Building Passive Income – Hard Money and Private Money

Wendy Sweet joins Larry Goins to talk about hard money, private money and how you can use them to build passive income with your real estate investments. Wendy explains what you need to look for in a property and in a borrower. Or better yet, how you can invest with a private money lender to earn passive income on other’s real estate deals, all while protecting your investment. Find out more by watching this video Read More

Challenges Facing Investors – Money

Is money a new investor’s biggest challenge, or biggest fear?  Everywhere you go you hear that you don’t need a lot of cash or credit to invest in real estate.  But, how do you actually do it? Larry and Randolph Cunningham go into detail on some of the methods investors can use to do real estate deals with little of their own cash.  Find out more about assignments, options, transactional funding and more in the Read More

Why You Might Want to Use Other's Money to Invest

In this video, Bill Fairman of Carolina Hard Money talks about why an investor might want to use financing for their deals, even if they have money of their own. A big part of that is risk and the investor’s ability to shift some of it to a third party.  But, there are other reasons to use OPM (Other People’s Money) as well.  And Bill breaks it down for you and shows you the numbers Read More

Three Biggest Obstacles Part 2 – Money

Everyone needs money.  So, how do you overcome the need for money to finance your investments.  In this video, Larry Goins and Randolph Cunningham talk about how real estate investors can obtain capital for their deals.     See the other biggest obstacles for real estate investors: Part 1 – Time Part 3 – Fear Part 4 – Q and A

Is the Deal Right For You?

I get calls every day from investors who are new to the business. They get pre-approved for hard money and take out loans and then they start searching for the deals. There are many deals out there, but is it the right deal for you? You do need a down payment of 25% plus unless it is a seller financed deal. You are limited to less than 10 mortgages on your credit. With a hard Read More

Maximize Cash Flow Through Smart Lending

As a mortgage loan consultant, I have learned to capture my investors’ attention by announcing that I used to be able to get them a 100% loan for a non-owner occupied property. When that was true, I tried to explain to them that 100% financing may not be the best financial structure for cash flow. The thought of getting into a property with no money down is very enticing and there are many ways to Read More

How to Get All the Private Money You’ll Ever Need

There is a lot of information and even courses, seminars and boot camps out there on private money and I’m sure it’s because private money is one of the few sources where you can generate funds for your deals without having any previous credit, cash, income, job, debt ratio or anything like that. Private funds are very similar to hard money or rehab loans. The only difference is, instead of going through an institution or Read More

All the Ways to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

There are many ways to fund your real estate deals. In this article, I’ll discuss just a few but I have included all of the ways in my Ultimate Buying & Selling Machine Home study course. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways. Business Partnerships: One of the creative ways to fund your real estate deals until you can actually qualify for financing is through partnerships. Just remember, if you’re partnering with Read More

Eleven Ways To Raise Your Credit Score Right Now!

Investing in real estate for the long term requires credit, unless you can pay all cash. Even if you could, there would come a time that the money would run out. Even the wealthiest and most sophisticated investors use credit. The better your credit score the better the rate, terms and higher loan to value (ltv) you can qualify for. With rates as low as they are you should be buying as many properties as Read More