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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Business versus Investment Lifestyle versus Enterprise


Brag Radio is back from the holiday season! In this episode, Larry and Kandas talked about setting goals and what's in store for them in the year 2019. They also discussed real estate both as a business and as an investment and discussed its pros and cons as well.


  • Setting up goals
  • Partner Program
  • Real estate as a business
  • Real estate as an investment
  • Separating buy-sell business from your investment business
  • IRS audit
  • The type of business you want
  • Difference between enterprise and lifestyle business


  • "A goal that's not in writing is irrelevant and a goal without a deadline is just conversation.”
  • “Investment is long-term.”
  • “It's difficult to get wisdom without experience.”



Larry: Hey, what’s happening? How you doin’? I didn’t even close the doors. You hear people out there on the phone, they are buying and selling houses on the phone as we speak.

Kandas: We may have should have postponed this a week before we got started back.

Larry: Really? Kandas is going to close the doors. How was everybody’s Christmas? Everybody have a good Christmas? New Year’s?

Kandas: A new area, back into swinging things here on the second.

Larry: Exactly. That’s awesome. See, how you like my new Harley, Harley shirt?

Kandas: Harley, Harley shirt?

Larry: On the side, Harley shirt. Look at the back of it.

Kandas: You’re showing it off because I gave him the gift card to go get that.

Larry: Yes she did.

Kandas: After he traded two of the presents my children picked out for him.

Larry: I hope Morgan and Michaela aren’t watching.

Kandas: They don’t.

Larry: They’ll be mad as far as that goes.

Kandas: Yeah. Well, he went with us but the girls don’t have Facebook pages, so you are safe. It just mean that you disappointed them.

Larry: That’s not what you said earlier this morning when I showed you my new shirt.

Kandas: I’m just kidding. I know, but people are here now. This is what is funny.

Larry: I know right.

Kandas: It’s not funny when it is just me.

Larry: What shirt… Kandas, what shirt you got?

Kandas: I have on “Do It Different Be A Maverick”. This is a shirt that was given to us by one of our friends in education industry. He is a real estate investor, really great guy.

Larry: He is a motivational guy too, personal development.

Kandas: He is super motivational and great family guy though. He’s got an awesome family and yeah, we were at an expo and he gave me one of his shirts. So, I’ve got it on today. You are welcome, Paul.

Larry: Awesome. And I just spoke with Manny this morning on the phone, with Manny in fact I’m gonna be talking to him again right after… I love the big pockets on my shirt.

Kandas: I’m not sure also Manny where this comment of “pinch Kandas” came from, but there will be no to that.

Larry: That was funny. Manny, I asked her earlier, I said Kandas did you hear that? ‘Cause she could hear us talking from her office.

Kandas: Typically, he does not know though how much I mute him out like I really just tune out his voice and I’m focused on what I’ve got to get done, so I didn’t hear any of it.

Larry: Awesome, awesome. Look, Denise is ready to get Filthy Riches going.

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: 2019 is your year Denise.

Larry: Yeah, baby. That’s sweet. That’s sweet. Look, Matt Green is in the house. That’s good. I love it. I love it. What is this little thing right here do? Oh, look that shows who is on here. Look at that.

Kandas: So, 2019 for Larry is gonna be a year of discovery.

Larry: It’s the year of learning technology, right? Yeah, Rhea Perry.

Kandas: Rhea is on?

Larry: No. Asked if I’m going to Rhea Perry’s event next year. You have to ask Kandas that.

Kandas: You have to ask Rhea because she…

Larry: Yeah, you really have to ask Rhea.

Kandas: She has her guest speakers on a rotation, so I’m not sure. We were just there, so we may not be, we may not be able to go this year. She may hold us until next year, but not sure on that. We were just there though.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. That’s cool. We got more comments. Keep the comments coming in. Lisette Calvillo, welcome, welcome to the area. That’s funny. If you are just now joining us, be sure to get your Investor Kit, call 877-LARRY-GO. You could also text, but I don’t know…

Kandas: We don’t know the number. We don’t have the number memorized and…

Larry: I told Kandas like 3 minutes ago.

Kandas: From right now which is when the broadcast started.

Larry: I know. I said I don’t have any agenda where we can scroll a thing across there. I said, let’s see 877-LARRY-GO, what else, what else. She said, “Yeah you could text us.” And okay what’s the number? She said, “I don’t know what the number is.”

Kandas: So, this though is not how 2019 is gonna go for us. We are not gonna be behind the 8 ball consistently.

Larry: That’s true. I am really, really excited about 2019. I’m gonna let you guys know. I know a lot of people talk about New Year’s resolution. I’m not really a big fan of resolutions, but I do believe in setting goals and I do believe in having them in writing and there’s my lovely wife.

Kandas: Hi Pam.

Larry: Hey, honey how are you? I do believe in setting goals and not necessarily resolutions and one of my goals for this year is to get in the best health I’ve been in years and I’m really excited about that. I’m starting to eat better and exercise and I’m actually, I’ve got an appointment this afternoon with what do you call it? A natural…

Kandas: A natural doctor, a homeopathic doctor.

Larry: A naturopath something. Pam says, “it’s Kandas.” What does that mean?

Kandas: Ant Cash asked how to spell my name.

Larry: Oh, Pam is correct.

Kandas: It is your way of cash you know, it’s all right. Pam got you squared away there. It is not… I can’t take credit for it. It’s my father’s doing.

Larry: There you go. Needed to be different.

Kandas: Yeah. I had no opinion in the matter. Just to say.

Larry: That’s funny. That’s funny. So, let us know what’s some of your goals are. There is Ben. What’s going on Ben? I haven’t heard from you in a while, right? And I hear you on writing up the goals.

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: A goal that is in writing is irrelevant. It is just a conversation and a goal without a deadline is just a conversation as well, right? So, let us know what’s some of your goals are, what’s some of the things that you guys are doing? One of the things that I decided is I’m not gonna travel anymore. I shouldn’t say anymore, that’s not really right because we are traveling next week, aren’t we?

Kandas: Yeah. Two weeks from now we will be on a plane.

Larry: We are going to a Mastermind event, but it’s really about creating a personal vision for yourself and your family and that’s that Mastermind that we are in and we are also in another Mastermind that’s real estate specific. So, outside of that I’m really not traveling to speak anymore unless it is Rhea Perry. All right.

Kandas: Well, I mean and to be fair, there is a few, there is a few of our colleagues if you wanna call them colleagues or friends that are in the education industry that you’ll still go and speak for.

Larry: Oh yeah.

Kandas: It’s a very small list honestly, not that there is a small list of friends but it is just… we really have to refocus to where Larry’s attention was gonna go and part of that is just gonna have… is you got to stop traveling to feel to be here and focus on what needs to be done here and we can’t do that if we are out all the time.

Larry: Awesome. Yeah, that’s true. That’s so true. So I’m not speaking any REI groups, but I will speak for like friends at their bootcamps and stuff like that like Rhea Perry and a couple more. Look, Kenny Culver is in the house.

Kandas: And Kenny’s goal this year is to have his first kid. Are you… like is this in the works Kenny?

Larry: Is there something we don’t know about yet Kenny? Come on man.

Kandas: Because… Yeah!

Larry: What’s up with that?

Kandas: Like you gotta have a little bit… you gotta have to throw a little bit more out there with this on that one just because we know you. I wanna need more detail. I’m gonna need some more detail on that.

Larry: We wanna hear details Kenny. Come on man. Tell us.

Kandas: Ant Cash had 20 deals this year. That’s awesome. That’s a great one.

Larry: That is a really good one. That’s a good one.

Kandas: “Bring all our kids into discussion about our dreams, values, goals.” Ben, that is awesome and I’m doing that with my kids as well. I don’t want to just have goals for myself and my husband have goals. I want for our kids to have goals as well. And their goals to kinda support where our family is wanna take us in 2019. Whether it’s traveling to where destinations that they wanna go to or different things that they wanna do. My daughter, this is her last year in middle school, so going into high school next year is gonna be a big change for all of us and I’m making sure that she is starting to plan for different things with that and college tours and all of that good stuff. So, we’ve got… I’m doing the same thing you are with that as making sure my kids have goals in writing as well.

Larry: That’s awesome.

Kandas: I love that.

Larry: And a deadline. Make sure there is a deadline.

Kandas: Well, yeah. I mean it has to… well right now with them I think mostly the deadline is December 31, 2019.

Larry: A goal without a deadline is a conversation, right? And look Kinney answered your question. Look at that. There is the due date right there.

Kandas: Yey! That’s awesome.

Larry: Congratulations, man. That is awesome.

Kandas: That’s great.

Larry: That’s really cool, man. I’m really excited. I’ve been checking out what you doin’ and you post a lot of stuff on Facebook and I’ve been checking it out. We don’t talk all that much but man I’ve been following you and I’m interested in what’s going on in your life and I appreciate you.

Kandas: Well, this is the best of friends that when you can fall right back in and like you haven’t talk in a month or four months or six months or however long and then you just start having conversation and it is like you never stop, it’s like you just start talking yesterday and that is for me the type of kindredness or whatever is there with Kenny.

Larry: Kindred spirit.

Kandas: Yeah!

Larry: Like kindred spirit or something, right? Chris, “Get his business off the ground.”

Kandas: That’s awesome.

Larry: That’s great. That’s great. So what else, “Go see Van Halen again.” That’s Manny’s goal. We need to go see Van Halen again. You know what, they are touring again. They’re talking about 2019 tour. I just heard some the other day and just watched the Van Halen documentary on Netflix the other day. That was cool. So, Dave’s is… Dave Lee not Dave Leroux but Dave Lee.

Kandas: Two flips and four wholesales.

Larry: Two flips and four wholesales. That’s awesome. That is really good.

Kandas: Do the wholesales first.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly.

Kandas: That way you build up your capital.

Larry: You gotta do that. You gotta do that because listen after you do a couple of wholesales you gonna do flips. What? Forget about it.

Kandas: That may change.

Larry: Forget about it.

Kandas: It might not. You might be one of those people that loves to do flips, that loves to rehabs. I’m glad the world hasn’t. We are just not two of them at all.

Larry: That’s true. I don’t like rehabs although we are closing on one deal next month.

Kandas: Although, although.

Larry: We are closing on one deal this month so…

Kandas: “I’m not going to Van Halen with you two again.” I know it rained on us last time. We will have to get like seats under the canopy this time.

Larry: That’s my wife. That’s my wife. Thanks, honey. I appreciate it. She is not going to Van Halen. I’m already in the works to get tickets to see Ozzy. Ozzy is coming to Charlotte in June, so I’m excited about that. So, I’m sure my wife wants to see Ozzy.

Kandas: That’s all you Pam.

Larry: Honey, would you go see Ozzy Osbourne with me? Would you?

Kandas: Well, there’s 41… well, there’s 41 people waiting on your reply.

Larry: Just give me a little shoutout right here and let me know would you go and see Ozzy with me?

Kandas: She didn’t even say Van Halen.

Larry: She said Van Galen.

Kandas: Van Galen.

Larry: I don’t know if that was a freudian slip on her part.

Kandas: If it wasn’t, even if was, it’s just great, awesome. Yes, it’s awesome.

Larry: That was good. Ben wants to join the Partner Program. It used to be called Inner Circle but now it is… look now we have to change. So, I’ll have to find someone else to go with me. That’s funny. We were talking the other night, we said… Pam said, “You wanna go out on a date tonight?” I said sure, who you gonna take?

Kandas: She’s gonna hurt you. She’s gonna hurt you.

Larry: All right, so Ben’s goal is to join the Inner Circle which is now the Partner Program and so…

Kandas: And better than ever. So much better than the Inner Circle program in my opinion.

Larry: It really is. Oh my gosh, our students are getting so much results. It’s result-oriented, hands-on training, on the job hands-on training where I mean you get right into transition you are doing deals. It is not me standing up here saying you gotta do this, you gotta do that. It’s no, you flip open your computer, you’re getting your list, your ordering your direct mail, you are setting up your website, you are setting up all your marketing, you are making the phone ring and then I’ll help you. I’ve even got known calls with sellers for students before, right? I’m not gonna make a habit of it. But I’ve got known calls.

Kandas: If that’s what you need though.

Larry: Yeah, it’s whatever you need, right? So, whatever it is, our goal is to get your deals in absolutely as soon as possible, right? So there you have it. There you have it. So, if you have an interest in that, we do have… our January event is full. You come here to my office, if you want to, for 3 days and it’s not me standing up here teaching for 3 days, it is in my office where you own a computer, setting up your business, getting your marketing going, so when you get home, the phone starts ringing off the hook, right? That’s the whole goal right there. So, if you do wanna apply go to LarryGoins.com/Apply, right?

So, what are we gonna talk today as far as education and training today is two things, two things, business versus investment real estate, okay. Business versus investment. Now, with real estate, you’ve got buy-sell, buy-sell, buy-sell. That could be a wholesaling, that could be fix and flips, it could be selling on a land contract or sell or financing and then selling the note, those were all businesses, right? Now, remember with the business, every month you go from hero to zero, every month, am I right?

Kandas: Yeah, every day.

Larry: Every month can go from hero to zero. Like last month even though it was December, we still closed like 88,000 or something in profits, right? In December. And even though it was December, we still did like 88,000 or something in profits.

Kandas: And we were closed the last week.

Larry: We were closed the last week of December. That was kinda funny.

Kandas: Yup.

Larry: Anyway, so that’s a business, buy-sell, buy-sell, buy-sell. Well, an investment is buy and hold. An investment could be, it could be commercial, multi-family, it could be self-storage, it could be single family rentals, it could be doing lease options, it could doing seller financing but you keep the note, right? So, investment is long-term. Now, here’s one thing that’s very, very, very important, you gotta make sure you keep your buy-sell business separate from your investment business.

Kandas: Very important.

Larry: It is very important. It is two different entities. You don’t want to buy and sell in the same entity that you are buying and holding. For example, if you are buying and selling and buying and selling and you generate a lot of cash in the wholesaling business or fix and flip business, and then you have one rental property that is in the same entity, what if someone trips and falls and you get sued in that entity, well that’s gonna sue your entity that’s generating all the cash. You never do business where you hold your investments, right? I can’t wait to put this. Just think about… go ahead.

Kandas: No.

Larry: Think about a dog, right? Never do business in your own yard, right?

Kandas: That’s the cleanest way. That’s the cleanest way I think you’ve ever put it.

Larry: That’s hilarious. Oh, “How does the government shutdown affect real estate?” Well, I’m not really sure, but I’m hoping it affects me and that the IRS auditor. It’s gonna take a lot longer to come with their final conclusion.

Kandas: Because they are not being paid. That’s awful. But you know you never...

Larry: Yes I did go there. That’s okay. It’s been going on for a year and a half anyway.

Kandas: All we can do is laugh about this whole audit thing now, ‘cause early on we would have just cry. No, no way through it.

Larry: You know at first, I was like really scared and nervous. I’ve never been through an IRS audit, but it really is like a financial colonoscopy. Definitely yes. It really is. And it’s scary but, you know, we got through the whole audit and everything.

Kandas: It is initially until you know like what they’re looking at, what they’re looking for and kinda what their direction is, it was kinda scary and then when we started getting more details about exactly what they wanted and everything like that then it was a lot clearer and our tax attorney that was phenomenal.

Larry: That’s true. That is true. We have a really good tax attorney, so if you ever get audited and you are a real estate investor, you let me know I will hook you up, right? So, but yeah, it’s… well Ben has been audited 5 times. No, you didn’t. So, yeah, we’ve gone through the audit, the auditors made a report and right now we are just in the appeals process ‘cause we don’t agree with some of the things that he said that some of the… what would you call it, the stances he took…

Kandas: Well, he went back. He went back and forth a little bit.

Larry: He did go back and forth. One year he said yes. One year he said no.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: So, we are gonna combine them all and we are going to Appeals Court anyway. The wall will never get built. Build that wall. Build that wall. Now, it’s a fence Manny.

Kandas: We need to move on. We need to move on back to business versus investment. I mean, business versus whatever you have written.

Larry: Business versus investment, okay. Never operate a business in the same entity that you hold investments, okay. And if it is commercial, you want all the entities to be separate like for example, this building that we are in right now, it’s in one entity, right? And there is nothing else in that entity except for this building and any other commercial properties like Dollar General or Shoney's Restaurants or any of that other stuff that I’ve owned that will all be in their own separate entity, right?

Kandas: No, those are different too.

Larry: Right. They are all separate entities. Oh, notes. Yes, you want your notes help ‘cause note has a lot lower liability than real estate, right? So, if you are holding note, you want that in a separate entity and a lot of people say well how many entities do I need? Well, a good rule of thumb is about $250,000 in equity per entity. That’s a good rule of thumb. So, if your house is up to $50,000 houses that’s five $50,000 houses an entity, right? Now that’s just a rule of thumb. That’s all it is, right? Manny says that I need ten of them. Good for you man. That’s awesome.

Kandas: But you guys that are brand new and just starting out, don’t get freak out about having two or three or five entities or whatever like that.

Larry: No.

Kandas: Just start with wholesaling, get some capital and get some experience on your belt and then start looking at and add some other entities, but you just need one to keep from doing business in your personal name to run your wholesale store.

Larry: That’s exactly right. Now, the next thing I wanna talk about today on today’s show is what type of business do you actually want? Do you want an enterprise business or a lifestyle business? Now, let me tell you the difference okay. An enterprise business is like what we have. We have a staff, we have people in accounting, we have marketing, we have sales, acquisition and closing, right? And then what Kandas does and what I do, right?

Kandas: We just don’t really have a title. It’s just a catch all from you know how shit rolls downhill. It is what happens and then somebody’s got to catch it, so that’s what I have. There’s no title for that. Don’t get your hopes up.

Larry: I know right. There is no job title, right? That’s for people who want a weekly paycheck, right? They want the job title.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: We can’t give you a raise right now but we have given you a promotion. That didn’t sound too good. Shh, they might hear.

Kandas: That’s what happens. Just kidding.

Larry: So anyway, so if you want an enterprise business like we have that’s office with staff and all that or a lifestyle business and quite frankly, most new real estate investors, they start out with what’s called a lifestyle business, okay.

Kandas: And there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s the way you wanna keep it. We are actually trying to go back a little bit once we get all of our engines running here in the right direction and everything build up the way that it needs to be then there will be a time to resort back to a lifestyle business ‘cause you built the enterprise up enough to support the versa.

Larry: Exactly. So, a lot of people start out, they are working from home, they are working at Starbucks, whatever it is, you may have a virtual assistant (VA), but that is a lifestyle business, okay. It’s all based around your lifestyle. I know a lot of people that work from home, they have families, they wanna be home with their kids, they just go in their office, their home office, shut the door, work for a little while, come out and have lunch with the family or whatever.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: They do their own thing like that, right? So, that’s a lifestyle business and we have elected to do an enterprise business. I really do like the camaraderie, I like being around people. We’ve got a bell out here every time somebody buys a house or sells a house, if we get one under contract, if we have a closing, they ring the bell, right? And then everybody in the office claps. So, it’s just a lot of fun. I like being around that whole camaraderie.

Kandas: Camaraderie.

Larry: Camaraderie. Is that a word? That is a word.

Kandas: Camaraderie is. I don’t know about camaraderie. We will just keep going. We will just keep moving.

Larry: I got some Kandas’s I’m talking pull out of my phone.

Kandas: I’m so right.

Larry: So, anyway, most people do start out as a lifestyle business and do it by themselves and then start working their way up to an enterprise business like if you wanna do 5, 10, 15 deals a month like we do then what you can do is you need to hire that first person and see what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna do everything at first. You got to do marketing, sales, which is acquisitions or I should say marketing, acquisitions, sales and closing. That’s just about everything right there. And due diligence is thrown in there and all that stuff too.

Kandas: But you should. Don’t get discouraged about this either. It sounds like a lot. It is a lot. It’s a lot for anybody but don’t get discourage because what it’s gonna give you is experience and you’ll be able to build processes and policies of the way you want other people to do it, right?

Larry: Right.

Kandas: So that when you do start adding those people to your team, you’ll automatically have a check and balance because you used to do it. You can speak from experience about how you want them to do it. Now, you ask they may have some ideas on how to make things better, you always wanna hire people that will bring something to your team or being asset to your team.

Larry: Right.

Kandas: But ultimately, if you’ve done it before you’re gonna have more knowledge on how you want it done.

Larry: That’s exactly right. You should always know how to do everything in your business so someone can take advantage of you, right? Because if you don’t really know how to negotiate over the phone, somebody else could tell you what that and that’s just the way it is. That’s just the way it is, right? And it’s really difficult to get wisdom without experience, right?

Kandas: I don’t think you can.

Larry: Well, you can’t get wisdom without experience, but you can glam on to someone who has it, right?

Kandas: I do. I mean I do agree you can learn from other people’s mistakes and you can look at the way they have such setup and things like that. So, I mean I guess you can’t glam with some from other people.

Larry: Well, it’s kinda like, it’s kinda like some of our partners students. They’ll call me and ask me about something and chances are, I’ve run into it before, right?

Kandas: You’ve been around a long time.

Larry: Well, pretty enough. But it’s kinda like Bite Before Christmas. We had a person that is gonna buy a property and then we are gonna get a hard money loan to buy the property. I’ve told everybody in the office, I told them, I told them, I told them, I said don’t count on this deal closing with a hard money loan, don’t count on it ‘cause a lot of hard money lenders, they’ll get write up to the closing date. Oh, we can only loan you 60% instead of 70%. Oh, we gonna charge you another 5 points. Oh, we need another $5,000 in reserve, right? So, luckily, the buyer had cash as well and we let the buyer know, we let the whole team know, don’t count on this loan. Now, we need to go ahead and proceed as if it’s a cash sale and sure enough it was like 2 days before closing, the lender came back and said they can’t do the deal. I only knew that from experience, right? I only knew it from experience and another thing that happened was we had a deal that was supposed to close right before Christmas which would have put us over $100,000 for that month, for December, but we had a deal that was closing right before Christmas and there were 8 people on title. And I was really, really nervous about doing an assignment because we were making, I can’t remember how much we are making on the deal, but if we had done a deal where we closed on it, if we had done a deal where we physically closed on it and then re-sold it, you know, there wouldn’t have been a problem but I told everybody in the office, I said there’s 8 people on title. Somebody is gonna have an issue with us making this much money on assignment, right? And sure enough over the Christmas break, Kandas got a call and the guy said I’m sorry we’re not gonna be able to sell our house to you, so I got him on the phone today and I said, look what’s going on? What’s going on? Well, one of the brothers or sisters freaked out and they don’t wanna sell anymore. See, I have already negotiated the deal from 35 down to 25 and then we had another contract at 35. And then I re-negotiated the deal down to 25, right? And we had this sold for like 40 I think.

Kandas: Mm-hmm.

Larry: So anyway, I got him on the phone and he said, yeah they just don’t wanna sign, they don’t wanna sign. I said, what’s wrong? Well, they don’t wanna give the property away. I said, will they sign if we go back, if we do 30? Well, they do 30. Well, I think they’ll probably do that. So, instead of making 15, we will make 10. So, that’s another good little tip right there. Re-negotiate all the deals that you can, right? You gotta have a good legitimate reason or re-negotiate all the deals that you can re-negotiate. So, you know, it’s hard to get wisdom without the wait, but aligning yourself with somebody that knows what they are doing and learning from them and having their personal phone number, being able to reach out to them, really helps give you wisdom without the wait. In fact, I got that term from one of our partners who said, you know, Larry being in your partner program is like wisdom without the wait.

Kandas: And you thought, I’m using that.

Larry: I am using that and I just did. So, yeah, so, that’s the difference between an enterprise business and a lifestyle business and a business versus investment. So, guys, please if you enjoy this, if you like it, please share it with other people and share it on your page right now and let’s see how many shares or views and all that cool stuff we can get. Is there anything else we need to talk about?

Kandas: I don’t think so.

Larry: I gotta get back on the phone. I got about 40 people I got to call today. While, we were on Christmas break, an angel came into the office and he set up about 20 appointments

Kandas: Making us all look bad.

Larry: I know right. So, he set up about 20 appointments for me to call people so I got to call and buy some houses over the phone this afternoon.

Kandas: So, we will have a deal of the week next week?

Larry: Yes, we will. We don’t have one this week ‘cause we’ve been gone for 2 or 3 weeks. Awesome. So, thank you guys very much for watching. We really appreciate it. Share, share, share.

Kandas: Bye guys.