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Creating Your Personal Vision


In this episode, Larry and Kandas discussed the process of defining your life's vision. They also discussed the importance of having a personal vision that is congruent with the vision of your own business.


  • Partner Program
  • Deal of the week
  • What prosperity means to you
  • Importance of having a business that supports the lifestyle you want to have
  • Stage 1: Building your foundation
  • Vision equals focus
  • Being intentional with your vision
  • Stage 2: Meeting your needs
  • Wants versus needs
  • Worth of your time
  • Getting on track with your vision
  • Stage 3: Earning excess cash
  • Don't increase your lifestyle in Stage 3
  • Stage 4: Investing in free and clear income producing assets
  • Some exercises


  • "Prosperity means having businesses that support or congruent with the lifestyle that I want to have." - Kandas
  • "You want your business to serve you personally and not you to have to serve your business."
  • "When you have a vision, you are more focused."



Kandas: Hey, everybody! Welcome to BRAG.

Larry: What’s happening?

Kandas: Larry just asked me if I knew what I was gonna talk about today.

Larry: There you go. That’s good. Welcome to the BRAG show Be Rich And Generous. Welcome to the show.

Kandas: To the show. To the show.

Larry: Yeah. Welcome to the BRAG show. This is all about being rich and generous. We will teach you how to invest in real estate and we encourage you to go out and be generous and help other people have fun and make money to help others in need. Be generous with your time and with your money. So, there you have it. You can email customerservice@larrygoins.com if you shared last week’s BRAG show, right?

Kandas: Yeah. Last’s week’s BRAG show.

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Larry: I have.

Kandas: Until they are gone. It is the Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start. That is what you will get if you send me an email. Let me know that you shared. I’ll verify that you shared.

Larry: $297 value.

Kandas: You guys know my personality is verify then trust. So, I will verify that you shared it and I will send it out to you.

Larry: Maybe they don’t but they do now.

Kandas: I think they had…

Larry: That is her personality, verify then trust.

Kandas: Yes. I think we have discussed that before.

Larry: There you go. Richard, what’s up? How you doin’?

Kandas: We are waiting on him to answer.

Larry: That is weird. How you doin’?

Kandas: He’s not gonna answer.

Larry: Yeah. How are you gonna respond?

Kandas: You make us so weird.

Larry: So, if you will share this video, we will give you the Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start. Just go ahead and email customer service. Hey, guys, what’s up? How you doin’ buddy? Good to see you. Good to see you.

Kandas: Good to see you.

Larry: Good to see you, right? So, let’s talk about…

Kandas: Partner program. Partners are gonna be in-house next week. So, when we do the BRAG show next week, we may do it where our partners will be. We may do it in here, in there, I don’t know where we will be. But we should still be able to do the show next week even though they are in-house.

Larry: Kenny, what’s up buddy? “Don’t y’all look cute.”

Kandas: We are kinda match today.

Larry: Thank you. Thank you very much.

Kandas: I didn’t know you are gonna have blue in your Hawaiian shirt, but it wasn’t planned anyway.

Larry: Kahisha, what’s going on? There is Kahisha. What’s happening? How you doin’? She’s got a deal going on right now with about 32 properties or something like that.

Kandas: Dang!

Larry: Dave in the house from St. Louis. Awesome. Awesome. So, if you are interested in the partner program go to LarryGoins.com/Apply and we have a little application there.

Kandas: Little application.

Larry: We called it a partner program, but it’s really coaching and mentoring and we partner on deals together. So, we work one-on-one, you got to have my personal contract info, I’m gonna help you get up and running, get your marketing going so your phone will ring off the hook. Carl Fischer is in the house.

Kandas: Hey, Carl.

Larry: Carl, what’s up? How you doin’? I haven’t seen you in about 3 days.

Kandas: So glad we got to spend some time with you over this past weekend at the 3-day event which was awesome. Always a good time. You guys got time to go somewhere.

Larry: Yeah, we did. We drove up to Rutherfordton to look at a property that Carl has up there on 9 Street, USA and it was great. I loved it. It was awesome. Like, man, I wanna live uptown like this on a second floor. That was really cool. So, guys if you guys need a self-directed retirement plan, go to CamaCarl.com and you can fill out an account. They will waive the setup fee…

Kandas: With that link.

Larry: With that specific link, CamaCarl.com.

Kandas: Did you talk to him about giving that out? But he won’t care.

Larry: He won’t mind. He’ll know it’s from me.

Kandas: You have to do it because my account wasn’t free.

Larry: Neither was mine. And I have about 4 or 5 accounts with Carl with CamaPlan.

Kandas: And he gave that link out at the 3-day event. I’m glad you brought that up.

Larry: That’s good.

Kandas: Everybody needs the self-directed IRA.

Larry: He knows a ton about self-directed retirement accounts and very, very knowledgeable about them. So, go to CamaCarl.com and get your free account.

Kandas: Get you one.

Larry: Yeah, get you one. There you go. Awesome. So, what are we gonna talk about next? We talked about the deal of the week.

Kandas: Deal of the week. Do you have a favorite deal of the week?

Larry: I do have a favorite deal of the week.

Kandas: My deals are giving me headaches. I don’t have a favorite one.

Larry: You know, half the time I forget to do a deal of the week.

Kandas: You are right.

Larry: I do.

Kandas: We’ve got 19 in the pipeline right now.

Larry: I think we have 23 now ‘cause we had a few more in the last few days. So, here’s the deal of the week.

Kandas: Deals are everywhere.

Larry: Here’s the deal of the week right now. I just negotiated this deal yesterday, just yesterday. The guy that had 3 properties he was selling and 3 rental properties, they are bringing in about $1,060 a month, total income. And pretty decent houses and $1,060 a month income, one of the properties he had raised the rent, but one time in 30 years same tenant 30 years, he has only raised the rent one time in 30 years.

Kandas: You are trying to tell me, tenants don’t stay.

Larry: And that rent was $260 a month.

Kandas: Why would they the fault? It’s $260 a month. In 2019…

Larry: They are not going to. So, here’s the deal, based on the rents, I want to be around $45,000. And these are decent houses. He has done some work to them, so $45,000. So, he was stuckon $75,000. So, I asked him what he was gonna do with the money. He was gonna put it in the bank. “I just wanna be done with these properties.” So, I started talking to him about owner financing. I said how would you still like to get the cash flow, save money on taxes, and not have to deal with tenants, trash, termites and toilets? He said, “You’ve said that a few times, haven’t you?” That’s exactly what he said. You’ve said that a few times. So, I negotiated to buy his properties.

Kandas: He talked to a few people, just like you.

Larry: Exactly. So, I negotiated to buy all three properties for $25,000, 20-year amortization, the payment is gonna be $494.97 a month. And the taxes are like $115 per month and the insurance was like less than $100 for all of it. So, you are gonna get a decent cash flow of 5, 6, 7, let’s say 7, 8, 9, 10, you’re gonna get $300 cash flow right off the bat from day 1. And I even pulled the guy on the phone, I said, look, I’m not gonna keep these properties. All I’m gonna do is find somebody that’s gonna give me $10,000 or $20,000 to put down and then I’m gonna let them make payments to you. They are gonna keep up the properties, they’re gonna manage it, they’re gonna deal with the tenants and you are gonna get your cash flow. I’m gonna make money ‘cause I’m gonna sell you property, the owner financing in place and I’m gonna be at the down payment. He said, “okay, sounds good to me.”

Kandas: Everything.

Larry: Really. Really. He said, “That sounds pretty good.” I said, great. What’s your email address? I’ll email you my simple one page standard real estate offer to purchase. You got to use the word standard. My simple one page standard real estate offer to purchase. I’ll get that out to you right away. We will get it back. We will get it done. So, that my friends is the deal of the week. Now, Carl, you can put that deal in your IRA, right? As long as you have nonrecourse financing. In fact, my simple standard one page real estate offer to purchase has a clause in there for seller financing and this is “seller financing in the form of a nonrecourse loan.” It’s already in my paper work. But for an IRA, I’ve got to put something down. If I was gonna put it in IRA, I would put $100 down or $1,000 down or something like that.

Kandas: The way the IRA is bested.

Larry: Right. Kahisha maybe you can do that with those 32 properties that they still like the cash flow as long as he owns some free and clear. Now, it will make it [Inaudible] [08:31] free and clear. If not, you can do a wrap or something like that.

Kandas: Nonrecourse has to be in paperwork.

Larry: You and I been emailing back and forth, so I’ll continue to help you on both deals. Yeah, with seller financing you can do nonrecourse seller financing but you got to have something invested. You can’t do 100% financing and do it in your retirement account. It has to be an investment.

Kandas: But it does not have to be much. It does not have to be much at all.

Larry: It does not. It could be 500 bucks, 1,000 bucks whatever. So, there you have it. That is the deal of the week.

Kandas: There you go.

Larry: And now what you have all been waiting for.

Kandas: You haven’t been waiting on this. I haven’t been waiting on it. I didn’t even know this will happen today. Since you emailed out this morning about the BRAG show, but…

Larry: Until I wrote the email and told her what we were talking about today.

Kandas: Yes. It is about personal vision. I know we’ve talked about it a few times before maybe not in this level of detail and this isn’t even gonna be that much level of detail that I’m going into ‘cause we don’t have very long with you, but after I read the Lifeonaire book and went into a Lifeonaire event, Mattand I, we actually went together. We went through this process and we started building out a life vision for ourselves. I did this in February of 2018 and I go back periodically, one, because I take the staff that are in our office through this process as well of getting ready to start a new session that will last about 10 to 12 weeks but we will go through this process together. One of the biggest things that hit me when we initially started doing this was the first question I asked or one of the first was what is prosperity mean to you? If you are able to define your life vision, you really need to know what prosperity means to you. I know the world says I means one thing, but we really need to understand what it means to you, to me and I’ll just read to you what I wrote, it meant having businesses that support or congruent with the lifestyle that I wanna have. That was it. As simple as that.

Larry: It doesn’t have to be taken over the world guys.

Kandas: It doesn’t. It can be. If that’s where you are with your job, with your passion dependent on what’s going on in your life. Where I was and where I still am this still holds true to me, but I want businesses that support and are congruent with a lifestyle that I wanna have. So, Larry and I, we have the business. The business has a vision but neither you nor I had a life vision. So, we have a business that wasn’t feeding the lifestyle that we want to have. We had a business that was…

Larry: We had business vision. That was it.

Kandas: We had business vision. We do not have life vision. And we needed to change that. You want a business that supports the lifestyle that you wanna have. Not the other way around where your life constantly revolves around the business. That’s no way to live.

Larry: In other words, you want your business to serve you personally not you to have to serve your business.

Kandas: Right. Now, don’t be furious. There’ll be phases where you’ve got to put your head down, you’ve got to run, you’ve got to push, you’ve got to make things happen.

Larry: Like right now.

Kandas: Like what we are in right now. Exactly, like what we are in right now. But that’s the phase. Just to get you to that next marker, it shouldn’t be that way all the time. So, a few things that they had us to get into the mindset to understand what the Lifeonaire life vision was, you need to build your foundation, you need to meet your needs, earn excess cash and then step four, was to have a free and clear income producing assets. So, building your foundation, (let me get over to that page)…

Larry: She’s got a whole book.

Kandas: I got a whole book. Building your foundation is actually your Lifeonaire vision. One thing that they told us and that stuck with me is a lot of people will do more planning around the party or vacation than they do for their whole life. Like think about it, whenever you are getting ready for a vacation or you are planning a trip maybe out of the country or out the state that you’ve never been, everything that you go through making sure your passports in order, making sure your tickets are in order, your hotel is in line, and you’re gonna pack so that you don’t have to worry about the stuff at the airport. All that stuff was in the planning but you go through life just on autopilot. So, this event and the process that took us through really took us off autopilot to make us think and ask us questions about what do we want life to be. So, building your foundation was the first step and vision people’s focus. When you have a vision, you are more focused. And another thing about the vision is you can’t just think about it. You need to write it down. You need to plan it out. You need to be intentional about it. It was another thing that they told us.

Larry: One thing I wanna throw in is when you mentioned about, you know, people are planning more for their vacation than they are for their vision, you know, that reminded me about people who have a will. They have a will but they don’t have 1, 3, 5 and 10-year goals, right?

Kandas: Very true.

Larry: You’re planning more for your death than you are while you are alive.

Kandas: Alive, yeah. Same concept. Yeah, that’s brilliant. I like it a lot.

Larry: You got me pulling out of the stuff.

Kandas: That wasn’t my intention at all.

Larry: Sure.

Kandas: So, building your foundation is really important. Asking some of those important questions, thinking about what you want your life to be. Now, everybody understands that you need to meet your basic needs, right? But sometimes when you are confused with wants versus needs especially when maybe you get a promotion at work or something like that, you can’t start living above your means or actually living above your needs and then all of a sudden your lifestyle is dependent on that promotion and that new money you are making instead of what you actually are living on before. I’m not saying that any of it is wrong, you should enjoy what you make, but you need to make sure that you have a plan in place for long term as well. One of the things too that they told us that I really like was really honestly what you are doing whenever you are working is you are trading hours for dollars. So, how much of your time worth? Now, they had us look at the effects of debt on our life. You know, you may not realize it all the time until you sit down and start thinking about it but the effects of having debt can change stress level, mood, the sleep habits, your health, your marriage, work relationships, vacations, what you want to do versus what you have to do, and honestly debt is not a financial position. Nobody goes into debt thinking I’m gonna go into debt. It just happens whenever you’ve seen things that you want and you don’t have something to filter. I know that I said earlier vision equals focus. Well, having a vision written down also serves as a filter to help you keep that focus. Because a lot of you guys are visionaries just like Larry. He says that I have integrator revisionary tendencies, so having that vision written down, you can filter this new shining things through that vision to see if it actually fits what you want to do for that year, for that 3-year plan or that 5-year plan. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it is a good way to make sure that you are staying on track with what it is that you wanted to get done.

Larry: That’s a really good point. Plus if you are in debt, you put yourself in debt not only it is stressful and you are stressed out and your family but you are not able to BRAG it, be rich and generous.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: You are not able to help others. A proven fact, people who are the best, people who are bad or down, if they help other people and find somebody that is worse off than they are, that’s really, really good therapy. So, if you are banged out with debt, you can’t do it.

Kandas: I mean not even financially but timewise because all your hours are being traded for dollars to help suffice your needs, right? Not being able to pay any for it hourwise, putting your time into other people or put your money into other people or causes. When you finally get to stage 3 when you have met your needs, you are able to move to stage 3 which is earning excess cash, this is where things start to get a little bit fun. You are able to do more charity work. You are able to do different things. And the excess cashthat you are generating, you can use to pay down debt obviously will be the first thing and then you can do on whatever you want. You could save it and then you could invest it. But the biggest thing you start finding ways for excess cash which real estate generates for a lot of people wholesaling deals, can build capital really quickly, don’t increase your lifestyle in stage 3.

Larry: That’s so important.

Kandas: It is huge.

Larry: There are so many people, they get a raise, oh, we just paid our car off, let’s go get another car. So, now your income is here it goes up to here and you will increase your bills. That’s just the way it goes. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Stop it.

Kandas: It’s not intentional but it does happen. So, you got to make that mental note, not to do that. Then when you finally get to stage 4 and you start investing into free and clear income producing assets, cash flow assets, leverage investments require you to trade your life to pay for them when they are not performing. So, you wanna make sure that you have performing assets that don’t require you to trade your life off. You can stop trading hours for dollars and let your money work for you. Part of this event too, they had us take out a dollar bill and this is genius. In all the computer here, partners that are coming next week and any partners that have been here will see a tape to the top of their monitor a dollar bill and it reminds me to make sure that I am spending my time productively because I want that dollar to be working for me not the other way around.

Larry: I had a 100-dollar bill taped to my monitor and she took it.

Kandas: I’m not gonna say yes. I’m not gonna say no. But it’s not up there anymore.

Larry: It went somewhere. That’s all I know. That’s funny. Awesome. Thank you Denise. I appreciate that. Great info. Look.

Kandas: Oh, nice. Thank you Denise.

Larry: She is super visual.

Kandas: To figure out, so let’s say, yes, you need to meet your needs, right? So meeting your needs can be a couple different, you can go to a couple of different exercise to get this done. Now, what I have everybody here do is we’ve got a workbook, we got different buckets or baskets or different tiles of things and I have been using crayon through this process, I try to keep a mindset of nothing is off the table. Don’t think about current circumstances. When you are building your life vision, don’t put restrictions on yourself of financial autonomy or anything like that, of health because it’s all about your mindset. So, when you are going through this, I have been using crayon to get back into a child-like mindset, right? Nothing on top of the table, biggest, wildest, most outrageous dreams, goals whatever.

Larry: Yeah.

Kandas: And these baskets, you write down like there’s a needs column, there’s a wants, there’s a spiritual, there’s a family, there’s a friends, there’s a no regrets. Now, the no regrets really I made a note as to how it helped me understand that. The no regrets basket is if I was to leave this earth tomorrow, I would regret not, right? So, what would you put in that no regrets column that you would have done more if tomorrow was your last day or today was your last day? So, you don’t wanna have any regrets. So, make sure you write this down.

Larry: I don’t see spending more time with Larry on here anywhere.

Kandas: Yeah. I must have forgot that. That one slipped my mind.

Larry: Oh, that’s funny. It is pretty cool that somebody wants you have here. You know, Denise wants to know do you have this in a print form somewhere? I know you can’t give this out.

Kandas: Nope.

Larry: You know, if there is…

Kandas: If you get the book, if you go to Audible and get the book Lifeonaire, I believe they have link in there where you can download the workbook.

Larry: It’s all in this book right here.

Kandas: Yup. I believe the link is in there for you to download the workbook. I got mine at their workshop, which is really good. If you have the time to spend 3 days with them or 2-1/2 days with them, it’s really beneficial too. So, needs, wants, spiritual, family, friends, no regrets, charity, health, personal gratification. Personal gratification, it was kind of something that I hadn’t really thought about and the stuff that makes you simply happy. Like it doesn’t have to be driving you know, a sports car or anything like that but like some of the things I wrote down for personal gratification that just make me simply happy is being able to sleep in. I don’t have an alarm clock to wake up. Cooking, just in my kitchen, you know, with my kids or without my kids, it doesn’t really matter, there is less mess when the kids aren’t there but just cooking. Going to get a massage, you know, being able to get surprise gifts to people. Christmas is fun, birthdays are fun but I love being able to surprise my mom and my girls with just random gifts that I see and I think they’ll like just being able to take it to them and give them to them. So, those are some things that kinda go in the category of personal gratification that are simply satisfying. Then you’ve got hobbies also. And I don’t have a lot of hobbies.

Larry: You really don’t. Hey, honey. My wife is on. Hey, honey. How are you? Denise, you’re welcome.

Kandas: I have two things in the hobbies category which worked to me isn’t really as much like work as it used to be. And that makes sense.

Larry: We’ve changed because we’ve gone through this whole vision thing then we change and it is not work, work, work, work day and night, right?

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: My wife will tell you, I’m not on the computer at night sitting in the bed near as much as I used to be. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had it open, you know, like from the time I got in the bed until I fell asleep, right?

Kandas: I can tell you that I don’t get near as many emails at night anymore from you.

Larry: That’s funny. That’s funny right there.

Kandas: So, then you go through these categories and you write anything and everything down in all this categories. Then when you try to start formulating your vision from all of that stuff, you look at the top 3 of all those categories. The top 3 that need the most attention. Is your health one needs the most attention? That was the one that you needed to focus on. Do you need to focus more on your spiritual basket? Just pick three for the year before let’s say you are doing it for 6 months. They say a year but sometimes people live a little bit in shorter times. We ran a 90-day vision of the business. I like a 6-month vision for life. A year seems like a long time for me. Anyway, so when you are looking at your timeframe, you are gonna pick the 3 baskets or 3 divisions that need the most and the most urgent attention and then from those baskets, you’ll pick 3 to 5 of the bullet points that you wrote down and then that’s pretty much it. The last part to that to make it where you can actually see it in everyday life is to pull out like a week calendar, like printout of blank week calendar with the hours on it and then go through and chart what do you want to do with these things. I know in mind like I will show a picture of mine, those are all the things that I want to be able to do. Those are all the things that I want to be able to do. Now, you will see that there is not a lot of blank space for work in that, not a lot of blank space at all.

Larry: There is not.

Kandas: But it is amazing when you start looking at what you want to do, how you can find time to do it when you can think it was there and also another thing that you are gonna do with these baskets is actually write down with those 3 to 5 bullet points, what it would take to make that happen, a monthly number. One thing that I now realized is it really would not take a lot of money for us to have the lifestyle that we have been talking about. But we have not written it down. We have never gone through the steps. We have never gone through the process. Another thing that you might find too that is really interesting is I really thought Matt and I going into this event, we are completely opposite. We were totally opposite. I didn’t feel like we were communicating that well with each other. We didn’t want the same things. But that wasn’t true at all. We wanted more or less the same things, but we didn’t know how to express those to each other. So, it gave us a way to find common ground to help build our family. You don’t have to sacrifice everything in your vision just because your partner’s vision is not exactly in line with yours. But ours did complement each other a lot more than I thought they would.

Larry: Just like helping the youth with sports.

Kandas: That’s right. It is a different way. Matt has honestly I think his perfect job are for what he would want to do all day every day is coach middle school sports. Middle school or high school sports either football, basketball, something like that. He loves sports. He loves being with the kids. He loves that energy level. He loves the camaraderie that they have. He loves building that team family atmosphere and I love mentoring younger people. I love being able to fit into their lives whether it is in a Christian aspect. Whether it is in a business aspect. Whether it is just in a big sister aspect. I mean all of them don’t need this cuddling or anything like that. Some of them need to just be told, you know, the way that your life is going right now if you don’t straighten up, you know, this is what you are looking at. Kind of a harsh reality or a scared straight common thing and I love being around kids. The simplicity of their thoughts, their humor, their energy level. All of that stuff. He liked in on the sports level. I liked it on the mentorship level. So, we are trying to figure out a way even now to bring that to our local community to the kids that are in our area with the sports week with like a summer camp week where we have…

Larry: A baseball camp or soccer camp or basketball camp.

Kandas: Yeah. Sometimes a camp where we do a little bit of Lifeonaire training with them to get their minds thinking a little bit past middle school, a little bit past high school, maybe even a little bit past college and then also we can have some fun with some sports and things. So, that was one of the things that we didn’t really know how to communicate with each other but we both love. So, we are trying to figure that out together now. And like a said one of the biggest things too was understanding that it didn’t really take a lot of money for us to have the lifestyle that we wanted. All we needed to do was rearrange some things. When you actually put a price tag on what you want and what you need.

Larry: There you have it. That’s really good stuff Kandas.

Kandas: Yeah.

Larry: Guys, you know, it’s really important that you do your personal vision before you do your business vision. I did it just the opposite.

Kandas: Right.

Larry: You know, for years and years and years and years and years I did the opposite and then I had to back up like I don’t travel and speak at REI group and stuff anymore. I just don’t do it because it is not what I enjoy doing. Don’t get me wrong, I love training, I love educating people, I love the light bulbs going on when people get, but I didn’t like spending my time in airports, hotels, and Ubers.

Kandas: So, guess where we get to see those light bulbs go off now, that is encouraging to him. Right outside that door over there.

Larry: Right here in my office. Exactly. Exactly. So, yeah, I don’t travel anymore and I don’t know if my wife likes that or not but hey, honey, I love you.

Kandas: I think she does. I think Noah does. I think we were talking more the things that you started doing with Noah that you weren’t ever able to do before was go to concerts. You have been going to concerts this year than I’ve known you to go to in a long time.

Larry: I took Noah to see Bob Seger last week and this Sunday we are going to see Ozzy. Don’t judge me.

Kandas: And they went to the race this last week.

Larry: Yeah. We went to the Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday.

Kandas: But you weren’t able to do before because we were always trying to schedule around traveling.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. Look Ben is online. Ben don’t judge me. I wanna see Ozzy. Don’t judge me.

Kandas: He is judging you.

Larry: I know. I know. Do you know what’s funny is Noah will call anybody out if he hears something bad on TV, bad language or anything, you know, can we change the channel.

Kandas: I don’t like this language.

Larry: But he is excited about going to see Ozzy. I’m really surprised.

Kandas: It may be a bit of a culture shock for him being in that environment. I thought about that in the concerts that you all have plans.

Larry: He’s probably mellowed a little bit. Ozzy does, right? So, Denise is driving across country in two weeks.

Kandas: Good.

Larry: She already bought Lifeonaire on Audible.

Kandas: It’s a great book. It will really get you thinking in the workbook that comes along with it. It is great.

Larry: That’s awesome. I love it.

Kandas: And at the end make sure one thing that they don’t have you do that I really like and that I do hear with the people in our office is still the vision board. Get some visuals, pictures or magazines or drawings or one of our friends even had somebody do like a vision board. An actual artist the vision board for him pulling his aspects of his life vision now and put it in his office, an actual artist.

Larry: Yeah. He paid somebody to do it and it’s got all this apartments that he wants to own. He wants to take his kids on vacation trips.

Kandas: They are like sitting on top of a plane, traveling like flying. I mean it is pretty cool. Do you think they will allow it or you can just find pictures and magazines but I would encourage you it doesn’t say that in the workbook anywhere but I would encourage you to have a vision board to keep the things that you are wanting for that year kind of in front of you.

Larry: Keep things that are important around you like pictures, people.

Kandas: That feed into your why.

Larry: Your family and all that cool stuff. There you go. So, that’s good. Kandas, this is really good stuff. It really is.

Kandas: It is pretty deep. I think it is pretty deep.

Larry: So, get the book Lifeonaire. It’s a great book. We know the authors. Shaun McCloskey is a good friend of ours. We are actually in his Mastermind and it’s really, really good. It really is.

Kandas: It’s good stuff.

Larry: It’s not real estate stuff.

Kandas: Wholesome stuff.

Larry: It’s good wholesome stuff.

Kandas: It’s heartfelt stuff.

Larry: And it will help you. It really will. And you’ll find out that you don’t need, you know, or maybe you do, but probably you don’t need $200,000 or $300,000 or $400,000 a year to do what you want to do. I mean there’s other things that you have better wants that you might wanna do but it’s not that important.

Kandas: You can actually build two versions. You could build a version of what your month would look like financially with just your needs. Just your needs and some basic wants. Now, they could also build a version of your extravagant month and your extravagant year where you have a number or dollar amount for everything that is on your want list. Honestly, most of the stuff that is on your want list, you only need to buy it one time. It’s not like it is a reoccurring thing on your want. Sometimes it is an experience that you wanna have. Sometimes a certain type of car. Sometimes certain style house or a boat. It’s not something that is gonna be reoccurring. It would be a one-time charge. So, you could do different versions of your dollar amount.

Larry: Exactly. Exactly. And look Ben is even driving today. He’s always... there’s only one time I think he hasn’t been on the road when he was on. We appreciate you tuning in.

Kandas: He’s great.

Larry: He really is. He is awesome. He’s got a resort that’s gonna be opening up in Arkansas. So, there will be more to come about that. He is getting it all ready right now. So, there you have it. Anything else you wanna share?

Kandas: No. I hope you guys got something out of that. Make sure you get the book. Make sure you share the video for a chance to get well not even a chance, if you do share it and I can verify that you shared it you’ll get the Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start and then Apply if you want to partner with us as well LarryGoins.com/Apply. Grab the book. I thought about doing a series like on the Facebook where we went through the same process with everybody that got through here at the office.

Larry: That would be cool. I think they will like that.

Kandas: You think so?

Larry: I bet they will like that.

Kandas: What do you guys think about that? If you are watching and carried away, if you would like to go through like the weeks that we go through here in the office and the exercises that we go through as part of this as well. Maybe that is something to think about.

Larry: It is something. It’s a good idea. I love it. Well, guys thank you so much for watching. We really, really appreciated it. Please share the video if you enjoy it. If you get some cool stuff out of it.

Kandas: If you are not, you don’t have to watch anymore.

Larry: See, she just tells like it is. If you don’t like it, juts get off my bed. That’s funny. Look Ben promoting a partner program. “Awesome stuff, do it.”

Kandas: I’m excited about the guys coming in next week too. It’s gonna be fun.

Larry: Yeah, baby. Ben, I hope you got your title issue on your deal cleared out about the deal that you are doing. So, let me know if you need any help with that. Guys, thank you so much for watching. We really appreciate it. We will see you on the next BRAG show. Thank you very much guys.