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How to Track Your Leads


When doing marketing for your real estate business, it’s really important to know the leads that are coming in so that you can see which ones were converted into actual deals.

In this episode, Larry and Kandas discussed the importance of tracking leads. They also shared several ways you can use to track those leads.


  • Share Sponsor Winner!
  • Deal of the week
  • Why it is important to track your leads
  • Having a separate number for buyer leads seller leads
  • Investing on your marketing
  • Call services
  • Putting the tracking numbers on your phone as a contact record
  • Having numbers for bandit signs
  • Tracking leads from your website
  • Creating a web form in Podio
  • Different options in Podio
  • Difference between implementation and education
  • Partner Program


  • “Whatever your budget is (on marketing), you got to be able to commit to that for 90 days.”
  • “No lead is left behind.”
  • “It's not about pleasing the many but it's about helping the few.”



Kandas: Hello. Welcome to BRAG. Larry is being Larry today.

Larry: What’s happening? What’s happening? Welcome to BRAG, the BRAG Show. I don’t know – we’re gonna have to figure out if we’re gonna call it BRAG Radio or BRAG TV or –

Kandas: BRAG Network.

Larry: Just BRAG. Yeah. Something like that.

Kandas: How about BRAG Network? It could go between radio and –

Larry: Well, it is a podcast audio and video, right, at the same time.

Kandas: So let’s say BRAG Network.

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Kandas: Today, Manny, I have on, since you are the fan of which shirt I have on at that particular show, I have on a cheer mom shirt. We had a basketball game last night. My oldest daughter is a cheerleader for Parkwood Middle School so I am supporting Parkwood Middle. Mothership Monograms actually made the shirt that I have on. So if you guys need any monogram things near in the Carolinas or wherever you are, really, Mothership Monograms is who did the shirt that I have on today.

Larry: Awesome. That’s cool. Ben said he loves the scroll. We use a service called BeLive.tv, B-E-L-I-V-E, dot TV. William Tingle, man, haven’t heard from you in years. I spoke to his REIA group back years ago. Years ago. Down in Macon, Georgia. Macon, Georgia, I believe it was. Look. There’s Mom. What’s up? Mary Ellen Clarke watching live. How you doing? So, this week’s share winner is Pam Bowman, right? Pam Bowman is gonna get a free copy of the Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine. It is the home study course that is based on the book, Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading.

Kandas: Now, Pam, this is digital access to that. So if you will just send an e-mail in to customerservice@larrygoins.com, we’ll be sure to make sure you get access to that digital Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine.

Larry: Awesome, awesome. And I see, based on my phone, we’re already getting a lot of shares so you guys are already sharing. Thank you very much for doing that. We really, really appreciate it. Look, there’s your moms on there too.

Kandas: I see my moms.

Larry: You see my moms.

Kandas: My moms is the office moms who prepared chili beans and grilled cheese for everybody today.

Larry: I know. It was great. It was awesome. Awesome. We’re eating good, right? So, let’s see. “Did Kandas pay the bill?” That was – remember last week you couldn’t get on because you were arguing with our phone service ’cause they couldn’t get our bill right?

Kandas: Yeah, no. We have it. We’re waiting on them to make sure I get the credits they’re gonna establish in writing before we pay anything. Thank you for checking.

Larry: That’s cool. Look at William Tingle’s comment. That’s awesome. I love it. I love it. Alright, so, let’s see. We’re gonna talk about our Deal of the Week. Our Deal of the Week now, we’re still getting a lot of deals, getting a lot of phone calls coming in, we’re taking a lot of calls. I’ve been on the phone pretty much all day. In fact, I just got off the phone with Billy Bob Thornton, I think, from Sling Blade. “You wanna sell my house?”

Kandas: I listened to the voicemail from this guy and just gave him straight over. I didn’t even call him in between the voicemail and Larry. We just went ahead and passed that one right on through.

Larry: What’s funny was as soon as I – I keep my phone on speakerphone when I’m talking to sellers and this guy sounded just like Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade. So, as soon as he hung up, I pulled up on YouTube “Sling Blade Billy Bob Thornton” and I let it play and everybody in the office thought I was still on the phone with this guy.

Kandas: No, we did. I didn’t what he was planning on carrying for Larry but, you know.

Larry: I know, right? “I’ll help you tote that wash if I can.”

Kandas: Can we get to the Deal of the Week please?

Larry: Yeah, let’s talk about the Deal of the Week. The Deal of the Week is two for one, right? We have two houses in Gaffe, South Carolina, that we’re selling for $40,000, two houses for forty grand. Twenty-five grand a piece or forty if you want both of them, and they’re both rented out and they’re bringing in cash flow, good rental properties, so those are the Deal of the Week. You can find out more at investorsrehab.com. Investors, rehab, dot com. Right?

Kandas: Yep. Both of them are up and marketed. They’re ready to go.

Larry: They’re in Gaffe, South Carolina, right? So, next, here’s what we wanna talk about. We wanna talk about how to track leads and I wrote out a few notes right here on tracking leads. So, it’s very important when you’re doing marketing in your real estate business that you can track where your marketing dollars are being spent and either track the leads so you know not only what leads are coming in, but which ones are converting to actual deals, right? So, you wanna know what is your cost per lead and cost per closed deal and all that stuff. And in direct mail, they say you typically wanna generate four to five times what you spent on direct mail as revenue, like if you spend ten grand a month on direct mail, you wanna generate forty, so you want – or forty to fifty, I guess. Anyway, what we do is we track – we have trackable phone numbers, okay? Trackable phone numbers, and if you’re just starting out, guys, it’s very, very important, you wanna have a number for buyer leads and a buyer for seller leads, right? A number for buyer leads and a number for seller leads. Very important. Now, as you grow, you can add more numbers. For example, we have numbers for each “I buy houses” bandit signs ’cause we have multiple “I buy houses” bandit signs. We have a number for “Gabby buys houses” bandit sign. We have a number for “Larry buys houses” bandit signs. We have a number for certain numbers that come in to our marketing on bandit signs. In other words, let’s say you’re gonna hire a bird dog or an apprentice, you can get signs made up with just their number on it, and then when it comes in, you know it’s their lead that they put out the sign and then that way you can pay them on the deal, right? So, that’s very important. And we also have numbers for Craigslist ads. When we post on Craigslist ads that we buy houses, we have a number for that. We have a number for Facebook. We have a number for Connected Investor. One for – ’cause we post properties on Connected Investor. We have one for BiggerPockets. And then we have one for our own website at investorsrehab.com. Can you think of any other buyer numbers that we have or seller numbers, I should say.

Kandas: Seller numbers –

Larry: Look, people are still sharing the video. Thank you, guys. Keep sharing this. That’s awesome.

Kandas: I can’t. I think you went through all of them. The two main ones that are – well, the two sources that mainly get called I would say for sellers are the bandit signs and the postcards. Those are the two – postcards definitely lead and then the bandit signs are the second. And then for the buyers, I would say bandit signs are number one and then –

Larry: Yeah, good.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Awesome, awesome.

Kandas: Yeah. I’m not sure what number two would be. I think the others are a little bit close for a tie for second but definitely bandit signs on buyers are the lead numbers.

Larry: Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool. And, Manny, you’re right, you do need to keep investing your money in marketing. I tell people invest a minimum, minimum, this is a bare minimum, $500 a month on your marketing. When you do a deal, now, invest half of the money you made on that deal in the marketing for the next month, okay? That’s very, very, very important. And Kevin just asked that question that I just now answered. So you must have been typing while I was talking.

Kandas: Typing while talking.

Larry: I know, right? So, but, yeah, at minimum $500, but I encourage people, if you can, spend at least a thousand dollars a month on marketing. And, remember, you’ve gotta make a commitment of at least ninety days. Ninety days. You can’t think, “Oh, I’m gonna mail one week or two weeks and if I don’t get any deals, I’m not gonna finish.” No. Whatever your budget is, you know, you gotta be able to commit to that for ninety days. And if your budget is a thousand dollars a month, that’s $250 a week. You wanna break it down into weekly, right, Kandas?

Kandas: Yep. That’s what we do and, for us, we have certain counties that we mail out each week of the month so they get hit once a month with that postcard. It rotates, I think it’s seven or eight counties, something like that, and they get hit once a month.

Larry: That’s exactly right. Exactly right. Now, let’s get back to the phone numbers. One of the things that we do that I think is really, really cool is with our phone numbers, if you use a service – now, there’s a lot of services out there. There’s CallRail. There’s smrtPhone, S-M-R-T-P-H-O-N-E, dot IO. There’s also Kall8, K-A-L-L, and the number eight. There’s CallFire and several other ones out there. But, anyway, they can set it up, you can set it up in their system where when someone calls one of your marketing numbers, one of your tracking numbers, okay, it can either show the caller ID of the person who called, or it can show the caller ID or the number that they call. So, what I do, what we do is put the tracking number in our phone as a contact record. For example, let’s say we have one that says “North Carolina direct mail.” Or it might even say “North Caroline probate direct mail.” Right? So, you put that number on your phone as “North Carolina Probate” so when somebody calls, it shows the number they called and it pops up on my phone and it says “North Carolina probate direct mail.” So I know the only person that’s calling is calling because they got a postcard about the probate property. So, it enables you to be ready and to know what that person is calling about. Also, so you’re not answering the phone with, you know, other people that you don’t wanna answer the phone with. You know exactly who is calling and you know exactly what it’s about. That’s very, very, very important in my opinion. That’s what we do.

Kandas: And there’s one thing, like there are a few people that I’ve talked to, they get a little perturbed, you know, you ask them for their phone number, “Well, can’t you just take it off of what I – you know, it doesn’t show up for you, blah, blah, blah.” Well, there’s an easy overcome for that. We just let them know that because of privacy laws, the number they called is what shows up for us to protect their rights, so if they would please give it to you to get – if they would please give it to you so that you would be able to reach them back if you guys got disconnected or things like that. Kevin is saying, “Yup! Separate lines for separate sources or a buyer number.” Yep. Multiple buyer numbers, multiple seller numbers depending on the avenues that you guys are using for leads.

Larry: We do, absolutely. And somebody said what is our – the bandit sign placement, what does it say? This is one example of a trackable number right here. We have – these are 12X18, one-sided, with a horizontal flute, right? It’s the horizontal flute. The flutes go this way instead of up and down. And it’s only one-sided and it’s much less expensive than having an 18X24 two-sided, right? Plus you don’t have to put the stand, put it on a stand. However, it is – right now is a great time to go out and get some free stands right after the election.

Kandas: How’d that go for you?

Larry: Not too good.

Kandas: Let’s divert a little bit. Tell the story about your adventure with pulling political signs.

Larry: Oh my gosh. So I was teaching my son how to go out and get signs ’cause – listen, we can buy signs, it’s not a big deal, but –

Kandas: We could. It’s very easy. It’s done all the time.

Larry: It’s actually much cheaper if we did.

Kandas: Now we know.

Larry: It’s much cheaper if we did. So I was teaching my son to go out and to –

Kandas: This is one of his life choices.

Larry: To recycle these signs, right? We’re cleaning up the environment, but we’re gonna put more signs out.

Kandas: Right. More or less you taking the stance. You don’t have to buy them when you buy a sign.

Larry: Right. So we’re throwing the political signs in the Dumpster because, listen, most of the time they’re gone after two or three days, but the ones that linger after about a week –

Kandas: Since they’re not taken down anyway.

Larry: Exactly. So, we’ve gotten about fifty signs off the road and put the signs in the back and put the stands in a box and then what happened was my son got out and grabbed the sign and I was helping him while we were going down the road pull the sign off the stand and we’re going around a curve and I went like this, oh, no, and I hit a curb and it happened to be sticking out about six inches and my tire flattened. I don’t know if you can see this.

Kandas: Not just one tire. Two tires.

Larry: Both of them.

Kandas: Two tires flattened.

Larry: Two flat tires right there. Two flat tires –

Kandas: All for the sake of sign stands.

Larry: So I told my wife and I told Kandas and the other guys, I’m like, “I saved about fifty bucks in stands but I spent $600 on tires,” right?

Kandas: Yeah, ’cause we didn’t just get two. We went ahead and got all four new tires.

Larry: I know. I know. That’s crazy. So, let’s get back to tracking leads, okay?

Kandas: Sure.

Larry: So, it is very important that you put the number in your phone for the caller ID so when somebody calls you know exactly who’s calling and why they’re calling. Now, we also do this on the buy side. We have numbers for our bandit signs ’cause we put out – we have three different kinds of bandit signs we put out to sell properties. Actually four. We have one for owner financing, we have one that says “Foreclosure,” we have one that says “Handyman Special” –

Kandas: That’s my favorite.

Larry: And then we have another – that’s Dan’s favorite too.

Kandas: I love that one.

Larry: And then we have another one that says “Must sell ASAP,” right? “Must sell ASAP,” and then it has a blank space and the phone number, and that’s all. “Must sell ASAP” and then the phone number and in the middle we write like “Three-bedroom, two-bath, brick ranch, 29K cash.” Something like that. So that’s kinda what we do. That’s kinda what we do for that. We also need numbers to track your website for leads that come into your website and other places as well. The other thing you wanna track leads with is when people go to your website and they opt in. if they’re opting in –

Kandas: They opt in. Did you all see that?

Larry: If they opt in at larrybuyshouses.com or gabbybuyshouses.com or investorsrehab.com or neighborhoodhousinggroup.org, that’s our site that we sell owner financing properties. If they opt in at any of those sites, we know based on those leads automatically go into Podio, our CRM, and when they go into Podio, it shows up, it lets us know we’ve got a new contact record and then we convert it to a lead after we’ve talked to them, but everybody that calls a number or goes to a website automatically goes into Podio. We don’t take a chance on anybody entering it into Podio, right?

Kandas: No lead left behind, which was what we were facing when we were having to do manual lead entry was sometimes they would make it in, sometimes they would remain papers on somebody’s desk or sticky note on their, you know, car somewhere, in their car somewhere, so, yeah, every number every time that’s called now goes into Podio. And we’re still tweaking that a little bit.

Larry: We are.

Kandas: Which we have another meeting on Friday morning about our Podio. That is a – I don’t wanna say it’s a constant thing but Podio, our new system is new to us so there’s constant tweaks and things and making sure that we are optimizing our usage of that –

Larry: Exactly.

Kandas: For the numbers that are calling.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. So, the other thing I wanna mention about tracking leads is if you do use Podio, you can create what’s called a web form in Podio. Any page, like contact record, lead, property, whatever it is, you can create a web form, right? It’s really very simple to do. You create a web form and then you can give that to your lead manager, your acquisition manager, your sales guy, your virtual assistant, whoever it is, and they can click on that link, go to that web page, and it’s really just a form from Podio and then whenever they fill all that out, it automatically puts that lead into Podio and they can select different options like who it is, you can have a drop down that says it’s from the lead manager, it’s from this source or that source, and then automatically goes into Podio and creates a task for your acquisition or your sales guy or whoever the followup, right?

Kandas: Or the next department. Yeah, just depending on what information is entered. You can do it, set up by role or you can set it up by department if there’s more than one person that needs to know or you just have a single person in a multi-role like marketing.

Larry: Right, right, right. That’s true. Look at William’s comment – question. Who did we use to set up our Podio? You know what –

Kandas: Which time?

Larry: Yeah. I was gonna say we’ve gone through how many Podios, is it three?

Kandas: Three. This is our third one.

Larry: Three different Podios. At first we had a Podio that we – that Paul Olson who used to work with us. He’s out on his own now. He’s doing phenomenal. I’m really proud of him. He’s doing great.

Kandas: Great guy.

1: He is an awesome guy. If you get a chance to follow him, Paul Olson, he’s on Facebook, he’s on here sometimes too. But anyway, he did it and he did this thing so good and it would do so many things, we couldn’t keep up with it, right? We literally could not keep up with it.

Kandas: It was – no. It was – it was – convoluted is not the word ’cause that’s kind of negative.

Larry: It was very detailed.

Kandas: Very detailed.

Larry: I mean, you can push one button and it would do three or four or five things in the background.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Right? But the problem was getting people to go click those buttons, right?

Kandas: ’Cause they were in a bunch of different places. Yeah.

Larry: To make everything happen. Right, right. So, the second time around, we created a system. We hired some guys from up north and they came here to the office. He spent a whole week with us, right?

Kandas: A week, yeah.

Larry: And this is when we were primarily doing HUD and MLS before we needed the market for off-market properties so they came in and they spent an entire week and every time we would meet, I would say, “Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple.” So they named it Simple Podio, right? And it really was simple. It really was simple. Didn’t have, you know, followups. It didn’t have a lot of stuff on it, and it was primarily just for us to keep track of our deals that are under contract through closing because 98 percent of our deals ish were from HUD and the MLS.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, when the market turned enough that where we had to start doing off-market properties to keep up the volume, then we had to redo the system again. And we hired a company out of Canada, actually, or out of the UK, I can’t remember. UK, I think. But they have people in the UK and Canada. We’ve been working with them how many months now?

Kandas: I think we got started – seems like we got started in, August? No.

Larry: I don’t know, but they totally redid it –

Kandas: Maybe June, July, something like that.

Larry: They did a totally new system. Totally new system, brand new.

Kandas: From scratch.

Larry: From scratch and we told them what we wanted and we’ve been meeting with them like every, what, couple of weeks or so?

Kandas: Every other week about, yeah.

Larry: And we’ve got a meeting with them this Friday and we turned over to the new system and we’re using it and I really like it. There’s a few tweaks we need to make in it but that’s the thing about – if you’re gonna have a custom system, right, or any system as far as that goes, you need to tweak it a little bit. That’s the thing I like about Podio is you can adjust it and tweak it and change it as needed, right? It’s very, very important. Now, there are some Podio systems that are just out of the box.

Kandas: No, and if you’re new, there’s some lite versions of Podio that would probably suffice for what you need. You don’t need a system as extensive as ours initially with followup campaigns and text blasting capabilities and all of this stuff, interchanging between roles and talking in different departments and different things like that. You just need something like what we needed with the simple version to just keep up with your properties and keep up with your buyers and your sellers. So don’t let it get overwhelming. There’s a ton of different options with Podio but I don’t think that it would be necessary for anybody that’s just starting out to have to start from scratch like what we have. We had very specific things that we needed to make sure we had and we couldn’t find a box version that was going to do all of those things without costing us extra to have it tweaked anyway.

Larry: Right, right.

Kandas: So, it was better and easier for us to just start over.

Larry: And by having your own Podio system, it’s gonna cost you more on the front end, I’m gonna tell you that. It’s gonna take a longer period of time and it’s gonna cost you more but if you’re doing the kind of volume we’re doing and doing the amount of marketing that we’re doing, you’re better off to have a customized system because if you with an out-of-the-box system, not only are you locked in to their box, right, most of it is not really customizable, but also they’re making money on the servicing as well.

Kandas: Right, the monthly.

Larry: The monthly fee. You know, they’re gonna charge you $97 or $197. I know ’cause we used to sell Podio. We used to sell our simple Podio system, right? But they’re gonna make money on the monthly but if you have just a – you get your own Podio, it’s gonna cost you more up front and it’s gonna take longer but it’s gonna cost you less monthly and you’ll be able to totally customize it.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: But there are services out there that do a great, great job of having an out-of-the-box system, and if you’re just getting started, I think that’s fine to do that, right? Don’t you agree?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome.

Kandas: It can be very easy to get overwhelmed with Podio.

Larry: That’s so true. That is so true. So I wanted to mention our Partner Program. Just last week, we had, was it twenty-three people here?

Kandas: Yeah. It was twenty-three, twenty-four.

Larry: We had twenty-three people in our office that were implementing their own business.

Kandas: Now, there’s a huge difference, guys, between implementing – or implementation and education.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: What we do in our three-day events is give full-fledged content education.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: Larry goes through three full days of education and we have – the next one of those that we have coming up is actually in 2019. Are finished for the year with our three days for 2018. The next one is 2019 and it will be in February, I’m pretty sure, is when the first one is.

Larry: Charlotte.

Kandas: And it will be in Charlotte. You guys know, we’ve told you too, that we’re not traveling anymore so all of our three days next year and there’s only four, so if you are wanting to get education, make sure that you get registered for the February event with our team and with Larry for three days to come in and get that education. What he’s talking about now when the students were here in our office in Lake Wylie was implementation. Huge difference.

Larry: That’s true. That is true. The Partner Program is a program where, I guess you can maybe call it like a coaching or a mentoring program but I’m gonna work with you to get you your first or next three deals ASAP. My goal is to get you three deals in ninety days, right? That’s my goal.

Kandas: And he said “first or next” and I want to emphasize on the “or next” because we have people that come in to our office that had been doing real estate for years, already have their own post-sale business set up, already have their own realty company set up and they’re doing great but they want to either add another avenue of income, they want to stay in the know about how things are done –

Larry: Or scale.

Kandas: Or scale to another level. Now, we have scaled back but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know how to keep it or scale up the way that it was before. That’s just simply not what we want anymore, but there were people here in this room last week from all calibers. There was a guy here that had his own post-sale company and was doing very well with it, but Larry is still able to give him tricks of the trade that we do, things that he had not thought about doing, and when you get into – I don’t wanna say a rut but when you get into a way of business, it’s easy to just do what works without thinking about things that could be improved.

Larry: Right. Right. That’s a really good point. That’s a good way to put it. And as Kandas mentioned, we scaled back. We had – at one time, we had twenty-six employees, right? That’s a lot to oversee and a lot to manage and we have decided, based on our personal visions, my family’s personal vision, Kandas’s family’s personal vision, that we didn’t want to travel anymore, we didn’t wanna be away from our families, and we also didn’t want to have a huge organization with a lot of overhead that I had to oversee and manage and have to worry about, you know, the overhead every week, right? So we decided to scale back. It doesn’t mean – you know, the cool thing is, it doesn’t mean we’re doing less deals. We’re actually doing more deals than we were.

Kandas: We are doing more deals. We’re doing – we’re getting back to a volume that we had probably three years ago, three to four years ago, and it’s a much smaller team but it just kind of goes to show that whenever you take your focus off of something, something’s got to give and that’s what we did. We took our focus off of the real estate company and we had it on our education company, which is not to say that’s not important at all, but the way that we’ve been able to simplify has helped us better focus on both at one time because each division is now only doing one thing. Education division is on the Partner Program, the implementation of making sure to get your first or your next three deals and the real estate division is focused on buying properties. Buying and selling properties all day. Makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Larry: That’s true. That’s true. So, our next event coming up in my office for our partners, and I think we have four seats left available for partners where we are gonna actually partner on deals, my portion goes to charity, okay? But I work with you, I’ll coach you, I’ll mentor you, I’ll help you, guide you, direct you, and you come here and spend three days in my office and we’re gonna get your business up and running. We’re gonna get everything set up. We’re gonna get your direct mail going, we’re gonna get your ads going, we’re gonna get everything going, so when you get home, your phone starts ringing off the hook, and then I’m gonna help coach you and walk you through those deals to get three deals under your belt. My goal is to get you three deals in ninety days so if you like to apply, we have four available seats right now.

Kandas: For January, yep.

Larry: Yeah. Go to larrygoins.com/apply, larrygoins.com/apply, and you can apply and we’ll get on the phone, one of my team members and I and you guys will get on the phone and we’ll, you know, we’ll see if it’s a good fit. If it’s a good fit, great. If not, no problem at all. No big deal at all. May not be a good fit for you or it may not be a good fit for us, right?

Kandas: Yeah, and we walk away friends. It’s not about pleasing the many, it’s about helping the few. So, that’s where we wanna focus. We definitely wanna make sure that we are impacting people’s lives and that they are gonna get out of the program what they need to get out of it to create generational wealth.

Larry: Right, right. Look, Mary’s on. Hey, Mary. What’s up? So, what else do we need to talk about, Kandas? Is that it?

Kandas: I think that’s pretty much it. We went through the Deal of the Week. You did the share sponsor. We gave them the 877-LARRYGO if you wanna get your investors kit. If you don’t have that yet, make sure you call 877-LARRYGO and Zenobia can get that access sent out to you.

Larry: Look, Manny is a drummer. He’s bringing his drums so we can jam. Yeah, baby.

Kandas: He’s got guitars all over the place in here.

Larry: I do. I do. I got a guitar hanging on the wall right over there. So, let’s see. What else do we need to talk about? Is that it? Did we ever say what we’re giving away for the share sponsor this week?

Kandas: No, and they just started sharing, so maybe it doesn’t even matter what we’re gonna give away. They just know we’re gonna give away something.

Larry: Oh. What about Hard Money Millions?

Kandas: Ooh, that’s interesting.

Larry: We have a course. We don’t really talk about it much.

Kandas: We could do that.

Larry: We don’t talk about it a lot. It’s called Hard Money Millions. It’s all about how to get broker and be a hard money lender, just like we do. We do hard money lending. My wife, Pam, who’s on here, she does hard money lending in the Carolinas and we show you how to get hard money, how to broker hard money, you know, where you get somebody else to put up the money and you make the points, or just how to be your own lender and you get the points and the interest, right? So, the share sponsor winner for next week will get a free copy of Hard Money Millions –

Kandas: It will be digital.

Larry: It will be digital but we sell it for $1,500, $1,497. And you’ll get it absolutely free so share this video right now. Anything else?

Kandas: I think that’s it.

Larry: That’s it. So we’ll be talking, what, next Wednesday? Awesome.

Kandas: Two o’clock.

Larry: So, thank you, guys, for your feedback. We really do appreciate it. Thank you so much for watching. Thank you for listening. We really, really, really appreciate it, and thanks again. Appreciate it, guys. Have a great week.

Kandas: Bye, guys.

Larry: Buh-bye.