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Owner Financing with Mitch Stephen


Mitch Stephen is a self-taught real estate entrepreneur. He has purchased over 1000 houses in and about his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. He specializes in owner financing properties.

He has also perfected a method of achieving cash-flow without having to be a landlord and without having to rehab properties. Mitch has also mastered the art of raising private money and the classic “Nothing Down” deal. He has pioneered the idea that you don’t have to give discounts to sell your notes.


  • Who Mitch is
  • How he got into real estate
  • On continuous learning
  • His main strategy
  • The downside of not being a buy and hold guy
  • How he makes up for depreciation
  • On starting a hard money loan business
  • The hardest thing for a person to do in terms of private money
  • Protecting his lender
  • On refinancing
  • Downpayment he usually requires
  • Where he finds most of his deals
  • What his team consists of
  • How he pays his acquisition people
  • On servicing


  • “You never stop learning in this business.”
  • “You don't know what you don't know.”
  • “It's amazing when you make up your mind that that's how it's going to be, then it starts happening.”