Where To Find Filthy Riches Homes?

Larry Goins here and I have spent years perfecting my Filthy Riches model to real estate. If you haven’t heard about my Filthy Riches model, it is all about making more money on a run down $5,000 – $10,000 house no one else wants than most investors make on a $100,000 house…Guaranteed! Yes, believe it or not, you can pick up a great deal on a $5,000 – $10,000 house and sell it for 3-6 Read More

Owner Financed Homes – Some Advantages

Why is offering owner financed homes such an attractive option for real estate investors? What are some of the advantages that investors need to be looking to take advantage of? Be the Bank Even in the wake of Dodd Frank, offering owner financed homes is well within the reach of even a beginning investor. You do need to get yourself an RLMO, or residential loan mortgage originator, if you are going to sell to owner Read More

How to Sell Your House Quickly

So, here you are with your Filthy Riches Program. You’ve looked for potential properties. You bought your ideal first $30,000 property for $5,000. You’ve marketed the property. Now it’s time to complete the sale… and watch your income start to build. But, how do you really work to sell your house quickly? Look at it from someone else’s shoes, this is an amazing deal for a lot of people. With the way rent has been Read More

The Ins and Outs of Servicing Your Note

The End Goal is to Keep the Note! The ultimate point to the Filthy Riches approach is to sell your property and hold tight by servicing your note. What do I mean by this? Let’s backtrack a bit. In the Filthy Riches approach, a $30,000 property is bought for $5,000 and then resold for a $1,000 down and the seller (you) holds the remainder of the note through the duration of the loan. This means Read More

How can Lawmakers Affect You and Your Property?

Legislators and lawmakers are in charge of creating specific laws to help govern citizens. Some of these laws are created because of a need; others are put into act as a reaction to a certain problem. I’m going to go over some of the current legislative movements, but as you are preparing to buy and sell properties, it’s important to keep abreast of any changing laws and legislative acts that might affect your investments. Don’t Read More

What Investors Need to Know About the Dodd Frank Act

  Is seller financing dead because of Dodd Frank? Do you now have to be a licensed mortgage loan office to seller finance a property? Can you finance more than 3 properties as an investor? Many real estate investors think that the regulation called Dodd Frank which takes effect January 10th, 2014 will eliminate seller financing as we know it. I have been researching this and found a very knowledgeable attorney named Clint Coons from Read More

3 Tips to Know When it’s time to Sell Your Note

The ultimate objective for a Filthy Riches student is to hold onto your note after buying and then reselling a piece of property. After all, the real money starts to come in on the second year of the note, and you keep making money throughout its duration without any additional investment on that property. Consider this. You find a $30,000 dog with fleas home that just won’t move in this real estate market. Believe it Read More

The Strategy Behind Filthy Riches

Everybody has driven by a house that has been on the market for what may seem like years. You know the house: there might be a broken window here or there, the grass hasn’t seen a lawnmower for the last few summers, and the property overall has the look of negligence. It might seem ironic, but this is the dog with fleas property that Filthy Riches has based its success upon. We all know in Read More

Get Down and Dirty with Filthy Riches Homes

Larry Goins spent years perfecting his Filthy Riches approach to real estate. But where are the properties that Larry targets to generate so much personal income? The houses in this program are low-income, distressed, “dog with fleas” homes. They are ugly, unwanted and need more TLC than you can imagine. Most people would assume their next owner came equipped with a wrecking ball. You might be right, depending on some peoples’ points of view, but Read More