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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Marketing For Sellers


In today's show, Larry and Kandas talked about some things from Larry's book, “Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading.” They went over some of the ways to market that’s mentioned in the book. In the book, there were 76 ways to find deals and they shared some of those in this episode.


  • What's in the book
  • Some marketing ideas:
  • - Vehicle signs
  • - Billboards
  • - Door hangers
  • - Promotional items
  • - Bus benches
  • Joining your local Real Estate Investors Association
  • Coop marketing
  • The amount they spend on marketing
  • 3-day Partner Program
  • 3-day Training


  • "In today's market, it's much better to find off market properties.”
  • "Spend money on marketing.”



Larry: Hello, hello, hello. Manny is already on the lab. What’s up, buddy? How are you doing? Pink Floyd in the house. One of these days I’m going to wear my Pink Floyd shirt and it’s a picture of Floyd the Barber in pink.

Kandas: Why would you ruin the surprise?

Larry: I know, right? I shouldn’t have said anything. So, guys, please share this video. We thank you for watching. Welcome to Brag TV. We’re all about being rich and generous, helping people invest in real estate and go out there and be generous and help others. Right, Kandas?

Kandas: That’s right, Larry.

Larry: That’s good. So, Kandas, what are we going to talk about today? Do we have some housekeeping stuff first?

Kandas: Well, you have a share partner from last week.

Larry: I don’t. We didn’t talk about that. We didn’t offer.

Kandas: We didn’t even offer share partner last time. We need to offer that today.

Larry: We’ll here’s what we’re going to do. We’ve got now to share… Look, William Tingle is here. What’s up, buddy? How you’ve been? The man, the legend, and the myth, live in the house. He’s probably sitting on a beach somewhere holding a drink in his hand, right? That’s awesome. All his Facebook posts are like him looking out his window over at the beach.

Kandas: Oh nice.

Larry: It’s awesome. I love it. So, today’s share prize that you can win...

Kandas: Next week.

Larry: Next week… is share this video today.

Kandas: Hey Cristina. We’ll see you soon.

Larry: Hey what’s up? We’re going to see you next week. Share this video and if you’re one of the… we used to get about 15 or 20 shares or something like that.

Kandas: Something like that.

Larry: So you’ve got a really, really great chance of winning. This is The Real Estate Day Training - a Jumpstart, includes two free tickets to come see Larry wherever it is right there.

Kandas: Here because we don’t travel anymore.

Larry: You can come to Charlotte, North Carolina and see us, right? The Real Estate Day Training - a Jumpstart, $297 and there’s a manual, some CDs, DVDs, and stuff inside. Share this video now. There’s Zack, cousin Zack. What’s up, buddy? How are you doing? Also, we want to share that or want to tell you… tell them about what they can do and what they get.

Kandas: What? With the investor’s kit?

Larry: Yeah.

Kandas: Well now that Z is back in the country, if you hadn’t called and got your investor’s kit, she’ll be happy to answer the phone and get that out to you. It’s got a couple of Larry’s books, the HUD Homes Half Off, Getting Started in Real Estate Day Training, some links to our trainings for Filthy Riches model, The Real Estate Day Training model, some asset protection stuff, kind of whatever we feel is going to be beneficial we throw in there. There may be some things that I haven’t mentioned that are in there now.

Larry: You get this. This book.

Kandas: The digital version.

Larry: The digital version of this book, right.

Kandas: There may be some stuff in there now that I’m not listing just because we throw stuff in whenever we felt like it will be beneficial to you. Give her a call 877-LARRYGO. 877-LARRYGO.

Larry: That’s great. Now, today’s show, what I wanted to talk about, I wanted to pull a few things from this book right here. Okay? This is is my flagship book right here. It’s the first book I ever wrote. Getting Started in Real Estate Day Training and it has been updated. There, right there.

Kandas: Somewhere I said that.

Larry: That’s the new revised edition, right? So, it has been updated for today’s market.

Kandas: Manny, if you want a kit, call the number.

Larry: Call it 877-LARRYGO.

Kandas: She is Indian but she is not outsourced. She is here.

Larry: She is our outsourced Indian down the hall.

Kandas: Three doors down.

Larry: Three doors down. This really is if I say so myself.

Kandas: And you know he must.

Larry: A great book. A great book. I’ve had many, many, many other speaker, guru, trainers come and tell me that this book helped them get started. I did the first issue back in 2009.

Kandas: I want to point something out that there is not a picture of your face anywhere on this book and that is abnormal for anything that we produced.

Larry: It is.

Kandas: You should get it as a collector’s item just for that because this is probably the only thing that we have right now that is distributed that does not have your face on it.

Larry: It didn’t have my face on it, right? I never thought about that. We might have to update that cover.

Kandas: We just updated the cover.

Larry: We just updated the cover with the gold seal, right, that the book is new revised edition. So, there’s a tremendous amount of information in here. I’ve had many people tell me there’s more information in this book than they’ve got in home study courses that they’ve paid over a thousand dollars for. There’s chapter one, like click a mouse, sell a house. How to do business by phone, email, and internet. Easiest way to find deals. We’re going to go over some of those in the minute. Instant property analysis to analyze the deal in two seconds flat. Using the internet to build a database of motivated buyers. How to find motivated sellers, is what we’re going to go over here in a minute. Secrets of day funding, how to get the money to fund your deals if you’re buying them off at HUD or MLS.

Kandas: I want you guys to think about something. If all of these is covered just in a book, think about what’s in the home study courses. Not to mention what’s actually gone over and implemented during the partner program days.

Larry: That’s true. That’s true when you come here. Negotiating scripts and tips for getting your offers accepted. One call close grips. What else? Assemble your virtual dream team.

Kandas: See, John has it. He says, great book. There you go.

Larry: Awesome. Thank you.

Kandas: John says it. That’s enough. You guys call and get yours.

Larry: John says it, get it. Look, I’m not even selling it. I’m giving it away. I can’t believe I’m doing that.

Kandas: We should have thought that through more. We could have given a digital link for them to buy it. What’s done is done. Can’t unring the bell.

Larry: That’s true. So, just call 877-LARRYGO and you’ll get it for free. Right, Kevin? It’s one of the first books. You mean, you didn’t…

Kandas: Kevin, how old are you?

Larry: It’s one of the first books I gave my daughter when she was four. Okay?

Kandas: How about we restructure that statement to say it’s one of the first books I wanted to rate because hopefully you’ve had to rate that one.

Larry: Look, there’s mom. Hey mom. What’s up? How are you doing? So yeah, there’s just a ton of stuff here. Kevin, it is a chapter book, okay? So it won’t take you a little bit longer to read than one with all pictures. I wanted to do today is go over some of the ways to market. Now, in this book. There’s about 76.

Kandas: Good job, John. We’ll see you in a few weeks.

Larry: Awesome, awesome. I’m excited about that. So, in this book, there’s about 76 ways to find deals, okay? It goes into detail on direct mail and bandesigns and keep attracting your bandesigns, hiring boots on the ground people, all that stuff, hiring what I also call sign jockeys, right?

Kandas: The Rhino Book. We didn’t write the Rhino Book, Manny.

Larry: No, the Rhino Book is Scott Alexander but I do recommend it. Rhinoceros Success, right? We talk about what type of business cards to get. There’s direct mail, postcard samples in here.

Kandas: Are you sure you’re not selling the book?

Larry: I’m just going to read it, okay?

Kandas: You can read. So what we’re going… alright our next podcast is going to be story time with Pappy G, and I’m going to put him in a rocking chair with a blanket and hand him a book.

Larry: Story time with Pap.

Kandas: Then it will be one chapter a week.

Larry: I like G Daddy better. Story time with G Daddy.

Kandas: You know how kids, how people say that kids will give grandparents the name that they want to call them or whatnot. That’s not always true.

Larry: That’s not true.

Kandas: No. Especially when you have a Kandas.

Larry: Kandas had said Pappy, what was it? Pappy G for long enough to wear a sock.

Kandas: It’s stuck.

Larry: I couldn’t decide if I was going to say took or sock.

Kandas: So that his crank is she’s Happy G.

Larry: That’s right although I want them to call me G Daddy.

Kandas: No.

Larry: Right? Okay. I want to go over a few things here for marketing to help you guys out, okay? So, vehicle signs. Everybody should have a sign on your vehicle. Alright? You should have a sign. If you order your bandesigns through who we get them from, they’ll give you a free vehicle sign to go with it. We get ours from bandesigns.com. Call up and talk to Jacky. Let’s see, billboards. Homevestors, they use billboards all the time like the houses people, but there’s a guy in our area that puts up a sign that says, “we buy pretty houses too.” Right? Door hangers. Here’s something and not a lot of people think about this. Door hangers. You have this little door hangers or posted notes that say, “I’ll buy houses cash.” and then you hire somebody to go and put them out in the doors in the neighborhoods. Now, here’s a little trick. There’s actually services and we talk about it in here. There’s services that you can hire and you give them the zip code and they will go out and put your door hangers out for you.

Kandas: Blanket that zip code.

Larry: Blanket the whole zip code for just pennies each. Right? Also promotional items. You should always have promotional items, pens, whatever it is, calendars, other stuff like that, that people can have and keep around, magnets and stuff like that. We have magnets that say,” Gabby buys houses” on them just because we own the domain, gabbybuyshouses.com. We have this little business card-size magnets. Everytime I go to the drive thru at the bank. I hope the bank is not watching. Everytime I go to the service station, I stick them on the gas pumps, right? I really do.

Kandas: I can tell you it gets going.

Larry: They do get going, and we get calls.

Kandas: I don’t know if it’s the gas station people like that work there that take them off but our gas station that I stop by down here is almost always out of them.

Larry: Yeah, there’s bus benches.

Kandas: Bus what?

Larry: Benches. Let me clarify that. There’s bus benches. I know a guy up in South Bend, he bought the ad space for every bus bench in the city of South Bend. On one side it says, ‘I’ll buy houses any condition cash” and on the other side, it says “We have newly remodeled homes for sell or for rent.” Right? Kenny Culver in the house. What’s up?

Kandas: Hey Kenny.

Larry: That’s what I’m missing. Magnets.

Kandas: You need to get yourself some bus benches. Get some magnets and some bus benches.

Larry: Kenny’s got some bus benches now. Okay. You also need to join your local real estate investors association. If there’s not one in your area, start a meet-up. It could be an investors association, associated with national REIA. It can also be just a meetup group. Now, there’s a lot of online places as well like Zillow and Realtor.com and that sort of thing. Right now in today’s market, it’s much, much better to find off market properties. Much better to find off market properties.

Kandas: In our experience.

Larry: I mean listen. It’s difficult to… thanks Kenny. It’s difficult to find deals online right now, right? It’s difficult to find MLS properties, HUD properties. So you’ve got to go out there and you’ve got to market. We’ve put out bandesigns. We do direct mail. You need to put flyers out. You can put them out at restaurants and other small businesses. Have your own business cards. There’s just so many. There’s coop marketing. One of the things that I did when I got started years and years and years ago, I would find somebody like a local business that wanted to market to homeowners, like maybe a roofing company, an insurance company or something like that and I will send out a postcard but I would sell them Ad space on that postcard. I would get them to pay for my Ad space so I’d put their company information on one side and on the other side, I’d buy houses. any condition. anywhere. cash. Right? Then we would mail that out but my coop partner, they actually paid for all my marketing, right? Now, you’re not going to get as big of a response because some people are going to be interested in the roofing or insurance or car repair of whatever, and then some may be interested in selling their house, however you are going to still get some lease and it’s free marketing. Right there, free marketing. Right now, guys in today’s market. You have got to spend money on marketing. You’ve got to spend money on marketing, right? We spend about eight grand a month on marketing.

Kandas: Eight to ten.

Larry: Yeah, something like that. You advertise on the back of the Wells-Fargo Pony Express. That’s how long I’ve been around, Kenny. That’s how long I’ve been around. That’s hilarious. I love it.

Kandas: Original marketer. You know how they have original gangsters. He’s just one of the original marketers.

Larry: I’m not the OG. I’m the OM.

Kandas: The OM, yeah. Number love for you.

Larry: Number love for you, right? Oh man. I miss Kenny. Anyway, that’s a lot of really good marketing ideas right there for you, 500 a month minimum. Manny, you need to spend more than that.

Kandas: Even just getting started. It’s going to take more.

Larry: Right now, we tell people a thousand dollars a month because this is going to take you a little bit of a pipeline to get there, right? So we’re telling people a thousand dollars a month. The less competitive it gets, the easier it is to get deals and spend 500 a month versus a thousand; but right now with as competitive as it is, I’d tell people a thousand dollars a month. Right, Kandas?

Kandas: That’s right, Larry.

Larry: So, we’ve got an event coming up where some people are coming to our office for a few days, right?

Kandas: They are and it’s actually over my birthday week. Like there are some people that celebrate, some people don’t celebrate their birthdays, some people celebrate for a day, my birthday is typically celebrated for about a week at a time.

Larry: Just by her.

Kandas: ... a year. That’s my treat. So, I say all that to say that I’m really excited for this year because we’ll have partners in-house over my birthday so at the end of the month, we have Wednesday… monday, we have 19 spots filled, like completely sold, right? Ain’t that right or no?

Larry: For our three day?

Kandas: For the three day? No I think It’s on the three day.

Larry: Here. Partner.

Kandas: Partner.

Larry: We have actually 25 seats but 19 are paying it full. It’s first come, first serve.

Kandas: Those are solid.

Larry: For those people who are partnering with us, you come here for three days and we help you spend your month marketing money, right?

Kandas: Ain’t that the event we were talking about or are we talking about other day?

Larry: I think. We’re talking about the partner program.

Kandas: So, it’s January. It’s at the end of the month. You guys can give a call into the office and ask some more questions about that.

Larry: ...or go that website.

Kandas: Go to LarryGoins.com/apply and that will get the ball rolling for everything, then you’ll get that call instead of having to call. It’s all about making the phone ring, right?

Larry: There you go. Get it done. So guys, please share this video. We really appreciate it if you would and you will win the real estate day training and jumpstart with my picture on it right here and you get two free tickets to see us live. Live action in person.

Kandas: In Charlotte.

Larry: In Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kandas: ...because we don’t go anywhere else now.

Larry: So, where’s your mom? How come your mom is not over here?

Kandas: She is staying right there.

Larry: I know.

Kandas: She doesn’t watch me. She doesn’t watch us.

Larry: Sometimes she does.

Kandas: She is walking around the office.

Larry: Alright, guys. Is there anything else we need to do before we go?

Kandas: Yes, we also have a three-day… not to confuse you with the three-day partner program, but we have a three-day training that we’re going to do in Charlotte. That is what the thing is for referencing. That is going to be in February. If you guys want to get registered for that, go on over to LarryGoinsLive.com. Thank you for putting that up. LarryGoinsLive.com and get registered for that. It’s a $97 seat fee. You’ll get that back if you don’t want the powerpoint slides after the event. So, go over there and check out the details on that because that event will sell out super quick as well.

Larry: That event usually has about 75 to 100 people at that event and it’s in Charlotte, really nice hotel.

Kandas: That’s why I call those events the Orientation events. They’re deeper than an orientation.

Larry: General assembly is what you used to call it.

Kandas: General assembly, yeah. It goes over everything. There’s so much covered at those three-day events. It’s not like the partner program where there’s implementation. The three-day event is education so if that’s what you need, make sure you go over and get registered for that.

Larry: It’s also a good way to get to know us, get to meet us, and hang out for three days and learn.

Kandas: If after you watch us on Brag you think that you can tolerate that for three days, because it is the same.

Larry: Well it’s actually… you know you mentioned about $97 seat reservation and they get that back unless they want to keep the slides. Guys, at the three-day event, I have close to 700 powerpoint slides. 700 powerpoint slides, and we go over everything. Wholesaling, retailing, lease options, seller financing, we go over hard money. We go over negotiating, marketing, direct mail. We go over marketing in detail. We go over negotiating in detail. We go over asset protection, entity structuring, tax planning, self directed retirement accounts, how to grow a small IRA into a big IRA. We go over a tremendous amount of information. So be sure and register for that because seats do fill up pretty quick for that. Since it is a free event, although you paid $97 seat reservation, that’s just to make sure we know a correct account so we can book the correct size of group.

Kandas: That’s on me, that $97 reservation is all my fault because I’m an integrator.

Larry: It doesn’t go to her.

Kandas: No. It’s my fault it’s charged in the first place because I have to plan and I like to hold people accountable and when they have something on the line, when they have skin in the game, just like with real estate deals, they are more opt to follow through. Even though we give it back to you, it’s charged upfront and I don’t give the guys a hard time about charging it because it’s my fault.

Larry: It’s all on Kandas. It’s all on Kandas.

Kandas: But you do get it back.

Larry: There you go. So, be sure and check that out. Guys, we really, really appreciate you watching. Thank you so much for being on. We really appreciate it and we will see you next Wednesday at 2, right? We’re traveling next week actually. Where going to be… where are we going to be?

Kandas: San Antonio.

Larry: We’re going to be in San Antonio. We leave Sunday. We’ll be back on Wednesday mid morning. We’ll be back in time for another live Brag show.

Kandas: Weather permitting. All of that good stuff. I don’t foresee any problems that we should be in here but if something happens and we’re not, it will be because something happened with travel plans.

Larry: Yeah.

Kandas: You know guys that we’re not traveling for business, but this is a Mastermind so don’t shoot me a bunch of emails asking me why we’re saying one thing but doing another. We’re traveling for a Mastermind event.

Larry: That we paid to attend.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: A lot of money. My bad.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: So we got to go and get our money’s worth, right? So, Manny asked about the slides.

Kandas: What about the slides?

Larry: How much? See, you give me glasses.

Kandas: How much do all the slides cost? They are $97. So, if you pay the $97 seat registration free, you can get the slides. You can fill out an order form at the event and tell me that you want the slides and then you do not get the $97 back. It goes to the slides.

Larry: There you go.

Kandas: If you do not fill out an order form, you get it back. Simple as that.

Larry: Look. Your mom had to justify herself.

Kandas: What did she say?

Larry: She said, “I’m here now.”

Kandas: I’m here.

Larry: She had to run report as you requested.

Kandas: She did after there were some things that went....

Larry: She is over our accounting department.

Kandas: Excuse us. Excuse us. That’s where I was. Where we you last Wednesday?

Larry: William Tingle. I appreciate you watching, man. It’s good to see you on here and it’s good to chat with you. Man, let’s catch up some time. I hadn’t seen you in a long time. I’ll talk to you. It will be great to catch up. Guys, thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Go out there and register at LarryGoinsLive.com or apply if you want to work with us one-on-one as a partner.

Kandas: Yeah, if you’re already ready to run and get things implemented, then apply.

Larry: There you go. She’s just going to call you. There you go. She’s going to give you a call.

Kandas: Hopefully you go ahead and have my number.

Larry: You can all 877-LARRYGO, and Z will get your information. Kandas will call you back. Thanks a lot guys. We appreciate your watching.

Kandas: Bye.

Larry: Thanks. See you next week.