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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Making $$ On Title Issues


Larry and Kandas talked about simplifying their business, the challenges they encountered in the process and how they handled them. One of the things they ran into was title issues and that’s what they talked about in detail in this episode. You’ll also discover some of the title issues you are likely to encounter and how you should handle them accordingly.


  • Share Sponsor winner
  • Favorite deal of the week
  • Title issues you will run into and what you can do about them
  • Liens
  • Various owners/heir issues
  • Adverse possessions


  • "The older you get, the simpler you want things to be.”
  • “You've got to maintain your integrity and you've got to remain authentic with the sellers and buyers that you've been working with.”



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LARRY: And as soon as I start the broadcast, she likes steps in to the scene, like this.

KANDAS: And i’m here.

LARRY: That’s hilarious. That is hilarious.

KANDAS: When it matters, i’m here.

LARRY: That is exactly right. So jessie what’s up? How you doing?

Manuel what’s up? How you guys doing?

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KANDAS: You have to purge your list, didn’t you? so 4:25 [inaudible] 4:26 Blessed.

LARRY: That was sad, wasn’t it?


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KANDAS: That is the goal.

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KANDAS: Thanks for sharing!

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KANDAS: Now to the deal of the week. What was your favorite?

LARRY: Oh! My favorite one was the one I have written in the show notes right here.

KANDAS: Which one is that?

LARRY: The 2 bedroom house on 3.43 acres of land with the large workshop. Yeah. it’s kinda funny, I always start thinking right before the show, as to “What’s gonna be the deal of the week? What do we want to be the deal of the week.” Right? So, this guy calls and Kandass talks to him for like 5 minutes. And then he gets on the phone and she does a live transfer to me. Right? And them I’m on the phone with this guy. And literally, within 15 minutes I pulled up the house, I take a look at it. It’s a 2 bedroom one bath house. It looks kinda like historic… Not historic, like a cabin type house. It’s got a big front porch and stuff on it, in its cider looking wood and stuff, so almost kinda like a log cabin. But it’s on 3.43 acres and it’s got a huge workshop in the back, I mean like you could use this for a garage or a body shop or whatever or a man cave. And then it has a carport on the side.

KANDAS: She shed. [laugh]

LARRY: Oh, she shed. [laugh] Cheryl nobody burned down her she shed, right?

KANDAS: You gotta throw this in there. So it’s not just mancaves anymore people.

LARRY: I know right, I’ve never heard of she shed before that commercial.

KANDAS: Really?

LARRY: I’ve never had heard of it. So anyway, check this out. 3.43 acres, and it has a pond. It has a pond at the back of the road that leads down to the pond. And check this out, I got this house under contract for, you’re ready for it? $43,500 and we’re just gonna wholesale it for $55,000. You think anybody would want a 2 bedroom house? The guy is living in it now. For it’s got 3.4 acres, with a pond and a workshop, I mean that’s a steal!

KANDAS: It’s just cosmetic updates, pretty much that need to be made for whoever to kinda make it their own. More or less.

LARRY: You talked to him.

KANDAS: Yeah, I did.

LARRY: You talked to him first as well. Then got all the info so, in my opinion that’s the deal of the week. That’s the one I’ve chose. Did you have a different one you liked?

KANDAS: No, that’s the one I like. And more so because you’ve got so much planned with it. You got the pond there. There’s so much that you could do. You could have animals, you have livestock I mean that we would do with it. Stick a horse in there or two. And have, you know the pond right there and everything up and it’s great.

LARRY: Awesome. Awesome. Now, there was another one that I thought about. Did I get that in contract today or yesterday?

KANDAS: Which one?

LARRY: Which is the last one that you’re sending out papers on it. You’re sending out papers on 1 on buying for 27 or something.

KANDAS: 275.

LARRY: Yeah, I don’t even remember. They all run together after a while guys. [laugh] we got about 27 deals under contract, right now. Right?

KANDAS: Right.

LARRY: And we try to get more under contract every single day. I’m what, I get down in the dumps if I don’t, you know…

KANDAS: Buy a house, I know. It’s ridiculous.

LARRY: [laugh]

KANDAS: But that one is in hickory.

LARRY: It is in hickory?


LARRY: Oh, that’s right. That’s right. That’s the house with the guy said, he had six lots. He wanted 35 thousand. Offered him 27500, it’s brick ranch house. A 2200 square feet, got a full basement.

KANDAS: You’ve already done your favorite deal of the week.

LARRY: Ahh, maybe it’s next week. Ok? [laugh] i’m sorry.

KANDAS: Let’s see if he have signed some paper. That one’s out for, you guys know that we use mobile notary. We buy the houses over the phone. We send out the mobile notary, so that one is out for signature right now. So maybe, we’ll be talking about that one next week. I don’t any reason why he wouldn’t sign the paper.

LARRY: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. So, aileen wants to know, I hope i said that right. Wants to know how do I add notifications of our live broadcast. You need to follow facebook.com/larryhgoins , you need to follow us. And also, if you’re on our e-mail list, we send out an e-mail the day up. I think we sent one out this morning right?

KANDAS: Well, it typically go out about 1 to 1:30. So that way it’s close enough to the time that you don’t have your day get in the way. And you’re able to kinda make plans in the next 30 to 40 minutes to hop on there with us. So they usually goes out between 1 to 1:30.

LARRY: Good. good. Aileen i hope that helped answer your question. I wanted to know what’s the name of the mobile notary service again? Joshua waltz wants to know. The name of the service is NSS notary. NSS as in National Signing Service Notary, nssnotary.com and for $75 they’ll go anywhere in the country and get your contacts signed for you. What i do is when i'm on the phone with somebody, ok. when i'm on the phone with somebody what i do is I say look, i’ve got some guys going to be in your area in a couple hours, can I have them stop by? and that's exactly what i do. that's exactly what i do. we try to keep it pretty simple right? All right so let's talk about how to make money on title issues.

KANDAS: Now here’s something that, Larry and I were just talking about this morning. You guys know, if you don’t yet. We have kind of downsized our office on the education side and on the investing side. Some of this have been intentional, some of this a natural progression. But ultimately, we are smaller than we used to be. But we are a lot more focused and we are a lot more intentional about things. So, we were just talking this morning about the problems that we’re facing now. And I reminded Larry, that a few months ago, we were having issues with staff, and just little small problems. Well then now it seems small, but at that time they seemed pretty big. And I prayed, at that time, for bigger problems. I felt like we were at a point to where we shouldn’t have to be worrying about those little petty things anymore, and so I prayed for bigger problems. So I think that ultimately, title issues on couple of properties when we got 27 in the pipeline right now, is definitely a bigger problem to have. So I’m glad that this topic is coming up, because prayers aren’t always answered in a way that you think they’ll be. But at some point they are answered.

LARRY: That’s really true Kandass. And Kandass brought that to my attention this morning right here in the office. She came in and sat down and she said, well you know, about a long time ago.

KANDAS: That was a few months ago. It was probably six months ago or so.

LARRY: Yeah. I started praying for bigger problems because, our problems were you know, dealing with people, and personalities and all that stuff. And you know, just little stuff right? So she started doing that. And we were in the process of simplifying our business and the older I get, the simpler I want things to be, right?

KANDAS: I’m not even as old as you, and I still want them as simple.

LARRY: Yeah. exactly. Exactly.

KANDAS: This business didn’t have to be this hard.

LARRY: But the older you get, the older you get the simpler you want things to be. There’s no question about it, right? So, we have simplified, we downsized some things. She and I are more on the thick of the real estate side, which is really the part I enjoy I love getting on the phone, I love negotiating deals. I like having real deals that we’re really talking about that we’re really doing it. Every single week. Right? Every single week. So we’re running in to some title issues. Right?


LARRY: And before it would just be, you know title company would handle that or the title company would say. You know, Well you got title issues, you can’t close on this. Oh okay.

KANDAS: Just let it go.

Yeah. but because we’re in the thick of things we’re learning what to do, and how to LARRY:do it. To make money on the deals. So I wanna go over a few things here with you right now, okay? So, first of all. One of the title issues you could run into is leans, right. A lean could be any cloud on the title. It could be a mortgage, a deed of trust depending on the state you’re in. It could be a judgment. right? It could be like a code violation, if it's attached to the property. You know, it could be some sort of an assessment by the city it’s any kind of lean this to the cloud the title right so that's one type of title issue, right? Like we had a deal just last week that we’re behind this property for ten Grand ok? But there’s a million three hundred thousand dollar judgement.

KANDAS: It was ridiculous, when we got the call from the attorney, that this was an issue. It was almost, unbelievable like how could you have a million dollar lien, 1.3 ultimately.

LARRY: Right.

KANDAS: With these and fines and things, 1.3 million dollar on lien, on a 20,000 dollar property that we are buying for 10,000. That made no sense at all. And we even have our buyer already lined up.

LARRY: Yeah. we already had our buyer lined up. So, I got to thinking about this. And I actually reached out to some friends of mine in one of the masterminds that we are a part of. And was asking them, what do you guys do in this situation? Well, first of all, I’d like to think about this. This is a 10,000 dollar house. Now ultimately it ended up where, the lien wasn’t even against this house. And that’s whole another story.

KANDAS: That’s a whole other issue.

LARRY: That’s the whole another story. Because the title company, or the attorney came back and said, there’s a million dollar lien, it’s from the seller’s dad’s first wife. So I go back to this 84 year old guy. And I say, “there’s a million dollar judgement it was created because of your dad’s first wife.” And he’s like, “my dad was never married.” I said, “yeah apparently he was.” You know. So i’m telling this 84 year old guy, that his dad was married before he married his mom. Right? And then he’s got this million dollar judgement. But at the same time when I told him this, i said “look, the chances of this lender coming after you for a million dollar judgement on a ten thousand dollar house, is slim to none.” Right?

KANDAS: Yeah, what are they gonna get?

LARRY: So I said, “here’s what i’ll gonna do. I’ll give you 3,000 dollars for the house. I’ll just give you 3,000 dollars for it because i’ll never get clear title.” So he said, “okay. Okay.” so, coming to find out the social security numbers did not match, apparently had to

KANDAS: Had to call him again.

LARRY: Yeah. Had to call him again. And I said, “look I had some good news. [laugh] Guess what, the attorney made a mistake. They verified the social security numbers, your dad did not get married before he married your mom.” [laugh] and he said,” oh thank goodness!”

KANDAS: It was awful

LARRY: It was sad, that's what it was. So I told the man, i said also the good news is I could still pay you the 10,000 dollars for the house, right? Even though I had already you know

KANDAS: Yeah, you know, probably somebody would have probably tried to just moved on with three thousand. But you guys have gotta maintain your integrity and you gotta remain authentic with your sellers that you’re working with and with your buyers that you’re working with. That would have just been, if what for us to have moved on that property at three thousand dollars, just because he agreed to it. Would not have been ethical at all. So you guys make sure that you’re doing things ethically and you’re remaining true to who you are. Hopefully that’s not truly who you are, but yeah. There’s no way we could move on with 3,000.

LARRY: Make sure you do good, clean, honest ethical business. That’s very very important. That’s very very important. So liens, right? If it’s a huge lien, they’ll probably not gonna come after a cheap house. Right? So, what you can do is you can go ahead buy that house with the lien on it, and then just keep it as a rental. Especially, if you’re only paying 3,4,5,10 thousand dollars for it. Right? ‘Cuz you can get, I mean I got friends that have bought a 50,000 dollar house, they had it under contract for 50,000. When they found the liens, they ended up getting the house for 5,000 dollars. You just keep that as a rental, right? You went filthy rich’s deal. But you can’t sell it, you’re gonna probably do a lease or something, right? You wouldn’t even do a lease option, ‘cuz if they ever exercise you can’t even fulfill it. Now, the other thing is, various owners. That’s other title issues. We ran into a lot of property. I shouldn’t say a lot, out of the 27 or so we have right now, how many we have, 2 or 3?

KANDAS: I’m gonna tell you, it’s enough to cause a headache.

LARRY: Yeah, 2 or 3?

KANDAS: Heir issues? 2

LARRY: So anyway, with different people involved. Same sort of thing, I mean I was talking to someone yesterday. And one person died, they had five children. One of those children was dead, but they had two children. And then, there’s another one that got married, but then they got divorced. Oh my gosh, it’s giving me a headache going through all that, right?

So what you can do in that kind of situation, is if you have one person that says, now all of the brothers and sisters, everybody knows this is my house. Right? Even though their name might be on it, they know it’s my house. So, go ahead and buy the house. You’re not gonna pay much for, you’re gonna get a deep deep discount ‘cause you’re only buying a percentage of the house. Right? But then, after you’ve owned it or after you’ve occupied it, used it, paid the taxes on it. Cap it up. For so many years, and it’s different amount in different states. I think it’s up to twelve years. But after you’ve owned it for so many years, you can claim adverse possession. You can get the title by adverse possession. If you paid the taxes for those many years, and if you kept the house up for those many years. You can now file a claim, and get the deed to the property, wipe everybody else out, by adverse possession. Now, the other thing you can do, to help clear a title, is you can make a loan on the property. And then foreclose on it. And foreclosure wipes a lot of stuff out. It wipes a lot of stuff out. That’s very very very very important. So, another thing you can do is if there’s a question to who owns the property. Maybe the heirs can’t be found, like one person one lady I was talking to yesterday. Finally, Kandass came in, and she’s like what are you doing? Get off the phone you’re wasting your time. [laugh]

KANDAS: So here’s what happened. He gets it in his head that, this is not gonna beat him. And typically that is a good thing. Right? Especially if we are dealing with an issue that, one when we before had other acquisition managers, you know Larry was able to structure deals that they weren’t able to just for a simple fact he’s not willing to relent until he’s exhausted all options. Now I listened to him on the phone with this lady for about half an hour, before I came in here. And he had tried to explain to her the best ways that she could go about, getting this property because she had been paying the taxes for a number of years. Nobody has been helping her with that. She doesn't even talk to those other people that are all entitled or heired to the property and she was not understanding him. So there's a point that comes when your voice is not get through to somebody, and they're going to continue to do what they're going to do and it's not going to matter what you're saying. And so that's where I saw that going and I knew he had other leads that he could call and so my best course of action at that time, was just to remind him, you know just cut this off. It’s not going anywhere. You know, let’s move on.

LARRY: I think the thing that really brought her to come in here, was when I was getting the names of all the five different heirs, the step kids and all that. And she said, well now this one guy, vincent, the last address I had for him was such and such correctional facility. And last I heard he, gotten out of prison and he was in texas. Right?

KANDAS: And here’s the thing that you all may know, or may not about Larry, is he hates arts and crafts and when it comes to paperwork and tracking this stuff down, and all of that stuff that’s gonna get past off to me. That’s gonna get handed off.

LARRY: Technically.

KANDAS: Because he doesn’t like arts and crafts. So I also have to think about my time as well. With am I gonna be able to track all this people down? How’s that gonna impact everything else that I’m doing? And is this really something that we need to be doing, when we could go ahead and buy another property and just be done with it.

LARRY: To give you an Idea of how much I hate arts and crafts. I was mailing a check today, right? It was for one of my kid’s E.S.A. Education Savings Account. I was mailing a check out, to do a deal on my son’s ESA. I got the check, I got everything, I got the envelope, I filled it up ‘cause I didn’t wanna bother her because this my ESA. So I did all this, I sealed up the envelope. I took it out on the front door, and I put it in the outgoing mail slot. And I came back in here, and the check is still laying on my desk. I sealed up an empty envelope. And I came out of my office, I can’t believe this! And now, you’re not supposed to be able get that mail after you put in the outbox, right? But Kandass knows our mail lady. So she put a big sign on it. Don’t take the outgoing mail, without seeing me. And Kandass said, just give me the check, i’m gonna take care of it. So my check has now gone out, for my ESA, that was today.

KANDAS: Hates arts and crafts! Hates arts and crafts. Anything that has to do with paper, unless it’s a paper lead. He just wants nothing to have do with it.

LARRY: That’s exactly right. So guys, if you have title issues, whether it’s a lien a judgement, a code violation. Whether it’s a mortgage whether it is heirs on the property. Time will cure a lot of this. Right? Like adverse possession. Go ahead and buy the property if you can get it in a percentage of what you were going to pay. right? If you can get it for a percentage of what you were gonna pay, then go ahead and close on it. Keep the property and have your attorney work on the title issues, while you own the property and you’re collecting rent. Right? So, there are ways to make money with title issues and that's very very important so if you get a property with title issue, if you wanna just pass it on, send it to me I’ll buy it. Okay? If it’s the right price. Maybe, if it’s the right price. So we do have an event, coming up in charlotte North Carolina. It’s our three day event. I wouldn’t even call it a seminar, because it’s three days of intense training, carried by me, myself and I, are teaching all three days.

You can go Larrygoinslive.com, we’re gonna go over whole selling, seller financing, lease options, negotiating, every way to market for a property, every way to close on a property, every way to fund the deal with none of your credit. We’ll gonna go over asset protection, entity structuring, tax planning, we’re gonna go over how to hire a VA. how to recruit, train, manage your VA. how to automate your business, direct mail. we going to go over all of this stuff and we do have some seats left. Ok? but it will sell out. I say sell out, you’re gonna pay a $97 seat reservation that's all you're gonna pay, a $97 seat reservation and you’re going to get that back. I have over 600 powerpoint slides and i'm going to go through over 3 full days. and our events are always thursday friday saturday, so that way we can all be home on sunday ok. So our events are always thursday friday saturday right so what so check that out if you want and please be sure and share this video. be sure to share this video, if you are listening on itunes please go and leave us a feedback, leave a comment or something. We really really do appreciate that. We thank you guys so much for watching, don't forget to get your free investor’s kit. right Kandas?

KANDAS: Right. Yup. 877-Larrygo, which is 877-5277946 or you can text the word “BRAG” to 803-897-6063.

LARRY: Awesome. Thank you guys for watching we really appreciate it. We’ll see you next wednesday at 2 o’clock eastern time. Thanks a lot! See you guys. buhbye!