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Learning More About Auction Properties with Paul Lizell


In today's show, Larry interviewed Paul Lizell, a fellow mastermind member and a real estate entrepreneurial mogul. Paul has done deals in 38 different states.

He is also the founder of JP Homes Inc. and and has been a successful real estate investor since the late 1990s.

In this episode, they discussed auction properties and many more.


  • Paul's background
  • How he got started with real estate investing
  • The auction properties he is bidding on
  • Auction sites and how they work
  • Funding the deals
  • Good rate to pay someone for short-term deals
  • Analysing deals
  • Finding local wholesalers
  • Average profit on their auction deals
  • Average hold time on their properties
  • What his team looks like
  • What his VAs does
  • Site he got most of his deals from
  • Finding his boots on the ground and what they do
  • On marketing the properties
  • His typical day
  • His typical deal
  • His advice for those who are starting out


  • “The longer you do this, the better you get it.”
  • “Wherever the deals are, we'll go.”
  • “You bid. You win. You buy.”
  • “You can go deep or you can go wide."