Real Estate Business – How to Get Started

When you begin your journey as a real estate investor, what you are really doing is starting a real estate business. Let that sink in a moment. You are starting your own real estate business. Does that fill you with excitement? Fear? Nervousness? Probably all of the above, but the only way to find success is to get out of your comfort zone, because that is where you will find true growth. It’s Your Real Read More

Software for Systems

In this video, Larry and Paul Olson from Investors Rehab talk about systems and the software they use to implement them.  Whether it is for finding properties, analyzing properties, bidding, buying or selling, Paul has a system for it.  And those systems power the business, making us both more productive and efficient. Paul uses a variety of software to “systemize” the business, and in this video he’ll give you the details on how he uses Read More

Three Biggest Obstacles Part 1 – Time

The three biggest obstacles facing new investors.  The first and biggest is time.  In this teleconference, Larry and Randolph Cunningham talk about how you can overcome the time obstacle.     See the other biggest obstacles for real estate investors: Part 2 – Money Part 3 – Fear Part 4 – Q and A

Help! When to Hire to Get the Job Done

Let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere at every time. Although the Filthy Riches premise affords you the luxury of buying and selling properties without ever having to leave your office, your business is likely going to get so busy you’ll need to get help to get the job done. There are two ways you can do this: hiring someone locally or outsourcing tasks as they come up. But who is the best man or Read More

Beware Of Cash Back

I love the real estate investment industry. Everyday, I learn new and interesting ways to structure deals that are fair to all parties and allow all parties to make the money they need to make. Attending meetings offered through your REIA are great ways to learn what others are doing and how those deals can be structured to work for you. Unfortunately, as in every industry there are a few bad apples that can throw Read More

Three Proven Tactics for Raising Finances to Buy Property

So, you’ve looked over the Filthy Riches concept and you’re ready to get going on your first property purchase. I know what you’re thinking: if I had the money at my disposal, I wouldn’t want to be looking into making money! The thing is, though, raising the funding for your first property deal is not only easy, it’s one of the easiest parts of the whole Filthy Riches program. Don’t forget, we’re not talking about Read More

E-communication: How to Use Email in Your Business

Everybody uses email. Not too many years ago, email was such a new phenomenon that only the most “advanced” companies used it. Now, it’s one of the most frequently used forms of communication, replacing hard written letters in many instances. For businesses, it’s an invaluable way of tracking and documenting conversations. With smart phones, we can send and receive emails anywhere: on a plane, at home or on vacation in Bermuda (although I truly hope Read More

Larry with one of his real estate students

Foreclosure Training

There are good numbers of foreclosure specialists. They are real estate agents with expertise in facilitating the foreclosure process. They often assist lien holders in the liquidation of property either auction or direct sale and collecting a commission in the process. There are several classes that offer foreclosure specialist certification and typically provide training on how to conduct foreclosure deals with major lien holders. Each bank and lender has a different procedure for foreclosing on Read More

Understanding Leverage and Return on Investment (ROI)

One of the most common advantages of real estate investing is the financial leverages that can give a return on investment. The sale of investment property is a highly competitive; you have a little product to sale with too many brokers and a good supply of buyers and a few real estate sellers. It is because stakes are high and real estate is a high-performing asset. The leverage appreciation of the asset value is a Read More

Hiring Others to Buy and Sell Houses for You

In developing my systems, I have always tried to think of things from the next level and being able to take myself out of the process. For example: If I am the only one identifying, making offers, contracting, buying and selling houses, then there are only a certain number of houses that I can buy, right? Every time I would run into a task or challenge, I would figure out a way to automate or Read More