Spotlight on Stephen Mayers

Spotlight on Stephen Mayers Inner Circle Member I just wanted to thank you so much for the excellent service you have provided in the short time I’ve been part of your inner circle. I’m amazed at how quickly you are able to respond given all the other stuff going on in your business. I’m also thrilled with the quality of your inputs. You have definitely made a “raving fan” out of me. Also, the signs I Read More

Spotlight on Don and Kathy Womble

Spotlight on Don & Kathy Womble Inner Circle Member Larry, Kathy and I were so blessed by the 3 days of instruction and mentoring from your team and you. Larry, you are the real deal! You and your organization represent the Savior that you love and serve in a wonderful fashion. We are excited to go home and put into practice the practical instruction we received. Thank you for doing what was promised and giving above what Read More

Spotlight on Betty Chaplin

Spotlight on Betty Chaplin Inner Circle Member I have been investing in real estate part-time for nine years with a strong passion and love for it. It enables me to assist others in obtaining houses they can afford to purchase and rehab as a single family home or as an investment property. Since September of 2011, I’ve been an affiliate of the Larry Goins Group. In November of the same year, I became a member Read More

Spotlight on Dave Sakievich

Spotlight on Dave Sakievich, Phoenix, AZ Filthy Riches Student I purchased Larry’s Filthy Riches program about 16 months ago. So far I have purchased 2 properties. One that I have sold as a wholesale deal for $2,000 assignment of contract to an investor that I met while at Larry’s 3-day boot camp, I purchased this 3 bedroom 1 bath house for $3,266. I partnered with another investor and I also helped do some remodeling on the Read More

Spotlight on Charles Johnson

  Spotlight on Charles Johnson, Concord, NC Ultimate Buying Machine Student I am at a loss for words as I can’t believe that I got my first deal only after a couple of weeks purchasing Larry’s Ultimate Buying Machine. I listened to him speak about all the awesome things you could do with this system so I purchased the program and started with the least expensive marketing and look at what happened. When you talk Read More

Spotlight on Jim Hill

  Spotlight on Jim Hill, Winston-Salem, NC Filthy Riches Student Larry, Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU!!! This is TWICE you have inspired me to get my “mojo” back! You may recall several years ago, I met you at our local REIA meeting, heard your Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine presentation, left the meeting, then came back and bought the course from you in the parking lot after turning around 5 miles down Read More

Spotlight on Michaela Bartakova

  Spotlight on Michaela Bartakova, New York Filthy Riches Student If you are on the fence to purchase Larry Goin’s Filthy Riches Course, he is the real deal. I have taken many real estate courses over the years, but never really closed a deal. I either didn’t have the money, the courage, or felt i didn’t have the full information to do so. I have purchased my first property after listening to Larry on a Read More

Spotlight on Wendy Sartain

  Spotlight on Wendy Sartain, Roswell NM Filthy Riches Student I am so excited! I not only bought my first Filthy Riches house for a total of $6,000 but I sold it less than eight weeks later for $25,000. I was truly skeptical that this would work but with the Good Lord’s help it did. It all started when I was out driving for dollars and came across this overgrown piece of property. I contacted Read More

Spotlight on Dru Kuhlman

  Spotlight on Dru Kuhlman of Henderson, NV Filthy Riches Student As you know, I bought a double wide mobile home in a park for $2200 and sold it for $11,900 . I received a $350 cash down payment and am carrying $350 monthly for 33 months (cash payments only). I learned this strategy in Larry’s Filthy Riches course and applied it to my mobile home investing. Larry’s Filthy Riches program showed me how me to Read More