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Go Giving with Tom Olson of Good Success


Tom Olson is a very active real estate investor working in the Northwest Indiana Area. Tom is also the owner of Good Success Mastermind, a mastermind group for elite real estate investors.

Tom and his teams at Olson Group provide lending, turnkey, and active turnkey investment opportunities to today's smart investors. Tom and his teams manage his rental portfolio which includes traditional rentals and short-term vacation rentals.

Tom has been a real estate entrepreneur for over a decade now and has been a part of over 1, 500 real estate transactions. Tom and his team at Good Success lead the Community Go Giver event each year to help showcase how people like Tom and companies like Olson Group are having a positive impact on their community and to also encourage other real estate investors to do the same.


  • How he got into real estate investing
  • On having the right mindset
  • Working in construction at a very young age
  • How the crash affected his construction business
  • On moving to Gary, Indiana
  • Implementing EOS
  • What EOS does for your business
  • 3 main departments in a business:
  • - Sales
  • - Operations
  • - Finance
  • The BRRR method
  • Turnkey versus active turnkey model
  • Where he is getting most of his deals from
  • What his team looks like
  • What Good Success is all about
  • What stewardship is


  • "You can do this on your own with your own personal residence when you start if you have the right mindset."
  • "Momentum is the key."
  • "Business is all about the people."
  • "I would rather have 10 ways to find 1 property than only 1 way to have to find 10 properties."