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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

7 Steps To Selling


In this second to the last episode for the year 2018, Larry and Kandas shared the 7 steps to selling. In addition, they also talked about the relevance of being a good salesperson.


  • Share Sponsor winner
  • Partner Program
  • Sales as a process
  • 7 steps:
  • 1. Building rapport
  • 2. Qualifying them
  • 3. Building value
  • 4. Building desire to work with you
  • 5. Overcoming objections
  • - Objection vs condition
  • 6. Closing the deal
  • 7. Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.
  • - Relationship driven vs transaction driven


  • "To be a good real estate investor, you got to be a good sales person."
  • "What's more important to you . . . you get the absolute best price or selling your house as quick as possible?"
  • "Show them what you know."
  • "Sell the opportunity."
  • "People will forget what you said. They'll forget what you did but they'll never forget how you made them feel."
  • "The better you qualify the person upfront, the fewer objections you will have down the road."



Larry: Hola! Hello! Welcome, welcome. How you doin’? Floyd Manny Perez in the house already. I love it. Let’s rock and roll baby. He is on every single episode live. He does not even watch the recording, he watches live, right?

Kandas: Yeah!

Larry: We really appreciate you being on. Let’s see here what we got for the agenda up here. Let’s show the phone number for the Free Investors Kit right?

Kandas: Yup!

Larry: So, I’ve got everything set up earlier today and setting up the stand, which is a tall Kraken.

Kandas: That’s a typical stand. That is the typical back stand that has a Kraken on a desk.

Larry: That’s right. So, Kandas, let’s sit down today, I’m like okay. Look, Zack Childress in the house.

Kandas: What’s up Zack?

Larry: What’s up Zack attack? How you doin’ buddy?

So, guys give a call and speak with Zenobia, 877-LARRY-GO. You’ll get a Free Investors Kit. What’s in it Kandas?

Kandas: A copy of the HUD Homes Half Off book, copy of the Real Estate Day Trading book, some training webinars for our Filthy Riches Model, for a Real Estate Day Trading Model, some active perfection information, and different stuffs like that and whatever else we felt like throwing in that day.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. And Z will hook you up, Zenobia, she is actually in our accounting department, but she also does all of our marketing as well for our properties. Look, my wife is on here. Hey, honey how are you?

Kandas: Hello Pamela.

Larry: That’s good.

Kandas: Hope you’ve gotten some rest.

Larry: Eugene is in the house too. And Kandas. Like Hillary and Kandas. Look at that.

Kandas: Thanks Eugene.

Larry: Manny saying, “hi” to Pam. Also we’ve got a share sponsor winner, right?

Kandas: Last week you did, you put me to do that. I am not on last week’s show.

Larry: You were on last week’s show. So, we gave away…

Kandas: It did go all right?

Larry: It did not go all right? I did fine.

Kandas: All right. Good.

Larry: I miss going solo. I’m okay. I’m okay with it.

Kandas: Okay. All right.

Larry: So, share sponsor winner is Jose Luis Lloret. So, email costumer service at LarryGoins.com and tell him what he will get.

Kandas: I don’t know what you gave away. I wasn’t here.

Larry: Oh, HUD Jumpstart I think. A HUD Jumpstart.

Kandas: All right and I’ll take care of that for you.

Larry: Email costumer service at LarryGoins.com and Kandas will email you the link, right? Set you up in our member site and you get access to our HUD Jumpstart course which by the way is our training that shows you how to buy HUD houses for pennies on the dollar and we’ve sold HUD houses in 12 different states right from our office in Lake Wylie South Carolina, right?

Kandas: Yup!

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. Let’s see what else do we have? Macy is in the house. What’s up Macy? Glad to see you. How are you doin’?

Kandas: It’s been a while. Been a while.

Larry: Absolutely. Absolutely. Guys, please be sure to share this video now. Just go ahead and click the share link right now and click the share link and share this video and we’re gonna pick a winner next week. It’s not like there’s hundreds of people sharing video.

Kandas: Yet.

Larry: I knew that was coming. So, you know you got like a one chance in 20 some to win, right? So yeah, there you have it. So, that’s like a 5% chance to win.

Kandas: I would say 8.

Larry: It’s not like a lottery where you actually increase your odds of winning by actually buying a ticket, right? So, yeah go ahead and share the video and next week we are gonna give away… what do you wanna give away?

Kandas: What about another of the… I know I can’t even believe that I’m saying this because I didn’t like it the first time you did it, but what about another one of the calls with you.

Larry: Oh, like a one-on-one coaching calls, strategy call?

Kandas: Well, I mean we had told them too, I kinda thought this was gonna be our last broadcast until the first of the year.

Larry: You did?

Kandas: I did. We had told them that we will be taking off few weeks in December to spend some time with our families kinda reset for 2019. Next week we are having lunch in the office.

Larry: Okay, how about we make them next week our last show of the year?

Kandas: Okay.

Larry: How about we do that?

Kandas: Okay guys, that’s what it will be then. Next week will be our last show of 2018 so then let’s do the call with you.

Larry: Okay, one-on-one coaching call with me. I’m gonna find out where you are, where you wanna be, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your weakness, your assets, your liabilities, where you are, where you wanna be and we will come up with the game plan to get you there. Kenny says, “hello guys what’s up?”

Kandas: Hello.

Larry: How you doin’? So, yeah if you share this video, we’ve already had 6 or 8 people shared the video already that fills up my Facebook notifications, right? How about a trip to my place?

Kandas: No!

Larry: You can come by and take a tour.

Kandas: You can come by and take a tour, so…

Larry: We have people that dropped by. We’ve had people that… we have, one Monday we came in and there was a van sitting in the parking lot that the guy drove from New Mexico all the way to Lake Wylie, South Carolina, he got there Sunday afternoon and he spent the night in the parking lot just to come in and meet us on Monday morning.

Kandas: Don’t go that far.

Larry: Right!

Kandas: That was a little creepy.

Larry: What?

Kandas: It worked out. It worked out. He was a nice guy. Great guy. Became a student and everything like that, but that isn’t the best foot to start off with us especially with me because I’m a very verify-type person.

Larry: Guarded person.

Kandas: Guarded person, so…

Larry: Yup!

Kandas: So, that automatically have me on the defense.

Larry: And especially I mean back when I was traveling a lot, I mean he took a chance I might not have been in the office.

Kandas: Took a huge chance.

Larry: I know right. One day, we came in, the guy came in the office and he just flew here and landed from DFW.

Kandas: Crazy.

Larry: Just flew here and said, “Larry, I’ll show you this deal I’m working on now.” I said, what? Wait a minute, you flew all the way here to show me a deal that you are doing, you know and he said, “yeah, but it is based on your training, I got your training, I just had to tell you this deal, I’m so excited.” I’m like good job. So, it worked out too. That’s awesome. And we got his testimony hanging on the wall here too.

Kandas: When he closed the deal.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. So, yeah you can come by and take a tour anytime you want to, right? It’s no big deal.

Kandas: So, this hour, let’s put them on to buy his hour. On our website, you can block hours of Larry’s time, I think what is it, is it 800?

Larry: I think it’s $800 or $900 an hour, but you can buy in 15-minute increments to talk to me on the phone.

Kandas: Yup! So, this hour that we are giving away is a video, I didn’t want to do it and now we are gonna do it first and I didn’t like the idea, but I saw how much he was able to give to the last winner, so I’m going to make sure, I think that’s a good thing.

Larry: Cool.

Kandas: And the good thing is a good note to end onto for the year.

Larry: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And it will help you out. In fact, it’s really kinda what we do with our partners when we are working with our partners, it’s kind of the first step that we do to get them started, right? So, you kinda get an idea about that as well. When is the next blood drive?

Kandas: Soon. It will be in June.

Larry: I can’t give though.

Kandas: You can try again.

Larry: I’ve tried.

Kandas: You can try again.

Larry: I’ve tried.

Kandas: You tried once. Are you gonna try again?

Larry: No! Sure.

Kandas: So, the next blood drive will be in June. It will be sometime around the same time every year. So, right now I’m looking at June for that to happen. Thank you for acting on that Manny.

Larry: Yeah, that’s actually good. Thanks a lot. I appreciate that.

Kandas: Yup!

Larry: That’s awesome. Yeah, I can’t wait for that. Alright, so if you want to apply to work with us, we have a partner program where we work with you and get you up and running, our goals is you get you 3 deals in 90 days, you know, I can’t guarantee that of course ‘cause I don’t know you might go and home selling sofa, watch re-runs of Rose Ann and…

Kandas: And people asks is that and I have told somebody that this week too, he was asking, he asked what kind of guarantee we have and I ask him what kind he needed because we know what we offered for, I feel comfortable in what we have to offer and what we do for our partners and everything and what type of guarantee was actually gonna convince him to come into the program.

Larry: And I have no guarantee that that person is going to actually do something.

Kandas: Right,

Larry: You know, I give you homework step by step in every single week but I have no way of knowing exactly what you are gonna do. I mean I have many, many, many partners that are doing well, in fact we’ve had… I’ve got emails this week about 4 or 5 deals. This went on with different partners.

Kandas: So, what I ended up asking him was I told him that was our goal and that we would do everything that we could but you know so I’m gonna ask you the same question what type of guarantee do you have from me that you are gonna become one of our raving fans, one of the students that actually changes their life and does something with not even education but with what you come here and implement, you know how are you gonna carry it and he said, “you know, I’ve been doing this a long time, I know Larry is the one for me to take me to the next level” and I know that too and he said well yes, “I guess I’m just looking for a tracker.” I said alright work for us, you can go on the website and look at people that have given us testimonials, we have them hanging in our office.

Larry: We’ve got hundreds, hundreds and hundreds of them. I’ve never seen anybody that have more. I don’t mean this in a bad way to brag or anything like that, BRAG (Be Rich and Generous), but I tell you we have literally more testimonials than anybody I’ve ever seen. I’ve got testimonials from other educators. I’ve got testimonials hanging on my wall from Zack Childressthat’s all here, right? Many of you know him. He is an author and trainer and coach and mentor as well. So, yeah we got testimonials from many, many, many people, hundreds and hundreds of people.

Kandas: They are asking the same question. I was like what kind of a track record do you have?

Larry: Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good question.

Kandas: And he has had education, before but he has never done a deal. So, that kinda helps when somebody is on the phone with me when it comes to our partner program, I’m very straightforward about it. I mean no cons about the price that we charge, it’s not for everybody like we say we are very upfront with that, but we know what we can deliver and we know that if students put forth the effort that is required of them that we are here to do our part and we have a track record that have proven that.

Larry: In fact, I have met with a guy just yesterday morning. He came by the office. He is a new partner program member. He came by the office and we got to talk about different coaching and mentoring and stuff like that. He was telling me about another guy that for the exact same thing that we do, his program is $100,000.

Kandas: I believe it. There’s educators out there charge $100,000. I know that that’s not something that is within your ethical guidelines.

Larry: Yeah, ours is just less than 20% of that, right?

Kandas: Yeah. And I think it is just a mindset change and difference and some people may hang up on like if we do all this programs and not more, it’s just, because they don’t have to have more. We charge what we feel is necessary to get the job done and cover what we’ve got to cover and the rest is on the student. You know, we wanna make sure it is an attainable goal for people to be able to get their deals in that quickly and that’s just what we do.

Larry: Yeah, you’re exactly right. You’re exactly right. And my goal is not to in a partner program, I know you guys have still have coaching and mentoring and you get this, you get this, you get this, you get this, you got this software, this gadget, this gives more and all that and you gotta learn how to use all of that stuff, no. When my partners work with me, we are focusing on deals, right? We are not focusing on how to use a software or how to set this up or set that up. We’ve got very specific goals and those goals are to close 3 deals in 90 days, right? That’s the goal. And we are gonna focus on deals ‘cause I want to spend our time together not me coaching you, right?

Kandas: We are educating.

Larry: Yeah, educating is probably the better way. I mean we are not gonna go and give you the courses anyway, right? All of our partners can get all of our courses anyway, right? So, you spend your own time doing the education. I’m gonna help you with the application or implementation.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: All right, let’s jump in and talk about 7 steps to selling because you know Kandas it is very, very important to be a good real estate investor, you gonna be a good sales person, right?

Kandas: Right.

Larry: You really do guys.

Kandas: On both sides. When you are trying to buy house and when you are trying to sell a house if somebody is in your list.

Larry: Absolutely. Absolutely. I’ve been doing this for many, many, many years. I used to sell stocks and bonds and mutual funds over the phone, so I love working in the phones. I’ve made hundreds of dollars a day before, I can dial the phone number on the phone without even looking at the keys, right? So, a lot of people say how do you do that ‘cause I’m looking over here, the number I’m dialing in, the number was with my other hand, right? But I have just done it for so many years. But sales is a process. I don’t care if you are buying, I don’t care if you are selling, I don’t care what it is. It is a process, okay?

Step no. 1 is building rapport. Write this down guys, building rapport. So, step no. 1 is build rapport. Now, people do business with people they know, who they can trust. Well, they don’t have a chance to like you yet and they know they don’t trust yet, right? Because they have their guard up. They have the wall up, right? So, you’ve got to build rapport with people. Several people that we got on the phone with, I started out my conversation with “Can I ask you a question? Do you have cable or direct TV?” “What? What are you talking about?” Yeah, man I’m cutting the cable, I’ve had direct TV for 19 years. I’ve figured it out that I’ve spent 45,600 with direct TV and I’m cutting the cable. I’m done.

Kandas: Cut the cord.

Larry: I’m cutting the cord. Right now I’m on Amazon prime video, Netflix and Hulu, right? And Sunday I’ll spend all afternoon putting up in the act for the local stations, right?

Kandas: This is how we started, the calls.

Larry: Yeah! I mean, and people were just like you know what I’ve got Orem or Comcast. Is that what it is?

Kandas: Comcast or Spectrum.

Larry: Comcast or Spectrum or Time Warner or whatever it is or direct TV and we started talking about it and several people were like, “Man, thanks a lot for telling me about that. I’m gonna go ahead and do that. I’m gonna go ahead and cut the cable. Thanks a lot man.”

Kandas: Someone likes to cut the cable too.

Larry: Thanks a lot man. See, I’m savin’. You know, listen I don’t care how much money you make. How much money you have. Everybody likes to get a deal, right? So, I’m spending $215 a month right now. I can’t believe this okay, ‘cause I’m like one of the last OG guys, right? I’m old school.

Kandas: The last OG. Wow! All right!

Larry: I’m old school, right? So, we have had a home phone for years. We had the same home phone number for years and today, I got to talk with my wife, I’m like “how much do we spend in our home phone?” She said “$82 dollars a month.” I said how often do you use it? She said, “The only time we use it is when telemarketers call.” I said what do you think about cutting it out, cancel it, right? So anyway we cut out our home phone. We are saving more money. So, anyway you can get people to know that they can trust you and you do that by building rapport with them, okay. That’s very, very quick. You gotta build rapport with.

Step no. 2 is to qualify them, right? Qualify them. You’ve got to make sure it is a qualified prospect. If it is a seller, I wanna know… let me ask you a question, what’s more important to you, you get the absolute best price or selling your house as quick as possible, right? Now think about that question. You wanna qualify that seller and find out what’s more important to you. Getting a top dollar for your house or selling your house as soon as possible. If getting top dollar for your house is more important to you and you are in no hurry, I’ll tell people right over the phone, I give them value. I’ll say look, the best thing you could do right now is list it with the realtor, right?

Kandas: Yeah!

Larry: The best thing you should do is list it with the realtor because if you are in no hurry, you are not upside down, you are not worried about paying the mortgage payment and you don’t have to sell it in the next 30 days, just list it with the realtor and in the next 8 to 12 months, you will probably have it sold, right?

Kandas: For what you are looking for, yeah. That’s the most little price that they have.

Larry: For what you are looking for. But remember even though what you are looking for is gonna be higher than what I can give you, out of that become commissions, right?

Kandas: Yup! 6%.

Larry: Commissions, closing calls, all that is gonna be about 10% something like that.

Kandas: Sit-down, it will be about 10%. Yup. Taxes and everything.

Larry: Yes, sit-down is gonna be about 10% something like that overall. So, the second part is qualify them. Now, on the buyer’s side when I’m selling a house to a buyer, I should say I’m gonna sell that property.

Kandas: When you’re selling it.

Larry: Yeah, when I’m selling the house to a buyer, I wanna qualify my buyer. So, we’ll ask a question like let me ask you a question, as you can understand as I’m sure you could see, our profits go very, very quickly because they’ve big, big discounts. So, let me ask you a question. Are you a cash buyer or do you need to get finance or do you have private money or whatever, right? And how sooner you look to make your next investment? How sooner you look at to close on your next investment? Those are all good qualifying questions.

Kandas: Also another one that I know we’ve added, I don’t know how long is that but I hear it on the phone, when you send this, if they are using fund to send that, can you send me a commitment letter with the signed contract back letting us know how sooner you’d be able to close because that is a sticking point earlier this year when somebody that needed financing we kept getting push by the limit or push by the lender and we had tied up this property.

Larry: That’s going on right now.

Kandas: For like 3 months.

Larry: We’ve it going on right now with other deals. We do have going on right now with another deal. I hate buyers using outside finances sources that we can’t get in touch with. I hate that.

Kandas: It’s very frustrating.

Larry: I hate that.

Kandas: It’s very frustrating especially nationwide lenders, local banks are a lot easier and things like that, national lenders, national private money lenders are the same. Asking for a commitment letter with the assignment of contractor with the contract back does help with that. It helps alleviate some of that but you know that they’ve already been through pre-qual and it more or less just a property that is passing through that lender now and not the person but it is a little bit frustrating. But I will pass that too. If they did, you know, how soon will you get this assignment and we go on to this, will you be able to send me a commitment letter back with it, you know, confirming how soon you will be able to close.

Larry: That’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. Okay, let’s get back to the 7 steps.

Kandas: Minus two.

Larry: No. 1 is build rapport or as a guy that I used to work used to say rapture, rebuild rapture.

Kandas: Yup!

Larry: Yeah, you got a rap with people back and forth, right? So, the second thing is qualify them, make sure they have the ability to pay, right? The ability to sell you the house or the ability to buy the house and no. 3 is build value. You got to show them what you know, right? Show them what you know, educate them, show them you know what you are talking about, right?

Kandas: Right! It is not a value in exactly what you are trying to sell because at this point after you go through this number three, you should be able to sell ice to an eskimos, it shouldn’t matter. What you are trying to sell is the value that you are talking about building is on you, is on the person.

Larry: You gotta educate them and let them know, you know, and I know some of you guys out there are brand new in this, I get it. I mean when I’m on the phone, I said look, I’m 57, I’ve been doing this for 30 plus years. I’ve sold my first house in 1986. And I tell them stuff like that. I said, look, right here loan more. You know, you bought in such and such area, yeah, I bought houses over such and such neighborhood. It is funny I can remember a lot of the areas and streets and stuff like that, so over the years. So educate them, let them know what you are talking about and one of the things I say is look, when you are selling your house to an investor whether it is media or anybody else, all we can really do is look and see what other houses they have sold for. Let’s take a look and see what are some houses they have sold for in your neighborhood.

Kandas: And then you say, you’re throwing something else on the end to that which I’m not really telling anything you can’t look up for yourself, but I’m gonna just do it while we are on the phone together, that’s all right.

Larry: That’s what you will get.

Kandas: And then you start doing it.

Larry: Now, did you hear what she said, a very, very important, it lets them know that you are not trying to hide anything from them or you are not trying to tell them something that is a lie.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Because if you come inside, I’m gonna tell you anything that you can’t look up yourself, right? I’ll tell them, say look, all I’m gonna do is Google the address, right? That’s all I’m gonna do. The number will go to his Dealo and look and see what are the houses they have sold for. That’s all I’m gonna do. And what I have found, this is very important guys, what I have found is the more you show them things like that and educate them, the more their defenses come down and the less they have to verify what you told them.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: Right? You get people that will say, well let me do a little bit of research and let me call you back or let me check it out for myself, but they won’t. They won’t do that, right? It does not…

Kandas: They won’t check it out.

Larry: Occasionally they will, right? But for the most part, they don’t. So, that was the third one, build value. No. 4 is build desire to work with you, okay? Build desire to work with you. Let me tell you one thing that comes to mind right now is when we are selling properties, when we are selling properties, I’ll tell Dan, my sales guy, right? Our asset manager, expensive work for sales guy, right? He sells all of our properties, any given time we have 20 to 30 houses, but he sell it. So, what he does and what I teach him to do is to, well if somebody calls about a house, you are not selling the house, right? You are not selling the house, you are selling the opportunity.

Kandas: Right!

Larry: I want you to sell the opportunity.

Kandas: The dream, yup.

Larry: Sell the dream. You are exactly right. And what I mean by that is we have a little thing in our script that our partners use that basically says something along the lines up, “You know, let me tell you a little bit about what we do. We spend about 10 grand a month in marketing for motivated sellers, right? And it makes the phone ring off the hook and then we have a team of professional negotiators…” Right? That’s brilliant.

Kandas: Learning from…

Larry: That’s what we say. You know, Dan says we have a team of professional negotiators that make hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of properties every single week to get that one gem of a deal at a deep, deep discount and then it goes through our due diligence process and then we add a little bit of profit to it and pass it along to somebody like you. So, as you can imagine, our properties go very, very fast. Let me ask you a question, how soon are you looking to make your next investment? Are you a cash buyer? Do you have finances? How are you gonna fund your deal? Right? I mean think about that. I’m not selling that house, I’m selling the dream, I’m selling the opportunity, right? We tell them we spend 10 grand a month on marketing to make the phone ring off the hook and then our team of professional negotiators are making hundreds of offers a week to get that gem of a deal under contract at a deep, deep discount that we can pass along to people like you that have a full-time job or looking to fix and flip or you are out there busy flipping houses, you are out there busy managing a rentals, you don’t have time to spend money and marketing and to negotiate the deals so you just assume from somebody like us, right? So, that’s the third thing, you gotta build the desire to work with you, okay? Excuse me the fourth thing, right?

Kandas: That’s the fourth, yeah.

Larry: The fifth thing is overcoming objections, overcoming objections. Now, I tried in all of our marketing and everything we do, I’ll try to and I’ll probably do this too much to a fault, when we are talking to somebody I’ll try to overcome objection before I’ll even hear it, right?

Kandas: Some of them I think are legit to do that. We are trying to overcome the whole scam thing in some of our marketing ads, I think we have to do that upfront, because there are so many out there to set us apart from what could potentially scam somebody, so some of them I think are valid for you to do upfront without being ask, but yeah, I will agree with your statement that half of the time you go overboard on the front end.

Larry: I do go overboard and I almost feel like I have to justify, right? Because sometimes even before I’ll make an offer to a person and I’m doing this alone enough to where I got a good feel for a person, right? How they are talking to me. Are they stern? Are they forceful in their voice? Are they giving one, two, three word answers, no, yes, I don’t know? If you are the investor, you know stuff like that or are they talking for a long time and you’ve got to learn in negotiating, you know, who would spend more time with like I have a lady on the phone the other day, I probably said a dozen words and she talked for 45 minutes, she talked for 45 minutes. She told me all about all of her different marriages, all of her relatives were crazy and how she was on disability, did this, did that and I just listened. Occasionally, I will go “Mm-hmm, wow, really, I can’t believe that, are you serious, ugh”. I will do stuff like that and at the end of the conversation she is like, “I really, really appreciate you taking the time with me today. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you.” She was the one talking, right? But when you do that to somebody, I haven’t got that deal yet, but I guarantee you when she got off the phone, she said, “it’s a nice guy right there.” Even if she didn’t say it, she thought it. Now, I wanna say something that reminds me of something, people will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Think about that. People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel, right? Even if it is subliminal, if it is subliminal and they don’t verbally say, “well Larry we feel good today,” you know.

Kandas: It’s like somebody sounds.

Larry: That’s how everybody… Anyway, anyway, so that’s that with that. So, that was no. 5, overcoming objections and overcoming objections is just explaining things away, right? Well, I can’t be out by the end of the month or you know I need my money by the end of the month is another line or I’ve got taxes due or whatever the objection is, right? Know the difference between an objection and a condition.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: An objection can be handled. A condition cannot. Right? For example, an objection is well I don’t wanna buy some house for that, right? A condition is well I don’t own the house, right?

Kandas: Which we can. When it came down to it after contracts signed and everything that was a condition.

Larry: That’s true.

Kandas: That was not brought up.

Larry: Tell them about the sheriff deputy showing up here last week.

Kandas: Oh God.

Larry: So, we actually literally had a sheriff deputy show up here last week because the owner of the property said I was trying to sell their house and it wasn’t for sale, right? But we had a signed contract with the person that told us they were the owner, right? So, I don’t know who was crazy, the person who we dealt with that got the signed contract with, she said that the other person in the family member stole the house from her. And the person who sent the sheriff deputy over here said, it was her house and always has been. So, I don’t know. There was a death in the family and one…

Kandas: We don’t know but the biggest point is two weeks ahead of this deputy showing up last week we were out. We had already…

Larry: It was two weeks old.

Kandas: It was already killed for us two weeks prior to and then now maybe that is just the slowness of the process of getting somebody to do something like that, but the deal was dead for us two weeks before last week when the sheriff, when the deputy showed up and tell us we couldn’t do that.

Larry: Yeah, we killed the deal and put it to dead, right? We were done with it.

Kandas: Yes!

Larry: And then they show up all of a sudden.

Kandas: Since we found out that our seller wasn’t the owner, there wasn’t anything we could go. We just send her and told her she had to get it cleared up with the clerk of courts in whatever they needed to do to reconcile as a family.

Larry: That’s exactly right. So, overcoming rejections that’s no. 5 and remember the better you qualify a person upfront the less objections you are going to have down the road. The better you qualify the personnel upfront, the fewer objections you are gonna have down the road, right? You got to qualify the person. Provide upfront.

So, no. 6 is close the deal. Close the deal, right? And sometimes people are gonna back pedal, sometimes they changed their mind, sometimes they changed their mind or they have partners or there is a glitch in the deal, like we’ve got deals that we are working right now were two or three people are buying properties together that goes from three people to two people, this percentage ownership to that percentage ownership, now we’ve got a couple of deals that went on like that right now. So, when that stuff happens but don’t let that stuff be your problem, right?

Kandas: No!

Larry: Don’t let it be your problem.

Kandas: Not at all.

Larry: Yeah! Make sure that you let them know. You guys can do however you want to but we are going to go ahead and close it on this date.

Kandas: Yeah. Get it figured out by now ‘cause this is when this is happening.

Larry: Get it done. It’s time to fish or cut bait, which are you gonna do, right? And no. 7 is follow up, follow up, follow up. Even after the sale, that’s the time to ask for a testimonial. If you are a brand new investor and you are buying a property, if you are brand new investor and you are selling a property, you get a buyer testimonial and a seller testimonial when you are done and preferably videos so you can put it on your website, right? So, get testimonials. Follow up with the people. You wanna go from suspect to prospect to costumer to raving fan, right? That’s what you wanna do. Go from suspect to prospect to costumer to raving fan. So…

Kandas: And if you are gonna think about it, out of the 7, out of the 7 there is really only two that of the 7 that are property specific, everything else is more or less relationship driven. So, what you are trying to do is create that and must be aware especially if you are an investors and these are investors that are coming to you because you are wholesaling out, they’re gonna keep coming to you for deals. Even if it could… they’ve got $50,000 total of spend and there is another house, work here for 46,00 and you are just right that 50,000 they’re gonna come to you because they know you’ll close and the way that you’ve made them feel through the process up to now.

Larry: Right. That’s exactly right.

Kandas: A relationship driven, it is not transaction driven.

Larry: That’s really good. I’ve heard it at somewhere before.

Kandas: I know.

Larry: That’s really good. Make sure you do business with people who are relationship driven and not transaction driven, right? Because you wanna turn your customers into raving fans. In fact what we do is we did a study a while back and it has been a while, I’ll give you that, we did a study a while back 68% of the people who bought a house from us, went on to buy 2, 3, 4, 5 or more, right?

Kandas: Yup!

Larry: So, we tell in our marketing when bends on the phone with people, look, 68% of the people who buy houses from us, buy more houses. So, this is not a one and done, right? I’m gonna help you out with this property, but when you get ready for another one, I’ll have another one, another one, another one, and another one, there you go. So, you know, you wanna build a long-term relationship and build them from a suspect to prospect to costumer to a raving fan, right? Look, Corn is on. Cornelius, we missed you too, right? We missed you too.

Kandas: I only once in a while, I’ll get emotional.

Larry: I know. Corn used to work with us and he was here for years. He worked with us, he started working with us when he was a teenager like 7 or 3 or 12 or something. He was like…

Kandas: No, no, no, teenager…

Larry: He was like 17 years old or something when he started working with us. He worked with us for years.

Kandas: I think he was 19.

Larry: Yeah, maybe 19 or something, I don’t know.

Kandas: Anyway.

Larry: We’ve seen him grow up.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: So, guys please share this video now. Yeah, share it and we are gonna give away a one-on-one call with me, one-on-one coaching call. It will be somewhere between 30 minutes and an hour something like that to find out where you are, who you wanna be, your likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, assets and liabilities.

Kandas: You are right.

Larry: What?

Kandas: You are right, 17.

Larry: 17, it was 17. Awesome. Yup. See I got it. I got you man. All right, so if you wanna apply to work with us as one of our partners where we work one on one, we get you up and running, we will show you what to do and how to do it, help you close the first three deals and our goal is to help you close them ASAP hopefully in 90 days, I can’t guarantee that ‘cause I don’t know what you are gonna do.

Kandas: And how hard you gonna work.

Larry: But you can apply, just apply at LarryGoins.com/Apply, right? And Kandas can you think of anything else? Is there anything else we need to mention?

Kandas: I don’t so.

Larry: Guys, the name of the show is BRAG (Be Rich And Generous) so I want you guys to think about some things you can do, I was just looking at a picture and I’m scrolling thing of Corn with the whole group, I’ve got this digit… at the right. I’ve got this digital photo thing over here and there was a picture of Corn, we took a group picture. So, anyway, so go out and BRAG (Be Rich And Generous) find somebody you can help. I want you to remember something, I’m gonna leave you with this, okay. Nobody can help everybody but everybody can help somebody, okay. And we’ve got somebody, not in our office but Kandas found somebody that single mom and couple of kids and needs some help, so as an organization, as a group, we are gonna be helping her to be able to provide Christmas for her and her family and help them out, so I say this not to impress you but to impress upon them. Find somebody, I don’t care if you are just helping on providing a meal for them or whatever, that will not make any difference. I don’t care if it is a dollar or 5 dollars or your time, it doesn’t have to be money, it could be your time. So, please get out there and BRAG (Be Rich and Generous) and remember the more money you make, the more money you can help others with and be a blessing to others, okay?

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, with that we will see you next week. I’m not really sure about the topic but I’m thinking I will talk some more negotiating about one liners or something like that. What do you think about that?

Kandas: Well, we can, we may, we may do that, we may just do a recap from this year. And maybe do something for percent of the first part of the year, who knows. We will talk about it and see, but I do like one liners, they are some of my favorites.

Larry: Yeah, they’re really good. They’re really good. So, thanks a lot guys for watching. We really appreciate and we will see you next week which will be the last show of this year. So, thanks everybody. I appreciate it.

Kandas: Yes.

Larry: Buh-bye.