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Using Facebook To Get Deals & Sell Properties


In this episode, Larry and Kandas is joined by their Outsource Marketing Manager to discuss about marketing on Facebook. They shared some tips on how to use Facebook to generate leads for free. They also talked about dealing with haters and selling properties for free using Facebook.


  • Share Sponsor winner
  • Apprentice Partner Program
  • Free Facebook marketing techniques:
  • - Create a Facebook page
  • - Brand your page
  • - Create a pin post
  • - Invite friends to like your page
  • - Join Facebook groups
  • - Post to the groups
  • - Comment on other people's posts
  • Purpose of running an ad
  • Selling properties using Facebook
  • Dealing with haters
  • 3-day event


  • "We say the money is in the lists but the real money is in the groups."
  • "The purpose of running an ad is to generate a click."
  • "Don't say 5 words when 3 will do."



Larry: Welcome, welcome, welcome. Hello, how is everybody? We got a special guest today. This is our Outsource Virtual Assistant from India.

Kandas: That’s insource.

Larry: Right down the hall.

Zenobia: Two doors down.

Larry: That would be a good song or name of the band.

Kandas: Three doors down.

Larry: Three doors down. Right? So, this is Zenobia. Say, “Hey, Everybody!”

Zenobia: Hello, everybody!

Larry: Zenobia is in our Accounting Department, but through Kandas going through some life vision things, Zenobia has realized her real passion is in marketing, not in counting beans, right? Counting numbers and stuff.

Zenobia: The number ninja.

Larry: The number ninja. That’s what’s on our door.

Kandas: We are going to change your door sign. We’re going to add symbol about marketing something too.

Zenobia: Marketing ninja.

Larry: Yeah. Number ninja and marketing sensei. Right?

Zenobia: Right.

Larry: That’s good. So, today we want to share a few things about marketing on Facebook, but first we got a few things, a few housekeeping things we got to do.

Kandas: Some housekeeping?

Larry: Yes! Our share sponsor winner… Kandas tell them what a share sponsor is.

Kandas: So, every week you guys get an opportunity to share this Facebook live, this broadcast of Facebook live, whoever…

Larry: Look who is on, Cortney is on. What’s up?

Kandas: You got a chance to share this Facebook live. Former employees are excluded from the drawing. But just got to throw that out there. But you get a chance to win an Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. The course that we sell is on wholesaling, wholesaling is what we are doing. Everything we do right now is wholesaling, so you get an opportunity to win that course by sharing this broadcast with your friends, with your followers, with your subscribers, with whoever, that’s what happens, one is randomly drawn and this week’s winner… who is this week’s winner? Andrew Strickland, congratulations. Good job!

Larry: Awesome, awesome. So, Andrew shared our video about 18 gazillion times.

Zenobia: Cool!

Larry: I’m just kidding. I think he shared it on everything. Right? He shared it on all kind of groups and pages and his pages and his profile, so it was really, really cool. I thought “Man that much work deserves.” So, did you tell him what he wins?

Kandas: Yeah! Ultimate Buying... Where were you? Where was he, right? 30 seconds ago.

Larry: I was showing a lot of people’s comments, you know.

Kandas: This is what happens to me.

Larry: Look…

Kandas: Who wants my t-shirt?

Larry: Manny wants the t-shirt.

Kandas: Yup! My t-shirt. Not your…

Larry: Yeah. The Van Halen shirt.

Kandas: Not yours either.

Larry: The Van…

Kandas: She wants the Van Halen one.

Larry: The Van Halen shirt. That’s right. That’s right.

Kandas: Target!

Larry: Is that where you came from?

Kandas: It is. It is a Target or Kohl’s?

Larry: We’re going to have to get some BRAG shirts too.

Kandas: Yeah! What you guys think about that idea? We were, we were tossing this idea around, Larry and I come up with some ideas, sometimes they are kind of super crazy but sometimes they are really good, and we had this idea when we first started the radio show about 2 years ago, 2-1/2 years ago now, never really matured in anything or developed in anything, but what we are thinking now is if we do t-shirts with A BRAG on the front and then Be Rich and Generous on the back with some information may be on how to get in touch with our company. But yeah, A BRAG is pretty much what we are really…

Larry: People love the idea. That’s awesome.

Kandas: See, there you go.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: Done deal.

Larry: That’s great.

Kandas: So, we will get that underway.

Larry: Can you make that so #1?

Kandas: Yes! #2.

Larry: Hey! Wait a second.

Kandas: So, hopefully that will be something that is coming. I’m glad you guys… I’m glad we really have this platform to throw stuff like that out, and…

Larry: “I’m a real estate boss.” Look at that. I love it.

Kandas: And who is saying that?

Larry: I love it.

Kandas: That’s William?

Larry: Yup! Ahh no, William said t-shirts are great idea.

Kandas: Oh Manny Perez say…

Larry: Yeah, exactly.

Kandas: Yeah! Real estate boss, it’s awesome. Boss lady.

Larry: There you go. That’s awesome. I love it. I love it. Alright, so also we have a free Investors Kit. Every week we give out 25 Investors Kits and what do they get? What’s included in the Investor Kit?

Kandas: Why don’t you tell them you sent it out.

Zenobia: Alright. It’s a Hard Book, Hard Jumpstart Book, The Real Estate Day Trader Book and some more deeper training materials to the course that Gerry offers, to Filthy Riches and Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine and all that. So, it’s a pretty good starter kit and call me for that.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: Right. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. You tell them we are even out.

Zenobia: I’ll answer your call.

Kandas: I have to tell them every week what’s in it. Now, you are the one who sends it all. You can tell them what’s in it.

Larry: So, when call Zenobia, if you called before, you know this is who you are talking to right here. Right?

Kandas: Some of you didn’t believe us that she was really here.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: I know you didn’t.

Larry: Are you in the US?

Zenobia: Yeah, I know right.

Kandas: So, but she is and now we have proven it.

Larry: That’s awesome. That’s awesome.

Kandas: So, you can get that kit by two ways. Give 877-LARRY-GO a call, obviously if you call right now she is not going to answer it because she is in here. But if you are watching this as a recording or you watch it… go back and watch it later or if you call now and leave a message, she’ll be able to get back with you. 877-LARRY-GO or you can do the text. Where’s the text number?

Larry: I don’t have the text number. I don’t know what the text number is. So, just call her and ask for the text number.

Kandas: Either way whether you call her or whether you text the word BRAG IN is the same kit that goes out. You don’t get anything special except to hear Zenobia’s voice if you call so… and she is worth it. Uhmm, so yeah do that.

Larry: That’s great. That’s great. We are also looking for some people to partner with in various areas. We’ve got a lot of business going on but we can’t cover every market, so we are looking for a few people to partner with in different areas and this is where I’m going to work with you one-on-one, me and you.

Kandas: If you like that kind of thing.

Larry: You make it sound horrible.

Kandas: Hey, I mean you know I’m paid. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding.

Larry: So, if you want to work with me…

Kandas: He says not following after this…

Larry: I like to change every day now. So, yeah, if you want to work with me and my team I’ll work with you. I’ll get you up and running. I’ll help you get your first 3 deals. We’ll partner on. There isn’t upfront fee. You’ve got to apply. I can’t do it with everybody. So, just go to that webpage right there. Oh.

Kandas: It’s Larry Goins…

Larry: I have a misspelling.

Kandas: It’s like…

Larry: It’s because I did this like 10 minutes ago. Right?

Kandas: This is what happens…

Larry: So, yeah. To apply wot partner, that’s supposed to be to apply…

Kandas: Okay, you are going to go to larrygoins.com/apply, forward slash apply.

Larry: To apply, to partner with us. Right?

Kandas: What’s unpleasant… a poor little thing.

Larry: I got to get that off of there.

Kandas: Poor little thing.

Larry: I got to get that off of there. So, let’s talk… oh by the way please be sure and share this video. Hey, I know what we are going to give away next week.

Kandas: I just got to know we got Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine.

Larry: Okay. That’s what we are giving away then.

Kandas: You want to change it?

Larry: The Ultimate Buying and Selling…

Kandas: You are going to change it?

Larry: Listen, Ultimate Buying and Selling machine is 1288 bucks.

Kandas: I know.

Larry: That would be good. May be next week we will give…

Kandas: We will give a cheaper price.

Larry: Right! Exactly! We’ll give something worth less. Right?

Kandas: Well, it depends… you can say monetarily it would be worth less but it depends on what your focus is. So, if your focus is on wholesaling then that’s great, but if you really want to follow our HUD Model then the wholesaling course is not going to be what you want to focus on. It’s not going to be as of much value to you as may be what we are giving away next week.

Larry: Exactly!

Kandas: Right? So, it depends on your focus. They are all valuable.

Larry: Let me tell you something. You cannot have…

Kandas: Let me clarify that.

Larry: Exactly. You cannot have too much education. Let me show you something really quick, if you don’t mind. Look, there is two of my book cases, right? And over here are more book cases of stuff and junk, Right?

Kandas: This show is so random.

Larry: I know right. But people are still watching. So, there you have it. So, let’s talk about some marketing techniques, right? We want to talk about some marketing techniques for Facebook. We want to talk about free Facebook marketing techniques and it looks like I did spell that correctly.

Kandas: That harder word, techniques is spell right.

Larry: Right. But I couldn’t spell with or two. I can spell two, w-o-t. So guys, Facebook is very, very, very important marketing now. You can find anything you need for your real estate business on Facebook now, right? So, the first thing I want to talk about is there are… there is a Facebook profile and a Facebook page. So, what you want to do is everybody has a profile, that’s your personal profile, that’s what…

Kandas: Why are you squatting? Why?

Larry: I’m excited.

Zenobia: He’s ganged up.

Kandas: You didn’t do it. Go ahead. Get into it. But you don’t need… you don’t need to worry about all the running that you’re missing in the mornings because you squat.

Larry: Why are you critiquing me?

Kandas: A thousand times today.

Larry: Why are you critiquing me? So, the first thing you want to do is you have a Facebook profile and you want to create a Facebook page, right? So, Zenobia what’s the difference between a Facebook profile and a page?

Zenobia: Like Larry said, profile, your personal profile, it has your personal pictures, your friends, your families and everybody in there, but a page is a public profile which is specifically for a business, band, or authors or organizations…

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: And stuff like that and that’s where you specifically put your, your particular company’s information.

Larry: That’s…

Zenobia: That’s the difference.

Larry: Exactly. So, you’ve got to have a page for your business. As a Facebook profile, your personal profile, you can only have 5,000 friends. I remember years ago when I reached my 5,000 limit, my mom was not even my friend. She’s like “I can’t even be your friend on Facebook.”

Kandas: She wants us friends [Inaudible] [10:00]

Larry: So…

Kandas: I’m just kidding.

Zenobia: But, unlike…

Kandas: I’m on a role today people. I’m on a role.

Larry: Apparently!

Zenobia: Unlike the profile, the page does not have friends. It has so called thing friends which is your followers…

Kandas: Fans…

Zenobia: The people you like you, kind like that.

Larry: Fans and followers. Right?

Zenobia: Fans…

Larry: Fans and followers.

Zenobia: They’re not your friends.

Larry: You, you got…

Kandas: They’re not your friends…

Larry: They’re not your friends…

Kandas: They’re your fans…

Zenobia: They’re your fans…

Larry: Your followers, right? So, the next thing you want to do is you want to… I can’t help it. Does he want… I’m going to have to sit down. You need to brand your page. You need to brand your page, like you need a header for your page, right?

Zenobia: Yeah. So, header basically looks like your profile pictures. Profile picture for your business. It does your branding, your recognition, you have your personal pictures…

Larry: So, that way you are consistent…

Zenobia: You need them for your business.

Larry: You are consistent, you got a logo, you are consistent and you can have one of those a “header or a page… not header but a page or logo”…

Zenobia: Cover picture, your profile picture, your profile picture should be kind of your logo. That kind of keeps consistency and then your cover page should be very specific to that page.

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: Your business could be doing 10 things but this particular page is not doing 10 things, so… that’s where your cover picture comes into picture.

Larry: Exactly! And you can have that created on fiverr.com.

Kandas: I was just thinking about that. Even resources to get this…

Larry: Yeah. And guess how much this going to cost?

Kandas: $5.

Larry: Or more.

Kandas: I think it would be $5 or more.

Larry: Yeah, it could be $5 or $10 or something like that, right? So, you need a header for branding. So, that way when people see your ads on different spots and groups and things, they’ll see that logo and they’ll see your colors and know… they’ll know what’s up, right? So, on the next thing on your page, you want to create what’s called a pin post. Now, Zenobia tell us what is a pin post and why is that important for your page.

Zenobia: What happens is when you first create your page, the first thing you need to do is create a post that talks about your page which is kind of like your about us section of your website, you really want to talk about what your business says, what the stage is, what’s the goal, stuff like that and then there is an option where you can go ahead and you can do it like pin to, pin to…

Larry: Top.

Zenobia: To top…

Larry: Yeah.

Zenobia: And that thing always stay on top. No matter how many post you do, that thing will always be on top, so every time anybody visits your page that’s the first thing they’ll see.

Larry: That’s really good. And if you want to see our page where we sell properties, go to facebook.com/investorsrehab. Don’t do it right this second, but…

Kandas: You’re already busy.

Larry: But you could… I know right. Open up another tab, okay and go to facebook.com/investorsrehab and you’ll see our Facebook page for Investors Rehab. Now, I also have a page for Larry Goins as author, speaker, trainer, coach, right? So, that’s facebook.com/larryhgoins. So, oh look, I have been made a note here canva.com.

Kandas: That’s a good idea.

Larry: “Headers made for you for free.” That’s good.

Kandas: I didn’t think about it.

Larry: That’s good. Thanks for sharing that. I appreciate that. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Thanks Ben.

Kandas: Hey, while we are on the topic, before you move to the next point…

Larry: Sure.

Kandas: Part of what we do here is just like Ben just threw out that great little tidbit of information for that other header site or other site that can make headers for you or whatever, make sure you guys join the Facebook student group as well. If you are students of ours, if you follow what we do, hop in and request to join the official Larry Goins Facebook Student Group, that way it’s a bigger community for you guys to talk to each other, help each other out, with properties, with little things like this as well, and it’s a really good platform. So, if you are not on that, request to join that too.

Larry: And when you search for that make sure you search with the keywords Official…

Kandas: Yeah, that’s important.

Larry: Larry Goins Student Groups because there’s other people out there ganking traffic for my name. Right?

Zenobia: Oh, there’s Theresa. Hey, Theresa.

Larry: Hey, Theresa. It was like 10 minutes ago. Z really paid attention.

Kandas: She has been very focused.

Larry: I know right.

Kandas: Anyway, back to the next point for marketing on Facebook.

Zenobia: Back to the business.

Larry: Okay. So, the next thing you want to do, the next thing you want to do after you pin a post to the top describing your business, the next thing you want to do is you want to, you want to invite your friends to like your page, right? Invite your friends. And there is a button there you can invite specific friends or you can invite all friends and that’s all you want to do, you put… what you probably want to do is create a couple of post first like you know, like I just started this page…

Kandas: That will help.

Larry: Yeah, just started this page, you know, I want to be posting properties…

Zenobia: Likeit has helped us.

Larry: Yeah. Yeah. So, you might want to do that and then share with all your friends, have them like it, like your page. So, it gets you some followers and then they can share it as well.

Zenobia: They can share it, and yup that’s exactly right. But it’s like, like Larry tells it’s very important to kind of design your page first. Have something in there first before you invite your friends and people will be like what am I seeing here.

Larry: Yeah, I know. There’s nothing here, come on. What’s up with that? Alright, so, invite your friends and then you want to join some different Facebook groups. Now, this is going to be really, really strong, not only for buying property, finding property but also for selling properties too. Why is that important?

Zenobia: It’s important because like groups are very specific to the particular topic or category you are working in, like when you are selling property you post your properties on your page of course, but you also posted on the Marketplace and then you also posted on the groups at the same time. It’s, it’s great that you kind of get the very specific interested audience and then you can target them and that’s where you generate leads.

Larry: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. Now, what you want to do whenever you, whenever you join groups is… and Manny had a good idea right there, I’ve failed to mention that. It’s also correct. You can, you can use announcements to pin post and you can make 5 of those. So, the other thing you want to join groups and I don’t care if you are in Las Vegas and you want to buy properties in LA, Lower Alabama? Then what you do is you type in like Huntsville Alabama Real Estate, okay? And then search for groups and there will be Huntsville Real Estate, Huntsville Realtors, Huntsville Cash Buyers, Huntsville Private Money, Huntsville Hard Money, Huntsville Real Estate, you know, wholesalers…

Zenobia: It sounds like your naming all type of shrimps.

Larry: I know right. Like from Forrest Gump. You got your shrimp scampi. You got your…

But anyway, so you want to search all those different groups, right? You want to search all those different groups, and find those groups, right? And then join those groups and then you can post in those groups and I don’t care if you need a boots on the ground person, if you are looking for a wholesale deal, if you are looking for a deal, if you are looking for somebody to co-host, sell a deal with because you could co-host sell deals with people. One person brings the property, the other person brings the fire. Right?

Zenobia: Right.

Larry: And if you have questions, if you need help like may be if you are in, in Las Vegas and you are just starting to buy in Alabama may be you don’t know what the laws or rules and regs are about sell or financing or wholesaling or same day closing or assignments or whatever. You can ask those questions with local people right there in the market, okay? So, next thing after you join the groups, you want to post to the groups, right?

Zenobia: Right. Right.

Larry: Why would you do that?

Zenobia: To generate leads.

Larry: There you go…

Zenobia: Like audience.

Larry: There you go…

Zenobia: Because that’s the place where you find most specific audience.

Larry: Uh-huh.

Zenobia: Those are the people you want to target to and this is free.

Larry: It is free. That’s what we are talking about.

Kandas: It’s free.

Larry: Now, now, there is a lot of other things you can do with Facebook where you can, where you can pay, right? You could do boost to post, you can pay PPC and those are all great, but what we are talking about today is free stuff, right?

Kandas: Right.

Larry: It’s free stuff. So, yeah Manny says that “We say the money is in the list but the real money is in the groups.” Those were active people that are actively doing business right now. And, and as you continue to post and comment… we are going to talk about that, and you will eventually be able to move people over to your own buyer’s list but you are going to use Facebook as a buyer’s list as well, right? At least for a while, right? At least for a while. But you want them everywhere, okay? So, you want to join groups, you want to post to groups, and then you also want to comment on other people’s post as well.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Right? Why is that important?

Zenobia: It kind of builds interactions.

Larry: Yeah. Interaction and engagement, right?

Zenobia: Engagement. And it’s very important to respond to your own comments like own post comments too, that builds trust…

Kandas: Credibility.

Zenobia: Credibility. People who are just seeing the post, they see like, okay these people are responding. They don’t consider you as scammers.

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: Some people will.

Larry: Right. And there are haters out there.

Zenobia: There are. We actually dealt with one this morning.

Larry: Yeah. We had a hater this morning.

Zenobia: Yeah. Don’t jump on responding to them right away.

Larry: No!

Zenobia: Think that as a feedback. Fix your things.

Larry: You know we, we had someone this morning that posted or may be yesterday or something I don’t know, but let me tell you some guys… we push everything on all of our staff.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: My profile, my Facebook page, the Investors Rehab page, all of the groups, the marketplace, everywhere, I mean I got to tell you we probably get I would say 50 to 100 comments a day.

Zenobia: A day.

Kandas: Yeah. But across all the sites, yeah.

Larry: Yeah, 50 to 100 comments.

Zenobia: And these are new response, the comments kind of increased like people would…

Kandas: But if they know that you are going to respond…

Zenobia: If they see that you are genuine people who are actually genuinely posting this and you really have this property, you are not scammers all around like blogs or something, they would actually ask you “Can you add me into your buyers list?” this has happened.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: We got some really genuine leads just by responding to the Facebook comments.

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: People does tend to kind of slag off like they would post everywhere but they would not stay active in responding and looking at it.

Larry: And like Zenobia just said, you want to use any kind of negative, you know, hate or comments as feedback so you could eliminate that like we have a standard, I want to call it a byline but at the bottom of all the properties you post, we have a standard little byline that tells about who we are and one of the haters yesterday or today said, you know, this is a scam because we had it on ad that we only accept cash buyers, these properties don’t, you know, banks won’t lend on houses that need work, and that sort of things, so and they also commented and said there’s no interior pictures, sounds like a scam to me, so we changed our little byline to say, I mean we didn’t have the name of our company, we didn’t have anything about what we do, we are talking about the property.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: We have wholesale properties, blah blah blah. So, we changed the byline to say Investors Rehab has been wholesaling properties over 10 years. Now, I have been doing it over 30 years but I figured people will think 30 years there is no way. Right? So, I changed 30 to 10 just so it would sound more believable to people, right?

Kandas: When in reality, I mean Investors Rehab has been 14.

Larry: Yeah. Yeah.

Kandas: 14 years.

Larry: Yeah, that entity itself, right?

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, we did put 10 and you know has been wholesaling properties over 10 years to homeowners and investors who want to fix and flip and rent out property and we also put in there since the person was negative and said “Sounds like a scam, there is no interior pictures.” We also put, you know, for more pictures including interior as well as other detailed information “Please call Daniel, our Asset Manager.” Right? So, that hopefully that will help eliminate some of that as well. If you can answer the questions upfront and understand what the objections are, you know, that’s going to really, really, really help you to prevent the negative comments. Right?

Kandas: Well, also what will happen too is the more people see you responding and the more that people engage with your company you will have other people start to attack, well attack is not a great word but comment for you on these other hater post, so the stronger that you can build your own pages and were people know and they interact and they know how you do business and they follow you consistently, I don’t want to say religiously but definitely consistently then they will start responding to comments like that with you and sometimes even for you because may be they see them quicker than you could. So, that’s another thing that it’s just…

Zenobia: Try to building trust on people.

Kandas: Yeah, it’s really positive whenever you can jump on those comments and things like that yourself.

Zenobia: But the pictures, when you are posting on Facebook, they only allowed 10 pictures.

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: So, you can’t really put every single interior and exterior and yard and all that good and bad stuff.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: So you can only put limited stuff, but then you talked about that how to get more stuff.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Listen. The purpose of running an ad I don’t care if it’s on Facebook or Craigslist or eBay or PPC or whatever, the purpose of running an ad is to generate a click. Right? Is to generate a click, generate an inquiry. Right? You are not going to give them everything including the contract and closing calls and all that stuff.

Kandas: Right. There is no need.

Larry: Right. The purpose of it, you know, it’s just like any kind of marketing. If you are sending out an email. The purpose of the headline or subject line is to get you to read the first paragraph. The purpose of the first paragraph is to get you to read the second paragraph which is…

Kandas: For the click.

Larry: Right or to click. Right? And if you notice like the email that we send out for this is, is very short and sweet. So…

Kandas: We heard, we heard something in one of the books that we read recently, I mean don’t say 5 words when 3 will do. Just get to the point, people are in a very fast paced environment these days and they want to know what you, who you are and what you are about very quickly so they can kind of make a determination as to whether it’s something they want to follow or not. And when you are building this and you guys are just getting started, you can’t cater to everybody. Everything that you do is not going to suffice everybody out there’s needs. But all you can to do is serve one, you know, start with one, serve one, serve the next, serve the next…

Larry: That’s true.

Kandas: So, yeah.

Larry: That is true. So now let’s do this and it looks like I just made a comment, what did I say? Contact us in our office Allen Touchton.

Kandas: Somebody…

Larry: I don’t know who that is.

Kandas: Oh it’s responding. Daniel stop making Facebook comments. We are on BRAG.

Larry: Somebody meant… I don’t see an Al… I think he is trying to say the person who won the course whoever it is. Anyway…

Kandas: No, that’s not the person who won the course. Andrew won the course.

Larry: He probably thinks he has responded to an ad company.

Kandas: That’s exactly. He thinks he is responding to an interested buyer.

Larry: So, let’s talk…

Kandas: But he is not.

Larry: Let’s talk now about selling properties for free on Facebook, okay. Because we’ve have sold a lot of properties with free leads on Facebook. Now, let’s talk about this, the first thing you want to do is you do want to have a page to buy and a page to sell. Right? So, like our page to sell is Investors Rehab. So, you want to have that page, you want to have the graphic, you want to invite your friends, you want to have a pin to post. We are not going to go through that again. But you know the drill…

Kandas: Watch the first part of those.

Larry: You know the drill, right?

Kandas: Go back and watch the first part of the broadcast.

Larry: Exactly. You know the drill, right? So, first of all where do you post your properties for free? Where is the best place to post them, Zenobia?

Zenobia: Of course the best place is Marketplace and then like Larry said connect to as many groups as possible like right now we have connected to almost 100 groups and then…

Larry: How many?

Zenobia: Almost 100 but we kind of strict ourselves to Carolina specifics…

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: And the nearby states. So, we only post to Marketplace plus 65 to 70 groups along with the Marketplace and then after you post on the Marketplace there are options where you can share it to all of your pages, your profile and that kind of gives all your friends… if they have not already like your page, it’s very important to share it to your personal profile too, so all your friends can see then they can probably share to their friends and that builds the chain.

Larry: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. So, you start out, you posted on Facebook Marketplace, right? And then once you posted to Marketplace you’re going to drive people back to either your page or profile or whatever but then you’re going to, you’re going to share it on your page and then other groups as well. Right? That’s very…

Zenobia: Important to put it on the groups.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Now, in the groups, when you share it in groups and put it in your groups, with the groups, there’s groups for real estate, there’s groups for what is it called buy and sell groups.

Zenobia: Buy and sell small groups like buy and sell.

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: Very specific to real estate like in general wholesale real estate day use or real estate connectors and someone be like very area specific like Gastonia Real Estate or Gastonia Buy and Sell group, we kind of go in every single one of them except for the part like we don’t go something in Dallas or something in Florida. We know about properties are very specific so we kind of stay in area specific.

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: Yeah, and it’s not… it doesn’t have to be real estate only. We kind of target the online yard sale, buy and sell and all kinds of group because you never know what kind of traffic is looking in one group.

Larry: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. It’s real estate groups, buy and sell, trade groups, all that stuff…

Zenobia: Online yard sale…

Larry: Like Charlotte Marketing groups, Charlotte Swap group, Charlotte Buy and Sell, you know, used stuff whatever.

Zenobia: And demonstrate your business here.

Larry: Whatever. You know what I am saying? So, all those different kind of things are groups that you can share with but I will tell you this most of your haters are going to come from the general groups like, you know, like if you… let’s say you’re in Jackson, Mississippi, Jackson, Mississippi Buy Sell Swap group, right? You are not going to get a lot of haters on the Jackson, Mississippi Real Estate Wholesalers group.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Right, because they understand. They know.

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: Right.

Larry: They are not going to say all this is a scam and all that good stuff, right? That’s just not going to happen because they know, they know what’s up. Right? They know what’s up.

Kandas: For lack of a better term.

Larry: Yeah. They know what….

Zenobia: Haters most likely will come from the buy and sell group or online yard sale or swap group and something like that.

Larry: Exactly. There’s a lot of different kind of groups. A lot of different kind of groups.

Kandas: But you made a really good point earlier too. Make sure that whatever they address as the hater, you fix or you at least if it’s something that it’s just completely irrelevant then you can address it in your response to them but like the guy or girl whoever it was that was throwing us or hating us, we made those corrections before we address so you can’t take everything that somebody says with a grain of salt, see if there are ways for you to improve or address those concerns on the front end so that you don’t have them again.

Zenobia: And kind of thinking fix your own ads instead of just jumping on and responding, “Hey, we are not scammers.” It’s good to kind of sit back and fix your…

Kandas: Right.

Zenobia: It cannot the end create a trail, they might reply back and it can trail of argument or it might stop, so really I mean…

Kandas: The goal is to address and stop and turn the hater into a fan.

Larry: That’s right.

Kandas: Because they see that you’re legitimate.

Larry: That’s right. That’s right.

Zenobia: And other people who see that post they also see that these people are really genuine that they responded and fixed their issues.

Larry: But sometimes I mean haters are going to hate. Right?

Kandas: You are not going…

Zenobia: No matter what you do.

Kandas: You are not going to please, you are not going to please everybody 100% of the time.

Larry: Look what Shawna said, “The more haters the better you’re doing.” Right? You can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Right?

Kandas: Don’t try.

Larry: There is no way. There is no way. Yeah, Manny just mentioned something about liking other people’s post like, like Zenobia said a minute ago, you want to comment on other people’s post but you can yes like their post as well and then also when you comment, when somebody makes a comment and then when you reply, it sends them a notification that, you know, Larry Goins responded. Yeah, Larry Goins reacted or something or responded to your post. Right? So, those are all great things to create more interaction and the more comments you have, the more you reply, the more comments you are going to keep getting over and over and it’s going to really turn it into I don’t want to say a viral post but it really boosted up a lot and it will boost your own page, your own account and all that good stuff as well. Right?

Kandas: Yup.

Zenobia: Right.

Kandas: And all of these is building trustworthiness and credibility.

Larry: That’s exactly right. It creates a lot of interaction and all that good stuff. Now, Zenobia what other kind of advice would you give somebody marketing on Facebook.

Zenobia: Follow everything that we talked about today. It kind of takes time, give it some time, gets done some, you know, respond to the questions, respond to the comments and it’s not going to be like today you posted and tomorrow you’ll sell that property over. So, yeah…

Larry: It does take some time.

Zenobia: It’s a time process, time process, yeah.

Larry: It takes some time to build some traction guys. Yeah, it does take some time to build some traction and you’re not going to just, you know, get deals overnight like Zenobia said. Right?

Zenobia: Yeah. It’s not going to happen.

Larry: No. No. So, it takes a little bit of time.

Zenobia: But your response will build that trust that people will consider you and then people will ask you to add you, add them to your buyer’s list.

Larry: Right.

Zenobia: We have been getting a very good Facebook response.

Larry: Now, you do have to be careful in groups. There are some people out there that start groups just to be able to promote their own stuff.

Zenobia: Yeah.

Larry: Right? So, if you get on their group and all of a sudden you start, you know, click here and click here and get on this list, get on this list, let me start you this, I’ve got this available, I’ve got that available, you know, selling all kind of lotions, potions, and emulsion. Right?

Kandas: It happens. It happens.

Larry: It does.

Zenobia: That is a common still to me.

Larry: And you’re going to get mad.

Zenobia: In your property, you’ll get a comment… in the comment and said alright check this out.

Kandas: And some [Inaudible] [32:43].

Zenobia: I think you have to purchase this.

Larry: Yeah, when people are seeing that you get a lot of traffic, they will comment on your post saying, you know, “Hey, have you tried this? Go to this website.” Right?

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: So, be careful with all of that and thanks Cortney for pointing out. We have an upcoming 3 day, right?

Kandas: We do. It’s next week, yeah. And…

Larry: We have 3-1/2 seats left.

Kandas: It is filling up fast.

Larry: Someone is sitting on the lap.

Kandas: I sent out an email yesterday, we are getting close to our cap for this event and Charlotte events are notoriously the ones that sell out first. This is our homebased, this is where we are, a lot of people like hearing information about investing, you know, in their backyard, so if you are in the Charlotte area then, you know, this is what all of our events or the event whether you are in Charlotte or not because it works wherever you are, but we are because this is our homebased. These events do sell out quicker so make sure that if you haven’t reserved yet you go to larrygoinslive.com and reserve your seat for you, yourself, your business partner, your friend, whoever it is you want to come, because we are quickly approaching that cap of seats and I’ll have to close down registration. We’ve got just right out a week, next week is the event, it’s a Thursday, Friday, Saturday event.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: So, make sure that you plan for that appropriately. It’s not Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s Thursday, Friday, Saturday and like I said we are getting ready to cap out. So, if you have held to the last minute to make your registration, you need to get on that, larrygoinslive.com or you can call the office 803-831-2858.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: Thanks Cortney.

Larry: That’s really cool. Yes, Cortney thank you so much and thanks Shawna, we appreciate that. Yes, she does know us personally. That’s really cool, that’s really cool. And you know I like what Jasmine said, she is much more interested in building a relationship than selling somebody a dream.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: That’s so important, you know, we talked about putting people and principles before profits, when you do that everyone profits. I tell people you are going to have 3-day event. We are going to talk about this. We are going to talk about, you know, making sure you do business for people that are relationship driven.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Instead of transaction driven. That’s very, very, very important. So, guys thank you so much. I appreciate it. Yeah, Jasmine we wish you could be there as well.

Kandas: There will be others.

Larry: Yes! We’ll have others. And they will be in Charlotte because we don’t travel anymore.

Kandas: Nope.

Larry: We decided, we decided we were going to create a business that was based on our lifestyle and what we wanted to do and we already traveled enough, so we are going to be in Charlotte forever and ever amen as far as our 3-day event go. So, I’m just, I’m excited for us to be able to, to be able to fulfill events and helped people and coach them and mentor them but also do it to where we don’t have to travel and spend time away from our families as well.

Kandas: That’s right.

Larry: Yeah! So that’s really cool. So, if you want to check out that go to larrygoinslive.com or 877-LARRY-GO and Zenobia will answer the phone. Please share this video. If you got a lot out of it, please share this video, we would appreciate it and get a chance to win the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. That’s our flagship course that we sell for 1288 bucks. We’ve sold thousands of them over the years.

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: For 1288 bucks and one lucky person is going to win it next week. Right? So, thanks a lot guys. You guys got anything else? Any parting words?

Kandas: There are… I have no words of wisdom today.

Larry: Oh, no different than normal. So, thanks a lot guys. We appreciate it.

Kandas: So me.

Larry: Give Zenobia a big hand. Give her a shoutout.

Zenobia: Thanks for listening guys.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. Thanks a lot guys. See you next week.

Kandas: Bye guys.

Zenobia: Bye.