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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

The Power of Scripts


In this episode, Larry and Kandas talked about the importance of using scripts. If you are just getting started, having and using a script would be very beneficial for you. In this episode, they also went over some examples of scripts and discussed the information and questions you need to take note of.


  • Share Sponsor winner
  • 3-day event
  • Importance of scripts
  • Buying a lot
  • Tax value script
  • Scripts to handle objections
  • What you need to have in your scripts
  • - Introduction
  • - Warm up
  • - Contact information
  • - Pedigree of the property
  • - Questions to ask if the property is vacant
  • - Questions to ask if rented
  • - Condition of the house
  • - Determining seller's motivation
  • - Negotiating the price
  • - Wrap up
  • Deal of the week


  • “If you are brand new or just getting started, you must have a script.”



Larry: Hey, hey. Hello. What’s up? Look, Manny is in the house already. Good job. Good job. Awesome.

Kandas: What’s Elaine saying? “I have a call tomorrow with my first two HUD. Is there anything I need to tell them before making bids?”

Larry: We already getting questions, what’s up with that?

Kandas: Do you have the HUD Mastery kit because there is a little bit of some relationship building that you need to do. That’s explaining that course before you just go all willy-nilly asking people to submit bids for you.

Larry: That’s true. That’s true. You’ve got to be careful and they’re not gonna just start submitting bids right off the bat, right? That’s not gonna happen. So, you got to build a little bit of relationship with them, right? Very, very important.

Kandas: In HUD Mastery, it explains that. It goes through how to do that relationship build just for you Elaine.

Larry: Elaine is buying today.

Kandas: Okay, perfect.

Larry: “I’m buying today.” Good job. Good job. Keep up the good work. So, please share this video. This is the BRAG show Be Rich And Generous. Paul Wells is in the house from Southern California. What’s up buddy? How you doin’? Good to see you. Hadn’t seen you in years. Remember in National REIA cruises?

Kandas: Mm-hmm.

Larry: We will go to all these Caribbean places and hanging out back when I used to drink when I would travel.

Kandas: You made it sound like you are an alcoholic.

Larry: I wasn’t.

Kandas: No, you had…

Larry: I drink like one or two drinks and that’s it.

Kandas: Yeah. Your version of drinking was like, what is it, I don’t even remember what you used to drink. But it’s been so long. But it was like one or two. It’s not like back when I used to drink. You make it sound so much worse. Yes, Manny I do feel better. However, I’m starting to get a headache from this one.

Larry: Manny is talking about one of our deals. What is that?

Kandas: He just said something about me feeling better and he is already posting something else.

Larry: Something about our deals. “Larry, is the house, 3-bedroom house, 314 Clegg.”

Kandas: No, that’s not the deal of the week.

Larry: Did I even do a deal of the week? I didn’t put it up here. I forgot about it, but we got a several, we could do deals of the week. That’s not a problem. So, yeah, Paul Wells in the house. Kenny Culver in the house. What’s up Kenny? How you doin’ buddy? Good to see you. Paul says I drink scotch. I used to drink, what was it, cran-apple vodka. That’s what it was. Okay, but I haven’t had a drink in about 3 years, right?

Kandas: Yeah. It’s been over 3 now.

Larry: Yeah. Here’s what I am drinking now, agua.

Kandas: So, are you gonna talk about that today?

Larry: Maybe. “Hey, Larry and Kandas.” What’s up Dennis? How you been?

Kandas: Dennis, how are you?

Larry: He said hello, what’s up. Shaun from St. Pete Beach. I love that place. That’s a beautiful area. A beautiful area.

Kandas: Are you really asking him who’s the wholesale king these days? Don’t you think he’s gonna say himself is the wholesale king? That’s all we do right now.

Larry: That’s all we do.

Kandas: He’s got a few books out Paul if you forgot.

Larry: There you go. And then here’s the HUD Book, FreeHUDBook.com.

Kandas: You remember this guy? You do remember that face? Oh my gosh. Okay.

Larry: All right we got to move on here.

Kandas: Yeah we do.

Larry: All right, please, please share the video. “Give us some great scripts.” Awesome. So, please share this. I really, really appreciate it if you guys would share this with your friends, with your listeners, with your followers, with all your people. Kayesha is in the house. Hey, what’s up? How you doin’? So, Kayesha is on here but Brian is never on here. I’m a little disappointed. You tell him he’s got to watch this and he’ll see me calling him out.

Kandas: Do you have a bromance of Brian?

Larry: He is a cool guy.

Kandas: You are always, where’s Brian? Why is Brian not watching me?

Larry: Shut up.

Kandas: And that’s a yes.

Larry: So, let’s say that was a softball for men in the… what? I don’t even know what that is about.

Kandas: Maybe it more happened during your drinking days.

Larry: I have no idea what he is talking about.

Kandas: Oh, my shirt is for South Carolina Basketball. My husband is a huge basketball fan. We watch a lot of all kinds of sports but my daughter, my youngest daughter wants to go to South Carolina to play basketball, so we’ve taken her to some women’s games lately and been involved with their program and things like that. So, supporting South Carolina Women’s Basketball today.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. Tell them what’s in the Investors Kit.

Kandas: Well, here’s the thing about the Investors Kit. The Investors Kit is under a little bit of a renovation because it was on the old platform, we are moving it to a new platform so access to it at the moment is not happening. The pages have to be rebuilt and the links added back to it. Now, when we do have the access backup, it will have the digital version of HUD Homes Half Off, the digital version of the Real Estate Day Trading book, training webinars for the Filthy Riches model, Ultimate Buying Machine model, the Harmony Millions webinar, all kinds of trainings and things like that just different links to a bunch of different education stuff. So, you guys can call 877-LARRY-GO to get that free kit, but do give us a little bit of grace while we are updating that platform in getting the links back active for you.

Larry: Awesome. That sounds good. I got to take some notes over here. So, you could still call 877-LARRY-GO to get your free Investors Kit, right?

Kandas: Yeah. We will go ahead and put you on the list, I mean go ahead and give you the access as soon as this is backup, you will be able to log in and get it. It shouldn’t take another day or two. I just found out there was an issue about it yesterday.

Larry: Announce the share winner. I brought in a copy of what they get. So, we’re gonna mail this out to the share winner, the share sponsor winner.

Kandas: Look, his face again. That’s the original face in the Goins Group.

Larry: This is the Real Estate Day Trading and Jump Start right here. Right? And last week’s share sponsor winner is Michael Jacksobn. That’s exactly the way it was on Facebook.

Kandas: Are you sure?

Larry: I spelled it. I looked at it specifically.

Kandas: All right. If that’s you, you need to send an email in to customerservice@larrygoins.com and we will get this up to you.

Larry: Mail this. Kandas is going to deliver it in person.

Kandas: No, I’m not. But I will mail it to you personally.

Larry: There you go. It will have her fingerprints all over it, right?

Kandas: Yup. Not now ‘cause I’m gonna wipe it down. You make it sound creepy. It’s not gonna have any fingerprints on it now. I will put gloves on before I start packing it.

Larry: It’s gonna be this one right here.

Kandas: You make everything so weird.

Larry: Okay. We do have a few seats left for our upcoming 3-day event.

Kandas: Yeah, you guys better hurry though because there’s only a week left to register.

Larry: It’s not this weekend but it’s next Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: For 3 full days, I’m gonna be teaching everything about marketing, networking, about analyzing deals, marketing as far as every way to find a deal, every way to fund the deal, every way to close the deal. We’re gonna talk about asset protection, entity structuring, tax planning, self-directed retirement accounts, how to take a really small account and growing into a huge account starting with as little as $500. We’re gonna talk all about that. Many, many, many other things, automation, CRM, we’re gonna talk about direct mail, about pay-per-click advertising. What else do I talk about?

Kandas: Well, most of the time I catch about half of what you are saying, honestly. I don’t even know how to describe the amount of information. All I know is that people come in and they are hyper and they are happy, they leave like they’ve been drinking from a fire hose all day especially after 3 days.

Larry: Look Scott is in the house. What’s up? How you doin’ buddy? Good to see you.

Kandas: Hey Scott. Glad you are feeling better.

Larry: Oh yeah. I was gonna say the same thing. I’m really glad you’re feeling better. Glad you’re doing well.

Kandas: So, this 3-day event, there’s a multitude of information and multitude, I don’t even know if that’s the right word to use. There’s a massive amount of information that he gives out…

Larry: Gargantuan.

Kandas: Okay, of information that he gives out at this 3-day event. So, it’s education. If that’s where you need to start then this event is where you need to be. It is education, he does start out with some ground level stuff, but he also gives a lot of good information to people that have been investing for a long time, you know, fundamentals don’t change, systems and procedures do. So, no matter what level of real estate investor you are, you’re gonna need something out of this event. I know it.

Larry: Absolutely. Absolutely. So, what are we gonna talk about next? Let’s talk about the power of scripts, okay.

Kandas: Scripts.

Larry: Scripts. There’s many different kind of scripts you can have. If you are brand new, if you are just getting started, you must have a script. Now, I don’t want you to necessarily read from the script, but I want you to have the script in front. Would you hand me that right underneath that little slice right there.

Kandas: Oh, this is our new one.

Larry: Yeah, that’s our new script. So, this right here is a brand new set script.

Kandas: It’s like a pamphlet.

Larry: It’s a pamphlet.

Kandas: He handed that out. It was like 12 pages. I was like, what are you supposed to do for 12 pages. Just throw me the house.

Larry: So, I told my guys, I said, look I don’t want you guys reading, I told my people, right?

Kandas: My minions.

Larry: I told them. You are in that minion too.

Kandas: I know. I’m the lead minion.

Larry: So, I told everybody, I said I don’t want you reading this, but I want you to have certain parts that you highlight, right? Like for example, if you are on the phone with somebody and you find out they have a lot for sale, now, we will buy lots, right?

Kandas: Maybe.

Larry: But I’m not gonna pay very much for them at all, okay. In fact most of the people that are selling lots, they’ve lots in older established neighbors, maybe the houses are 30, 40, 50, 60 years old and nobody wants to build a new house next to an old house, right? Next to an old 2-bedroom one-bath mill house. So, we have a script in here where if they have a lot, it says unfortunately we don’t really buy many lots because there’s really no way for us to improve the value and make any money plus they can take two or three years to sell. Having said that, most of the people who really want to sell those lots and they need the cash right now, we can typically pay maybe about 10% to 20% of the current value which ends up being about $500 to $1,000. If you still wanna sell your lot and you wanna get cash and we pay closing calls then I’ll be glad to get Larry on the phone with you. So, that’s kind of that script around about way but that way, I’m not on the phone with somebody with a lot that says well, the tax value is 15,000, you know, that’s how much I want. I don’t wanna talk to that person, right? Which by the way, there’s another script here that if… I pulled out of drawer to put my foot on it and look what Kandas put. Kandas put this in here.

Kandas: So, this rubber snake travels around, this is Kornelijus Vaitekunas here in progress still living in our hearts. He had this in a spider, the spider left with him, now the snake travels around the office to different areas, different locations, people’s desks, on their phones, in the refrigerator, it just goes wherever and Larry instead of re-hiding it, has captured it and holding it in the drawer.

Larry: It’s funny. I told her the other day I said, I reached in the drawer to get some almonds out and there was a snake there and I just ignored it. It’s been around so long, I just ignored it and she said I’ll put that there.

Kandas: That’s right. I was the one. Typically, you’re not supposed to know who puts it where. It’s just supposed to show up and then you re-hide it, but yeah, I’ll claim it. I’ll put the snake in the drawer.

Larry: That was hilarious. So, speaking of tax value, back to the scripts. If somebody says, you know, because in our script it does say, what do you think the property is worth? Or you could also say, what’s the least amount you’ll take for your property or what were you thinking you needed to get for a quick cash sell as is? So, if they mention tax value at all ‘cause some people will say well the value is X and my immediate response is now how did you come up with that number, right? How did you come up with that number? So, if they mentioned tax value, we have a script here for that. It basically says, you know, tax value is just when you pay your taxes on it. It has nothing to do with the market value. What we really have to look at as far as what you can sell your property for is what other buyers have actually paid for and closed. Look, Linda. Hey, Linda. How are you? “You owe him that snake.”

Kandas: She knows.

Larry: She does know about the snake. That’s funny. So, if they say tax value, I’ll make a comment that says, hey, I’ll pay 10 times tax value and I’ll pay 10% of tax value as well. So, tax value is really irrelevant, but what we really need to do is get on the computer and take a look and see what other similar properties you are selling for and then I’ll pull up the property and I’ll give them specific address as I say this house right here 125 Oak Street is sold for 15,000. 235 Ridge Road it’s sold for 12,000, such and such. And I’m picking the lowest ones. Guys, that’s what I do. I’ll pick the lowest ones and then I subtract out their repairs and I’ll tell them what they’ll probably gonna be able to sell their house for based on the condition of the house and what others houses have sold for. So, guys, you also need scripts, you need questions, handling objections. What if they say, well I got to talk to my spouse or let me think about it. There’s all different kind of things that you need to have in your scripts. You need to have an introduction like in the script right here this is a set script. This is not even what I say, this is what everybody says before it even gets to me because I’m the closer, right? They’re the setters, they set everything up for me, okay. So, this is everything they go through before it even gets to me. So, they’ve got an introduction, a warm up. I mean first thing is the contact information, right? It’s the contact information. We want to get their phone number, their home, their work, their mobile number. We want to get their email address. We want to get everything. We want to verify…

Kandas: Anything that you can.

Larry: Anything that you absolutely can, right? And after you get their contact information then we’re gonna talk about the property, right? We wanna get some regular property information. I call it the pedigree of the property.

Kandas: That’s what you say.

Larry: That is what I’m saying. That’s what you say. Then we talk about the pedigree of the property, you know, is it enlisted with the realtor, how many bedrooms, how many baths, blah, blah, blah. All that good stuff. And then after that if the property is vacant, we need to ask them certain questions. If the property is vacant. We ask questions like how long has it been vacant? When was the last time you went inside the house? Because typically it’s been our experience that if a house has been vacant for 2 or 3 years, it goes downhill really, really fast. So, if it is rented, we ask specific questions about that. Like is it rented month to month or do you have a lease? Are the tenants current? How long is the tenant been there? Do they pay you on time? And if you’re gonna sell it with the tenant in it, we need to know all the expenses, so we ask what are the taxes and what is the insurance? Very, very important. Couple other things on vacant, how long has it been vacant? How many bedrooms does the house have? Oh, we’ve already said that.

Kandas: Is this your edited version?

Larry: Ahh no, maybe, I don’t know. How did you acquire it? Is there a mortgage on the house? And if so, what’s the balance? Are the payments current? Are they behind? How far behind are you? All that good stuff. And then we have the condition of the house, right? This is where we gonna go through and find out about the condition. Now, I want you to listen at this. This is the paragraph that they say before they start talking about the condition, right? It says we’ve purchased houses in 12 different states and the owner of our company has been helping home owners for over 30 years so we are actually going to make you a cash offer to buy your house before going to see it, right? Once we agree to buy the house and you agree to sell us the house, we will send out one of our field inspectors to take pictures to determine the exact condition and repair cost for the house. In the meantime, it’s very important that I get a realistic picture regarding the exact condition of the house so that we don’t move forward with an agreement to purchase your house that we will later have to change or cancel because of missing or inaccurate information. Does that make sense? So, this is kind of a set up for be honest with me, right? That’s really the whole purpose of that.

Kandas: We had the phrase, I need you to be honest with me in one of our last scripts. But you didn’t like how…

Larry: I didn’t like that.

Kandas: Yeah, you didn’t like how that was going. It almost put people on the defense like what do you mean? Why would I not be honest with you anyway type of thing. So, changing the verbiage I think will keep them talking a little bit more.

Larry: And then the very last thing in that little blurb is and you know, Bob or seller, no one knows more about your house than you do, right? The first question is on the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being perfect condition, how would you rate the property’s interior? And then we go through everything inside the house and then we go through everything outside the house. And then we start talking about the seller’s motivation. So, what’s going on right now in your life that has you wanting to sell?

Kandas: Yes Shaun, it raises their red flags.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. So, how soon do you wanna have the house sold for cash? Have you thought about what you gonna do if you don’t sell it? That’s a really, really, really good question. Look, Julie is on. What’s up Julie? How are you? Look, Julie from our attorney’s office.

Kandas: Hey, hey, I don’t know if you heard but it wasn’t last week because I was out last week. I was sick. But the week before, I gave my paralegal in North Carolina a shoutout, Miss Julie.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: Just to show you.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: You can go two shows back and hear the original one.

Larry: Yeah, don’t listen to last week. We only had 6 shares and 4 of them were mine. Because I did it by myself, right?

Kandas: That’s right.

Larry: Anyway, let’s get back to the script. Motivation. We have a category for motivation in the script right here. And I have my little notes on it because these are some edits I’m gonna make after our meeting yesterday. So, I like to ask the question or they ask the question, what’s going on in your life right now as you are thinking about selling the property? How soon would you like to have the cash? Julie says thank you. Are you texting?

Kandas: I am.

Larry: What are you doing?

Kandas: I have a seller that’s got an issue and…

Larry: All of our sellers have issues.

Kandas: No. Well, I mean my seller…

Larry: Am I right?

Kandas: Yes. But my seller is like I’m kinda solving their issues, so it will just save me just a second while you are doing the script.

Larry: So if we ask them what they’re gonna do if they don’t sell the property, if they say I’ll probably just rent it out then we automatically ask about seller financing and if they’d be interested or ever thought about seller financing, that’s something I’ll talk to them about more. Whose name is the house in? Is there anyone that would be upset if you are selling the property? I really like that question. Is there anybody that would be upset that you are selling the property? Look, can you afford not to sell this property immediately?

Kandas: That’s a good question.

Larry: That is a great question. Is there anyone else that would be involve in the decision making? And then we get to price, right? Price. I love this question right here. What’s more important to you, getting a quick cash sale as is or getting the best price even if you have to fix up the property and wait a while for the right buyer to come along? Right? What’s more important to you, getting a quick as is cash price or getting the best price even if you have to fix it up and wait a while to find the right buyer?

Kandas: One of the great things about where this part of the script is place is after you have already been through and had them walk you through almost a virtual tour of the property and everything is wrong with it. So, they can’t now not think that there’s nothing that needs to be rehabbed on it because they’ve just told you everything that needs to be rehabbed and you can kinda push on that pain a little bit as to how long it would take to get those repairs done, how much it’s gonna cost, get them to agree with you on the price of what they think those things would cost and that type of things. So, this part, the price being after all the condition stuff, I really like that question being right here.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. There’s just several other questions like what’s the least amount you’ll take, how did you come up with that price? And then we go through…

Kandas: Hey Rica.

Larry: Hey, what’s going on? How are you?

Kandas: Manny says “What if the seller is analytical?”

Larry: Then you have to talk in analytics.

Kandas: You do. You have to talk in analytics. So, sometimes what happens is yes you get an analytical seller and say you have to be very precise and you have to talk in analytics. Sometimes you get a seller that is emotional, right? They’ve got an emotional attachment to the house. You’re not gonna be able to rationalize prices with them because they already have a price tagged to that property. They’re not seeing everything that’s wrong with it. They might not even live in it or have been in it in a long time and have no realistic perspective of the way things actually are. So, those are a few things that you’re gonna have to encounter but you’ll just have to try to address to validate them but then address as well.

Larry: For example, I have a guy on the phone on Monday. I had a guy on the phone on Monday and when you get an analytical person, those are typically like engineer-type people, I had this guy on the phone and I could tell that’s the way he was. So, I pulled information out of him and I used his numbers. For example, I said something like what do you think it would take to get this property, if I hire a licensed funded and insured contractor, have them go over there and take care of all these things that you told me, how much do you think it would cost? He said, “I don’t know, 20,000 to 22,000.” So, I used 20, right? “Keep the snake with Larry when I visit.” It’s not real.

Kandas: It’s not real. It’s a plastic rubber snake thing.

Larry: It’s not real.

Kandas: Let me tell you something. If the snake was real, it would not be here. That would have been gone a long time ago.

Larry: That’s true. What was funny was the day I went to get some almonds out of the drawer, I just opened it up, picked up the almonds and close them like I think there was a snake in there. That’s how second nature it is to us now. Anyway, so I had this guy on the phone. I used his numbers. I used his number on the after repaired value, I used his number on the amount of repairs and I just took it with $70,000 with the ARV (after repaired value) and I subtracted out the repairs and then I subtracted out the closing cost ‘cause you could tell about any seller it’s gonna take about 10% to sell your property, right? So, I took 70,000 minus 7,000 so now I’m down to 63,000. I took out another 20,000. Right now I’m down to 43,000 and I said look, if I was to buy your property, if I was to fix it up, and sell it, I want to be able to make at least $15,000, right? And he agreed. He said, yeah, that’s respectable. So, I’m down to 43,000 so now I’m down to 33,000 and I’m down to 28,000. I say, okay, if I pay you 28,000 I can hire a contractor, fix it up, put it on the market and somewhere between 6 to 12 months from now I’ll find a buyer, I’ll get a buyer then I’ll pay the real estate commission and closing calls and I’ll end up making $15,000 in the next 6 to 12 months, right? And that was the number. He said, “Yeah, that sounds reasonable. Let me talk to my wife and make sure that we can go that route and I’ll let you know ‘cause I sure don’t wanna fix it up.”

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, I have to justify the analytical person with numbers, right?

Kandas: I mean it’s not a big deal to do it like that. That’s how we back down to get our price to offer anyway. Most people just don’t require that level of detail.

Larry: That is true. That is true. And then the last section is the wrap up in the set script. It’s just isn’t… listen to this question. Is there anything else that we need to know about the property or about your situation? That’s pretty much to catch all right there, right?

Kandas: Mm-hmm.

Larry: If they say I’ve had people say stuff like let me tell you about Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron lives in the house although grandma gave it to me and I can’t get him to move out. Is that good to know?

Kandas: We should have known that at the beginning of the call.

Larry: I know right. So, this is kind of the wrap up is the transition where they say okay I think I have all the information that I need for now. We need to look over the information you gave me. Do some research on the property and Larry will call you back to go over the information and make you a cash offer to buy your house. He will probably call you back tomorrow, the next day ‘cause he is very busy. By the way, and then it goes on to like if you got a call from an 803-831 number, please take the call, please answer it. And also the last section here says in fact I think Larry just got off the phone, if I’m off the phone, right? If they don’t hear me in here talking ‘cause I’m on the speaker phone all the time, right? I don’t pickup the handset, I want a speaker phone. So, if they don’t hear me talking, they are supposed to say in fact let me see if Larry is available right now. If so, he can look over the information with you on the phone and give you a cash offer before you hang up. How does that sound? Hold on a second let me grab him. And then they’ll just transfer it right to me and then I’ll buy the property. So, there you go for the power of scripts right there. You need to have a script for each section. You need to have a set script, a close script, a buy script, and a sell script. Well, same thing. A buy script to buy houses, a set script for that and then a script to sell houses. Cold call script is gonna be a little different if you are doing cold calling.

Kandas: It will be different.

Larry: If you do cold calling. That’s our latest pamphlet.

Kandas: Script pamphlet.

Larry: That’s our latest script pamphlet right there. So, what else we have to talk about?

Kandas: We’ve already talked about… let’s see we talked about the 3-day event, we’ve got another oh yeah partner event. It will be a completely separate thing from what’s happening next week. It’s education. The next partner event is gonna be in March. If you guys want to find out more information about that, just go to LarryGoins.com/Apply and one of the guys can get you more information on that. That’s why you are here in the office for 3 days working with Larry and actually applying all the education that you have learned to actual business practices and get things up and running and off the ground and making your phone ring so that you can start making money.

Larry: I told Kandas today and I think yesterday too. I’m like I got all these students that were here two weeks ago and they wear me out.

Kandas: Everybody has got leads.

Larry: ‘Cause everybody has got leads. They got calls and they are negotiating deals. They’re on the phone. They’re doing business. I love it. I love it. So, yeah, if you wanna apply to work with us and partner with us, we will make your phone ring off the hook, right? And then I’ll help you get deals from that, right?

Kandas: That’s right. Manny wants the deal of the week.

Larry: He wants the deal of the week. Guys, oh the deal of the week. Okay, we’re gonna do that. Please share if you wanna win this. We’re gonna pick a winner from probably there’s usually about 10 or 15 or 20 people that share our video, so if you share we’re gonna pick a name to win the Real Estate Day Trading and Jump Start, okay. Deal of the week, we did a lot. Remember that lot we did?

Kandas: I don’t know if this script is in the Dropbox yet.

Larry: Yes it is.

Kandas: Okay. Well, there’s some edits to it that he needs to make if it’s already in there ‘cause we just had a meeting about it yesterday.

Larry: Yeah. The script is in the Dropbox. That’s the first thing I did, put it in Dropbox after I finished it so all of our partners that is in our partner program, you guys all have access to that. So, you guys can all go grab that. So, a deal of the week. We got one deal where we are paying, we just taken over their loan, not taken over their loan, we are paying their loan balance, right?

Kandas: Yeah, we’re gonna do the pay off.

Larry: I wrote up the deal, the purchase price is the loan balance. The balance of the loan. Not to exceed I think it was $11,000.

Kandas: Sometimes that’s all people need is to get them out of the problem that they are having. First part of the script, ask about their current situation, you know, when we recap that but the first part it ask them kinda the same question a little bit different way and then you can ask them how long has that been going on so you’re trying to get that pain initially and then press on it a little bit and sometimes people just will out from under what is currently going on and then this situation pay off is what is gonna take to buy the house and then a good deal.

Larry: I got another one I wanna mention is the deal of the week too. I could do 2 or 3 deals of the week, but all my deals are good. Anyway…

Kandas: Okay.

Larry: Notice how she just ignored me when I said that. So anyway, Dennis is having trouble accessing the Dropbox. Dennis shoot me an email. You know, how to reach me and you know, what to put in the subject line. Shoot me an email and I’ll make sure we get you access to the Dropbox okay.

Kandas: Another thing while you mention that because you have access directly to Larry make sure that you guys ask your questions and things obviously, you know, making sure the script is in the Dropbox is not what I’m talking about, but if you’re having issues with something, make sure that you reach out to the correct person. The 877-LARRY-GO number that we put on here is not for partners to call and ask questions. It’s not for students to call and ask questions. It’s not a customer service number. It’s almost like an order line number. If you wanna register for the event, if you want the Investors Kit, it’s an action line, right. So, if you are calling 877-LARRY-GO there needs to be some type of action you need to do. You won’t get Larry, you won’t get me, you won’t get customer service. It’s gonna be do you want the Investors Kit, do you want to register for the event or things like that. You guys make sure you utilize our other contact information to get your specific questions if you have an issue solve.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: Just want to throw that out there ‘cause Z is being bombarded with stuff that has nothing to do with getting an Investors Kit or registering for the event or anything like that.

Larry: Right. If you are the partners, you have this number right here.

Kandas: And his email.

Larry: And we are in my office right now and you know how to reach me. So, anyway there you have it. What else I’m gonna talk about?

Kandas: Is submit a property site only for North and South Carolina properties only.

Larry: You can submit a property at submitaproperty.com for anything. We’ll take a look at it. We have bought and sold houses in 12 different states, but we focus on the Carolinas, right? So, what else we are gonna talk about?

Kandas: We’ve got the 3-day covered. We got the next partner program covered. We talked about the share.

Larry: Oh, was there another deal of the week? I did another deal I wanted to mention. I mentioned that a minute ago. I had another contract that I wrote up this week that the guy just wanted to walk away with $4,000. He had a little bit of back taxes, he had a couple of lien, judgements and they were like $16,000 to $17,000. But I knew that I wanted to negotiate them down to about 500 or 1,000 a piece. So, the way I wrote up the contract is the purchase price is $4,000 net to the seller and the buyer will take care of all of any back taxes, liens or judgments, right?

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, I wrote it up that way so if I negotiate all those judgments down to $100 then I’m paying $4100 for the house.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: He knew that the liens and judgments were like 18,000 or 19,000 or whatever it was, so in his mind, he is selling the house for $18,000 plus 4 so $22,000. But in my mind I’m buying it for around 5 grand. Right?

Kandas: Right. For whatever we got, yeah, judgments are old, the liens are old, we can get those negotiated down just because of the time frame that it has been since anything has happened on him.

Larry: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. Manny wants to talk about the blood drive. I can’t give blood.

Kandas: We don’t have a blood drive scheduled right now. We did one...

Larry: They won’t let me. I tried.

Kandas: Well, you are a lot better hydrated now than you are last year when you tried to give blood.

Larry: My blood clotted.

Kandas: His body said, no.

Larry: My blood clotted half way through it and they have to throw away the whole half of bag.

Kandas: It wasn’t even halfway through. They started trying to get blood from him when I started giving blood. So I’m lying there, now half the time I was giving blood they were trying to find the vein to get blood from him then they got a little bit out and then they couldn’t get any more. They could not put that back so they just kick them off the bus.

Kandas: They just kick him off the bus. Now, I don’t have another blood drive scheduled for this year yet. Not sure if we are going to do that again or not. Right now I’m trying to get up with the Rock to see how we can help them out. It’s a local community center in Rock Hill, South Carolina that we wanna get involve and do some stuff with. So there may be some interesting news coming up about opportunities for what we are gonna be doing with them and maybe how you guys could join us, help out on the days that we will be there.

Larry: Exactly. Well guys I think that’s it. Please share for an opportunity to win the Real Estate Day Trading and Jump Start course. We will mail it to you. All you got to do is share. We are gonna pick one of the share winners.

Kandas: That’s it.

Larry: That’s it. That simple, $297 value right there. Take it away.

Kandas: Bye guys. We will see you next week.

Larry: Bye guys. Thanks a lot.