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Marketing Properties with Dan Albitz


In today's show, we have Daniel Albitz, our one and only sales guy. Dan is an insider who sells all of our properties. He has always been innovative in learning new ways to do marketing, selling properties, building the buyers list, and converting them. Listen to this episode and learn more from Dan!


  • Who Daniel Albitz is
  • Dan's role in the organization
  • What the art of marketing is
  • Finding out where the buyers are hanging out and showing up there
  • The flow of the process once they get a deal under contract
  • How being able to look into the house helps in selling the house
  • How marketing the property through putting signs work
  • What happens after getting a buyer lead
  • How Dan creates a sense of scarcity and urgency
  • Where the majority of leads come from
  • Marketing properties through Facebook Ads
  • What Dan did to the Ad to generate 50 leads on a 24-hour period
  • Doing E-blasts
  • The type of their properties
  • What kind of price range sells faster
  • His recent deals
  • The biggest challenge he needed to overcome when he first started selling investment properties
  • Dan's conversation with Larry after he started


  • "There's a buyer for every house."
  • "Find out where the buyers are hanging out and show up there."
  • "We want to maximize our exposure and show up where our buyers are."
  • "Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the situation to get a right perspective on it."