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For the next hour, best sell real estate investing author Larry Goins & Co-Host Kandas, will show you the many ways real estate creates the I.D.E.A.L. investment. Whether you want to Flip houses or become a passive investor making double-digit returns while others do all the work. You will learn how here on BRAG Radio.

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Four Keys to Know the Type of Investor That You Are


What type of investor are you? In today's show, Larry and Kandas discussed how you can determine the type of investor that you are. Larry also shared the story on how he lost a huge amount of money and the lessons he learned from that experience.


  • What to do to get started in real estate
  • How Larry lost $75, 000
  • Larry's learning experience
  • Different types of investing
  • Knowing the type of investing you could/should do based on your own situation
  • How to do deals if you have no money
  • What deals to do if you have money
  • Deals to do if you don't have money but you have good credit
  • What to do if you have no money and no credit
  • Marketing properties
  • Fix and flip investing
  • Landlording
  • Doing lease option or seller financing


  • “Make sure your first deal is a home run.”
  • “Wholesaling is not just a way to get started. It is a business.”