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Different Ways to Market Properties


Today's show, Larry and Kandas reflect on their personal visions. They talk about their experiences of trying to get better on focusing with their personal visions. They also talk about different ways of marketing.

In this episode, you will learn more about creating your personal vision and ways to market your deals. Don't miss it!


  • Your personal life vision
  • Knowing your Why
  • Figuring out what you are trying to fulfill
  • Reflecting on The ONE Thing book
  • Different ways of marketing
  • Uncommon ways of marketing
  • Door Hanger
  • Door Knocking
  • Post-it Notes
  • Flyers
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Geo-targeting
  • Direct Mailing
  • Being Rich and Generous Portion: Cecilia


  • “Put all your eggs in one basket and then focus on that basket.”
  • “What is the one thing that I can do to make everything else easy or unnecessary?”



It’s time to BRAG, Be Rich and Generous. BRAG radio is cohosted by bestselling real estate investing author Larry Goins and Kandas. For the next hour they will show you proven and effective ways you can be successful in real estate. From the WBT studios the flagship station of the Brag Radio Network, here are your hosts, the rock stars of real estate, Larry and Kandas.

Larry: Ola, hello, how you doing?

Kandas: What’s up? How are you?

Larry: I’m excellent, how about yourself.

Kandas: Good 

Larry: Good to see you. 

Kandas: How are all the people?

Larry: Good to see you.

Kandas: Like you haven’t seen me. 

Larry: On this glorious Saturday

Kandas: Like all the people. I wonder how all the people were doing radio when-

Larry: What are you doing? Are you working right now or are you chatting?

Kandas: I’m always working. Somebody asked me the other day like, “What do you do on your phone so much?” I was actually at the office, and they were like, “Why are you on phone?” I said, “Because my business, the business that I have to handle for this place, doesn’t solely happen on a computer like yours does.”

Larry: You sound really excited about it. The business I have to handle for this place.

Kandas: I’m telling you. Sometimes which should be no secret, success is hard, right.

Larry: Listen if it was easy,

Kandas: Everybody would be doing it.

Larry: That’s true. Life is not easy. Right?

Kandas: That’s why some people aren’t doing it real. I’m just kidding.

Larry: Well we’re trying to get better.

Kandas: Well and for me it takes more than 40 hours a week, right. Sometimes it takes more than 50 hours a week. And is that ideal? No. Do I make sure that I still spend time with the kids and I’m going to practices and games and things like that? Yes, of course. But I have to handle stuff on my phone as well as on my computer. 
And people, I don’t want to on people, but some people in our office don’t get that. Like when they’re on their phone they are getting to text whoever for personal reasons or they’re getting to check Facebook or they’re are getting to do personal stuff on their break time, a smoke break or whatever. Well I don’t get that luxury. I have business on my phone, I have business on my computer I mean it is just what it is.

Larry: Well we’re both trying to get better. 

Kandas: Right 

Larry: I got to tell you something really got to me a couple of weeks ago. We’re talking about we teach people, listen, we have thousands and thousands of students all across the country and around the world. In the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Israel, the Philippines, Ireland, Chile and Denmark. 

Kandas: Right.

Larry: All over and we teach them and we got many very successful students right.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Now, having said that, we’ve done our job. But, I mean I love what I do. I love teaching, I love training, I love being in front of people, I love seeing the light bulb go off.

Kandas: And you can tell. 

Larry: I get that. But you know what, somebody told us, okay, it was one of our coaches, right our life coaches.

Kandas: Right

Larry: Told us, “If you’re leading by example,” and you and I both work probably 60-80 hours a week, right.

Kandas: So what. I don’t even keep track.

Larry: Yeah, I don’t either, I mean he told us yeah that he said, “Number one, you need to shut off your computer and your phone after 9PM,” well 9PM who’s supposed to be working 9PM?

Kandas: My bedtime is at eight.

Larry: I’m in the bed by 8:30. But also don’t check email on Sundays right. And I try, I do. But that’s something you got to learn, so guys I want you to think about it and start first. If you want to learn to be a successful investor, if you want to learn how to flip houses, if you want to become financially independent, if you want to quit your job right. If you want to quit your job, whatever it is you want to do, you need to start first with what? 

Kandas: Your life vision

Larry: Your life, your personal vision. What do you want to do? Where do you see yourself? What do you see spending your time doing?

Kandas: And we did it, honestly we’ve done it backwards right

Larry: Yeah. We did. I mean I want you Kandas to be able to create a life vision for you and Matt and your girls, right. For what you want to do and I want to create a life vision for Pam and I and my kids.

Kandas: Right. What the hell is he laughing about? What are you all laughing about over there? What’s happening?

Larry: Are you laughing at us? She showed, Chad something different. 

Kandas: What’s going on? What’s happening?

Larry: We’re having a moment here

Kandas: We’re all teaching, we’re serious, we’re into it and you all are giggling over there, passing photos and notes in class. What is happening? 

Larry: So anyway I want you to start first with your personal vision. How do you see yourself spending your time if money was not an issue?

Kandas: Right 

Larry: If money was not an issue. And we talked a little bit about this a few episodes ago, anybody that wants to go and listen to archived episodes can-

Kandas: Don’t make that mistake like you did last week.

Larry: Can go to bragradio.com and listen to archived previously aired episode right. 

Kandas: Of BRAG Radio. 

Larry: Of BRAG radio. Anyway, so start with your personal vision. What do you want to do? Do you want to be a missionary? Do you want to help other people? Do you want to volunteer at school? There’s so many things. 

Kandas: It’s a little bit deeper than that too. You kind of got to think about why you want to do this. So ask like five layers of why. If you want to be a missionary ask why. Is there a certain place that you want to be a missionary, why? Is there something that’s happened to you? Did somebody lead you to- and I’m just using missionary as an example because Larry threw it out there.
But ask five layers of why to get to what it is you’re trying to ultimately accomplish for yourself. One of the things that we were taught or that was brought up to us is figuring out what you’re trying to fulfil subconsciously. If you want to be a missionary we know what is it that’s happened in your life, when did it happen in your life that makes you want to do this? 
And then using that just as the vehicle to accomplish what the real goal is. And you may find out that you could accomplish that goal a lot sooner than just becoming a missionary with smaller steps. Like getting involved in your communities and things like that.

Larry: Right, but it’s all about how do you want to spend your time? 

Kandas: Yeah. 

Larry: Do you want to spend your time sitting on the beach? Do you want to be in the mountains? Do you want to travel around the country or around the world?

Kandas: And guys I’ll tell you that it seems easier, well from my perspective because we’ve kind of done this backwards. Having to back up and establish a life vision when we have so much going on is hard. It is not going to be easy because you got to rearrange stuff. You got to make sure to keep boundaries in place where you set boundaries.
And it’s almost like taking somebody green and training them on real estate versus bringing a real estate agent or something in the office to train them. Sometimes you got bad habits that you got to break if you bring somebody that’s experienced in, instead of just starting with somebody that’s green and teaching them what you want them to do right. 
Same thing. We’ve had to relearn some things that weren’t in place initially for us. So putting those boundaries in place for me has been extremely hard when they haven’t been there before.

Larry: And that’s true. And it’s so easy for us or for me, I want to do it all.

Kandas: I’m very well aware 

Larry: But you know what, I got a book recently, right, that one of our coaches recommended; The One Thing.

Kandas: Great book

Larry: It’s a great, I was listening to it this morning on the way back from Milwaukee or wherever it was I was.

Kandas: And you know what I thought about because I read it last month, and we were supposed to read this book. We were told to read this book in August of 2017 and neither one of us did. Right.

Larry: Really. 

Kandas: Yeah that’s when we first were told about it and we were told to read it and neither one of us did it. And now at one of our last retreats with our coach he had to ask us, he called us out on it, “Have you read this book?” No, you got to read this book. Everything will make more sense when you read this book.”
And it’s a different type of focus that you get after you read The One Thing. And then right after you read like you were talking- tell them about how you felt this week when you walked in, because you just finished it this week, right, or last week. It was recent.

Larry: Yeah, I haven’t finished it yet, I’ve been going through it. But it blew me away.

Kandas: I’m done, I’m done with mine.

Larry: There were so many- 

Kandas: I’m an overachiever.

Larry: Hey I was trying to get through the Bible, I didn’t want to finish-

Kandas: Listen to this. Oh my gosh.

Larry: Really. And I’m telling you, it’s like 80-something hours, right, of audio. So, in The One Thing he talks about put all your eggs in one basket and then focus on that basket. Right? What is bull’s eye?

Kandas: Right. Because never know when one of them is going to hit. You never know when an egg is going to hatch. So if you hone your skills in and have all your eggs kind of in the same basket then you’re just waiting on one of them to hatch and you can take care and nurture that one at a time.

Larry: Exactly. And what is the bull’s eye? You got to have the one thing that can move the needle more than anything. There’s a focusing question coz it talks about

Kandas: Hey no don’t do that yet because we got to go to break right quick. So you guys give me a call at 877-LARRY-GO and we can get the investor’s kit out to you. The digital kit can come to your email or if you’re close enough to the office to schedule an office tour I can get that out to you as well, 877-LARRY-GO. 
Like we talked about past shows can be found on bragradio.com. You can text the word BRAG if you don’t want to talk to me for some reason, text the word BRAG to 803-897-6063 and the kit will come to you that way as well. We’ll be right back.
[09:50] [Break] [10:12]

Kandas: Welcome back to BRAG Radio, all about investing in real estate to be rich and generous. People I love you calling to get your BRAG kits, but I can’t take your calls while we’re on the air. So just leave me a message and I will call you back and get the information I need to make sure to get this out to you.

Larry: There you go. We’ll call them back in a break. Alright, so.

Kandas: I’m not calling back in a break

Larry: So, I want wrap this up about creating a personal vision. I just want to share one more thing and then I want to talk about the ways to market, some non-common ways to market for real estate deals okay. But, I want to talk about the focus question, right. The book, The One Thing is all about what is the one thing that I can do right now that can move the needle further than anything, right.
And every day you should ask yourself this focus question. The question is, what is the one thing I can do to make everything else easy or unnecessary? And you ask it over and over again, right. And ask it every day in the morning, right, and then line up your task based on that every day, right. Does that make sense?

Kandas: And it’s going to be hard if you guys have a business like we have a business, or if you’re trying to get into this and you’ve got a lot going on in life where you have another job and everything, but you’re really wanting to do this. It is going to be hard. We get pulled- Larry walked in the office yesterday, and he was pulled in five different directions from the door to his desk. 
Just saying hey to people in the mornings and them starting to run stuff by him and everything. So it’s going to be hard but just be diligent and be focused and one thing that the book, I don’t know if you gotten to that part yet, but one thing that the book talks about is how long it takes to create a habit. And The One Thing book says 66 days. 

Larry: Yeah 

Kandas: You got to that part?

Larry: Yes, 66 days to form a habit. Most people think it’s 17 to 21 days.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: That’s not true according to studies, right. So you need to ask that question, the focusing question, but it needs to be quantifiable. Like what’s the one thing I can do to double my income in the next 12 months. You don’t want to say to double my income, right. You want to say to double my income.

Kandas: Yeah, you need to fit a timeframe on it, right. 

Larry: It’s got to be quantifiable. That’s very important. And you can do that in every aspect of your life. What’s the one thing I can do to build a better relationship with my spouse? 

Kandas: Over the next 30 days.

Larry: Right. There you go. 

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: That’s exactly right, what’s the-?

Kandas: Takes a little bit of practice.

Larry: It does and like you said, you got to get two or three or four or five questions deep. Does that make sense? That’s awesome.

Kandas: You guys can email me at info@bragradio.com if you need a little bit more direction on that.

Larry: Get the book.

Kandas: Get the book yeah but I mean I’m more than welcome to or more than happy to welcome you guys to ask me any questions about that. It’s a learning curve and we’ll learn together. Like I said Larry and I, I just read it, and we work with life coaches and things like that as well as business coaches. So whatever we can do to help you guys we are here for you too.

Larry: We are coaches of mentors but, we also coach and mentor people. And I love audible. We’ve talked about audible [Inaudible] [13:27] 

Kandas: We’re coaches- wait, wait.

Larry: We are coaches

Kandas: We are coaches of mentors but we also coach and mentor people.

Larry: We also have coaches and mentors.

Kandas: There we go.

Larry: Is that what not I said?

Kandas: No. 

Larry: That’s because I’m thinking about what I’m going to say next. I guess.

Kandas: All the time 

Larry: But I love audible. And I listen at two times speed
The two are inseparable. A business can’t have unproductive people, yet magically still have an immensely profitable business.

Larry: That’s two times speed right there.

Kandas: I listen at 1.75.

Larry: Yeah, I listen at two times, I even noticed I tried to slow down to one and a half and I couldn’t, it’s just too slow. 

Kandas: He’s got to outdo me Lynn.]

Larry: What?

Kandas: I’m 1.75 he’s got to be it to be a two. Any time we travel he’s got to be on the higher floor of the hotel. 

Larry: I said my number first.

Kandas: Whatever. 

Larry: Right. I can’t help that you are slower, I can’t help that. Alright so let’s talk about marketing.

Kandas: That you’re slow, I can’t help you’re slow. 

Larry: You’re slower. I can’t help you’re slower. More slow. 

Kandas: Uncommon ways to find real estate.

Larry: At least I didn’t use your word, slown. I’ve slown down. 

Kandas: That is a word.

Larry: It’s your word. It’s a Kandasism right. I’ve slown down. Alright so- 

Kandas: The process has really slown down. It fits. Uncommon ways to find real estate deals.

Larry: So, there’s many different ways to find real estate deals, but really guys you’ve got to go after some of the off -market properties. It’s very important. You got to go after the off market properties. Yeah we’re buying stuff on HUD, we are buying stuff on the MLS, but if you really want to get some really good deals and be able to scale your business, you’re going to have to do some marketing. 
Marketing is basically anything that makes the phone ring. You want to have people reaching out to you, right, where you market and then they contact you. So when you’re answering the phone it’s like, “How can I help you?” right or if they opt into your website, you call them back, “Hey I noticed you inquired about selling your house, how can I help you?”
Right, so they’re the first ones reaching out, does that make sense? And I’m just going to go through a few of the common ones right now, but there’s Craigslist of course, you can run ads on Craigslist and you can also search for ads on Craigslist of people that have properties for sale. You can search on e-bay you can put your own ads on e-bay.
The real estate section of e-bay is about one of the only sections I believe that allows you to run an ad instead of an actual item for sale. Okay. There’s bandit signs. Bandit signs are the signs that you see all over that say I buy houses. Now, in certain areas like in the city of Charlotte, you’re not allowed to put them up. 

Kandas: Right

Larry: It’s code enforcement.

Kandas: Or you get a call and they’re not happy with you. 

Larry: Code enforcement will make you take them down. Ask me how I know right. So, don’t put them up in the city of Charlotte, alright. You’re better off putting them out in small towns, small communities out in the county as opposed to in the city limits right. 

Kandas: Right.

Larry: But, our signs say, Gaby buys houses, right. Or Larry buys houses or something like that right. So, there’s a lot of different things you can do, those are some of the general ones right. Putting out bandit signs, craigslist ads, you can put ads on Facebook, but I want to talk about some of the things that we do that aren’t that common, that maybe you haven’t heard of, right.
First thing I want to talk about is door hangers, right. There’s organizations out there, there’s companies out there that you can pay them. And it’s typically going to be probably around 25c per door hanger, but they will print it, right, copy it print it, and they’ll send people out into neighborhoods and you give them the zip code. Whatever area you want to market in, you give them the zip codes, and they’ll go put them out for about 25c a piece. 

Kandas: Right, that’s with printing and putting them out and everything.

Larry: That’s right. And you could do door hangers, you could do postid notes, they make these oversize postid notes that looks like it’s handwritten on that says, “I’m interested in buying your house. And it looks like its handwritten, right, that you just took a magical marker and wrote on it, right. 

Kandas: And it goes to every house in the city?

Larry: Every house in the zip code.

Kandas: In the zip code 

Larry: Right, so what you need to do is, this is very important, you need to pick zip codes that have single family houses and not a lot of apartments or town homes.

Kandas: Right, very important.

Larry: Very important. And also-

Kandas: Can you exclude- I guess if you pick the zip code you can exclude the property type, right. 

Larry: That is correct.

Kandas: Okay. It’s just the zip code.

Larry: That’s correct, but what you can select is you can select the value, right, the zip codes that have the different values of properties.

Kandas: Interesting.

Larry: Like you wouldn’t want put a door hanger on like half a million dollar houses, right?

Kandas: Unless you’re into luxury homes.

Larry: That’s true, but it’s much more difficult to buy those and make any money. There’s a lot fewer people that have a half a million dollars to buy a house.

Kandas: Yeah I mean that’s not our demographic, but if you were somebody that dealt with luxury homes then there you go. 

Larry: There you go. So there’s door hangers, postid notes and flyers and they’ll put them on the door for about 25c a piece. The postid notes are actually a little bit cheaper right yeah. 

Kandas: Really? And that surprises me. I don’t know why that surprises me, but I would think that that would be more.

Larry: I believe because the door hangers are double sided and they’re full color and the postid note is one color ink and that’s it. Right, just a yellow postid note and they’re oversized.

Kandas: One sided. 

Larry: They are like four by four or something right.

Kandas: And just one sided.

Larry: So, we got one minute left, okay.

Kandas: I thought he had a question about it. 

Larry: It looks like he was raising his hand.

Kandas: I was like, since when does he raise his hand to jump in.

Larry: That’s funny, so-

Kandas: I thought you had a random door hanging quote or something and throw in there. 

Larry: That’s funny. So there’s a lot of companies, there’s actually several companies in Charlotte that would do that. 

Kandas: Nice

Larry: But there’s also national companies that would do it as well. So all you have to do is Google door hanging service, door hanger service, door to door delivery, door to door is a good keyword to search. So wherever you live you want to find a local company that will do that for you. And when we come back I am going to show you some other technology ways, technological ways, technologically advanced ways to be able to market to find some properties. 

Kandas: You guys give me a call, 877-LARRY-GO, I can get the digital investor’s kit out to your email or schedule a tour for you to come by and pick it up. You can also text Brag, B-R-A-G to 803-897-6063, bragradio.com for everything else. We’ll be right back. 
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Kandas: Welcome back.

Larry & Kandas: To Brag radio.

Larry: Hey.

Kandas: Hand me a coke.

Larry: Leading the world to be rich and generous.

Kandas: One investor at a time.

Larry: That’s right. We’ve got a lot more testimonials we need to hang up. That reminds me. 

Kandas: Paul needs to get on that, because we decided not to put the TV up in that room again since you figured out the whole Apple TV thing on the projector screen stuff. 

Larry: Yeah, I love that. 

Kandas: So he can go ahead and do those other two walls.

Larry: That is good. So we’re talking about marketing to find deals. There’s a lot of common ways to do it. Some uncommon ways I wanted to share with you, the first one was door hangers, right. And the next one is door knocking as well, some investors I know, they’re literally just going out door to door and just knocking on doors. Right, knocking on doors. 

Kandas: Hey we do have sound effects.

Larry: That’s funny. I don’t know if it can be heard or not but that was Chad banging on the console.

Kandas: The Console.

Larry: The control center. 

Kandas: Oh my gosh.

Larry: So-

Kandas: They do, do that. And I’ve thought about door knocking, I just I’m not sure how safe it is for me. 

Larry: Well, listen I used to- 

Kandas: No, I would take Mathew.

Larry: I used to, well I’m sure you would. Ain’t nobody going to mess with him. 

Kandas: I would, I’d just have him sit in the car, in case I need him.

Larry: Yeah really. Somebody start giving you a hard time he just roll up and buzz down the window. Excuse me

Kandas: We’d just have a sign.

Larry: You talking to my wife over there?

Kandas: Like I’d just look back or something like that, then he’ll hop out of the car. 

Larry: I know, right. 

Kandas: With a hulk T-shirt on, yeah. 

Larry: Oh, the funniest the funniest story guys, I got to tell this story, this is hilarious. 

Kandas: Oh, wait before you tell the story I need to clarify we’re not talking about hulk like WWE wrestling, that kind of hulk, we’re talking about the green hulk from Marvel comics, okay. 

Larry: That’s right. Mathew is huge.

Kandas: Yes. Don’t email me thinking that he’s like Hulk from wrestling. 

Larry: Hulk Hogan, Right?

Kandas: He’s not.

Larry: No. He’s like-

Kandas: He’s like the green hulk. 

Larry: I know, Right?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: He is huge.

Kandas: It’s hilarious.

Larry: So, the funniest story about Matt that I think is the funniest is you told me you guys were out at the mall one day, and you were going to get in your car and a guy in a pickup truck beside you, he took a bag of trash like McDonalds or something and he threw it out on the floor. And Matt walks picks it up walks up to the window, knocks on the window and throws it back in the car and said, “You dropped this.” 

Kandas: Yeah, he threw it in the bed of the truck and was like, “Dude you dropped this.”

Larry: Threw it in the back of the car. The guy didn’t say anything did he?

Kandas: No, they just drove away. That’s him though, like he is, yeah. 

Larry: How dare you litter?

Kandas: You do the right thing. 

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: Do the right thing or hulk comes out. 

Larry: Say man, you dropped this.

Kandas: And just toss it in the back of the-

Larry: Threw it in the back of his truck.

Kandas: In the bed and walked away, and came and got in our car and the guy just backed up and left didn’t say a word. I was like, “Dude you’re-Oh my God. 

Larry: Oh, that’s hilarious though. Alright, so let’s, let’s talk some more marketing, okay.

Kandas: I haven’t heard about that in a long time. 

Larry: I know, it’s funny though. So, let’s talk about some PPC marketing, okay. That’s Pay per Click.

Kandas: Do it, go ahead.

Larry: That’s not paper clip, pay per click, right. Pay per click where you run ads on either Google ad words, or you can run ads on Facebook, right. You can setup a Facebook ad account and you can run ads and you can create your own, they’re very simple, you don’t have to have the graphics or anything. 
You just upload a picture, have your ad there and you can also the cool thing about Facebook ads, you can do what’s called Geo-target, right. You can do geo-targeting where if you only want to work in like a 50 mile radius of X address, right.

Kandas: Right

Larry: Are you making fun of me? My hand gestures nobody can see you.

Kandas: I’m trying not to make fun of you but then you called me out on it I’m laughing. 

Larry: Anyway, so you can geo-target with zip-codes or with areas and you can also if you have a list of like, let’s say you are doing direct mail, and a lot of people done direct mail, that’s one of the big ways to get deals is doing direct mail, you can get probate list, inherited probate, you can get code violation list, back taxes, pre-foreclosures all that stuff. 

Kandas: You’re sidetracking. 

Larry: I know but I’m just saying if you get that list of people that might be potentials, you can actually upload that list to Facebook even if it is a direct mail list, it doesn’t have to be emails or anything. 

Kandas: Right

Larry: Facebook can take the addresses of all those, right. And then it can look and see if there’s an account associated with any of those addresses, and then it creates what is called a custom audience. 

Kandas: Right

Larry: Right, and then you can show your ad only to the people that were on that list. So here’s what you do, you send out a direct mail piece, right, that says Larry buys houses or whatever. They get that piece in the mail and then the next time they go on Facebook, boom, there’s your ad hitting them square in between the eyes, right. 

Kandas: Everywhere they go.

Larry: And they’re like, “Wow I never noticed this before. This guy is everywhere now.” So pay per click advertising it works really good. It also works really good in conjunction with, doing direct mail as well. Right, does that make sense?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: So, here’s a lot of different lists as I mentioned. Another list you can get is what is called absentee owners. People who own a house but they don’t live in the house. Does that make sense? 

Kandas: Yeah. 

Larry: Yeah, so that’s direct mail. I’m a big fan of doing postcards instead of letters there’s a lot of people do what they call yellow letters. It’s like a hand written letter but the first thing you got to do is get them to open up the envelope. 

Kandas: We’ve done postcards for everything. For direct mail, for our events it’s just a better way all around for us rather, to do business. 

Larry: Now, one of the simplest ways I have seen for new investors to do direct mail, you thought I was going to say simplest, fastest, easiest, safest secure way 

Kandas: I so did. 

Larry: I know. 

Kandas: I was waiting and then you didn’t and then I had to look up at you like, “Where’s the rest of it?”

Larry: One of the simplest ways I have seen to do direct mail especially if you’re brand new and you don’t know anything about it, is this website. Get ready to write this down, okay; gobigprinting, gobigprinting.com. 

Kandas: If you’re driving, send me an email to info@bragradio.com and I’ll send that back out to you.

Larry: So, at gobigprinting.com they already have dozens of postcards that you can choose from. They have dozens of letters, they have the yellow letters, the handwritten letters right. You can even order your mailing list right there on it. Okay, and I got to tell you those people are so awesome, right. You can go to their website, you setup an account and right away, Claudia is going to call you. 
Okay. She’s phenomenal. She’ll walk you through it, she’ll help you get started, she is really good, just very knowledgeable very nice. She’ll help you out with your postcard, she’ll help you out with your list whatever it is and get started. And you can get started for as little as probably $500 dollars, with your first mailing, right. 

Kandas: Yeah, depending on the number of zip codes you’re trying to hit.

Larry: Yeah. Now you really should if you’re going to do direct mail you need to do it consistently, mail out the same list at least once a month, right.

Kandas: For a while, yeah. 

Larry: And you should start with at least 1,000 or 2,000 postcards, right. Yeah so which is going to run you somewhere between 500 and 1000 bucks, right. 

Kandas: I would think.

Larry: And you want to work your way up to increasing your ad budget right. So gobigprinting, it’s really good source. Another one where you can do pay per click advertising if you don’t want to have to learn Facebook, if you don’t want to have to learn Google ad words. Just go to Deal bot. deal bot I believe it’s .com but it’s deal bot right.
And they will manage your pay per click advertising for you whether it’s Facebook or Google ad words or even direct mail they do that. Now they’re going to want a little bit higher of a budget okay. They typically want to see about $2500 a month in budget right minimum. And maybe it’s 2000 I can’t remember.
But those are some of the things that you can use for done for you, where you don’t even have to deal with it. Okay and if you want to learn marketing or if you’re good with marketing that’s okay. If you want to get your own list to mail out your own postcards that’s fine. But those are some of the things that you can do to generate some off market leads and get you some deals. Right Kandas? 

Kandas: Yeah you sure can. 

Larry: Good feedback there Kandas. So guys if you want to learn more about all the different ways to market properties, all the different technologies everything, get a copy of my book; Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading. It’s all about buying and selling houses the same day using the internet. And they can get a free copy by calling you right Kandas.

Kandas: Sure.

Larry: And they get to talk to you on the phone.

Kandas: Yeah there are some people don’t want-

Larry: Not that that’s a benefit but I’m just saying.

Kandas: Yeah some people don’t want to and they text in to get the kit which is fine I’m not offended by that at all. Doesn’t hurt my feelings very much very often. Anyway you can text BRAG to 803-897-6063 to get a copy of the digital investor’s kit.
You can call me at 877-LARRY-GO and I can get the digital out to you or schedule an office tour for you to come by and meet everybody and pick up the physical kit. Past shows are on bragradio.com and as always you can email me at info@bragradio.com we’ll be right back.
[30:18] [Break] [30:31]

Kandas: Welcome back, we’ve got Cecilia on today to highlight HER. She’s been doing some great things and I thought it was about time.

Larry: What’s up girl how you doing?

Cecilia: Hey I’m awesome.

Kandas: There she is.

Larry: We are so glad that you can join us today, on our Being Rich and Generous portion of the show. And those of you who do not know, we met her out in Phoenix Arizona actually in Tucson Arizona.

Kandas: Yeah you met her before I did.

Larry: Yeah.

Cecilia: Yeah Tucson.

Larry: Tucson.

Cecilia: Yeah.

Larry: And that was not too long ago and then you came to a three-day event that we had in phoenix Arizona.

Kandas: That was in December.

Larry: And right away-

Cecilia: Correct.

Larry: Right away you started doing deals. So tell us a little bit about yourself, about meeting us and that sort of thing and then we’ll talk about the generous portion.

Cecilia: So well just to give you a short background we’ve been doing this for 10, 15 years now and we’ve done all kinds of deals. We’re landlords and we have our rentals we’ve been doing flips and then the market goes up and down. So we’ve done manufactured homes on land as flips. So when I met you at the Tucson as REA meeting I went well I listened to what you had to say.
And you said, “Well wait a minute, buy them then do seller financing hold the note, sell the note.” And I went, “Wow I never thought of doing that.” So all these real estate meetings and seminars and stuff like you’re doing is so good for people like an experienced investor like ourselves because I learned something new.
I heard what you said, I left that meeting on a Tuesday night, went home got on the dang computer and started looking for a deal.

Kandas: That is awesome.

Larry: Is that a brand name, the dang computer? That’s not a Mac though is it?

Cecilia: No it’s not. It’s a CUS, I said, “Let me see if I can find something.” And I’m a 66 year-old nana.

Kandas: Proud nana.

Cecilia: So I’m not a young one, I’m an old woman. And I went home and I just went, “Let me see if I can find something.” And sure enough I found one. And I thought, this is-because I listened to what you said, I wrote down your criteria and I went, “Oh there’s one.” It was like I was fishing and caught one on the line.

Larry: You were fired up weren’t you?

Cecilia: I was. So I called my agent and by the time I had gotten to the three-day it went on and you know with these HUDs it goes on and then somebody puts a deal in sometimes and goes away. And I was in a panic. I went, “Oh he went away.” I kept watching it every day, morning and night. And one day I woke up, got on the computer and there it was. And I called the agent and I said, “Get that house for me.” It was beautiful, Larry it’s a two acre horse property.

Larry: Whoa.

Cecilia: A 2,000sqft house.

Kandas: Nice.

Cecilia: That was built in well HUD said it was 2009, Zillow was saying it was 2010, we don’t care.

Larry: Close enough.

Cecilia: I checked the addendums in the property, I didn’t even know they had that until your three-day.

Kandas: So what are you buy it for? Cecilia what did you buy the property for?

Cecilia: I bought it, it’s closed.

Kandas: How much did you pay for it?

Cecilia: 467.

Larry: Awesome.

Kandas: What are you selling it for or have you already sold it?

Cecilia: No I’m selling it for 133, hello.

Kandas: I love her.

Larry: And how many tens of thousands of dollars did you have to put into repairs?

Cecilia: A whole sonic carpet and [Inaudible] [35:01] that was it. We did throw a coat of paint on it just to freshen it up. But that house even the people that came in to take pictures of it went, “Wow, this house is gorgeous.” So we put maybe less of 5000 in it.

Larry: Okay so you’re going to have 55-ish in it something like that maybe.

Cecilia: Yes.

Larry: Somewhere around there and you got it on the market now for $130,000.

Cecilia: 133 and Zillow which we can take with a grain of salt has it as 163. So anybody looking at it going, “Oh wow.” 

Kandas: They’re getting a deal.

Cecilia: Yes.

Larry: That’s great.

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Cecilia: It’s a deal. And to tell you the truth, you got us so hooked on this way that we’re selling some of our rentals and we’re buying as many of those HUD houses as we can.

Kandas: That is awesome.

Cecilia: Just for cash flow with seller financing and call it a day, we’re done.

Kandas: I love it. So Celie with everything that you’ve got going on, how are you guys being generous? What are you doing with that?

Cecilia: Oh well the sorry thing is we’ve always done that. That’s something that we did from day one.

Kandas: That’s good.

Cecilia: The first day we made a flip before as soon as that money went into the account we have several different charities, St. Jude is a big one St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

Kandas: Okay.

Cecilia: That’s a big one for us. Actually my grandsons Noah and Caleb I know you got your Noah- Noah and Caleb are eight and 10 right now. And a few years ago they didn’t have computers in their school. And I went, “You don’t have computers in your school?” so the principal Mr. Ray, we call him Mr. Ray he said yeah he said, “We don’t have them.”
I said, “Well Mr. Ray what’s your wish list?” he said, “My wish list would be for 24 computers so that we could have the computer class and have all the children have a computer class.” So they didn’t need a 24 computers for each class, the just had 24 computers for all the children and they would have a class of computers.

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Cecilia: So I said, “Well I’m not really a good computer person, tell me what you need.” And there were these little computer Google Chrome things.

Kandas: Right, Chrome Books.

Cecilia: Yeah that was it, got on them ordered them and I walked in one day and I said, Mr. Ray, “What address do you want me to give you? You’re getting 24 computers.” The tears in his eyes- he couldn’t believe it.

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Cecilia: I said well there were tears in the principal’s eyes. He said, “What do you mean?” I said, “You said you needed 24 computers, I’m getting you 24 computers.”

Larry: That is awesome.

Cecilia: I said, “They’re supposed to come on Tuesday but I didn’t have an address. You want them delivered to the school?” he said, “That would be awesome. So now all those children because it’s 400 kids in this school. 400 children now will have a computer class. Because we’re blessed our kids have computers in their homes because their parents use them for work.

Kandas: That’s good.

Cecilia: But not everybody has that.

Larry: And that’s what real estate has done for you that is awesome.

Cecilia: Well and here’s one quick thing, it’s not always cash. It’s not always money. We have a tenant who’s been a section8 tenant with us in the same property for seven years. That woman pays on time every month and if every tenant had a tenant like her, we’d never be complaining.

Kandas: What are you doing with her?

Cecilia: Wow so-

Larry: We got about 30 seconds.

Cecilia: So she works. So with her job she doesn’t make enough to actually support her family. So Section8 has knocked her down to a two-bedroom because a couple of her kids got older. And I said, “Rosemary, why don’t you just buy the house?”

Larry: So you’re helping her become a home owner.

Cecilia: Oh well I don’t know.

Larry: That’s great.

Cecilia: I sent her to our mortgage person because people don’t know how to fix their credit.

Larry: Real quick.

Cecilia: Her credit is being fixed it’s not that bad.

Larry: Good, so you’re helping her become a homeowner. Celie thank you so much for sharing that. We really appreciate it. Thank you for being on and for the blessing that you are to so many other people.
Tune in again next Saturday for BRAG Radio with bestselling real estate investing author Larry Goins and co-host Kandas teach you the latest techniques the pros use to make money in real estate. 
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