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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Live From Our Partner Program Training!


In this episode, we got a preview of what's going on in the Partner Program Training. Larry is joined by Dan to give us some updates on their deals and some tips for those who want to start investing in real estate.

He also introduced some of their students and real estate team.


  • Updates from Dan
  • On showing houses that are occupied
  • Inquiries they get in a week
  • Tips for those who are just starting out
  • Traffic stacking
  • Spider web leads
  • Kind of properties they specialise in


  • “You want to market in many places that you can where buyers are hanging out.”



Larry: Hello, hello, what’s happening? It’s time to BRAG. Welcome to BRAG Radio, BRAG TV. This is Larry Goins right here live in my office in Lake Wylie, South Carolina. I see you noticed that Kandas is not with me. Kandas is on some kind of a phone call yelling at someone right now, so about something I’m sure. But yeah, welcome to the BRAG Radio, BRAG TV. I’m really excited today because I have a lot of students in the office today, my partners. We have a Partner Program that we mentioned then we have students in our office right now and they’re busy at work and I’m sitting in the room right with them. Look at these guys. Say, “Hey, everybody.”

Students: Heyyy.

Larry: That’s all you got? What?

Students: Yeah! Heyyy.

Larry: The man right here, the legend and the myth, live action. Right? Say, “What’s uppp?”

Students: What’s uppp?

Larry: Are you guys learning a lot?

Students: Oh, yeah.

Larry: How’s it been?

Students: Great.

Larry: Good, good, good, good. So, what do you guys learning, anybody?

Student: A lot of buying and selling houses.

Larry: A lot of buying and selling houses. Now, you are not just learning, you are actually taking action, right?

Students: Yeah.

Larry: That was the thing about it, right?

Student: Action for 3 full days.

Larry: Action for 3 full… this is the last day, right?

Students: Yeah.

Larry: Good. Say, “Hi, what’s up?”

Students: Hi.

Larry: Good, good, good. We have some other people there walk out of the room because they didn’t want to be on camera, right?

Wow! We got a lot of comments here. Look at that. Hey, hey, hey, everybody. Manny what’s up? Van Halen in the house. That’s great. That’s great.

So, guys I want you to be sure and share this video for a chance to win an Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine, Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. Share this video right now. Honey, come here for a second. Come here for a second. This is my wife Pam. Say, “Hi.”

Pam: Hi.

Larry: Yeah, you are on BRAG Radio TV live.

Pam: Oh, hi. Cool!

Larry: “Say, hi to Mark,” Tony Ortiz says, “Say, hi to Mark.” You know Tony Ortiz? He does not know who you are. I’m just kidding, he knows who you are.

So, be sure and share this video for a chance to win an Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. Last week we had a contest where you could get a free one-on-one call with me, so the winner of that from last week is Alan Orr. Alan Orr, if you will email customerservice@larrygoins.com, Kandas will get you set up for us to have our one-on-one call, okay? Also if you would like to get a free Investors Kit, we have an Investors Kit that includes a copy of my books and a couple of videos and some other stuff as well, so yeah, do that and call 877-LARRY-GO to get a free Investors Kit and have a copy of the Real Estate Day Trading Book, the HUD Homes Half Off Book, and a couple of videos as well. So, I want to walk back here and introduce you guys to my real estate team, so we can do that.

Hey, Kinney what’s up buddy? How are you doing? Everybody say, “bye.”

Students: Bye.

Larry: Awesome. They’re rocking it. They’re rocking it. That’s good. They are in the office learning what to do and how to do it and they have actually been very, very busy. What they have been doing is they have been getting all their marketing going, right? We sat with them for 3 full days to get all their marketing goin’, so they can… when they get home the phone is gonna start ringing off the hook and they will be able to share the deal of the week with you, right?

So, you guys met Dan one day. This is Dan. What’s up?

Dan: What’s up everybody?

Larry: That’s awesome. So, Dan tell us what you got cookin’? What’s going on right now?

Dan: Well, right now we got a lot of leads coming in from marketing that we’ve done on properties, so I’m answering the phone like crazy. I mean while I’m on the phone I got 2 to 3 calls coming in. I’m doing call backs. Right now, contracts, text messaging, emailing, giving people the address, sending them out to look at our properties and moving forward from there.

Larry: That’s great. That’s great. Now Dan, you don’t go show houses do you?

Dan: I don’t.

Larry: Tell them about that a little bit.

Dan: Well, ultimately I want my buyers to get go and look at these properties and make a decision on them so that they can move forward, so even if I were to, you know, tell them what I think of the property based on what I’ve seen, I still want them to go look at it and feel good about it and be ready to move forward, so I really push them out to the property to do their own due diligence and let me know if they want to move forward or not.

Larry: That’s great. Now, and sometimes… I mean sometimes it might take a little bit longer to sell a house because you are not going to go out there and show it or whatever and sometimes we have to show houses that are occupied, right?

Dan: Mm-hmm.

Larry: How do we do that?

Dan: Well, if a house is occupied, one of two things that will happen, a buyer can buy it sight unseen or sometimes interior unseen or I’ll do a showing and have a bunch of buyers meet me there at the same time and if I do something like that then I’m gonna take highest and best offer at that point because if I’ve got 15 or 20 people meet me there, I’m gonna bring blank contracts, I’m gonna have them… I’m gonna walk them through the property and they can fill out the contract right there on the spot and I’ll let them know, “Hey, we are gonna take highest and best offer, so you know put your best price on there and we will let you know.”

Larry: That’s awesome man. That’s really good. Hey, guys I got to tell you, I didn’t even tell Dan I was gonna come in here and ask him these questions. I threw you off guard. Did I?

Dan: No, it’s good.

Larry: It’s all good. It’s all good. Dan, how many calls would you say you probably get in a week’s time or how many inquiries I should say do you think we get in a week’s time for all of our properties?

Dan: I mean I think I could get… I mean I could get 50 a day, so it could go up from there, it could be less but I mean even today I mean you know the phones probably… In a week I mean it could be 300 or more maybe, maybe, maybe a lot more, maybe a little bit less.

Larry: That’s huge.

Dan: Yeah.

Larry: That is huge. That’s huge. Wow, that’s awesome Dan. So, Dan, what kind of tips would you give for somebody just starting out, they get their property under contract then they need to sell it really, really quick. Give some people some tips.

Dan: So, you want traffic stacking, you want to market your property on Facebook, Craigslist, you want to put out bandit signs.

Larry: Love it. I love it.

Dan: You want to send out an email to any buyers that you are aware. If you have a buyer’s list or if you’re just starting now, you want to get emails out there, use any other real estate networking sites, connectedinvestors.com or different real estate investing groups whether they are on Facebook or their actual monthly meetings, you want to maybe make some flyers, you want to market in as many places as you can were buyers are gonna be hanging out so that you can generate leads that start coming in.

Larry: So, that’s the whole traffic stacking thing?

Dan: Right.

Larry: So, what is this new thing you got that you called a spider web or something, what is that?

Dan: I can’t remember the term today about spider web leads and Larry said “what do you mean spider web leads?” All I meant by that is you know I get a call that comes in about a particular property or from some kind of marketing we’ve done and they’ll call about one property but next thing you know they’re… I’m telling about another property because as I sort of listen into what they are looking for, I’m gonna realize pretty quick whether they are calling about the ideal property or if I have something that’s either better for them, so a lead that comes in off something else will end up direct into a completely different property, so yeah.

Larry: That’s awesome man. I love that. I love that. So, Dan tell them what kind of properties we sell because we don’t, we don’t sell a lot of 200, $300,000 houses, I mean we sell stuff that just about anybody can buy but there are deep discounts. Tell them what kind of properties we specialize in?

Dan: I mean we are buying, you know, these are distressed fixer upper homes, they need light rehab, cosmetic updates, sometimes they are vacant, sometimes they are occupied, some of them are you know pretty close to move-in ready and based on the type of buyer that I’m dealing with, if it is somebody looking for rental property then I am gonna try to give them a ballpark of what the rental rehab would be. If they are looking to do a fix and flip well then it is a completely different number because that is more of a retail rehab number. So yeah, I mean it’s pretty diverse, you know, but we are picking up. I mean these are cheap properties we are making, you know, good numbers on them even properties we are getting as cheap as 5,000 bucks, you know, we are making over $10,000 on sometimes.

Larry: So, Dan we have properties right now for 15,000, 20,000, 35,000, 30,000, 60,000, you know, some of them were even rented out, right?

Dan: That’s right, yup. Yup, some are occupied, some are rented out, some guys are looking for rental properties and some are looking for fix and flips, so I mean just depends on the buyer.

Larry: That’s awesome. So, if somebody wanted to inquire about or see the kind of deals we have and maybe even purchase one of those deals, how would they get in touch with you and how will they find out about the properties?

Dan: Go to our properties page, it is InvestorsRehab.com. When you get to the page, there is a form on there. If you want to be added to our VIP buyer’s list, if you are not already on there. You can fill it out or if you don’t want it, you don’t have to. Just click on the menu, click on properties and you will go to the properties page, you’ll see everything we have. You can call me at 803-602-4107, that’s my direct number. 803-602-4107 and let me know what you are looking for and we love to be able to partner with you.

Larry: That’s awesome. We got properties like all over North and South, Carolina, right?

Dan: Yup.

Larry: We got people that buy properties from all over the states, right?

Dan: Right. Absolutely yeah. I got buyers in California that have bought in from us, you know, fix and flips. I mean the inventory is so…

Larry: That have bought in from us, is that a new word? That have bought in from us? That sounds like one of my term words. I’m gonna have to start a Danism. I already have a Pamisms and a Kandasisms.

Dan: Good luck to y’all. Have a great day.

Larry: Dan, thanks a lot buddy. I really appreciate it. Let me show you guys some of the deals that we have. This is Lorraine.

Lorraine: Hey there, how are you?

Larry: Lorraine is doing all of our closings. My wife is eating lunch. She hates this I’m sure.

Pam: I do.

Larry: “I do,” she said. These are all of our deals right here. We’ve got, what did you say Kandas 29 deals? Kandas is on the phone. About 29 deals or so under contract right now and yeah there you have it. So, I’m just walking here.

Ron, education consultant. Say, “hey.”

Ron: What’s up?

Larry: Dean?

Dean: Hey!

Larry: Mikey.

Mikey: What’s happening?

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. So, these guys are actually, they are education consultants when you go to LarryGoins.com/Apply, you will get them on the phone and Zenobia, you met her a couple of weeks ago. She does all of our marketings. Say, “hey.”

Zenobia: Hey!

Larry: She is doing all of our marketing for our properties. Here’s Teresa. This is Kandas’ mom right here. Teresa is our accounting manager.

Teresa: Hi.

Larry: Hi. Awesome. Awesome. So, guys thank you guys very much for watching. I really appreciate. I hope you got a lot out of that. I’m gonna go back here and work with my partner program students. Here’s our office. This is our lobby, our core values, our logo right there. This is our office building, Lake Wylie Business Park. So, yeah, Kinney you’ve been here many, many times. Alright! So, we are gonna sign off. Everybody say “bye.”

Students: Bye!

Larry: Awesome. See you guys next week.