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Negotiating One Liners Must Know


Today's episode is our last show for the year. Larry and Kandas shared what is keeping them busy this holiday season. They also talked about how they are being generous this Christmas. In this episode, they also shared some tips and information on how to be an effective negotiator.


  • Share Sponsor winner
  • Deal of the week
  • Some must know one liners:
  • - Ask what's going on in their lives that’s causing them problems
  • - Ask what's more important to them, most amount, or quickest sale
  • - Take time to repeat the reason somebody is ready to sell
  • - Ask about the lowest amount they can take if you were to make an all cash offer that closes quickly
  • - Ask how they came up with their number
  • - Try asking questions that you know the answer to
  • - Ask question about their mortgage
  • - Ask them what they will do if they don't sell
  • - And many more . . .


  • “Say the words with confidence.”
  • “Tax value is irrelevant.”
  • “You need to put everything you know to work.”
  • “Education without application is delusion.”



Kandas: Hey guys!

Larry: Did you see that? Hello, hello, hello. What’s up? What’s happening. So guys, this is our last show for the year of 2018.

Kandas: We’ve had a busy day. We’ve had a busy month.

Larry: We have. Why don’t you tell them all about our day, what did we do?

Kandas: So today is pajama day. If you guys didn’t see, Larry has got on his pajamas, but they can’t see your feet. I’ve got some pajamas happening too.

Larry: She has on a onesie.

Kandas: I do. Everybody is super comfy in their holiday attire. We’ve actually had holiday spirit all week. So we’re doing just what everybody wants to do, so sporadic. We did lunch together today. Everybody thought it would be the best idea to have a pajama on the day we did lunch because of the place to get our food from, it is phenomenal and needs stretchy waistband afterwards. So everybody did pajama day today. It was really fun. I think most people are going do their Christmas sweater tomorrow. I did hat day, was it Monday?

Larry: Monday and Tuesday was hat day. There’s a lot of people who wore them yesterday.

Kandas: Yes they did.

Larry: You really didn’t establish a day.

Kandas: Oh it was yesterday because snow happened on monday so a lot of people weren’t here. We did establish a day. It’s just holiday spirit week, Christmas spirit week all week. What everybody wants to do. Today we had lunch and then for the last little bit, we had been prepping Larry’s trailer and my car to take all of the presents that we purchased for a family that we’re supporting this Christmas, this holiday season. We’re going to take those over there right after the show.

Larry: Yeah, exactly. Literally they’re loading up the stuff right now, finishing up loading it and strap everything down in my trailers. We got them a lot of cool stuff, a couple of beds, because they’ve been sleeping on the floor I believe, right?

Kandas: No. They had mattresses. They’re just on small mattresses. They were on twin size. We were able to get them mattresses and bed frames and the toys that they wanted and some clothes, just different things. We’ve got some bike suits. It’s been really cool. We prayed at the beginning of December that, God just give us a family that we would be able to feed. Oh, a bible. We got them a family bible, like a thin bible that the mom could start. She’s a single mom, two kids. I’ve had a couple of conversations with her and she is phenomenal. I feel so blessed to be in position to support her and to feed back into her and her kids’ lives. It’s going to be great, taking those stuffs over today. It’s going to be great. The kids won’t know it. We don’t want them to know that it’s from us, like we do it without the mom knowing it was from us, that’s what we would have done as well, but that won’t be possible. The kids will just be waking up and the mom will be a hero on Christmas day for pulling it off.

Larry: That’s awesome. It’s actually cool. Kandas and a couple of the other girls there in the office, they spent like half a day wrapping everything, right?

Kandas: Me and Z wrapped everything that we’re going to get. I’m a bit particular when it comes to wrapping presents. I’m a bit particular when it comes to everything, but I’m really particular when it comes to wrapping presents so I had to do a wrap class before.

Larry: She asked me to come in and help to wrap, but I don’t do wrapping. I mean, I do wrapping but it looks like a 5 year old did it.

Kandas: You just do a bag like you just do the bag and they finish it when you’re done.

Larry: That’s not what I’d do. I’ll like to do it. I like to do it wrong. Like if I have a small package, I’ll just roll it up in wrapping paper and then twist the end, just kind of like a Tootsie roll or something and then tape around it.

Kandas: We’ll sometimes you’ve got to do that. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap stuff.

Larry: You’ve been talking about square packages.

Kandas: Just do it for the fun of it.

Larry: I just do it for the fun of it.

Kandas: Yeah, it wouldn’t work out.

Larry: Then what I do is, I also like to take all of the scraps that my wife has left over, and I would like to take the scraps and put like five different kinds of paper...

Kandas: Just like a patchwork quilt in your paper.

Larry: It’s a patchwork present.

Kandas: We would not get along when it comes to wrapping presents.

Larry: That’s funny, but you know, this year, you know what my wife wants for Christmas?

Kandas: I don’t know.

Larry: Cash. I’m serious. She wants cash. I said, what do you want for Christmas? She said, I want to go shopping the day after Christmas. I said, but Christmas would be over. She said, well just give me cash.

Kandas: She likes to get a deal. She knows she gets deals the day after Christmas.

Larry: She does.

Kandas: I’m not surprised.

Larry: What did you tell your husband you wanted?

Kandas: Nothing. I don’t want anything.

Larry: That’s not what you need.

Kandas: What?

Larry: Cash. You told me the same thing.

Kandas: I can’t think of anything else. Yeah. I told him, if you couldn’t give anything else, just give me money and I would figure out something to get. He’s worried I’m going to spend it on him or the kids or something else, instead of spending it which is probably won’t happen. I mean, if he gives it to me, it shouldn’t matter.

Larry: That’s true. It’s your money, right? There you have it. So, yeah. We’ve got to pick a winner from last, last show, right?

Kandas: Didn’t you already pick the one?

Larry: You know what, I failed to do that. I failed to do that. I want to pick a winner right now. We’re going to pick them right now from last week’s show. We’re going to do that if we can right here. From last week’s show. That was the wrong one. I’m just going to go to my homepage.

Kandas: You’re supposed to do this ahead of time.

Larry: Yeah, well you were supposed to send out the email yesterday. Oh, look, my wife just posted a picture of all the presents loaded in the car. That was really cool. That’s really cool. Alright, so let’s pick a winner. I’m going to let Kandas pick the winner.

Kandas: No. I don’t like that.

Larry: That’s today’s show right there. Let’s see if we can find yesterday’s show.

Kandas: Last week’s.

Larry: What did I say, yesterday? Here are all shares right here from yesterday.

Kandas: Last week.

Larry: It’s working right here, so you’ve got Larry Goins shared it. Larry Goins. Larry H. Goins. Macy, Manny, Manny, Real Estate Dimensions. That’s who shared the video right there. Let’s see here. We got other shares too and eight more. That’s all that’s coming up tho. That’s good, so pick one, Kandas. It’s between me, me, me, me, Macy, and Manny, and Real Estate Dimensions, whoever that is. Pick one.

Kandas: I’m going to go with Manny.

Larry: Go with Manny. Manny, you got a one-on-one coaching call with me. One-on-one coaching call with me so e-mail Kandas @ LarryGoins.com. Kandas@LarryGoins.com. There we are, we’re back on today. Manny is still talking about the wrapping with the comics and the news papers.

Kandas: Keep up, Manny. Keep up.

Larry: The kids love it. Manny, you just won the one-on-one coaching call with me, so email customerservice@LarryGoins.com and Kandas will set up a time or get your number to me. You and I will be working out.

Kandas: I’m so excited.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: Here’s the thing too. You don’t have to be online to share it because it’s a Facebook Live, you can go back anytime, watch and share. It doesn’t matter if you’re on Live and share. You could share it at any point in time for anybody. If you may be wondering. You can watch it anytime and share it anytime and you’re still in the running.

Larry: Exactly. That’s awesome. Okay, so what we’re going to talk about today. I didn’t even put it on an agenda thing here.

Kandas: Where is the? You do the share, was that you have the deal of the week?

Larry: I do have a deal of the week. I didn’t put it up here but I have a deal. I’m going to get a little slack.

Kandas: It was in it. Yeah, you are. It was in the email that I’ve sent. I knew that was in the email that I sent out that we were going to do the shares and deal of the week. So, what’s your favorite deal of the week?

Larry: Alright, check this out. Here is my deal of the week. I just had this deal yesterday. You’re going to love this, okay? So I’m talking to this guy. He’s getting a mobile home park with six mobile homes, okay? Five of them were rented. It’s currently bringing in $2,100 a month. Let’s get the van back together.

Kandas: Manny, pay attention.

Larry: So, six units, five of them were rented bringing in $2,100 a month. The guy was stuck on a $150,000.

Kandas: Like glue. He was stuck.

Larry: He was stuck on the deal. Here’s what I told him. I said, what do you plan on doing? What are you going to do with the money? We’ll, I’m just going to put it in the bank. Why do you want to sell it? He said, I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I like the cash flow but I don’t want to deal with all of the headaches of managing properties. So I said, would you be interested in seller financing? In that way, It’s secured by your property. You’re going to still get the cash flow, but you don’t have to deal with these trash, termite, and toilets, and you don’t have to deal with taxes, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and vacancies, right? And property management. So, he said, yeah, I’ll be interested in that. I said, we’ll let me just see here. You want $154. I can give you your price. I said, $150,000 in twenty years at 5% interest with a payment of $989 a month. Now, remember, it’s bringing in $2,100 then only five of the six were rented, right? So, $2,100. It’s going to bring in about $25,000. I think it’s $2150, but it will bring in about $2,500 once all of them are rented, right? So I got 20 year financing at 5% interest at a payment of half of the income. Here’s the best part. No money down. No. Zero. Zip. Nada. No money down. So that is the deal of the week right there. You could keep it as a cash flow deal. You could wholesale it. I’m actually going to wholesale this deal for $175,000. I’m going to get $25,000 down. So, I’m going to sell it to somebody. They’re going to put $25 grand down and immediately, they got a gross cash flow of over $1,000 a month. Immediately.

Where else can you invest $25… Don’t share this with anybody. I might put it up at $40,000. Where else could you get an investment at $40,000 with immediately $1,000 a month gross cash flow.

Kandas: I think we could do $40,000. This is not going to be a residential buyer looking at this. I mean, it’s going to be from our commercial buyers. They’re more accustomed to put in that type of money down.

Larry: That’s true. That is true.

Kandas: I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to start with it, the request of $40,000 down.

Larry: Even if we did 20% down, right? 20% down would basically be, well 20% down would be $30,000. Then 25% down which is customary and commercial we’ll be, let’s see, 25% would be $37,500. Is that right?

Kandas: My socks were messed up.

Larry: Your socks are messed up. Why do I have to deal with my math?

Kandas: I wasn’t paying attention to your math because my socks were messed up.

Larry: Okay. Anyway, that’s my deal of the month, right? Deal of the week.

Kandas: Damn! He’s getting old.

Larry: Sorry. The key and double wide trailer homes. These are single wides by the way.

Kandas: It’s actually been a bit since they bought any single-wides or double-wides with the direct mail that we’re going to do. Most of all, we’ve been getting our ranch-style homes either 3-2, 3-1, or 2-1 something like that. It’s been a while since we’ve had any of the single-wides or double-wides either at a park. We’ll this is a park, isn’t that really something that we were doing before anyway. This type hasn’t been something that’s been in inventory or coming on to the pipeline in the while.

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: Yeah, direct mail just hadn’t been hitting on those.

Larry: Well, we’ve really been focused on a single family. In fact, we’re getting ready to remove lots from our direct mail as well. We have been marketing to lots and we have lots and lots in the contract, but the problem is, they’re very hard to sell. They’re very hard to sell. Investors don’t want them, right?

Kandas: Not really.

Larry: No, I mean, what’s an investor going to do with a lot.

Kandas: Well, what we’ve come to find out is the last that we’re getting at least are lots that maybe the house burned previously or something like that. So, it’s in a neighborhood or an area where there’s 40- to 50-year-old homes. Nobody is going to build a brand new home in the neighborhood like that anyway.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: They’re hard for us to turn. So I think we take them off. I would like to take them off.

Larry: I already made a note for our next mailing list that we get. We get a list every quarter so I already made a note to remove the lots as well.

Kandas: So that will take effect Q2, right? Because we’ve already approved. That will take effect Q2?

Larry: I am going to see if I could get them to redo Q4. The Q4 is the list I just go that we haven’t even started yet.

Kandas: Okay. Got you.

Larry: We’re going to use it in January. So anyway, sad moment.

Kandas: Sorry.

Larry: Next I want to talk about what we said that this show was going to be about is… how did I word it? Negotiating One Liners Must Know. Okay? If you guys have anything that you want to share as well, please feel free to post them in the comments and I will read them out to everybody.

Kandas: If they’re good.

Larry: If they’re good. So, first of all. There are a ton of one-liners, right? Just a ton of one-liners that you can use and they all serve a purpose. It’s amazing. Even if you’d think you’re not a good negotiator, if you just say the words...

Kandas: With confidence.

Larry: With confidence. Like I was telling Angel the other day, when he was on the phone and just when he just started… It wasn’t the other day. It was a month or two ago, everytime he will say something, he would end on a high note.

Kandas: Sound like a question.

Larry: He would talk to somebody and tell them something, but whenever you raise your voice, it sounds like you don’t know what you’re doing.

Kandas: So don’t do that.

Larry: Right? So I told him not to do that anymore.

Kandas: He’s got better.

Larry: You end on a down note.

Kandas: With authority.

Larry: Right. It made you sound like you have authority. You know what I’m talking about, right? Anyway, just a little quote tip right there. So, some one liner, one of the first things I ask people after getting what I call the pedigree of a house, beds, baths, all that stuff. I’d say, so what’s going on in your life that’s causing your problems or what’s going on that’s causing you to want to sell the property? What’s going on in your life?

Kandas: What’s got you thinking about selling?

Larry: Yeah, what’s got you thinking about... There’s a lot of different ways to sell it. I’ll say it. Different just about it every time. I’ll say, tell me about the house that’s causing you problems. Sometimes, what problems are you talking about? Well most people who calls me, they’ve got a situation that they’re trying to get out of. You know, they need to sell a property, not want to sell it, but need to sell it. Right?

Kandas: That’s also a good seed. One the big calls, the people that call us are in a situation where they need to sell quick which is the benefit of selling to somebody like us, so seeding that early on, that’s what we typically get or people that are in the hurry that need to make a move, they don’t know what else they’re going to do with the property. I think it’s a depending on how you evaluate when on the phone.

Larry: Exactly. That reminds me. I also tell them or ask them a question, what is more important to you? Sell your property or as much as you get regardless of how long it takes, or selling your property for all cash for a quick sell in the next 30 days or less, right?

Kandas: Most cash. Most amount or quickest cash.

Larry: Most amount or quick sale, right? If you’re talking to people, I’m not in any hurry. I don’t have to sell it. I’m not hurting for the money. I just tell them upfront, I say, look, the only reason in the whole you’d sell your house to somebody like me is if you’re ready to get it in the top shape or if you want to make sure it’s in tiptop shape because some people will get offended if you say, my house don’t mean anything, right?

Kandas: We have had that.

Larry: I’ll say, make sure it’s in tiptop shape, right? If it needs work, make sure you go ahead and do it, and then list it with a realtor for a 12-month listing and hope you get an offer sometime in the next 12 months. If you get an acceptable offer, then you get to hope. Number 1, they qualify for a financing. Number 2, the house appraises. Number 3, the house passed the inspection. With me, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Kandas: None of the three.

Larry: Yeah, plus you’re going to pay a real estate commission, and you’re going to pay some closing cost.

Kandas: What we talk about is the cash in offer.

Larry: Whenever I make a good offer. It’s going to be the number you’re going to walk away with minus any mortgage or your taxes, right? I’m going to pay everything even the closing cost that’s customarily paid by the seller. I’m going to pay everything.

Kandas: We can add judgements. Completely.

Larry: We haven’t paid the judgements.

Kandas: I mean, from the mortgage, taxes, and any adjustments or others.

Larry: I should start saying leads instead of mortgages.

Kandas: It still would include mortgage.

Larry: Yeah, I should start saying leads. That’s a good point. That’s a really good point.

Kandas: We’ve had some judgements lately.

Larry: Listen, we got one house. We got the title back to bay. Eight judgements. Right?

Kandas: It’s crazy. The amount that the lady is looking to receive from the proceeds, she will still get an amount back but it’s not near what she was expecting to walk away with because these would have to paid for us to get a clear title.

Larry: Right. This is one also that I renegotiated. We had under contract for 75 and then after looking at it, we dropped it down to 50, right?

Kandas: Our offer.

Larry: I think she has about 43,000 of leads.

Kandas: So I say, not near what she was planning to walk away with but she could get out of it, which is what she needs. She needs to be out of the property.

Larry: She was going to lose it anyway because of back taxes. Alright. There’s a couple of them where you want to also take time to repeat the reason that somebody is ready to sell, right? If they say I want to move close to my grandkids, you want to keep saying that in the conversation. What house are you going to get with the grandkids? Did you want to be there before Christmas? You know, stuff like that. Look, there’s my wife. Hey honey. We just saw your post of Kandas’ car for all the presents. We were talking about it.

Kandas: Larry’s trailer.

Larry: Yeah. Okay so, the next one is, if you want to make you an all-cash offer and close quickly, what’s the lowest amount that you could take, right? And then, whatever they say, ask them, are you sure that’s the lowest amount you can take? Then after that say, is that the best you can do? Right?

Kandas: Another thing there that he asked him whenever they throw out their initial prices, how do you get that number? How did you come up to that number?

Larry: How did you come up with that number? A lot of people will say, well I don’t even know what the tax value is. First thing I would say is tax value is irrelevant. I paid ten times tax value, but I’ve also paid 10% tax value. Tax value means nothing. It’s what you paid in your taxes based on. The government wants the tax value to be as high as possible, so there you have it. I actually just made an offer to a lady today. The tax value I offered her 15 cash, right? Three bedroom, one bath house, offered a 15,000 cash. This was today. Earlier today. She was stuck on 50,000. So I said, if I could give you 50,000, would you be willing… she also said, if I don’t sell it, I will just rent it out. I could get 500 a month. So I’m thinking okay, 500, 50,000. Immediately I thought about what if I could pay you $50,000 and give you $500 a month for the next 100 months, right? $50,000, 500 a month for the next 100 months. Now, you’re going to get cash flow but you’re not going to have to deal with tenants trash, termites, and toilets. You’re not going to have to deal with taxes, insurances, or payers maintenance, and property management and vacancies, right? Now, think about that, guys. What’s the interest rate if I buy it for 50,000 at 500 a month for 100 months. What’s the interest rate? It’s zero. Zero interest, right? You make 50,000 divided by 100, and it’s $500 a month, or 500 x 100 month is $50,000, right? So I could pay her any amount she wanted, right? If the payments were $500 a month. She can say, she wanted $200,000, at 500 a month, we could rent it out for 800 a month. I could rent it out for $800 a month and then you got cash flow. I don’t care if it’s, however well, 300-400 months. It doesn’t matter. It’s a 50 year loan. Who care? Right? It’s the payment. It’s the cash flow. Somebody would buy that deal, right?

Okay. So, I also ask what’s the age of the roof, what is the age of the HVAC, when was the kitchen last updated, when was bathroom last updated, is there anything else I need to know about the property? I also ask questions that I already know the answer to. You’re going to like this. For example, I can see online if it has a garage. Okay, if it doesn’t have a garage, I would say, do you have a garage? No? Oh, okay. You don’t have a garage. Do you have a pool? No? Oh, it doesn’t have a pool. What about a sunroom? No? Oh, no. You don’t do it on back to back to back like that, right?

Kandas: You’ve got to throw in some questions on the phone.

Larry: Exactly. I also say, you know, I’m sure you’re probably on a contractor but how much do you think it you make the repairs? About how much do you think it would take to make the repairs? Are the houses already treated?

Kandas: He is not right.

Larry: I love that. Especially when I look up houses. I look up the houses and they were built like 1910, 1935, you know, and I’ll say something like, wow built in 1935, man this house is old. Not a lot of people want these older houses. I’ll be talking to myself while I’m doing some research and I’m down there. Man, these older houses, you got to have the plumbing updated, the wiring updated. Man, I don’t know if I can sell this or not. Man, I don’t know.

This is one thing I would like to not only tell people but I also like to leave it in a voicemail when a call is about that, I’ll say, I just sold another property and I have some cash that I need to purchase another property this week so I can get started. I really like that one. This is just one to get them to like you and trust you, and get them to want to help you. You just say, if you give me 1% of your confidence, I will earn the other 99. Just give me the 1% of your confidence. Hey I’m going to earn the other 99. Alright?

I like this one. Let’s just give it a try. What does that mean? It means taking the offer that I’m going to buy your house. It’s very soft. Right?

Here’s another one I like, how far apart are we? What price were you thinking? I think I said that. We also asked, I think Kandas mentioned, I wrote this down, how did you come up with that number? Do you need tough price or fast sell? We already talked about that. If they have mortgage, I will ask them the question. Now, were you just trying to get out from under your mortgage or what? See, I don’t want them to say. Or do you need some cash? So, are you trying to get out from under your loan, you’re just trying to make some payments? So now I know I can buy the property for the loan balance, right? We’re buying another one. We’re buying another one right now where they have… a can’t remember the amount of the loan, 80,000 or 90,000 or something but we’re just giving him a little bit over that to buy it. We always ask would you consider owner financing?

Here’s another one that I really, really like, especially after they have given you the price, I’d say, I’m looking at a couple of properties, a couple of other properties and although I like yours better, the other ones make more sense. All I’m saying in a nice way is I can get a better deal on the same kind of house, right? I can get a better deal on the same kind of house. Here’s another question that we ask is what would you do if you don’t sell? What will do if you don’t sell? The last one I’m going to give you is, what do we have to do business today? Right? It’s that simple.

Guys, if you’re thinking of anything more, throw them out there. If you want to work with us, go to LarryGoins.com/apply you can come right here to my office and spend 3 days with me. We will get your business up and running, your system, processes, procedures, all your marketing put everything in place, so when you get back home, your phone will start ringing off the hook and then I’m going to help you close those deals.

Kandas: It is implementation, not education. You get all our education with the program.

Larry: Yeah, we’re going to give you all the courses.

Kandas: Because when you are here, there’s a time for that. It’s actual implementation, application. There’s a time for more education. You need to put everything you know to work.

Larry: Right, listen. There’s a lot of education out there. I’m a firm believer of education. You see one of the my bookcases behind me, there’s two right here and behind you, right? So, is that the right way to say that?

Kandas: Behind you.

Larry: Behind you. Right? In that direction. Then I have another two bookcases at home. I have boxes and stuff on the floor over here. Anyway.

Kandas: A pack rat.

Larry: It’s all education. Education is really, really good but education without application is delusion. Right? You ‘ve got to take action. You’ve got to do the business. I have never ever said it was easy. I will never say that it’s easy, right? I’d do the best I can to simplify it because for example, there’s like 50-11 different ways to find a property, right? That’s roughly for 61. So, there’s really 67 different ways. There’s so many different ways to find a property, but you really only need to keep about three to five going at any given time. That’s all you need. Everything else is going to be an overkill.

Kandas: Stress you out.

Larry: Yeah, you can do short sales. You can make a lot of money with short sales, but you’ll never see me doing a short sale because I hate short sales. I hate it. A short sale is a long buy, right? I hate a short sale. Offers, offers, offers. You’re right, Manny. Absolutely. Yes, you can help us get another house, right? If you guys are getting a house, send it to SubmitAProperty.com. You like that site name?

Kandas: SubmitAProperty.com.

Larry: SubmitAProperty.com.

Kandas: I thought that was originally for students only.

Larry: Listen, I will half from anybody. I don’t really care. But there is a link in there for students only. There’s a link for funding, for students. A link to submit a property, and a link for something else. But anyway, yeah, if you want to work with us partner program, we do have a couple of openings. Our January event is absolutely full.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: We can’t handle any more people. We have 26 people coming here to our office in January, but we have another one right behind that.

Kandas: In March.

Larry: I think we have probably seven or eight seats left or something like that. Not a lot. We can get 26 people in our office at one time, right? We have a training room set up right out that door, right? Testimonials are lined up on all four walls out there. So, if we could help you, please do not hesitate to fill out the application, apply, we will give you a call. Get on the phone with you, and see if it’s a good fit, right?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Good. So 2:33 that was about when we expected. We got to get on the road, go deliver this stuff for this family. The last thing is see you in January, right? This is going to be our last show of the year for December.

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: We will back on January, whatever the first Wednesday is, right? Kaesha is going to be here in January. Yeah baby. She was actually the last person to get in the January event. She is going to be here. She was the last person. We have to also shuffle some things around.

Kandas: Shuffle. You’ll start to shuffle some people.

Larry: I started to say something. I don’t know what I started to say.

Kandas: Shoo some people to the next event.

Larry: But we didn’t have to do that lucky, so it worked out, right? Kaesha, I am really excited to see you. I just hate Brian is not going to be here, right? That’s the only thing. So, we had to FaceTime him or something while you’re here. Anyway, guys thanks a lot. We’ll see you in January with the BRAG show.

Kandas: Yep.

Larry: I hope you guys have a very, very, very, Merry Christmas. Remember to go out there and BRAG. Be Rich And Generous. It’s not about how many presents you can buy somebody or how much money you can make. It’s about what you are going to do with it. What is your why, and go out there and help some other people. Remember the reason for the season.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: Good. You got anything else?

Kandas: No. Merry Christmas, guys. Happy new year.

Larry: Merry new year. Bye.