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Helpful Technology and Apps for Real Estate


In today's show, Larry and Kandas talked about different technologies and applications you can use to find properties. They also discussed how each can be used and how one can benefit from them.


  • Update on the deals they have this past week
  • Finding properties using different technologies
  • Using Facebook to find deals
  • Joining different real estate Facebook groups
  • Being members of recruiting groups
  • Different promotions you can do
  • Different kind of technologies
  • Finding deals using Zillow
  • Using Realtor.com
  • What LandGlide app is
  • Blood Drive on June 26
  • How Deal Machine App works
  • Apps for submitting written offers on properties
  • How Paul has been able to be generous with his blessings from real estate


  • "Anyone who is been blessed with financial success in any kind really does need to contribute back.”



Welcome to BRAG Radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your hosts Kandas and bestselling author Larry Goins will show you how to be rich and generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the BRAG Radio Network from the flagship station WBT in beautiful uptown Charlotte, here are your hosts the rock stars of real estate; Kandas and Larry.

Larry: Ola hello how you doing, what’s going on?

Kandas: How are you?

Larry: I am doing excellent. I just passed Kermit the Frog in the hall a few minutes ago. 

Chad: Hi Larry how are you?

Kandas: Not [Inaudible] [00:43] you’re amazing.

Larry: And I want to freaking get Kermit to do our intro for us, let’s start over.

Kandas: No let’s not go,

Chad: Welcome to Brag Radio. 

Larry: I love it.

Kandas: Endless possibilities of Chad Bauer.

Larry: The many talents of Chad Bauer. That’s awesome. I knew I had to work that in there somewhere right.

Kandas: Right at the very beginning too.

Larry: I just couldn’t wait anymore.

Kandas: I can tell.

Larry: I was thinking about it and then I thought hey the intro. 

Kandas: That’s when he got real quiet when went to Chad and that’s when he was quiet before we came on.

Larry: I’m still thinking about stuff right and I miss stuff while I’m thinking about what I’m about to say or do.

Kandas: Ask me how I know.

Larry: I know right. You do know that’s for sure. So welcome to BRAG Radio all about being rich and generous we teach you how to invest in real estate whether active or passive. Active is a business right.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Buy, sell, buy sell, buy sell right.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Make money. Passive could be either being a landlord or loaning money to a fix and flip investor or something like that right. You can’t talk because you’re eating candy. 

Kandas: I have a sucker.

Larry: Man why do you bring us candy before we come on the air?

Kandas: She didn’t think it through. She did not think this through.

Larry: At least she didn’t bring some bubblegum or something right.

Kandas: Be smacking in the mic.

Larry: That’s funny, that hilarious.

Kandas: Sure. So are you going to tell the people why they don’t get a video of us today?

Larry: Yeah well.

Kandas: Let me tell you something, this video thing like torments me every week.

Larry: Apparently you’re going to tell them. 

Kandas: Yes. There will be no video of today’s airing, Larry forgot moving past.

Larry: On the replay.

Kandas: Yeah moving past that though. It stresses me out for us to be recording. I’m constantly thinking about how I’m sitting like what I’ve got on, and today I actually thought about it before we came into the station and wore one of our shirts. Because most of the time I have on somebody else’s shirt, it’s not even from our company.

Larry: Somebody else’s you mean oh you own it.

Kandas: It’s not even from our company.

Larry: You own it, it’s just got somebody else’s logo on it.

Kandas: Seriously, I borrow them when we come in the station. Yes it’s my shirt however it’s like somebody else’s logo or something on that shirt. This is actually a TGG shirt and there’s no camera to show it. 

Larry: I know right.

Kandas: Yeah sad.

Larry: An inner circle member. Are you an inner circle member?

Kandas: Yap I’ve been through it.

Larry: Good for you.

Chad: Now is that kind of like a band wearing their own T-shirt during a concert?

Larry: I know right, I know.

Kandas: Hey, I am a groupie I get paid to be a groupie I’m just kidding.

Larry: You do get paid.

Kandas: I have been through our inner circle program. I’ve sat through it I’ve made the calls I’ve done the homework.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: I know.

Larry: How was it for you?

Kandas: Blood sweat and tears.

Larry: How was it for you?

Kandas: Putting inner circles together and sitting through them.

Larry: You make it sound like it’s a toil nobody is going to want me to teach them now.

Kandas: A toil.

Larry: A toil. Is that a right word? Is that a good word?

Kandas: Hey if it was easy everybody would be doing it right?

Larry: Right. If everybody was easy what did you mean by that?

Kandas: If everybody was easy. I don’t know.

Larry: I’m a little confused.

Kandas: I’m telling you this show is going downhill fast.

Larry: Down the tubes.

Kandas: Real estate show, we are a real estate show.

Larry: Yeah and we got a lot of deals going on right now. We got a couple more deals under contract this past week.

Kandas: We did.

Larry: So I think we have like eight or 10 of them on the board right now in various stages. We had four closings in the last couple of weeks.

Kandas: [Inaudible] [04:13]the office is asking to send me a picture of our deal board so we can talk about specific ones because he just got one on this week. And I don’t know if he put it on the board or not but I know we sent the EMD out for it, Earnest Money Deposit.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: For you first homers out there.

Larry: And Dan’s out on the road, he’s our asset manager that’s a fancy word for a salesman right.

Kandas: Yeah

Larry: He is selling our houses.

Kandas: I think we should come up with another term for him.

Larry: I like that, he’s a disposition manager, he disposes of-

Kandas: So what you calling him the trash man like it’s not. The properties are good.

Larry: I know. 

Kandas: But when you say he disposes of our properties or dispositions our property I think about somebody throwing out the trash.

Larry: A lot of people do call it disposition right but I like asset manager. It’s like we own a bunch of assets and we’re selling them he’s managing them.

Kandas: Is there not like a rock and roll term for somebody that does that, could we not darken?

Larry: A rock and roll term for- yeah.

Kandas: Yeah everything else with those has like a rock and roll something.

Larry: It would be a manager like of promotions.

Kandas: What?

Chad: Yeah like the tour manager.

Larry: Yeah tour manager.

Kandas: Tour manager.

Larry: I don’t know. Anyway so yeah Dan’s out looking at properties. In fact we’ve got deals all over North and South Carolina right now. He’s doing a two-day road trip.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: He really is.

Kandas: Yeah he is I know he is.

Larry: I mean we have both sold houses in 12 different states but we’ve got a lot of them in the Carolinas right now and he’s out doing a road trip, this is what we call it. We call it Signing the Property right. He goes out and he puts signs out all around to market the property. And these are really the wholesaling, we’re going to wholesale. 
But typically we’re going to either wholesale or we’re going to seller finance the property right. So one of the things I wanted to talk about on a segment or two is some technology. A lot of people are talking about technology now in real estate, there are so many different things that you can use for technology in real estate. I mean I remember the day-

Kandas: Tell us about it, what can you use?

Larry: I remember the day when if you were going to buy a house off the MLS, they gave you a book. They gave you a book it was like a phonebook it was like this thick right.

Kandas: There’s no video today they can’t see you. 

Larry: I know right. It was like two inches thick and you had to flip through there and look at the houses for sale. And it’s called- it was an MLS book right and they printed them up every single week. Right you would go by the real estate office and get a book.

Kandas: Was a lot of trees, you talk about man killing trees that’s a lot of trees.

Larry: Yeah but this was like back in the 80s too.

Kandas: I’m just saying.

Larry: But now you got the MLS, you got Zillow and did you know even Facebook is getting into the marketing of properties?

Kandas: Yes I did.

Larry: Facebook they’re going to be the new Zillow.

Kandas: They’re trying to be.

Larry: They are going to be the new Zillow. You can post properties now on Facebook marketplace.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Right, we’re getting a ton of leads for buyers on Facebook right now.

Kandas: Right, we sure are.

Larry: So that’s the first technology is Facebook. There’s Facebook groups if you go out there and you search Facebook Groups okay just type in Real Estate Charlotte under Facebook. Look Lynn’s doing it right now. She’s going to Facebook just to check in right. 
But if you look in the groups on Facebook and type in Real Estate charlotte, Real Estate Boston wherever it is, Real Estate wholesaling, Landlord, whatever it is. There’s a ton of groups out there. We actually are members of about almost 300 groups we’re members of.

Kandas: And do you think that’s overkill at all?

Larry: Yes it is a lot of overkill. And the reason we’re members-

Kandas: She says nonchalantly.

Chad: It’s hard to check 300 groups.

Larry: The reason we’re members of so many groups.

Kandas: There’s always a reason Chad.

Larry: We’re members of Real Estate investing groups locally, we’re members of real estate groups nationally like there’s one group out there that’s a really good group it’s called Wholesaling Houses Full time. And it’s a very active group if you make a post on that group, two or 300 people are going to respond right.
So yeah and it’s good to network with other people, it’s a great way to network and learn and build your buyers’ list and private money and this and that. There’s a lot of different stuff out there with landlords. And that’s just one group. 
And then we’re members of a lot of local recruiting groups like jobs posting because we’re always looking new people to join our team for different positions. It’s a great place to recruit people, it’s a great place to learn about real estate, it’s a great place to find properties, and a great place to sell your properties as well right.

Kandas: Yeah it is a good place to sell properties. I mean like you said that’s where most of our buyers- well not most of our buyer leads but a lot of our buyer leads are coming in from now.

Larry: A lot of them do. And I’ve got a lot of other technology I want to talk about, but we’ve got a free investors kit. Before we get to the break tell them about that Kandas.

Kandas: Give me a call at 877-LARRY-GO, 877-LARRY-GO or you can text the word BRAG to 803-897-6063 and get the investors’ kit sent out to you. We’ve got a digital kit that can send to your email or if you’re close enough to the office you can come out and pick up the physical kit, 877-LARRY-GO, we’ll be right back.
[09:29] [Break] [09:46]

Kandas: Welcome back to BRAG Radio this Kandas while Larry plays with the air of the car. 

Larry: Welcome back. So we’re talking about technology. Learning new stuff, computers and the apps who would have ever thoughts apps would be a word? I remember when that was just first people started it’s short for application right. Did you know that?

Kandas: No.

Larry: You didn’t know apps was short for application?

Kandas: No.

Larry: That is right, right Chad?

Chad: I think it’s short for appetizers.

Kandas: See there’s kinds.

Larry: Right there you go. Alright so you were talking about Facebook at first there’s a lot of ways to use Facebook as we mentioned groups, you can post, you can share posts, you can also run ads on Facebook. There’s Facebook ad accounts that you can run and you can run ads that say I buy houses, any condition anywhere, cash. 
And I even saw a guy the other day Kandas he ran an ad or made a post and shared and put it on a bunch of different groups that said, “I’m going to give away a free vacation to the next person that brings me a deal that I buy.”

Kandas: That’s kind of dangerous what if he puts you in a tiny house?

Larry: You don’t have to buy it. but if you find the house, if they bring you one and you buy it- and he went on to say, “Just look for vacant properties, look for run down properties send me the address whatever he’ll look it up and get the owner’s name and all that good stuff. But think about it I mean you can buy those vacations very cheap right, you know that.

Kandas: That’s right you can from certain.

Larry: Yeah you can get them for less than 100bucks.

Kandas: Well we used to do those-

Larry: They’re like not on standby.

Kandas: We used to do giveaways of vacations at our three-day events. 

Larry: We did and they cost us like a dollar or $2.98 or something. 

Kandas: Right.

Larry: I’m just kidding.

Kandas: They did.

Larry: But anyway, so there’s all different kinds of promotions and things you can do right. I even used to give away TVs, a big screen TV when somebody would buy a house from me.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Especially an owner financed house.

Kandas: Yeah I remember that.

Larry: Buy a house and get a big screen right.

Kandas: We need to bring some of that back, actually we don’t have any houses that aren’t selling right now.

Larry: Yeah that’s what I was going to say we don’t have trouble selling houses right now.

Kandas: We don’t have any inventory.

Larry: So let’s talk about a couple of more technological things, and some of this is kind of basic. You get it, you understand but sometimes it’s good to be reminded about some of this stuff. We use Zillow a lot and you can use Zillow on your phone. They have an app for your phone, you can use it on the computer same way that you can use Facebook on your phone.
But Zillow has comps, now don’t look at the Zestimate guys, okay. Zestimate means zilch okay it doesn’t mean anything. You want to look at the sold comps, you can look at the price history and you can find any property that’s listed on MLS it’s going to also be on Zillow.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: And also there’s some For-Sale-By-Owner properties on Zillow. Another thing you can do to find deals on Zillow is look for properties for rent. Okay just do a search of properties for rent. And those are properties that might be I don’t want a landlord.

Kandas: Don’t want to-

Larry: I don’t want a landlord. Did I sound bad or something?

Kandas: I’m sure Larry has some rent there.

Larry: Yeah I don’t want a landlord, isn’t that a term I don’t want to-

Kandas: Depends on the circle that you’re in I think when you say it.

Larry: Maybe I just made it up.

Kandas: I think it depends on the circle.

Larry: Maybe so. Yeah I’m sure people can have Larryisms as well.

Kandas: Oh yeah.

Larry: Because I’ve got Kandasisms, I’ve got Teresaisms, I’ve got Pamisms from my wife and now I just started Xenobiaisms, right.

Kandas: Yeah Xenobias are funny.

Larry: Oh they are.

Kandas: Well actually all of them are funny, Pam has some really funny ones yeah.

Larry: Pam has some hilarious ones I think I mention them on a show or two. 

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Okay so Zillow, you can get comps you can find properties, you can search, you can do safe searches, you can do safe properties all that stuff with the Zillow app okay. It’s a very good app. Another good app which is pretty common is realtor.com app. 
The cool thing about the realtor.com app, if you are driving for dollars for properties. What that means is just you’re riding around neighborhoods looking for vacant houses right. You can push the little triangular thing that looks like a pointer on your app.

Kandas: Do you have any more? So you have the realtor app open driving around for dollars and you push the triangular thing.

Larry: Yeah you push the little thing that shows like go to where I am. It’s whatever that is, it’s a pointer on map right. That’s all it is, it’s a pointer on a map. So when you push that, it’s going to put the map on realtor.com exactly where you are. 
And then you can push a little button that says follow me right. So as you driving down the road, the app is moving with you on the map and you can see houses pop up for sale. You can see the little triangular jibber right there?

Kandas: I see that, they can’t see it. Why can’t they see it? Because somebody forgot the camera.

Larry: Yeah there you go. So anyway that’s for the replay this is radio live okay. But she’s talking about for the replay if you want to listen to other shows, you can go to-

Kandas: Past shows yeah

Larry: Past shows, not future shows.

Kandas: Not anybody else’s show.

Larry: Do you think they were confused about that?

Kandas: You said other shows.

Larry: Okay. If you want to listen to previous shows-

Kandas: Hey we’re both a little blonde every once in a while okay? Archived BRAG Radio Shows.

Larry: I knew what I was talking about.

Kandas: Go to bragradio.com let me finish selling for you.

Larry: There you go. So you got the realtor.com.

Kandas: And you got your triangular jibber on and it’s following you and you’re going to see. So what if you come up on a vacant house that’s not for sale though?

Larry: That’s a really good question. There’s an app out there called Land Glide, write this down Land Glide not if you’re driving okay.

Kandas: One of my favorite apps ever. 

Larry: It’s a great app, it really is. So here’s what Land Glide is and does, okay it’s basically got a follow me map as well.

Kandas: We should get a new Philly link for them.

Larry: And say it’s maybe so.

Kandas: As much as we talk about it.

Larry: I know right. So it’s a map but the cool thing about the map is you move the map around to hover your mouse over it or the little center cross in the middle and it tells you when you go over a personal property, at the bottom it tells who owns that property. Then you can click on the link, when you click on the link at the bottom it takes you to the tax assessors’ website.

Kandas: If that county is up to date with their GIS. Some haven’t reported to Land Glide yet. So if you live in a county and you’re like, “I’m not getting anything.” It’s because your county is not reporting, or behind in their reporting input.

Larry: Yeah but that is very rare today, I remember years ago, there were some of them that weren’t even online but just about all of them are online now.

Kandas: Well I was putting out signs last week two weeks ago, when did I have to go to Kershaw, I putting put signs and somewhere down there the county I was in because I like to keep it up when I’m driving Land Glide I love that app. And whatever county I was in or was going through the corner of, they weren’t reporting.

Larry: Really? Yeah well it was like Sharah? I don’t know what county that was

Kandas: No Kershaw.

Larry: Kershaw?

Kandas: Camden City.

Larry: Okay I’m not sure what county that is. It’s not Richmond but-

Kandas: I don’t know either but anyway and I don’t know if it was that county or one I was driving through to get to where I was going. But something down there wasn’t reporting.

Larry: But the coolest thing about Land Glide is no matter where you are you can even type in an address or whatever, it’s tell you who owns, you go to the tax map, right there a link to it, you go to the tax assessor’s website, it’ll tell you when they bought it, how much they paid, what the tax value is, what the land value, what the property value is.

Kandas: You can even get the dimensions of the house or the buildings that are on the property.

Larry: Yeah exactly, click on the link for the map of the plaque of it that’ll show the house on the property as well.

Kandas: The property aligned as well that comes up when you first open the app.

Larry: Exactly and you can look at it as a regular view or satellite view or whatever. So it’s really a good app. It is. I got several more apps that I want to talk about but I want you guys to get our investors’ kit. If you’ve been listening to this show or it’s your first time, we’re going to give you a copy of two of my books right. 

Kandas: Yeah HUD Homes Half Off and Getting Started In Real Estate Day Trading.

Larry: Exactly and these are books that are available wherever books are sold, you can buy them in a bookstore but as a listener to BRAG Radio, we’re going to give them to you absolutely free. We’ve got some other training that we’re going to give as well and tell them about that Kandas.

Kandas: So the kit you can come to the office and pick up the physical version if you’re close enough to do so, take a tour meet everybody there, come and get a feel for who we are and what we do a little bit more than the show. But if the digital kit works better for you, you can give a call into 877-LARRY-GO either way.
We can get that office tour scheduled or I can get the physical kit sent out to your email address. 877-LARRY-GO, past shows are on bragradio.com or you can text the word BRAG to 803-897-6063 we’ll be right back.
[19:02] [Break] [19:19]

Kandas: Welcome back to BRAG Radio. If you guys are driving and have a question about anything that Larry’s talked about so far, send me an email to info@bragradio.com. Hey you know what we didn’t talk about in the news portion or the update portion at the beginning of the show.

Larry: News? We don’t have a news portion.

Kandas: At the beginning of the show you kind of go through what kind of deals we’ve got and well we didn’t really go through it today. But our usual format we’ve got office stuff happening. We have a blood drive scheduled now for June 26th.

Larry: A blood drive?

Kandas: Yes. June 26th a blood drive and I want for Lynn to come over.

Larry: And give some blood.

Kandas: And give blood. Yes, look at this my mother-in-law was calling while we’re recording the show. You know I’m on the radio right now, you’re listening to the show why are you calling me? Bless her heart.

Larry: So let’s talk about some technology.

Kandas: Poor little thing. Anyway the blood drive and Larry is going to give blood too.

Larry: What?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: I can’t.

Kandas: I can.

Larry: My blood’s too thick.

Kandas: You’re going to, the people need the blood. It’s June 26th it’s going to be at our office so that’s the perfect reason for somebody to make a plan to come to the office to get an investors’ kit.

Larry: So we’re doing a blood drive at the office?

Kandas: At the office, the blood mobile is coming.

Larry: That won’t be messy?

Kandas: No they got like their own stuff well I mean I’m not drawing the blood from people so.

Larry: It’s a good thing.

Kandas: They have professionals.

Larry: It’s a good thing. I got s feeling you would stick me extra hard.

Kandas: I’ve done physical therapy and palliative care, not live let’s draw some blood from people care.

Chad: You’re not a phlebotomist.

Kandas: No I’m not a phlebotomist. My sister-in-law is though.

Larry: That has to do with blood doesn’t it? Yeah good, that’s good.

Kandas: Good job there Goins.

Larry: Just kind of made sense.

Kandas: So Chad you’re going to come over after your shift that Tuesday?

Chad: No.

Kandas: Come on.

Larry: Come on you know you want to.

Kandas: What about you Lynn, how many personalities can we get from WBT to come over?

Lynn; All to give blood.

Larry: All of them to give blood yeah.

Chad: Will there be cookies afterwards?

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: That’s quite-

Kandas: I can have whatever you want I’ll have-

Chad: Okay I’m in.

Kandas: Doughnuts, I’ll have cookies whatever you want, I’ll have it there for you.

Larry: That’s quite the invitation Kandas, come on over and get stuck and give us some of your blood.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: Right, that’s an incentive.

Kandas: It’s to help people.

Larry: Right how about you get a free book for every pint?

Kandas: I said it’s the perfect opportunity for somebody to make a plan to come over.

Larry: What’s the date?

Kandas: June 26th it’s a Tuesday.

Larry: I mean that’s yeah listen everybody here will commit to June 26th. 

Kandas: Well the drive’s going to be at the office so if you guys-

Larry: That’s a long days away.

Kandas: If anybody listening is actually me serious right now instead of the people in this room with me right now, it is June 26th and we are doing a blood drive. And this came about because I left work late one day and wasn’t able to make it to a blood drive at my church. So I decided to make a bigger splash, to make a bigger impact and to see what we could do as a company on a larger scale because I missed it for work. So I’m bringing the blood drive to the office now I won’t miss it this time.

Larry: Yeah and the people in the office.

Kandas: Well apparently I’m going to be serving people well not people but Chad, doughnuts and cookies for his participation.

Larry: Not people, Chad. Did you hear the way that sounded? Not people, Chad.

Chad: I’ll have my people fax my order to you.


Larry: Chad’s going to send Kermit and his voice.

Kandas: I don’t think we’ll get anything out of him.

Chad: I hope.

Larry: I love.

Kandas: It’s gold Chad, it’s gold. The Kermit voice will stick.

Larry: That’s awesome. 

Kandas: So anyway June 26th, if you would like to know any more information about that or go ahead and schedule yourself to come and join for that, info@bragradio.com .

Larry: Yeah while you’re telling them about it, might as well go ahead and tell them about the Christmas party coming up.

Kandas: Seriously, we are accepting bank donations for our participation [Inaudible] [23:29] this Christmas 2018 for the blood drive, go ahead and send those as well. Let me take care of the blood stuff first please.

Larry: The blood stuff.

Kandas: We’ll start collecting bodies in July.

Larry: Yeah the employees at the office aren’t too thrilled with you about that.

Kandas: I don’t care.

Larry: I do.

Kandas: They’re not too thrilled with me about over half the crap I have been doing but-

Larry: That’s funny.

Kandas: They do it.

Larry: Don’t we give enough blood around here?

Kandas: I’m having Matthew drive over to give blood.

Chad: Next week it’s going to be a sweat and tears drive.

Kandas: It’s for a good cause.

Larry: It really is.

Kandas: I mean it’s the American Red Cross that needs blood. Your body makes more of it you’re fine.

Larry: There you go, that’s awesome. I’m glad you’re doing that though, that’s good.

Kandas: I’m glad you’re going to participate.

Larry: I am going to participate. I’m going to bring as many people as I can so I don’t have to.

Kandas: You’re going to be fine.

Larry: Anyway, so we’re talking about technology in real estate. We talked about a few apps, the Facebook app how to market on Facebook, we talked about Zillow, we talked about realtor.com app and also Land Glide. Kandas there’s another one out there that’s similar to Land Glide but it gets even better.

Kandas: What is it, I don’t know about it yet.

Larry: Especially for marketing it’s called Deal Machine. 

Kandas: Where did this come from?

Larry: Now Deal Machine, you didn’t know about deal machine?

Kandas: No.

Larry: I thought you knew about Deal Machine

Kandas: I would have it if I knew about it.

Larry: Oh Deal Machine is awesome okay.

Kandas: You haven’t talked about it.

Larry: Now here’s the thing about Deal Machine it’s primarily for vacant houses okay.

Kandas: That’s perfect, that’s great.

Larry: Here’s what you do, you’re riding around driving for dollars right, you see a vacant house. You don’t know who owns it okay. You take a picture of the house right or you can type in the address it doesn’t really matter. But let’s say you’re in front of the house, you take a picture of the house, Deal Machine looks up the owner. 
You push another button and look up their contact information, their physical address where they actually live instead of the property they own. You can push another button and it’ll send them a letter or a postcard saying that you’re interested in-

Kandas: From a button?

Larry: You click a button on the app.

Kandas: Where’s my Play Store?

Larry: And say- Play Store what is that?

Kandas: I got to get the app.

Larry: You got to get a real phone, Play Store, come on. That’s for kids.

Kandas: You see I upgraded from Apple a long time ago okay.

Larry: Play Store, that’s for kids.

Kandas: Deal Machine.

Larry: Right Chad, that’s for kids.

Kandas: Don’t even start it. He would not get involved in that one.

Larry: He was close.

Kandas: He stayed about it but he’s-

Chad: I’m really mutual in the phone wars,

Kandas: What kind of phone do you have Chad?

Chad: iPhone.

Kandas: You don’t count Lynn I can’t even ask Lynn what she got.

Larry: A smartphone. Everybody in this room has a smartphone except for you.

Kandas: That’s because mine has been upgraded from Apple to an actual phone that will work.

Larry: So let me finish telling you about the Deal Machine.

Kandas: Deal Machine.

Larry: Right Deal Machine. Deal Machine the coolest thing about Deal Machine is not only can you push a button and it’ll automatically send a postcard or a letter out to them, you can also click a button when it looks up their phone number, you can click another button to call their phone number right from there right. Is that great or what?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: It’s awesome I love it.

Kandas: If it gives you their phone number right there I mean there’s something right there.

Larry: Yeah. Now they’re going to charge you okay. They’re going to charge you for the direct mail, they’re going to charge you I think it’s a monthly fee I can’t remember exactly how much it is per month. But they do charge you a monthly fee.

Kandas: Land Glide does too.

Larry: They have a free 14-day trial. Start your 14-day trial now see Lynn’s checking it out.

Kandas: I know she is. She’s jogging on the spot with that stuff.

Larry: We’re going to turn her intro a real estate investor yet.

Kandas: A real estator yet.

Larry: A real estator. So that’s Deal Machine okay. A couple of other apps I want to talk to you about, now if you want to handle like your paperwork and make offers on the fly meaning you want to be able to submit written offers on properties and do it with the click of a mouse or click of your finger on your smartphone. A couple of apps for that, number one is Dotloop. That’s a really good app okay.

Kandas: Just to be able to submit offers right out.
Larry: Right, listen it’s primarily for real estate agents but you don’t have to be licensed to set up an account and then you can upload any kind of docs, you can upload a rental application, a lease, you can upload your own contracts, your assignments. You¬ can upload anything and then you just fill in a couple of button and click send and boom it’ll send an offer to somebody. Send a credit application to somebody for tenant or contract or whatever.

Kandas: Oh that’s good, sending a credit application out, I like that.

Larry: Yeah so that’s called Dotloop it’s primarily for agents but anybody can sign up for an account. Another one is DocuSign right. DocuSign is primarily digital signatures okay. And the one that we use similar to DocuSign is RightSignature. It’s very similar to DocuSign right. 

Kandas: Right to what it does, it does the same thing. So you guys give me a call 877-LARRY-GO to get the investors’ kit out to your email or text the word BRAG to 803-897-6063. We’ll be right back.
[28:42] [Break] [28:52]

Kandas: Welcome back to BRAG Radio this is Kandas leading the world to be rich and generous. We do that with real estate. A lot of the people that we have on do the same thing and today we’ve got Paul with us and he’s going to go into how he has been able to be generous with his blessings from real estate not only with money but with time as well.

Larry: What’s happening Paul?

Paul: Hey how you guys doing? Everybody good?

Kandas: Everybody’s great.

Larry: We’re doing awesome I really appreciate you being on here. You’re a great guy I’ve known you for a long time. And I know you travel around a lot like to ride motorcycles which I love, it’s awesome. You were just telling me-

Paul: It’s just we ain’t going to do that right now I’m up for it.

Larry: Yeah man let’s do it, I love it. You were just telling you got a brand new granddaughter and you just got her something to do with Harley right?

Paul: Oh yeah, so I never realized the joys of spoiling a grandchild. So my oldest son is much older right so we thought they just finally had a grandbaby a daughter and she’s my first three weeks ago. So I was bobbing around yesterday on Amazon and I bought her two outfits, pink Harley Davidson outfits.

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Larry: That’s great, I love it.

Kandas: Three weeks old already branded.

Paul: Yes my plan is to teach her or to show her both sides of the world so I’m going to take her to the opera and then I’m going to take her for Harley rides and Harley yeah. How about that.

Kandas: That’s great.

Larry: That is cool man she’s going to love that. You’re going to have to be careful though I’m not sure how well mama’s going to like that right.

Paul: Oh yeah. Oh I’m now having concerns.

Larry: That’s funny. So Paul we’ve known each other for a very long time and you’re a very successful real estate investor so tell our listeners in the Carolinas and all across the country a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Paul: Oh yeah thanks so I was thinking about that and I bought my first piece of property when I was 17 years old.

Larry: Wow.

Paul: And yeah so my dad told me real estate is the way to go right because he was in the construction business and so forth. He brought us up in the construction business, real estate business. So I bought a raw piece of land and I wanted to build a house on it and sell the house a spec house.

Larry: Right.

Paul: But as things turned out at the age of 17, I ended up selling the property two years later and I doubled my money.

Larry: Good for you.

Paul: Made a whopping $7,500 clear profit and I did the only thing that a 19 year-old boy should do with that kind of a windfall, I bought a motorcycle.

Larry: I’m in the background saying bought a car. 

Paul: Yeah right. So anyway after that I bought another house when I was in my early 20s and I just started investing in residential flipping, buy and holds, renovations, those kinds of things. And I’ve been doing my real estate investment all of my life in one form or another most in the residential [Inaudible] [32:00] that I know you focus on here.
And about five years ago so I got serious about investing in commercial real estate. I had done a little bit of it in my earlier part of my life. But about five years ago I got serious about it and I started investing in multifamily products and multiunits. And because I just saw to me how the numbers were exponential and how I could have multiple streams on incomes there like a one off rental home that kind of thing.
So what brought me to North Carolina here is that I bought and invested in a Marina here on Lake Wylie. First time that I ever done any kind of a product like this, any kind of an asset like this. So we’ve taken this marina and we’re actually converting it to a resort, it was known as Glamping Resort. So Glamping is the derivative of two words, Glamorous Camping.
It’s really big in Europe, it’s deemed popular in the West Coast so our goal is to bring it to the East Coast and we make a statement out here for glamorous camping. So we have a Glamorous Camping Resort out here on Lake Wylie in the Southern part of Charlotte. And it’s going very well, it’s a beautiful piece of property.
What I discovered is that a lot of the same skills that I had used in all my other investments I used out here, obviously to buy this kind of a property. And with my extensive construction background as well and my extensive investing background. And then still has presented a whole new range of challenges because of the kind of asset it is, the kind of property it is. 
But it’s been a great experience. And it’s allowed me to be out here in Charlotte area for a little bit of time and I’ve got probably six or eight more months on the project before it stabilizes and then I’ll turn it over to management. And move on to another project. 
So that’s kind of my niche it’s kind of my specialty, I’ll take a stressed property or I’ll take a property that is underperforming and figure out a way how to monetize it, how to make it perform. How to make it generate cash flow as well as equity.

Larry: That’s awesome man I love that. Glamping, seems like I’ve heard that term, seems like I was somewhere at a RV park or something and I saw some product or something that had that written on it. That’s awesome.

Paul: Yeah. What’s really is and this happened serendipitously and that is we were building our website a few months ago and Oprah Winfrey interviewed Michelle Obama like an exit interview right a couple of months ago. And Oprah Winfrey says to Michelle she says, “Hey let’s go Glamping.”

Kandas: Oh wow.

Paul: So they had this little 30 second exchange about Glamping so that little segment and we used it to our advantage right.

Larry: Awesome.

Paul: But yeah glamorous camping everything is for the more astute clients, it’s for the more affluent clients that like the outdoors, the likes the lake life, that like the beach, because we have a beach out here a natural beach. Anyway that likes the outdoors nature, but also wants the conveniences of like a resort of like a higher end place of lodging.

Larry: Yeah we got a couple of minutes left, tell us a little bit about how you’re being generous. What are you doing with your blessings because I know you’ve been extremely blessed over the years and very successful?

Paul: Yeah thanks for that and by the way I like the angle that you’ve got on this show here it’s really good. First of all I believe that anyone who has been blessed with financial success and many other kinds of success, health and those kinds of things but since we’re talking about real estate financial wealth, anybody who’s been blessed as an entrepreneur really does need to contribute back in some form or fashion.
I mean it’s where all the fulfilment is in your life. So I’ve been very fortunate to work in the communities in which I live while I’m there doing a property. And even as I was in Texas for all those years I was very active in community, in the church and the civic organizations. My particular angle is I prefer or I like to work with the homeless and feed the homeless.

Larry: That’s great.

Paul: And contribute to the homeless. I also do work with the St. Jude’s Children Center Hospital. And also I operate a men’s retreat. So I coach on a men’s retreat which helped me with emotional intelligence, relationships, business and that sort of thing. And all of that’s possible because I have the freedom to leave.
To go out and do those kinds of things because of the real estate and being an entrepreneur has provided me. So I do those things regularly, I’m active in those I coach men and I coach people who are interested in wanting to know how to give back and be a better person in society. And just I’m fortunate to have a good upbringing, solid parents with family where they taught the value of the contribution and living with oneself. So I’m pretty active those areas.

Larry: That is great thank you so much.
Make sure to tune in every Saturday for BRAG Radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry and Kandas will show how to invest in real estate and the many ways real estate creates the ideal investment. For more information about what Larry and Kandas talked about on today’s Brag Radio or to get a free investor’s kit, call 877-LARRY-GO that’s 877-527-7946.
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