Where To Find Filthy Riches Homes?

Larry Goins here and I have spent years perfecting my Filthy Riches model to real estate. If you haven’t heard about my Filthy Riches model, it is all about making more money on a run down $5,000 – $10,000 house no one else wants than most investors make on a $100,000 house…Guaranteed! Yes, believe it or not, you can pick up a great deal on a $5,000 – $10,000 house and sell it for 3-6 Read More

Building Passive Income – The Buy Side

Randolph Cunningham joins Larry Goins to talk about locating properties that are good for building passive income from your real estate investments. Topics include what types of properties to look for, what sources you can use to buy the property, as well as how to structure the deal for passive income generation. You’ll find out about buying with cash, using terms and a lot more information on building passive income by real estate investing. Your Read More

The Skinny on Bulk Purchases

Bulk purchases are the grab bag of the real estate industry. Like any other grab bag you might have been tempted to get, there’s going to be a handful of good for as much bad. In this industry, there are bulk REO lenders who sell bulk packages of property. I’ve seen bulk purchases anywhere from 10 to as many as 500 properties in them. You aren’t going to get a lot of information on these Read More

Finding Real Estate Bargains

Ideally, for a start-up real estate investor, probably the best way to open up such career is to find yourself a decent, small, long standing apartment but strategically located, at a very low price and only requires a meager amount of cash down payment. To find this type of bargains, there are several ways of doing it. But everyone should bear in mind that until now, there is no perfect formula that could work all Read More

Using Bing and Google Maps

Another day, another training video by Paul Olson of Investors Rehab.  In this video, he shows you how to use bing and google maps to scout out the area in and around a potential investment property.  Investors Rehab uses this a lot as part of their initial due diligence. Take a minute and learn some of the tips to use the software, plus how you can get a street level view of the area of Read More

Investment Property Physical Tour

Ever wondered how to quantify what needs to be done to rehab an investment property?  In this training video, Wendy Sweet of Carolina Hard Money does a physical home walk through of a property with a group of Inner Circle students. Wendy goes in depth on exactly what to look for and how to remedy it.  Roofing, siding, windows, walls, she does it all, and has an eye for things that only years of experience Read More

Online Property Walk Through

What do we look for when we scout properties online? In this short training video, Paul Olson of Investors Rehab walks you through how we use online property sites to start an evaluation of a potential deal. As you may already know, in the digital world, we rely a lot on the internet to find and scout investment properties.  This video uses one of the sites we rely on a lot for that, Zillow.  Zillow Read More

Where to Find Viable Real Estate Investment

The current world financial crisis has brought a lot of difficulties not only to big corporations but even to small businessmen. This situation has brought a good lesson to many investors and they are now being transformed from reckless to cautious investors. Hence, you will see new breed of very smart and well informed investors who will scrutinize every detail of the properties to be purchased. Today many businessmen cannot afford not to carefully evaluate Read More

Why you want Bird Dogs Finding Your Deals

For every business the hardest thing is how to get started. The fear stagnates or discourages many people before they ever reach their first business. In every encounter the first is always the hardest it might be curriculum, business or even at playing field. For real estate investors the hardest thing is how to start the real estate investment that will outreach to progress. Real estate investors must first build a buyers list, for without Read More

How to Find Out the Real Deal on the Neighborhood

Here is a great idea to find out information about a potential property and the neighborhood where it is located. When you are thinking about buying a property, no matter where it is located, you want to call the local police department on a non emergency line. In fact, when you make the call, the first thing you should ask is if this is a non emergency line. Then you should ask them if you Read More