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Ready To Take Your Real Estate Investing To The Next Level? Click Here to Apply To Work Personally With Larry and His Team!

Why People Fail And What To Do About It


Larry asked his team during their morning meeting what they think the reason is why most people fail. In this episode, Larry went through all of the answers and discussed each one in detail.


  • Winners of the Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start course
  • 3-day event
  • What his team thinks the reason is why most people fail:
  • - They just don't do it
  • - People quit
  • - People give up
  • - Lack of knowledge
  • - Lack of confidence
  • - No motivation
  • - People get content
  • - People get lazy
  • - Life happens
  • - People just don't care
  • - Difference between being poor and broke
  • - No drive
  • - No determination
  • - Fear of failure
  • - No commitment
  • - People have no money
  • - Limiting belief
  • - Some barriers
  • - No focus
  • - No vehicle
  • - You don't have a WHY
  • 2 things you need to do real estate:
  • - Deal flow and money
  • Objection versus condition
  • What would you do if money was no object and you have all the time in the world


  • "Education and information lead to competence. Competence lead to confidence."
  • "Good is the enemy of great."
  • "You should be giving while you're living so your knowing where it's going."




Larry: Hello, hello, hello. How is everybody doing? Larry Goins live from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. Kandas is not able to be with us today. She had to take one of her daughters somewhere. So, welcome, thanks a lot for being on. I really appreciate it. Thanks a lot for watching. Welcome to BRAG Radio. The show all about Being Rich And Generous. Last week we had a competition of thing where if you share this video, everyone who shared the video will get a copy of my Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start course. This course right here, Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start course. It is also on our website for $297 and we will ship it to you and we will pay shipping. So, what you really need to do is reach out to customerservice@larrygoins.com if you shared the video, you know who you are. So, if you shared the video last week reach out and everyone who shared the video last week is going to get a copy of the Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start Home Study course. So, there you have it.

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Today’s show topic, why people fail and what to do about it. And I got to tell you, I even asked my team this morning in our morning meeting, I asked my team in our morning meeting, you know, what do you guys think is the reason most people fail? And I wrote down all their answers right here and I’m gonna go through them because they were really, really, really good answers but I got to tell you there’s one answer that I think is most important of why people failed. So, let’s just go through here. The reason most people fail, they just don’t do it. They just don’t do it, right?

The second one, people quit. They give up. And I told the story whenever we were going through this today, I told the story about that Earl Nightingale tells called “Three Feet From Gold.” If you get a chance, look up the story “Three Feet From Gold.” It’s all about a guy who had a gold mine and he lived there, he had a gold mine and he dug for gold all his life and then he sold the gold mine and the person who bought it was 3 feet away from hitting gold. So, if you get a chance watch that, there’s a story in YouTube about it as well.

The next reason is they quit, people give up. That’s a big one right there. They give up.

They have a lack of knowledge, that’s another reason. People don’t succeed or people fail, they have a lack of knowledge.

How about a lack of confidence? Lack of confidence. That’s one right there. You know, when you get an education, when you get information that leads to competence. And then competence leads to confidence. There’s no motivation which is really close to my number one, and I’ll share that with you in a minute.

People get content. They get content. If you haven’t read it, read the book, “Good To Great” by James Collins. He says, “Good is the enemy of great.” The reason a lot of people are great is because good is good enough. The reason we don’t have a really, really nice car is because we have a car that get us from A to P. The reason we don’t have a really, really nice house is because we have a house. We’ve got shelter, right? We all have a really, really big bank account is because we’ve got a bank account, got a little bit of money, right? So, good is the enemy of great.

The next one is people are lazy. People get lazy, right? That’s another good one.

Here’s another one. I tell this to students all the time, life happens. Like whenever you go to a seminar, you go to an event, whatever it is, you get home and guess what happens? Life happens. Life happens. And people don’t follow through.

The next one is people just don’t care. They don’t care. That’s the difference between being poor and being broke. Think about this, the difference between being poor and being broke, broke means you don’t have any money; poor means you don’t have any money in you. There’s a difference. There’s a difference.

There is no drive. No drive. No determination. The fear of failure. This is a very, very big one. People have a fear of failure. They are scared to lose money. There’s no consistence. They don’t have the habits to be consistent with what they are doing.

There’s no commitment. People have no money. People think money is an obstacle. It’s not an obstacle. To do real estate you need two things, deal flow and money. It didn’t have to be your money. It does not have to be your money. Even marketing money, you can have a marketing partner.

Here’s a really, really big one. Limiting belief. That’s very similar to fear of failure; however, a lot of people have a limiting belief that they feel their value is only worth 30,000 a year or 60,000 a year or whatever it is, right? They have a limiting belief that they can create value and build a business or organization or make enough money to make 200,000, 500,000 or million dollars a year, right? There is constraint to barriers. To me, that’s just an excuse. It’s like the difference between, you know, an objection and a condition. If somebody gives you an objection, they can be overcome. I can’t afford it. I don’t have enough time, whatever it is. A condition is something different. A condition is something you cannot overcome. For example and I know this is a very, very crude way of saying this but it’s the first one that comes to mind, an objection is if you’re trying to sell somebody a pair of shoes, I don’t need another pair of shoes, I have enough shoes. A condition would be, you’re trying to sell to somebody a pair of shoes and they say I don’t have any feet, right? That is a condition. You can’t overcome that.

This is a very big one right here. No focus. Focus is really a huge, huge key to not failing whether it is a business, personal or whatever. You’ve got to have laser focus on whatever it is you are doing.

Another big one is no vehicle. What I mean by it is not a car, but no vehicle such as do you wanna do MLM, network marketing, internet marketing, real estate, eBay, sell stuff on Amazon. Whatever it is you want to do, whatever your niche is, you should have a vehicle to do that. That’s the whole list we came up this morning.

The big one that I think is the mack daddy everything is you don’t have a “why.” When you have a “why,” a purpose, a reason, a vision that is bigger than what you are trying to do, that’s when you’ll get motivated. That’s when you’ll say I’m just gonna do it. I’m not gonna quit. I’m not gonna give up, right? That’s when you get the knowledge, you’ll get the confidence, you won’t worry about the fear. When your “why” is bigger than everything else you are trying to do and you are going after that “why” for example, I was just eating lunch before I came in here to do this video and I was just thinking I’m sitting here eating lunch and I’m thinking there’s people out there in the world that can’t eat lunch that they don’t have a money to buy lunch, they don’t have food, they don’t have the money to go get food and they are hungry, I mean literally right now while you are watching this, I’m doing this video, they are hungry right now and they don’t have the money to go buy food. When you get that passion about something like that and you said I am gonna do something about it. I met a guy the other week who has a nonprofit, a mission, and I met him at a REI group and this guy got up and told a story where a few years ago, he was homeless. He had little kids. He would take those little kids with him riding around in the car and you know, “daddy I’m hungry, daddy I’m hungry,” “just go to sleep, go to sleep, I’ll get you some food in a little bit” and he remembered parking in the parking lot of a fastfood restaurant just so he can ask people that got out of their car to walk inside if they would buy his kids some food. You know, don’t worry about me, just could you get my kids some food? I said he sat right there in that car, in that parking lot and he made a promise to God and he said, God if I ever get out of this situation, I’m gonna make a difference and I’m gonna help some people. He actually was able to get a job, went to school, he learned to be a chef, and now he is a chef and he’s got his whole catering business. Every single day, he fixes meals and he takes them to homeless people in Charlotte and all around Charlotte everything single day. If he’s got leftover food for catering and he told us, I don’t say anything he wouldn’t tell you, if he was right here with me, but he said, “I don’t wanna just fix some hamburgers and hotdogs or something like that, I wanna fix them real food.” I mean he fixes them full meals. Shrimp, fish, chicken and all different kinds of stuff. Casseroles, all different kind of things like really good meals. And he is such a blessing to them. I remember talking to him, one of the things that is really, really impressed me about this guy, I remember talking to him and telling him about an organization that we recently did a day where we went down and we fixed food for them (it was a day shelter in Rock Hill called The Rock) and I said to renew our community and we fix the meal for them and guess what we fix, hamburgers and hotdogs. Come on, that made me feel bad right there. But anyway it got me thinking. So, I remember telling him that our office went down there and we did a day where we fed the people down there, about 100 maybe, and instead of he and I talking about that he said, “Larry, what’s the name of that place again? What’s their name?” He said, “I wanna get them some food. I wanna go fix some meals for them.” This is the guy who already got a mission. He’s already got people that he is helping and when he heard about this other organization, another nonprofit called The Rock, he is like, how can I help them? How can I help them? Now, that is somebody that has a passion. That is somebody that has a why. That is somebody who can get focused. That is somebody who is not gonna give up, not gonna quit, not gonna say I need money, I need knowledge, I need education, I need confidence. This guy has a why. It is much, much bigger than his own personal goals. This guy is a very successful caterer now. He has an organization called KIND (Kids In Need Daily) it’s in Charlotte. And he’s got a passion. He’s got a “why.” He knows what he wants. He knows what he wants to do and it is all about helping other people. So, guys the biggest thing I can tell you about why most people fail is they don’t have a “why.” You’ve got to have some kind of a “why,” so you can get out there and nothing is gonna stop you. I mean nothing is gonna stop you. Lack of knowledge, lack of money, lack of time, lack of resources, whatever it is, lack of motivation, when you got that “why” that’s bigger than everything else and a why is not I wanna be a millionaire. That’s not a why. A “why” is not I wanna make $100,000 a year. That’s not a why. You’ve got to have something that’s bigger than you, than me, than everybody else.

So, I wanna challenge you to take a little bit of time, get off by yourself and figure out what’s your why is. What is your passion about? Here’s a great way to start. I don’t care if you are retired, I don’t care if you work for somebody else, I don’t care if you have your own business, here’s what I want you to do, I want you to think about what would you do if money was no object and you had all the time in the world, what would you do? If money was no object and you have all the time in the world. Now, if you are talking about something for yourself, that’s okay but remember it can’t be just about you, it’s got to be about helping others as well. I mean because at the end of the day, how many houses can you flip? How much money can you put in your bank account? It’s not about that. You need to be giving to others.

Listen to this, you should be giving while you are living so you are knowing where it’s going. Think about that. Giving while you are living so you are knowing where it’s going. That’s what BRAG is all about, Be Rich And Generous. So, I wanna challenge you. Start your very first thing tomorrow, I want you to sit down and take a little bit of time (even if you gotta get up a little bit early) and start thinking about what is your passion, what is your passion. So, guys I hope that helps. I hope you got a lot out of that.

Please take some time and share this video. I think we are gonna do this again this week where anybody who shares the video is gonna get a Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start. All you’ve got to do is hit the share button right now and I will mail this to you. That’s all you got to do and then email customerservice@larrygoins.com and show us where you shared it and customerservice@larrygoins.com and we will send you a Real Estate Day Trading Jump Start. So, thanks a lot for watching. I really appreciate. Sorry Kandas wasn’t here today. She had to go on an appointment with one of her daughters. So, thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate it. And we will see you next week. Thanks a lot everybody.