Sallie & Freddie Get Kicked in The Fannie!

Sallie & Freddie Get Kicked in The Fannie! There is a lot of talk these day about the Federal interest rates. Are they going up, are they going down, what will happen next? A lot of investors are wondering, distracted and some just waiting for the market to “cool” down before they get in. But the opposite is true! Now is the best time, especially with this strategy that I am about to share with Read More

Where To Find Filthy Riches Homes?

Larry Goins here and I have spent years perfecting my Filthy Riches model to real estate. If you haven’t heard about my Filthy Riches model, it is all about making more money on a run down $5,000 – $10,000 house no one else wants than most investors make on a $100,000 house…Guaranteed! Yes, believe it or not, you can pick up a great deal on a $5,000 – $10,000 house and sell it for 3-6 Read More

Are you in over your head?

This student stumped me… Recently, I finished speaking to a room of Real Estate Investors. Normally, I have a few investors that come up to me asking for additional questions and I share with them answers and tips on how to build their Real Estate business with the strategies that I teach. But this time was completely different… I didn’t know how to respond at first because of her tone of voice, I was taken Read More

Who is Larry Goins? An Insider’s Perspective

You might have wondered who is the real Larry Goins? Not the Larry Goins that speaks from the stage on Real Estate Investing but the REAL Larry Goins. The man that family and co-workers see on a daily basis.

As Larry’s right hand “man” for most of the last 12 years, I thought I knew him pretty well until a few weeks ago. What happened a few weeks ago? Well, I detached myself from my job and became the student. I immersed myself in one of our Inner Circle programs and went through the entire week as a full on student. I gotta say….it was surprisingly enlightening. I saw for the first time through a different set of eyes. I saw his passion for teaching in all its glory.

It got me thinking. How did I miss this for so long? How do others here in the office see him? Had I been so immersed in the day to day business “to do” lists that I failed to see what he was actually contributing to the world? Had I really got

What Can A Real Estate Investing Mentor Do For Me?

You Want Me to Mentor You? When I was younger I used to think that having a coach or mentor was something only for athletes and the rich and famous. I also used to think that having a coach or mentor was a total waste of time and was for people who had no self discipline. After all, let’s face it, how many regular people do you know that have a coach or mentor in Read More

Tips for the new investor

Tips for the New Investor

Buying a house is one of the biggest and scariest purchases most people will ever make. For a new investor, buying a house can be ten times scarier! There are obvious reasons for the anxiety, like the rehab cost being more than anticipated, the after repair value being less than anticipated, and the list goes on.  Here are three things a new investor should do before they begin making offers: 1. Know your Market! You have to Read More

Should You Flip This House? Real Estate Audio by Larry Goins

Should You Flip This House?

Is real estate investing for me? There are many TV shows that show investors making a ton of money flipping houses and it all looks like fun and games but “Should You Flip This House”. In fact that is the title of a recent audio training that Larry Goins just recorded. It reveals the good the bad and the ugly of house flipping. And it is not always “as seen on TV”. There are risks Read More

Top 5 Mistakes Newbie Real Estate Investors Make

Every investor was at one time a newbie real estate investor, someone who is just stepping out into the world of real estate. Mistakes are made by each of them, some of them detrimental, some of them not so detrimental, and all of them lessons to learn in order to be successful in this rewarding career. Here are the top 5 mistakes that newbie real estate investors make: 1. Under-estimating the Market Most newbie real Read More

When is the Right Time to Hire a Real Estate Coach

Not Just for the Rich and Famous Whether you are a new investor looking to get started in real estate, or an experienced investor that is looking to add to their business portfolio, you might be in the market for a real estate coach. In every business a mentor is very crucial. Someone who is where you want to be, and has done what you want to do. They give you sound advice regarding your Read More

Negotiating Win Win Transactions in Real Estate Investing

Negotiating win win transactions is a very important part of becoming a successful investor. You can’t negotiate with properties. You have to negotiate with people. Remember that people do business with people they like and trust, so it is important to always be respectful to people and treat people the way you want to be treated. When you become a real estate investor you’ll come into contact with all kinds of people, and in all Read More