewing me, we were talking offline, you know, before they started recording, they said, “Yeah, I used to invest a lot but, you know, I just moved over into the education, I don’t really do much real estate anymore.”

Kandas: It’s not too good.

Larry: I don’t know about you, but I don’t like that.

Kandas: How do you know? I mean, to each his own, I think and if that works for you and your students, then that’s fine. Fundamentals may not change.

Larry: Fundamentals don’t change. A deed is a deed, a mortgage is a mortgage, right?

Kandas: Right, but there’s different ways of marketing now that we didn’t used to use and some of the ways we market, we’ve gone back to what we did used to use, you know? So, it just depends on how the market’s fluctuating, what’s happening and things like that, and so to know – I like the way that we do what we teach.

Larry: Exactly. I do too and it’s from real world experience, that’s the reason – I mean, we do the deal of the week, right? Because, you know, we got deals coming in every single week, right? So, we’re working the business, right?

Kandas: Right. So sorry about that. I was the squirrel then.

Larry: That’s okay.

Kandas: Boots on the ground.

Larry: So, let’s talk about boots on the ground. A lot of people talk about virtual investing. Look, I’m going to be the first one to tell you, if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. I’ve never said it was easy but what we try to do is simplify as much as possible, right? Now, I was doing a coaching call on Monday, sitting on the side of the road where I just put out a house for sale sign, right? So, we do this stuff. We’re active in the business and I enjoy it. I do enjoy it. I love real estate. I love teaching but I love real estate. So, here’s some things that you need a boots-on-the-ground person for, okay? Number one, you need somebody to go out and sign contracts. Let me tell you why. Now, some people could think, oh I can use FedEx, right? Or I can mail it to him –

Kandas: And you can.

Larry: Yes, you can, but when I’m on the phone with somebody, I got somebody on the phone and I negotiate a deal and I negotiate it for, say $20,000, by the time we hang up the phone, if I’m going to FedEx something to him or mail something to him, they might have talked to their son, if it’s an older person, they might have talked to a son or daughter. They might have talked to brothers, aunts, uncles, parents, friends, neighbors. I got a friend that’s a realtor. Let me call them.

Kandas: Anybody.

Larry: Yeah.

Kandas: Their dentist, their barber.

Larry: Right, right.

Kandas: I mean, we hear it all.

Larry: My brother’s cousin’s mama’s daddy is an attorney. Let me call them, right? So, by the time all that happens, they could change their mind, right? Change their name – they could change their mind, right? So, what we do is when I’m on the phone with somebody, I say, “Look, I got somebody who’s going to be in your area this afternoon, you know, in a couple of hours, how about I just have him drop by, go over the paperwork with you and get that out of the way so we can get this things started and get you your money as quick as possible,” right? So, I set an appointment about two to three hours out and I do that and then I call my mobile notary service. NSSnotary.com. Now, they will do more than just the contracts, which leads me to the next thing, right? The other thing you need somebody to do is take pictures, right? Because if you’re buying virtually, right, if you’re – I don’t care if it’s a hundred miles or two or three states away or across the country, you need somebody to take pictures of the property. Every room, any repair areas, all mechanical items, all four sides of the house, any junk outside and, trust me, we’ve seen houses with a lot of junk.

Kandas: Lots of junk.

Larry: A lot of junk, right? And all four sides, any outbuildings, right, and the street view both ways and I also tell them send me a picture of any other vacant house on the street or in the neighborhood that they see.

Kandas: Right. Especially burnouts or anything that looks abandoned.

Larry: Exactly, exactly, and get me the address, right? I just don’t want a picture of the house, I want to know what the address is so that way I can look it up and see who owns it and try to buy it.

Kandas: Maybe.

Larry: Yeah. If we want it, right? So, but anyway, you need somebody to sign the contracts and extensions – extensions are another thing. You need somebody to take the pictures so every room, any repair areas, all mechanical items, all four sides of the house, the street view both ways, any junk, and outbuildings. Now, NSS Notary will do that too. I will be the first one to tell you, they’re not going to be the best at it, right? Because their guys are notaries, that’s the reason you have to give them specific instructions. We even now say in our order, it says we need a minimum of fifty pictures. Fifty pictures, right? So, take pictures. The next thing you need somebody for is to go put out signs, right? We put out these signs that say – we have several different signs. One says “Foreclosure” with an arrow. We put out about, what, twenty-five or thirty signs?

Kandas: Per house, yeah.

Larry: Per house, right? So in fact we just got – I got a letter from a city just yesterday –

Kandas: Doesn’t like our signs.

Larry: That doesn’t like our signs, right, and they said, if you don’t take these signs down in seven days, we’re going to charge you ten dollars, right, so I’m thinking –

Kandas: Per sign.

Larry: Per sign. But, listen, in seven days, I can get a lot of leads, right? So, I’m going to let them take the sign down and send me an invoice.

Kandas: No disrespect to the county, or city, rather.

Larry: No, not at all. Not at all. But, listen, I can generate a lot of leads and it’s worth the two hundred bucks if I got twenty signs out, so anyway –

Kandas: Especially when a lot of our buyers come from the bandit signs that we know for a fact, we already know a lot of buyers come from bandit signs.

Larry: A lot of our buyers come from there, from the bandit signs, right? So, yeah, you need somebody to put out signs. Now, NSS Notary is not going to do that. Here’s what you have to do. You have to either run an ad on Craigslist, right, run an ad on Craigslist, or the absolute best place to find a boots-on-the-ground person, if there’s not a REIA group locally where you’re going to be buying it, if there is a REIA group, then contact that local REIA group, okay? Contact the local REIA group, find out, hey, are there any newbie investors that would like to be my boots on the ground or any bird dog-type people and they can do all that stuff, right? So, the best way is to post an ad on a local Facebook group. There’s Facebook groups out there. If you’re – let’s say you’re in Las Vegas and you’re buying in Birmingham, Alabama, type in Facebook “Birmingham, Alabama real estate.” That’s all you have to do, right? “Birmingham, Alabama real estate,” and pull up all the groups, join the real estate groups, and then just make a post. The post can be as simple as “I’m an investor in Las Vegas, I’m looking for a boots on the ground to get contracts signed, extensions signed, take pictures, put out signs, and put lock box on the door and show properties.”

Kandas: REIA groups are real estate investor associations.

Larry: Yeah, yeah, good. Thanks for clarifying that.

Kandas: So when you Google, you can either type it out or most of the time, if you just put in like “Charlotte REIA,” it’s going to pull up the REIA groups and it’s usually R-E-I-A, real estate investment association.

Larry: Yeah, that’s what that stands for, and National REIA, that’s the big –

Kandas: Yeah, National REIA is – they have a bunch of different charters in cities across the country so they kind of have – is it like a governing body of the REIAs, their support –

Larry: It’s an association.

Kandas: Yeah, it’s like a support portal, pretty much.

Larry: You can also go to Meetup, look for a local Meetup group, but I’m telling you, if you go to Facebook and you type in like whatever city you’re in, “Birmingham real estate” and then look for all the groups and then join those groups and then just post – make a post, I’m an investor in LA, in Las Vegas, whatever, I’m looking for a boots-on-the-ground person that can take pictures, go get contracts signed, put out signs, blah, blah, blah, all that stuff, right, put lock box on the door, show the property, and even re-sign the property. That’s another thing you need a boots-on-the-ground person is to re-sign the property.

Kandas: Signs get taken up especially during the summer when the mowers are coming through and things like that, they’ll take up the sign, they don’t put them back down. You’ve got competition in the area. I know over in my area where I live, I’ll put signs out, there’s another investor that will go right behind me and I’m – within three days, my signs are gone and his signs are up where my signs were. We’ve talked about him on the radio show before. I don’t know his actual name but I know his sign name, but I mean it’s just the nature of the business. The signs get gone. Some people pull them up and take them with them to call you later. I mean, it’s just something that happens. They get taken away. They get taken down. You, you know, city may come by and take them or whatever. So it is very important to re-sign and what do you think, every, like three weeks, maybe?

Larry: Yeah.

Kandas: Check on them and re-sign.

Larry: At least every two to three weeks. If the property hasn’t sold in two to three weeks. We put out about twenty-five signs for every single house that we have, right? And, quite frankly, code enforcement typically will not bother you if you’re trying to sell a house, but if you’re putting out “I buy houses” signs, those are the ones that they give you a hard time. But I’m going to tell you how to keep other investors from stealing your sign anyway. You want to know that? You already know. Why don’t you tell them?

Kandas: So, if you put them on a stake on the ground, and this is what – the guy that lives near me started doing it different, but what I started doing was putting the signs on the stakes on the ground at the intersections, at roads, you know, heavily trafficked intersections and roads and things like that, spray the top on both sides and the sides with WD-40 so when he goes to grab the sign, his hands slip and then his hands are all greasy, so if you’re watching and you have pulled my signs and you had some kind of gunk on your hands, that’s what it is.

Larry: That’s just wrong.

Kandas: That’s what we do.

Larry: But it’s a good idea.

Kandas: Well, I mean, after the third time, it was really frustrating and so I didn’t come up with that idea by myself, Mr. Goins, if you remember.

Larry: I do remember.

Kandas: It was provided to me. I just acted on it.

Larry: That’s hilarious.

Kandas: And, yes, so he doesn’t use stakes in the ground anymore. He’ll actually zip tie his to the stop signs or the poles or whatever now. He doesn’t even use stakes.

Larry: That’s cool. A lot of people are doing that now, they’re using zip ties, punching little holes in the side and putting them around like a stop sign pole or something, right? So, there you have it.

Kandas: But I would have loved to have seen his face when he pulled up a few of my signs, or his people pulled up my signs and they had, you know, slimy stuff on their hands from where they tried to grab it. And it wasn’t easy to get up too because you got to stand there and work it after it’s got the stuff on it, yeah.

Larry: That’s funny. That is funny. But so there’s a lot of things you need a boots-on-the-ground person for. Now, you can pay this person one of two ways. You can either pay them for the activity they do, okay? For the activity they do – “Vaseline would be better.” That’s hilarious.

Kandas: You’re right, it would be. It would be –

Larry: I’m not going to wipe that stuff on there.

Kandas: WD-40 is a lot easier just to spray on the edge and walk away. Stand there smearing Vaseline on the sign. That is awesome. Marti, that’s great.

Larry: I love it.

Kandas: You’re right. They wouldn’t be able to get that off as easy.

Larry: That’s hilarious. That’s hilarious. So, you can either pay them one of two ways. You can either pay them a commission when the deal sells, especially if they’re a newbie investor and they’re a trainee, you’re training them what to do, you’re helping them, right?

Kandas: As an apprentice.

Larry: Yeah, it’s like an apprentice program. Have you ever seen these signs out that say, “Local investor seeks apprentice. Earn $5,000, $10,000, or $20,000 a month” or whatever. That’s exactly what an investor’s doing. They’re looking for an apprentice to go put out signs, check houses –

Kandas: All the gofer work.

Larry: Yeah, all the gofer work, right? That’s funny. Look, Mary’s on. She won a week or so ago.

Kandas: She did.

Larry: She did. That’s awesome. I’ve known her for a long, long time.

Kandas: Cooking spray. Cooking spray would be good too for the signs. You guys are awesome coming up with all kinds of ideas just spray these signs with to annoy people that try to take them off. Fantastic.

Larry: That’s hilarious. That’s hilarious.

Kandas: Creating villains is all we’re doing.

Larry: Oh, we have some ethics – Okay, so, you can either pay them a commission, like maybe five hundred dollars per deal, depending on how many deals you’ve done though, right? I mean, you can pay them 10 percent of what you make, 20 percent of what you make, whatever you work out, everything is negotiable. The other thing you can do is you can pay per item. For example, if they get paperwork signed, it could be twenty-five or fifty bucks, something like that. If they take pictures of the house, it could be another twenty-five or fifty bucks. Now, I will tell you, NSS Notary, they charge seventy-five dollars to get paperwork signed, right, because –

Kandas: Whether it’s notarized or not.

Larry: Yeah, they’re sending out a notary. We don’t really need a notary, but they have a network of notaries all around the country, right? So, they charge seventy-five dollars to get paperwork signed, they charge $125 if they get paperwork and the pictures, right? They charge two hundred dollars if they get paperwork, the pictures, and they do a little home inspection sheet, like what’s the condition of the countertop, the kitchen, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom, the floor cover and blah, blah, blah, right? So, they charge up to two hundred dollars to do all that stuff, right? So – and if you’re starting out it might be worth it just to use somebody like that. You can literally enter in an order online –

Kandas: How you do it?

Larry: You enter an order online and literally within about an hour and a half, they can have somebody at any house anywhere in the country, right? Now, they’re not perfect, like anybody else. They are not perfect, and we’ve had a couple challenges, couple of hiccups here and there, but we’re working through it, right?

Kandas: And I’ll tell you that they have made strides though. When we have a hiccup, they – it’s not like it’s a hiccup that happens again –

Larry: They’re on top of it.

Kandas: And they’re actually creating a better interface because of the way that we’re using their system and the way that we’re telling people just like you guys to use their system and what all you can have them do. They’re actually developing a new interface to make it easier for us to make the request that we need with different things, if you need pictures on some but not on others, if you need a notary on some but on others, you know, different things like that, so they are very on top of it, and even though there are hiccups, we’re learning those thing again so that you guys can learn from what we’ve done.

Larry: That’s true. That’s very true. And the last thing that you can pay somebody per item is to put up signs, right?

Kandas: We’ve already talked about putting up signs.

Larry: Yeah, but we didn’t tell them how much we paid per sign.

Kandas: Oh, okay.

Larry: Right? So, you can pay anywhere from like one to two dollars per sign if you want to. We pay one dollar per sign. If you want to see how we recruit people to put up signs, go to signjockeys.com. I didn’t even think I was going to give out this link but I just happened to think of it. Signjockeys.com. I used to run a lot of Craigslist ads to hire sign jockeys to put out signs, not just for properties but to put out the “I buy houses” signs, right? And we pay a dollar per sign and the Craigslist ad, I would get people that would email me, they would call up, they would cuss me out, I mean, they were – man, they said some words I don’t even know what they meant. But –

Kandas: You’re so sheltered.

Larry: So what I had to do was, I had – I created this video, this website, and I created a video that answered – I answered all these objections. I mean, people would call up and say, “How stupid can you be to think somebody’s gonna take a job getting a dollar per sign.” But think about it –

Kandas: Let me ask that person, why would you waste your time calling us to leave a message when it doesn’t have anything to do –

Larry: Or sending an email. You could have made a dollar in that time. So, think about – did I kick you? I’m sorry. We have to stand so close together to get in the –

Kandas: I know, it’s very weird.

Larry: So, anyway –

Kandas: Signs. A dollar a sign.

Larry: So, if you go put out a sign at an intersection, you have four corners, that’s four dollars. You drive to the next intersection, that’s four corners, that’s another four dollars, that’s eight dollars. You drive to the next, right? That’s twelve. You drive to the next, sixteen. I tell people you can make sixteen to twenty dollars an hour just putting out signs, right?

Kandas: More than that, because how long does it take you to put out four signs in a corner?

Larry: I know, right? I’ve even had people that they’ve got another job, maybe they’re a traveling salesperson, maybe they have to drive here and there on their job, they just put a bunch of signs in the back of their car and then when they pull somewhere to go eat or a convenience store or whatever, they put out a few signs and they’re making some extra bucks, right? So go to signjockeys.com, signjockeys.com, J-O-C-K-E-Y-S, dot come, and you’ll see a little video that I did, that I prepared, and to explain how we hire people to put out signs, but when you post your ad on Facebook, guess what, I found a guy that he does this for a living. He is a boots-on-the-ground person in the area.

Kandas: That’s his job.

Larry: Right. That’s what he does.

Kandas: That’s his whole job.

Larry: That’s what he does. So – somebody’s still talking about greasing the signs. That’s hilarious. Greasing the signs.

Kandas: “How long? That depends on how much you’re greasing them.” Yes, that’s right. I love it, David. That’s awesome.

Larry: That’s funny. I got to show this – I got to show that. So, anyway –

Kandas: Wow.

Larry: My phone is ringing off the –

Kandas: I know.

Larry: So, anyway, this guy, he responded to my Facebook ad, he said, “I do this.” He said, “Here’s how much I charge. I charge twenty-five to get contracts signed, twenty-five to get extensions signed, I charge thirty-five for pictures, I charge a $1.25 for signs.” And he lives one county over from us, so all I’ve got to do is have him come by here, put a couple hundred signs in his car, get two or three lock boxes, and he’s good for a couple of weeks.

Kandas: Not with the way we’re going through properties, he’s not good for a couple of weeks.

Larry: Maybe so.

Kandas: He might be good for a week.

Larry: Right, right. So, there’s people out there that do that. I even had a couple of people respond to me and say, “Hey, this sounds like a good business opportunity. Are there other people that need this? Maybe I can do this.” I even had a guy that responded to me and said, “Hey, I used to be a field service rep for asset managers,” and go out and winterize properties, put lock boxes on, he said he built a team, a network of people all over the country, he said maybe this is an opportunity to do this again. So I got to reach out to him, but, guys, there’s people out there that will be your boots on the ground definitely. There’s no question about it. So, there you have it. That’s it. So, guys, please, if you like this, if you like this podcast, please share it on Facebook, please go check it out on iTunes, and show us some love there on iTunes, like it, leave a comment, leave a rating or whatever, on iTunes. I know I never ever, ever, ever ask this and it does take a lot of time and effort, we pay a guy full time to edit all this and push it out on our website and different places, so – and it’s all free education, I hope you guys are getting a lot out of it, but if you like it, show us some love, share it, and go to iTunes and, what do you do, like it or rate it or something?

Kandas: I haven’t been.

Larry: I don’t know.

Kandas: I don’t know.

Larry: I’m not sure.

Kandas: I can’t tell you what to do on iTunes.

Larry: If you want to come to our three-day event, larrygoinslive.com –

Kandas: Yes, that is what we need to – you guys need to take care of that. If you want tickets to that three-day event, it is going to be in the Charlotte area, not in Charlotte. I try not to host uptown. And this hotel, this venue, is actually going to be a little bit further south but still in the Charlotte area.

Larry: MSA.

Kandas: Yeah, MSA I guess you could say. But if you will get your tickets for that because we are going to get close to capacity here soon. We’re about two weeks away from the event now.

Larry: Are you serious?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Wow.

Kandas: Yeah. So it’s coming up. Make sure you get your tickets for that, larrygoinslive.com or call 803-831-2858. Anybody here can help you.

Larry: Awesome. Hey, guys, we really, really appreciate you watching. We got some regular watchers every single week and I know a lot of people watch the replay, but thank you so much. We really, really appreciate your business, and appreciate you buying houses from us, working with us, partnering with us on deals, and thank you so much for watching, and we’ll see you next Wednesday at two PM Eastern. Thanks.

Kandas: See you.

Larry: Buh-bye.