Best REI Links – InvestorPalooza Prep

In case you don’t know, InvestorPalooza is getting ready to go down!  We will be in Dallas September 19-21.  We have a ton of speakers, and its going to be a blast.  Call the office at 803-831-2858 to make sure you get your tickets.  At the time of writing, we only had a few seats left.  So call now! Getting ready for this awesome event means the office is filled with a different kind of Read More

Best REI Links Make Hay While The Sun Shines

There are a lot of old sayings about preparation.  Make hay while the sun shines is one of my favorite.  By the lake we don’t have so much hay to work with, but thankfully that is a metaphor and not something I have to make my kids do during the summer.  With the warm weather coming to a close and autumn just around the corner, I often think about what’s coming in the future.  Both Read More

Best REI Links – For The New Guy

This one goes out to the new guy.  We’ve been talking in the office about how to make it easier to get into Real Estate Investing.  I’ve been investing for decades, so I sometimes forget what its like to be new in this market.  Especially at this time in Real Estate.  One of the big things that I hear is that “Real Estate is so complicated, I don’t know where to begin”.  I’m hoping to Read More

Best REI Links – Real Estate Investment

I normally keep these weekly posts pretty focused on the topic of Real Estate Investment.  Or at least, I try.  But this will be a noted exception.  If you don’t already know about our Investorpalooza, then you’re missing out on the most jam packed conference for Real Estate Investing.  This is not to be missed.  With speakers like Julie Ziglar Norman, Bill Twyfod, Chris Johnson, and a host of others, you’ll be hard pressed to Read More

Best REI Links 8/15

These links are the best in Real Estate Investing for this week. We’re always on the cusp of new and exciting things here at The Goins Group.  Sometimes that means new techniques, other times new technologies, and sometimes its something that can’t quite be described because of how unique it is.  In the next few weeks we will be debuting several new and exciting things that will help take your Real Estate Investing to a Read More

Best REI Links 8-8

Woohoo!  Finally Friday!  I hope everyone has been enjoying these links and posts.  It’s been a busy week here at The Goins Group.  We’ve been prepping and shipping out copies of my new report on the Dodd-Frank Bill.  If you’re involved in seller financing or looking to get involved, you really can’t afford to miss out.  The consequences of not being in compliance range from fines, all the way to jailtime.  So get your free Read More

Zillow/Trulia merger and you

Ummm….What?  That was my first reaction to the big news that came out yesterday from the Real Estate Investment community giants.  Zillow will be purchasing Trulia for 3.5 billion in stock.  Let me repeat that.  3.5 BILLION DOLLARS.  This could be the biggest merger in the history of Real Estate Investment. My first thought when I heard this was the consquences.  Was this just a simple buyout?  Are they looking to start some kind of Read More

Best REI Links 8-1

Growth can be scary.  Venturing into unknown territory is not something for the faint of heart.  This week has seen a lot of shakeups in the Real Estate market.  From the Zillow/Trulia merger (see my article on that here) to the buyout of Family Dollar, we are starting to see some big changes on the horizon.  But this is just the beginning.  We have no idea what the long term ramifications are, but I’d like Read More

Best REI Links 7-25

As always, here are some of the best links in Real Estate Investment. Its been a busy week here at The Goins Group. In addition to all of the information, education, investment, rehab, and other projects we have going on, I had to do a lot of travel as well. Now, I hardly ever turn down the opportunity to tell people how they can start a Real Estate Empire. I’m actually on the road right Read More

Best REI Links July 18

Oh man, this week has been incredible. I’ve had some of my Inner Circle students in the office this week, which is always a treat.  These are folks who are ON FIRE to make some deals.  They are hungry, and their hunger translates into an exciting energy in the office.  When we have students here, everyone works twice as hard so that we can show them that hard work, works.  I often say, the only Read More