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Real Estate Mastermind Groups For Growth & Profits


In this episode, Larry and Kandas talked about the power of masterminding. They discussed the significance of a mastermind group and how it can help you. They also shared some stories on the advantages of joining a mastermind group.


  • A Mastermind is a group of people who work together to solve each other's challenges.
  • On the book The ONE Thing by Gary Keller
  • You should want to learn more, even after you know everything.
  • You do not corner the market on NEW ideas.
  • What's the one thing that will have the most impact on your business?
  • You have finite days to live, what are you passionate about?
  • What is the root of what you do (your reason)? Mastermind groups help to bring you back to your roots.
  • How a mastermind group can help you when you lose your why.
  • Reasons to join a mastermind group.
  • Once you find your passion (your why) all other things fall in to place.


  • "You want to be around people with the same caliber. But you also want to get to a point where you can give just as much as you get."
  • "You really can't do everything and you need to focus on the one thing."
  • "Impact gives you the most direct line to results."
  • "Luck is preparedness meets opportunity."