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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Negotiating One-Liners With Realtors!


In today's show, Larry and Kandas took a break from the Collective Genius mastermind to finish up last week's discussion on negotiating one-liners. The second part focused on the things you need to say and ask when talking with realtors. In addition, they also talked about the value of Collective Genius and the deal of the week. Don't miss this episode!


  • The Collective Genius mastermind
  • Share Sponsor winner
  • Deal of the week
  • First question to ask when speaking with realtors
  • Don't ask for information. Use the "listing" instead of "information"
  • Things to say:
  • - How long has it been on the market
  • - Have you had many offers
  • - How's the market
  • - Would this be a better fix and flip or rental type property
  • - Let me tell you a little bit about how we work
  • - The realtor we work with loves us because we do what we say we're going to do and we close deals
  • - Always ask the ballpark when asking what kind of work you think it needs
  • - Put your number out there and then change the subject
  • - Let them know you are a serious cash buyer
  • - Ask them to put you on their automatic email notification list


  • "It's all about the motivation of the seller.”
  • “Always try to think from your prospect's head.”
  • “Take action with what you learned.”



Larry: Hello. Welcome to BRAG TV. It’s no longer BRAG Radio. It’s BRAG TV by Kandas.

Kandas: No. I don’t know that I’m necessarily with that, maybe it’s both.

Larry: Maybe.

Kandas: ...because we still do podcast.

Larry: Uh-huh. We do, but I like BRAG TV.

Kandas: What’s happening to your hair there?

Larry: It’s in the wind. Tell them where we are. It’s in the wind. That is so good.

Kandas: We’re in Tampa, Florida today.

Larry: We’re in Tampa, Florida at the Collective Genius Mastermind. This is the mastermind that I’ve been in for… we’ve been here for like six years or going on seven years?

Kandas: You’re on one of the first five or six, right?

Larry: Yeah. I was one of the first few people. Look! There’s Mary from Albuquerque. What’s up?

Kandas: Yup. Patrick is on too.

Larry: How are you doing? There’s Patrick. Awesome, awesome. Yeah, we’re down in Tampa, Florida at the Grand Hyatt near the airport and we’re at the Collective Genius Mastermind. It’s a mastermind that as Kandas mentioned we’ve been in for six or seven years. In fact, there’s myself and two other members that have been at it just as long. There’s my daughter. Hi, Linda. So, we’ve been in it for six or seven years. It’s really the elite of the elite of real estate investors. You’ve got to be doing a minimum of 50 deals a year just to apply to become a member.

Kandas: Yeah. It’s invitation-only type of thing, I believe. We’ve been in it for a long time and that’s where we are now. We’re taking a break from the meeting room to make sure we stay on schedule with BRAG Radio/TV. I guess.

Larry: Exactly. That’s funny.

Kandas: ...to make sure we bring you guys part two of what we’re talking about last week. It’s been a long week.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: First and foremost, I want to make sure you guys know how appreciative we are of you for all your care and support and concern during Hurricane Florence.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: I know that we still have a ton of students over toward the east coast, middle of North Carolina, South Carolina, and coastal regions that are still battling with some devastation and damage and things like that. Our hearts and prayers go out to you guys. We’re thinking about you. We pray about you in the mornings at the office.

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: We’re here for you whenever you need us. Thank you guys for being such great students of ours. I know you’ve seen some emails go out, letting you know that our office was. Our first email went out when you know our office was getting ready to close. We didn’t know how long we would be down, and then another email letting you know that we we’re back up. So, we really appreciate all the prayers and concern that came through email, through calls, and Facebook messages, and everything. It’s greatly appreciated.

Larry: Exactly. We kind of kept in touch with some of the people that we know that are right on the coast and they’ve prepared pretty well. We were actually traveling. We had a three-day event in Dallas, Texas, so we got home Saturday night. We kind of actually land the plane Saturday night in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kandas: During the storm.

Larry: Yeah, during that storm so that kind of tells you how it was. There was a lot of rain, a lot of rain, but not a ton of wind or anything like that. First of all, if you want to get your free investor’s kit, right? If you want to get an investor’s kit, you can call 877-LARRY-GO. You can also text BRAG, right? Text BRAG to 803-897-6063.

Kandas: The investor’s kit will get you a copy of the HUD Homes Half Off book and it will also get you a copy of the How To Become a Real Estate Day Trader book, above all those digital versions, there’s other options for you to purchase those books if you want hard copies or whatnot. That link for the investor’s kit and the phone number will get you the digital versions of that. Also, you will be able to access some of the trainings for the Filthy Riches model, for the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine model which is wholesaling, which is what we’re doing all day every day right now, and some other trainings as well as for asset protection and things like that.

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: Make sure you give a call or text the word, B-R-A-G to that phone number, 803-897-6063.

Larry: Exactly. If you’d like to partner with us, we do take on a few partners, not a whole lot. We do have a few partners that we work with and there’s a fee involved, and it’s not cheap and not inexpensive.

Kandas: I guarantee you. It is less expensive than some of the mistakes that you could run into trying to do this by yourself.

Larry: That’s very true. That’s very true. It’s a lot less than what I’ve spent on working with other people. Anyway, it’s working with me. It’s working with us.

Kandas: A lot less than some of the mistakes that we’ve had, and partnering with us.

Larry: I know, right.

Kandas: Education in general.

Larry: Exactly, exactly. It’s kind of like mentoring, coaching, but we actually partner. Our half of the partner is not even a half, like 25% of the partnership goes to help charities as well. Our goal is to help you get your first or next three deals in the next 90 days.

So, next. Let’s talk about our share partner winner. Okay?

Kandas: From last week.

Larry: Yeah, but if you will share this video now, share it right now on your timeline and we’re going to pick a winner for next week. It’s not like there’s a thousand people sharing this video, right?

Kandas: Not yet.

Larry: Yeah, so share it right now for a chance to win my HUD jumpstart training course. We’ll let you know how you win that. Our share winner from last week, our share sponsor winner is Alan Touchton. So Alan if you’re watching, alright. Woohoo! Yeah, baby. So, Alan, just email customerservice@larrygoins.com for your free HUD jumpstart, your free HUD jumpstart, okay?

Kandas: And Brian, the phone number to text for the investor...

Larry: Allan.

Kandas: No, Brian.

Larry: Oh, I’m sorry.

Kandas: The phone number to text for the Investor’s Kit is 803-897-6063.

Larry: Guys, it is hot out here. I’m sweating. I am. Next, let’s talk about the deal of the week.

Kandas: Yes. It’s awesome.

Larry: This is really, really a cool deal. I was talking with this seller. You know, we’re on the phone negotiating and doing deals, every day all day long. I was on the phone talking to this guy and he has six properties that he is selling. These six houses are bringing in $2100 a month, right?

Kandas: Hold on a second. Let’s back up just a little bit here with this guy because this is a guy that came to us from the mailer that we’ve been doing direct mail that we’ve doing. He came to us from direct mail. I did the initial lead, our consultation or lead set or lead call, whatever you want to call it. I talked to him first after the postcard, and we got some deals. It started off with one house, then we started talking, he told me he had a whole portfolio of houses. He told me what he wanted to do, what his plans for with real estate. As that conversation developed, it started out with one postcard, going to one property, turned into six properties, and none of them were actually the initial house that we talked about

Larry: That is correct.

Kandas: These conversation that come up from direct mail and the number of houses that you can get from one person from direct mail is amazing to me.

Larry: It is really cool. We have another example just like that where we mail the card to somebody about some houses they have in Catawba County but we ended up buying more. We couldn’t buy those two because they were too far gone, but we ended up buying more in Cabarrus County, the Kannapolis house, right? It’s a great fix and flip deal. You can see all these deals at InvestorsRehab.com, investors rehab dot com.

Kandas: I guess what I want to make sure you guys understood is if you start doing direct mailer, even if you’re talking to a realtor or you’re talking to a seller, don’t just chock it up to that one property that you initially started talking to them about. You need to make sure that during the process of your rapport building that you’re asking them what else they have going on. One of the big things we talked about last week was what’s going on in your life right now? It’s kind of the same thing. You just want to get a feel for everything that’s going on, to see if there’s anything else that you can make an offer on.

Larry: Exactly. So always ask them, do you have anything else that you want to get rid of, right? Let it be houses, cars, boats, guns, gold, right?

Kandas: I’ll stick to the houses.

Larry: You have any old Harley’s laying around you want to sell? So, let’s talk about this deal of the week, okay?

Kandas: Yep. Six houses.

Larry: We bought these deals from this guy. It’s six houses. All in the same general area, right? Down in Lancaster, South Carolina. Now, they’re affordable houses or low-income housing, whatever you want to call it.

Kandas: But everybody has got to live somewhere.

Larry: That’s true. Remember that, guys. Everybody has to live somewhere. They’re all fully rented. They’re bringing in $2100 a month. I know you won’t believe this but I’ve picked up all six houses, bringing in $2100 a month for $35,000.

Kandas: I saw it happen. I’ve seen it play out.

Larry: I’ve recorded the call.

Kandas: Well it’s a good training call. It’s a very good training call.

Larry: It is a good training call.

Kandas: … but it’s all about the motivation of the seller. I knew going in to this deal, what his endgame was, what he wanted to kind of move away from, what he wanted to start going into, that just helps to foster deals. It helps foster more deals.

Larry: That’s exactly right. Really, his motivation was he wanted to raise some money for another project he was working on, and he needed $40,000. I offered him 30, and then we came to the middle at 35,000. But all we really going to do is we are going to wholesale this to an investor, as a bundle, all six, right? We’re not going to make 10 grand a house. What we’re going to do is we’re going to sell them for $50,000 or $49,900, so we’re going to make $15,000 on the deal, and we’re going to pass it along to somebody else, whether it’s a 50,000 or 60,000 or 70,000. It’s still a great deal cashflow-wise. Even if you just hire a property manager, and they manage the property for you. It’s still a great, great deal for cashflow.

Kandas: There’s enough room in the rent. Yes, definitely.

Larry: Absolutely.

Kandas: ...for you to have cash flow. You guys may ask, I did too, maybe you want to address this with them, which I know the answer, but maybe you want to address this for everybody. There is opportunity for you to sell them. I mean, there’s opportunity for you to hold on to this and just like the cash flow to collect the rent. There’s opportunity or maybe you to try to solo finance some of the tenants that are in there. There’s a bunch of different things that you could do, but why did you choose for us, or why did you set up the deal for us to wholesale it off as a bundle as well just like we bought it.

Larry: Exactly. What we did, we’re just, like Kandas said, we’re just wholesaling it off in a bundle to give other people many other opportunities. You can keep it as passive income, you can sell them to the tenants, you can sell them one at a time wholesale if you wanted to, or you could solo finance them, whatever you want to do. Remember, they are low-income houses, right? It’s not going to look like a $50,000 house or $100,000 house, they’re low-income housing. It’s what it is, but you’re buying a tremendous, tremendous cash flow. I mean, think about it for 50 grand, somebody is going to be able to collect $24,000 a year.

Kandas: Some people’s salary for a year.

Larry: Yeah, they can have their money back. I mean, yes, you got taxes, insurance and some repairs and maintenance, but I think the guy told me he only spent about $1,200 and $1,500 on repairs on all of them in the last year.

Kandas: The tenants are followed as well. Now, one of the things that we can tell you in a bulk purchase like this that we’re looking at on to buy is to get a copy of the rent roll and to get some things in place, the tenant applications just to verify you know everything. You can trust then verify. I usually verify then trust, but that’s just part of my nature.

Larry: That is. We have the test results to prove that it’s her nature, right?

Kandas: Yes. My mother had me tested.

Larry: She’s nuts, you know.

Kandas: I’m not crazy. My mother had me tested, but I do. I like to verify then trust. Even with us going ahead with the contract and we are in our period where we’re doing our research and things like this on these properties, those are some things that we’ll ask for and expect to receive before we actually close on the properties, just to insure the fact that the tenants are solid and things like that. Now, from what I understand, you know, about these properties, the tenants are kind of keeping them up. Even though they are tenants, there’s still some pride of ownership that’s taking place that these tenants maintaining some of the things around the property where the owner doesn’t have to do those things which is always, always super helpful.

Larry: Yeah. That’s cool. You want to get all that detailed information so you can pass it along to your buyer. When you’re selling properties, you want to be able to pass that stuff along to your buyers. If you want to take a look at that deal or any of the other deals that we have, we have other deals where we’re buying multiple properties from one seller. Right now, I think we have 16 sellers we’re working with and we have about 22 or 24 properties, or something like that, in our pipeline. So, we’re having closings every week, right?

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: Now, let’s talk about negotiating one-liners for realtors, okay?

Kandas: Now, this is part two to finish out last week. Last week, we did part one. If you missed that, go back and listen to that because we had really good questions in the initial part of that as well. Now, this is part two and go ahead.

Larry: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Kandas: Good start. Do your thing.

Larry: Yeah, last week, we talked about dealing with direct to seller, so please go back and check that out, that’s episode 124 I believe.

Kandas: 124, I believe.

Larry: Yeah, it’s on this Facebook feed right here. But anyway, check that out, but also, let’s talk about the realtors. Now, when you’re talking to a realtor, you’ve got to remember, nobody gets paid until the deal closes, right? So they’re on commission only, they’re not on salary, so don’t be wasting their time. The very first thing that I say to a realtor when I get them on the phone is I say, hey this is Larry.

Kandas: Say, man.

Larry: Say, man. Did I say that?

Kandas: No, but that’s what you do.

Larry: I do a lot of that. So, I say, hey did I get you at a bad time or you got a sec? Now, I’m not asking for do you have 15 minutes, right? Also, anytime you ask someone an option of choice, this is just good sales and negotiating techniques, anytime you ask someone an option of choice, whatever you want them to pick, make it the last choice. Did I catch you at a bad time or you got a sec?

Kandas: Something in the side key that just makes the second one seem better.

Larry: I mean, think about it. If someone said, do you have a second or did I catch you at a bad time? A lot of times, they will say, yes, this is not a good time, right? But, whatever you want them to select, make that the last choice. Okay? Now, then you say, hey I was calling about your listing over at 125 Oak street. You know, what can you tell me about it? Now, notice a couple of things. Notice the word listing. I didn’t say, hey I was wanting to get information about a house. Realtors can’t make any money giving information, okay? That’s very, very important. Don’t ask for information, right?

Kandas: You know, you got realtors out there saying, amen!

Larry: Exactly, exactly. Preach it, Larry.

Kandas: I can hear.

Larry: Exactly. You know, did I catch you at a bad time or you got a sec? I was calling about your listing over at 125 Oak street, is it still available? So, one of the first things I say is, is it a blower offer or is it a fixer offer? Now, why would I even say that? That’s not going to help you make a sell. It kind of breaks the ice and it gets a little bit of communication going. It’s not something somebody would normally ask, right? So, I just say, is it the a fixer offer or a blower offer, right? Or blower offer or fixer offer? It doesn’t really matter? Then I’ll say something like, some other questions I will ask, how long has it been on the market? I can look at Zillow. I can look at Realtor.com and see how long it’s been on the market.

Kandas: It’s the same thing, just like we were talking about last week whenever he’s on the phone with a seller, he is still pulling up the information. We still do all these stuff in the background while we’re on the phone with somebody, most of the time.

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: You already know the answers. You’re like an attorney.

Larry: Yeah, ask the questions you know the answer to, right? So, how long has it been on the market? Have you had many offers? Have you had many offers, that’s another good one to ask. Another one is, how’s the market there, right? Now, a lot of times, an agent is going to say, have you seen the house? Have you seen it yet? We tell them, no we haven’t seen it yet, we just want to give you a call and talk to you about the property and make you an all cash as this offer, okay? So how’s the market there?

Now, another question I like to ask is, would this be a better fix and flip or a better rental-type property? Now, notice I don’t call them and I say I’m an investor. I’ve never said the word investor yet, right? By the questions I’m asking, they get the jest and they know that I am an investor. But I don’t want to call them and say, yes I’m an investor and I’m willing to get some information on your property at one point.

Kandas: Is that how they sound in here?

Larry: That is how they sound in here. That’s how an investor that doesn’t know what to say sounds like that, not the realtor, right? So, yeah, you just want to build rapport, or as a guy who used to work with me, used to call it rapture. Good little rapture with them. You got to rap with back and forth, right? You know, have a little fun with it. I remember I was calling a realtor a while back and he answered the phone, and he’s getting into his car, and he set his car alarm on. I said, say man, do I need to call you back later or are you breaking into a car right now or something? It kind of broke the ice a little bit, right?

Another thing that we do is we say, let me tell you a little bit about how we work. Then you might go into something like, we buy houses, we pay cash, we can close very fast.

Kandas: Make it true though. If you do have cash, if you can close fast, say those things because you don’t want to give a realtor, especially realtor that you’ve been able to go a little bit of rapport with, any kind of false assumptions because that’s not going to end well for you. They’re not going to like that.

Larry: That’s true. I think we mentioned this last week, but you know if a realtor is asking me for a proof of funds letter, they probably don’t believe you. I mean, it could be that’s just the way they are, but chances are if they’re asking you for a proof of funds letter or something like that, they don’t believe you are who you say you are. Another thing I would like to say with a realtor is, the realtors we work with love us because… now think about this. I’m always trying to think from my prospect’s head. Now, when you’re talking with a realtor, you want them to like you and trust you and want to do business with you, right? The realtors we work with love us because, number one, we do what we say we’re going to do and we close deals. I might also say something like, you know what, I’m really glad that we connected today because we’re going to make a lot of money together, right? I say things like that. I mean, they’re thinking they’re reeling me here. Right?

For example, if a realtor ask me, hey you know Larry, I can submit this offer but you’re going to need to send me a proof of funds, a bank statement, or whatever, I’m going to turn it right back because see, they’re trying to qualify me. Right? They’re trying to qualify me. Here’s what I will say, I will say something like, well you know that’s not a problem. We can do that, in fact, you know, would it be okay if I just sent you a copy of a bank statement showing we can buy about 40 of these houses and pay cash? So, see, I’m going to throw it right back at them and they’re trying to reel me and then qualify me, but on the other hand, I’m reeling them in, right?

Kandas: It’s a game.

Larry: You know, when I’m saying in fact I can send you a bank statement showing we could be 40 or 50 of these. I got to nibble, right? I’m reeling them in.

Alright. So, anyway. That’s just some of the things they would say. Also, when I’m talking to them, I find out what kind of work do you think it needs, you know, just a ballpark. Always, always, always, throw the words out, just a ballpark when you’re asking them about the amount of repairs. Right? Just a ballpark because if you don’t, they’re going to come back and say, we’ll I’m no contractor or they might say, well you’re the investor. You tell me. Right? They’ll do stuff like that. So just say, just a ballpark, I’m not looking for anything to hold you to, you want to say those words as well. If they’re a little skittish in answering your question. You know, I’m not looking to hold you to anything, I just need to get a ballpark, and then what you do is, let me run a few numbers. Let me run a few numbers. I don’t know if you guys can hear that or not but it sounds like a calculator. All I’m really doing is tapping on the side of laptop. That’s all I’m really doing.

Kandas: On the keyboard just on the side of the laptop.

Larry: So let me run a few numbers, which by the way, if you need a calculator to tell if it’s a deal, it’s not a deal. Okay? So I basically say, based on what you’re telling me, it looks like I probably need to be around… I might say something like, you know, low to mid thirties. In fact, the last house we bought was very similar to this, it reminds me of that house we just bought over there on Johnson’s Street and I think we paid 27,000 or 28,000. Then I’ll immediately change the subject and say, do you get very many listings like this because I’m sure we’ll make a lot of money together. See? Now, throw them a number out there. A price could get to them, and then I even lower them again, low to mid thirties, $27,000 or $28,000 and then I immediately change the subject, right? To get them to answer a different question, but I’ve put my number out there? See? Most newbie investors will say, we’ll you know, based on what you’re telling me, I’ll probably need to be around you know, $28,000 or $29,000 and then they shut up. Right? They just stop, right? You can do that. You can get a negative response. You’re going to get a negative response. So what you need to do is put your number out there and then change the subject. That’s very, very important, right?

You’re going to like this next couple right here. One of the things that we say is based on what you know about the seller and the property, would you like to email the seller asset manager and let them know you have a serious cash fire in this range and let them know and see if they would want to put it on paper, right? Now, what that does is, it will let them know that you know, you’re a serious cash buyer and you don’t want to have to fill out a contract, right? Seal it in unless they require it. Now, someone is going to come back and say well you know, Larry, I need your proof of funds, and then that’s when I go into the proof of funds story. I can send you a copy of a bank statement. If you can do that, go online, there’s all kind of transaction of funding lenders you can go and you can get a proof of funds letter, and you can say, oh, I’m going to send you a proof of funds letter showing I have access to half a million dollars, right?

Anyway, then what we do is if they come back and say I need your proof of funds, I need you to submit a contract, blah-blah-blah, I will agree with them. I will say, you know, we can do that. That’s not a problem at all. I’d be happy to do that. However, and you’re going to love this, however, the realtors we work with on a consistent basis and close a lot of deals with, they typically have the kind of relationship with their seller or asset manager, where they can simply shoot them a quick email, see I’m making this sound real casual, shoot them a quick email, let them know we have a buyer in this range, you know, cash serious buyer, and ask them if they want to put it on paper. So, let me ask you, do you have that kind of relationship with your asset manager or seller? See, what that does is, it puts it back on them. It makes them sound inferior if they don’t have that kind of relationship, right? Try that and see how that works. Let me know how that works. That’s a really, really good strategy right there when a realtor wants you to put it on paper, send you proof of funds, and all of that. Just agree with them. Hey, we can do that. That’s not a big deal.

However, most of the agents we work with on a consistent basis, why am I user the word consistent? All my words are carefully chosen.

Kandas: In more than just this conversation. Ask me how I know.

Larry: Realtors, how do they want to get paid? Consistently, right? They want to close deals there every week, every month, right? The realtors we work with on a consistent basis, they typically have the kind of relationship with their seller where they can shoot them a quick email, let them know we have a serious cash fire in this range, and ask them if they want to put it on paper. Do you have that kind of relationship? Right? So it kind of puts it all for them. They’re almost embarrassed to say no. Right?

Another thing you want to ask them before you get off the phone is, do you mind if I get your email address so we can stay in touch and I can buy some more houses? Now, notice the verbiage here. Do you mind if I get your email address so we can stay in touch and I can buy some more houses. I haven’t bought the first one yet, right? I haven’t bought the first one yet, and we’re talking about buying more houses. It’s all subliminal, right? It’s all subliminal. You like this stuff, though.

Kandas: What’s funny to me is like I see it playing out. I hear it in the office. It gets their responses that you’re actually looking for...

Larry: Bottom line is it works, right? It works. It works. So, the last thing I want to share with you is make sure you ask the realtor, do you have an automatic email notification list, you can put me on to get properties in the area, because we buy properties in a pretty wide area.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: That’s what you want to do. Ask them to get on their automatic email notification list and you give them keywords if you want to, financial, fixer, offer, cheap, cash, divorce, transfer, motivated, reduced, must-sell, abandoned, foreclosure, REOs, seller, required.

Kandas: It sound like you’re saying this a few times, right?

Larry: I know, right? Hey Courtney, what’s up?

Kandas: Hey Court.

Larry: How are you doing? So, that is negotiating one-liners for realtors. Go back and listen to this, write them down, that’s really, really good information. Guys, if you got to lot out of this, please share it now for a chance to win our HUD jumpstart course. I wrote the book, HUD Homes Half Off, and we have a jumpstart home-study course at $297. It’s what it costs. We’re going to give it away to someone who shares this video next week. Courtney, I know you already have it.

Kandas: You are ineligible.

Larry: Right, right, right. Good. That’s awesome. So, share the video now. Also, if you want to work with me personally, with us, with getting your own real estate business up and running or taking it to the next level, we also help people scale their business if you’re already doing business, and so we’ll help you scale it up. If you’d like to apply for that, just go to LarryGoins.com/apply. Alright, cool. We’re going to go back in here in the mastermind. It’s about, what do you say, 120 to 130 people here?

Kandas: We’re part of a few masterminds and both of them are great, but when you get them out on this caliber of people, it just energize this so much. I didn’t really understand the full scope of that. The full effects I guess, you could say that, until I started coming. I know that early on, when Larry became a member, and he would come back to the office with all of these ideas, and we’re constantly chasing the 8th ball, because he just wanted to implement all of the stuff that he sees here, it was hard for you. It feels a whole lot better now that we’re doing it together. When we get back, we can actually talk about stuff here instead of you getting back and being all excited and me being so in the daily grind, that I haven’t even been able to step away to think about tomorrow.

Larry: I don’t have to sell her over the ideas that I heard while I was here, right? I would come back with tremendous amount of ideas and I would say, we got to do this, we got to do this, we got to do this, we got to do this. You know, it’s kind of funny now both of us want to simplify things more, don’t we?

Kandas: Yeah, we do. Actually, we’ll be in a session and we’ll hear something and like, that’s awesome. We both know that it’s great idea, but it’s not where we’re going right now. That feels good too, to know where we’re going, maybe we don’t know the path that we’re going to take. We had a surprise today.

Larry: Every day of surprises.

Kandas: Every day of surprises. You just deal with those as they come up, but to be around this caliber of investor knowing that they’re doing deals, knowing they’re facing the same things that we are is really good. This is the level that you guys want to get to. It starts with application of the education you’ve already received. You guys have a ton of education already. You need to put action to that, not just let it sit there on a desk or on a shelf or whatever. Don’t let the notes that you took from today just seat on a notepad. Use them in your conversations with the realtors, with the sellers, with whoever. Get involved with whether it’s with us. Find somebody that you know you will just like you say. Find somebody that you know, that you like, that you trust, that you see how they operate their business, who knows the deals that they’re doing, and get as close to them as you can. If you have to buy your way in, buy your way in. That’s what we do every year with these masterminds that we’re in.

Larry: Every year. We buy ways in again.

Kandas: These guys and girls we can call friends but there’s still a cost to play. You still pay to play. It’s application that’s what you guys really need, anything from the last week’s event that we had, from the events that we’ve had early on this year and the ones that we’re going to have, that would be my biggest take away from any event that we even put on is to make sure you take action on what you learn.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: That’s all I got.

Larry: That’s good stuff. It really is. The key things she said was, everybody gets education but you need application, implementation, right? You got to apply the education and information just like this stuff right here. It’s not going to do you any good if you never make a phone call, right? It’s not going to do you any good if you never make a phone call.

Guys, share this video. We appreciate you watching. Thank you so much and we’ll see you next Wednesday at 2 p.m. eastern. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

Kandas: Bye guys.

Larry: Have a great day.