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The Value of Personal Development with Matt Aitchison


In today's show, Larry interviewed Matt Aitchison, the founder of 6 Figure Flipper. Matt Aitchison or “Matty A” to many people is a millennial entrepreneur, 7-figure real estate investor, speaker, and avid adventurist.

In this episode, they talked about the importance of personal development. They also discussed how mentoring, coaching, reading books, taking courses, and joining masterminds can help nourish the mind to achieve success.


  • Who Matt Aitchison is
  • The path of personal development
  • Getting into real estate
  • His rock bottom moment
  • His personal development mentors
  • The book that inspired him
  • On adding value to the world
  • Nourishing the mind
  • Having an open mind
  • Growth and personal development
  • The foundation of success
  • Passing the wisdom along
  • Keeping a positive mindset
  • His real estate investing business
  • Fixing and flipping
  • Getting his deals
  • Developing relationships
  • What his team looks like and how he runs his team


  • "I'm a student of life and I'm always looking for my next teacher."
  • "Money does not define what you are."
  • "Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune." - Jim Rohn
  • "Money only makes you more of what you already are.” - Jim Rohn



Larry: Welcome to the Brain Pick-A-Pro show live from Lake Wylie, South Carolina. I’m Larry Goins. Thanks a lot for watching. Really excited today. Have a good friend on. He is a mover, a shaker, the founder of 6 Figure Flipper, Matt Aitchison. How you doing, buddy?

Matt: What’s up, Larry?

Larry: Man, I’m doing good. How about yourself?

Matt: Hey, no complaints.

Larry: Awesome. Awesome. So why don’t you start out and tell our viewers a little bit about yourself.

Matt: Yeah, so, you know, I was – I feel like I have to start out with this, you know, first and foremost, I’m a father to two beautiful little girls and a husband to a beautiful wife. They run the show and they just let me think that I do. I am, really I would say a student first and foremost always. I’m always looking to – one of my favorite quotes is I’m a student of life and I’m always looking for my next teacher and that’s where I begin the majority of my days. I’m a student. By day I’m a real estate investor, I flip houses, I buy rental properties, and I’ve been dabbling into some larger multifamily land development projects that I’m trying to take that next tier and step up over the last, you know, five, six years, after having a little bit of a turbulent start. I was expelled from high school, got arrested in college, and I was kind of at that fork in the road moment in my life of, you know, telling myself, the audio that I was feeding myself wasn’t necessarily matching up with the video and the actions I was taking and that was really where I hit that fork in the road moment of, hey, if I’m really gonna live and lead the life that I tell myself and tell other people, which was a lot of BS at the time, I’m gonna need to make some changes, so, when I was basically, you know, nineteen, twenty years old, I really got on a path of personal development and started editing my peer group and started connecting with mentors and got reintroduced to real estate right after college and, you know, fast forward six years later I’ve flipped about 150 houses myself, built up a seven-figure rental portfolio and now I get to speak, teach, and train other aspiring real estate investors how to do the same thing and, really, just to use this amazing vehicle of real estate to unlock whatever wealth equation it is that you’re looking to, you know, enjoy in life whether that is passive income, whether it’s lifestyle, whether – it’s really just having more choices to do the things that you ultimately desire to do, whether it’s a hundred million bucks in the bank or, you know, ten thousand a month coming in passive funding your ideal lifestyle and that’s what I get fired up to do every single day.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. I love it. I love it. That’s great. It’s a good thing you took a turn for the better way back then, right?

Matt: Yeah. You know, I was, you know, I remember when I was in jail, I was kinda looking around going, man, this is my new tribe, this is my new environment. This could potentially, you know, based on what I was facing, be my home for the next few years and that – I’m sure a lot of people can relate to being so scared of what the reality of what your situation is whether it’s you in jail or your health or relationship, your current financial situation. Getting so scared of that that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to run in the opposite direction and create something new for yourself, and that was my rock bottom moment, my, you know, I call it my oh shiz moment where I was going, oh shiz, you know, and insert other choice word there. I’ve gone, this is – if I don’t do anything about this, you know, this is my reality and so I was so committed to doing whatever it took to get out of that, you know, first and foremost, and then obviously creating a plan and moving forward with that plan to unlocking different levels of, you know, success, wealth, fulfillment, all that kind of stuff, but thank God, you know, that I had some people along the way that believed in me and helped get me through that tough time.

Larry: That’s awesome. You mentioned that you started getting into personal development. What are some of the things, who were some of the authors, speakers, trainers, coaches, mentors that you learned from and studied?

Matt: Man, I’ve had so many different mentors and I’ve had physical mentors where I’ve been in proximity to those individuals in their businesses, in their lives, and vice versa, on a daily basis and I’ve had the virtual mentors, people, you know, on podcasts and books and blogs and the first physical mentor I really had was the guy that hired me when I had gotten out of jail, you know, gave me an opportunity and I started, you know, I was pounding the phones from cold calling every single day, five days a week, going to school full time, and he was running the small, you know, business investment firm and he was the first real individual that exposed me to entrepreneurship and what that was and what that can do for you in your life, in your family, and for your clients and – so he was my first real mentor, but when it came to books and being exposed to, you know, mindset and, you know, habits and disciplines and a lot of the stuff that we hear and people talk about today. It was actually the Brené Brown book called The Gift of Imperfections, and that one book kinda got me out of my rut and it was, you know, for – as a man, you know, it’s one of those books that’s a little, you know, introspective, you’re, you know, talking about your feelings, and your, you know – which for me, the place that I had come from and the people that I had hung around, you don’t talk about your feelings. That was kind of a big game changer book for me ’cause it talked about the shame and the guilt and a lot of the stuff that I had felt around the things I’d done for so many years and so when I started to really get intimate with who I was as a person, which I feel a lot of people don’t really ever, one, get to know who they are intimately as a person, but also to, you know, get comfortable with who I was and know that, one, my past didn’t have to equal my future, and, two, you know, who I am organically kinda gave me permission to just like be me and go down this path of not trying to be somebody else or act like somebody else or think and talk like somebody else but just be the organic Matt and therefore all of my relationships, all of my experiences, all of my conversations, all of my opportunities, my life in general was gonna be a pure, organic reflection of who I was instead of who I was maybe trying to be which was a lot of that inner struggle I dealt with for a while early on in my life so that one book kinda changed it all and then obviously, you know, the greats of Tony Robbins and John Assaraf and Bob Proctor, and – I mean, you name it, the list goes on. Brendon Burchard. I’ve – you know, I’m a junkie. I read probably ten, eleven books a month, more so listen to them on audiobook. I am a part of multiple MasterMinds every year. I have coaches that I consistently engage with on a daily basis or a weekly basis so I am a big believer in mentorship and coaches and MasterMinds being that I think that ultimately it’s one of the greatest life and business hacks we have available to us in the 21st century.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. I love it. I’m a firm believer as well. You know, in high school, I was a C and D student. I was even on the work release program, that’s what I called it, where you get out of school early to go do a job, right? But, you know, I never went to college but I am a firm believer in education and if you see my library, you would know. I mean I’ve got like four, five bookcases at the office. I have two bookcases right over here, you know. I have home study courses, been to seminars, I’m in two MasterMinds, one of them’s twenty-five thousand a year and the other one is ten grand plus a thousand dollars a month, so I am a firm believer in education and information and a lot of people think that, you know, when you get to our level that, you know, you don’t need education anymore, you don’t need information, you don’t need MasterMinds. No, it’s just the opposite because then we wanna take it to a whole another level and it’s not even as much about how to flip a house or how to do a deal or build a team anymore, it’s about being, like you said at the beginning of the show, being a better husband, being a better father, being a better steward, being a better, you know, person who gives and helps other people and can actually change the world. Wouldn’t you agree?

Matt: Couldn’t agree more. You know, I think there’s a lot of people who believe money is, you know, what makes you happier and they go, “Well, you know, it gives you more choices and therefore your choices lead to more freedom,” but I know a lot of people who have a lot of money and have all the “freedom” in the world but they’re bankrupt in their health, they’re bankrupt in their relationships with their kids, with their employees, with their – with themselves, right? They’re bankrupt in giving back to their communities. So, yes, money is one piece of the wealth equation but it definitely isn’t the whole equation and I think everybody obviously has a different definition of wealth, right, by getting clear on that is extremely important, and money just makes you more of who you already are, right? And it does give you more freedom and more option, but it doesn’t define what you are. And I know a lot of people that have really no money but they are fricking happy, they add value to people on a daily basis, and, you know, that money and that currency in general is only one way of adding value to the world and creating the life that you wanna live but I can tell you that, by having more of it, it definitely gives you more opportunity, more options to expand and enhance some of those things we just talked about.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. I love it. It sounds like one of the people you’ve been listening to is Jim Rohn too.

Matt: Oh, man. It’s funny, you know, in the back of my trunk, I have probably sixty or seventy CD cases ’cause my car has a CD player still with all the, you know, the new cars with MP3s and all that kind of stuff, and I just finished up Jim Rohn’s Win the Day and now, you know, I’m on to the Millionaire Mind and I’m constantly, you know, like I said, constantly trying to feed my mind with some kind of, you know, information that expands it. Jeff Hoffman, the billionaire founder of Priceline who’s been a great mentor of mine over the last few years, he calls it “info spongee” and every single day, he is constantly sponging in new information, whether it’s, you know, from a personal development person, somebody, he gives himself space and opportunity to take in new content at least for an hour every single day.

Larry: That’s awesome. Jim Rohn used to say – and he passed away in, what, 2009, but he used to say, “Work hard on your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

Matt: Yeah, and, you know, as crazy as it sounds, right, everybody goes, oh, that’s foo-foo, woo-woo, you know, whatever you wanna call it, cheesy, you know, stuff works, man. You know, we don’t know how powerful our mind is. I mean, we can study it, but at the end of the day, we can’t compute how insanely powerful the mind and the brain is, and yet, the people that are highly successful adopted a lot of these disciplines and habits and beliefs and really practiced a lot of this foo-foo, woo-woo, cheesy stuff that a lot of people talk about which I was one of those people, I was like, ah, I don’t like that, that’s weird, I’m not really into that, that’s not me. When I checked my ego at the door and kind of surrendered to what potential possibilities are from doing those things and got a little tiny taste of it, then I was like, hmm, okay, maybe I should give this a little bit more of a try, and then you do it more and you do it more and then, obviously, more and more opportunity, more doors open, you walk through them and you start to see what you are capable of, what is possible for you, just by being open to what those things are.

Larry: And I don’t mean this in a bad way and I don’t want people to take this the wrong way, but if you don’t believe it works, that’s why people are watching us right now instead of us watching other people right now, right?

Matt: Yeah. I mean, at the end of the day, you know, one of my mentors always said the most expensive thing in your life or for anybody is a closed mind. And, you know, if you think about what potentially could prevent somebody from unlocking wealth and riches versus the people who do do that is the mind, and if it’s not open, if it’s not willing to receive, willing to grow, willing to learn about different things that you may not be accustomed to thinking or believing in but you’re open to it, you could prevent yourself from living a long life, happy life, rich and fulfilled life, and making yourself a lot of money and making an impact on a lot of people in the process.

Larry: And that’s so true. That’s so true. You know, one of the MasterMinds we’re in, they always say check your ego at the door. You know, you’re here to learn, you’re here to grow, you’re here to give back, and that’s so very important, you know? And you mentioned another Jim Rohn line a few minutes ago. Money only makes you more of what you already are. You know, if you’re a nice guy and you have a lot of money, you’re gonna be everybody’s best friend, right? And if you’re a tyrant, you know, and you have a lot of money, you’re gonna be a terror to people. Money only makes you more of what you already are. I remember Jim Rohn was the first person I ever heard say that.

Matt: Yeah. You said it, man. It’s one of those things that I will not only employ for the rest of my life but also aspire to, you know, continue to grow, therefore having the growth personally, the external, you know, world will expand as well which often will include opportunities for generating income which can be used in many different capacities.

Larry: That’s exactly right, and hopefully you’ll pass it on to your children as well and get them involved.

Matt: Well, I think that’s the duty of most of us and I love that, you know, we’re in a real estate podcast and we’re talking about the mindset and growth because ultimately that is the foundation for any success, you know, the belief paired with the action and the consistent, never-ending growth, that goes along with this entire journey, but I do believe that, you know, it’s one thing to go out there and, you know, your duty to create success, create freedom for you and your family, it’s also our duty as individuals to, you know, pass this along, right? To have that ripple effect in the world and to share this with other people because that’s, one, legacy and, two, that’s how we make a greater impact on more people and go beyond just the selfish desires that we as human beings naturally have. And so if you think about, you know, Aaron Rodgers, right, one of the best quarterbacks, or Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks, they can be the superstar. You can be that superstar and learn every play, you know, every route, every strategy in the game, but if you want to go out there and, you know, pass it along and to give that wisdom and all that experience and all of those things that you’ve learned and earned and gained in your career to other people that are coming behind you, then you need to turn into the Vince Lombardi, right? You need to learn how to pass those strategies along, that wisdom, that experience to other people, and so it’s one thing to be the superstar, which is great. I think the secondary piece of that which really ties into a legacy conversation is becoming a fantastic coach and giving other people behind you an opportunity to learn from all of those things that you learned.

Larry: Right. And there are so many different types of personal development. I mean, listen, like you said a minute ago, people are watching a real estate podcast, but I know one of the biggest obstacles that people have is getting themselves out of the way, right? They have limiting beliefs, they have negative thoughts. Relatives, friends, neighbors, coworkers have told them forever, “What, you’re going to another get-rich-quick seminar?” or, you know, “Why are you reading that book? You’re never gonna – you’re gonna be working here in the factory for the rest of your life. Why are you even doing that?” They let people drag them down, right? And I know, I mean, I’ve been coaching and mentoring people for over fifteen years now. I did my first real estate deal over thirty years ago in 1986, right? That was my very first real estate deal. That was an investment property, right? And I know from hearing students, now we have a lot of successful students already, but I’ve had a lot of students tell me, “I just can’t get my mind right. I can’t stay on track. I can’t stay focused. You know, I just – I don’t believe I can do it.” So, even in my coaching and mentoring program, I hired a guy to do nothing but coach and mentor people on the mindset, on keeping your mind right, on keeping a positive mental attitude, PMA, on setting the goals and the plans and sticking to them and getting rid of the negative naysayers and doing what they know deep down in their heart that they really can do, and I think that’s very, very – it’s a very, very important part of any successful person, I don’t care who you are or what you’ve done or where you’re going, you’ve gotta have that mindset to continue to move forward. And you mentioned a few minutes ago, you listen to about, what, ten or eleven books a month? Is that it?

Matt: Uh-huh.

Larry: That’s huge. And I do the same thing – well, I don’t do that many. I usually try to do one a week. That’s my goal. I don’t always hit it, but I try to do one a week, and I did a Facebook post about – it’s been about two or three weeks ago now where – I mean, I love business. I love working. You love business, you love working. We’re always out there making it happen, but I realized that there’s a lot more to it than just work, right? There’s a lot more to it than just building a business, and you gotta take time for yourself. It had been about eight months since I had been running, and when I – after I shot that video was right after I just started running again, after I came to that realization from one of my MasterMinds. It’s not even a real estate MasterMind, it’s a leadership MasterMind about creating your own personal vision so I started running, started riding my Harley again, and going on trips and doing things with the family and kids and stuff, and you really, really gotta do that. That’s so, so important. So tell us some other things that you do to stay motivated and keep your team – We should probably let you tell us about your real estate business, right?

Matt: I mean, yeah, we can talk about honestly whatever you want, you know? I think it’s one of those things where the best conversations often uncover themselves, you know, just through the natural curiosity that we have for each other, right? And we’re like – you know, we had a great conversation on my podcast and, you know, we had a specific agenda that we wanted to talk about and we ended up going and uncovering some gems just through, you know, some high quality questions that ultimately led to some amazing answers, and in regards to, you know, my business, you know, I’ve done a high volume business. I’ve done a high price point, lower volume business which is where I’m at right now. So I’m in, you know, Sacramento, I say I invest in Sacramento, California, to Silicon Valley which is, you know, one of the craziest markets in the country where, you know, a two-bedroom, one-bath, thousand square foot house goes for practically, you know, anywhere from a million to 1.5, even two million in certain areas. So you can imagine how insane our market is to be at that price point, right?

Larry: Right. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Matt: Seriously. And so what that forces you to do is to be really good at lead generating as well as obviously being able to, you know, some of the funding and backing to buy – I was, you know, three, four, five houses in Sacramento is one in the Bay area and they’re usually often north of six-figure profits on each and every one.

Larry: Right.

Matt: Because of, you know, it’s the same model, but it doesn’t require the same intensity of a team, the same necessary velocity of, you know, the same amount of deals and the same amount of leads and so the way – I run a very lean model. You know, I had a very large real estate team, we were ranked in the Wall Street Journal top 1000 real estate teams in the country and we were doing about forty million in volume, a couple hundred transactions a year, and I was also flipping houses at the same time, was buying rental properties at the same time. I’m also a partner in a construction company so I kinda was really heavy early in my twenties of building this ecosystem that cross-pollinated a lot of business so anybody that was in our real estate company that wanted to remodel their house and had clients that wanted to remodel, we’d send them over to construction company then relist it back through the real estate team or when I was flipping houses, I’d send it over to my construction company then we’d relist it through my real estate team then I’d capture the profit in the flip company and I was kind of figuring out all of these different buckets and this ecosystem that I can capture income from. And what I realized was, you know, a lot of – I’m still partner in the construction company. I still refer a lot of my business to my ex-real estate partner who’s a great friend of mine and generate a passive income stream through referrals that way, but I really doubled down in the areas that generated me the most money in the least amount of time which was my rentals and my flipping. And so that’s where I spend a lot of my time right now and, you know, it’s nice having the construction company ’cause I don’t really think too much about the construction side of the business when we’re flipping houses. My main focus, my skill set, the lane that I stay in, is generating leads and negotiating those leads which really takes a very minimal amount of time with the systems and infrastructure that I have in place, and now I get to do what I ultimately love to do which is teach and train and speak to other people on leveraging real estate investing to, you know, create wealth and free up more time so we can, you know, spend the time that we want with who we want when we want in a capacity that most people desire when they get into real estate investing and ultimately never get to unlock because they’re just missing a few tweaks, whether it’s mindset, systems, strategies, and that is, you know, what gets me fired up on a daily basis.

Larry: That is awesome, man. That is awesome. I’ve always said money is just a tool. It’s just a tool that gives you the freedom to spend your time any way you want to. That’s all money is.

Matt: Yep.

Larry: And like we said before, it only makes you more of what you already are. So, your main real estate business now is the high-end deals and I’m assuming you’re doing fix and flips on those, right?

Matt: Yep, yep, so, you know, one out in San Jose, recently a $187,000 check on the same type of flip system that I would do on a $90,000 or a $150,000 house out here in Sacramento.

Larry: Right.

Matt: It’s just a different price point. Obviously you’re dealing with a different clientele so design comes in a little bit. You know, the design aspects need a little bit more attention. But, at the end of the day, I negotiated the lead the same way I negotiated, you know, and found a lead in Sacramento versus the Bay area, right, so it’s just a different price point, but same system, just a few little different tweaks and caveats along the way and instead of having to do, you know, forty or fifty flips a year, I can do ten out in the Bay area that necessarily don’t require as much time, energy, and/or risk, you know, when I am – and risk, when I say potential liabilities of things going wrong on site or, you know, with different clients, things like that, but at the end of the day, I’m risking a lot more money in individual deals on, you know, these higher end properties but being that that is the average price point out in the Bay area and the velocity of deal flow and the deals that are going up for sale and going into contract and the amount of cash that’s flying around, it’s unreal. I mean, it’s unprecedented. So, we’re somewhat insulated in, you know, a very unique market out here in the Bay area but at the end of the day, you know, I’m constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve and just make sure that I rely on the criteria and the experience that I’ve generated over the last 150 flips to make sure that I protect my investors’ money, protect my money, being that I don’t put any of my own money into deals. I use other people’s money, and I use those profits to, you know, fund my business, my lifestyle, and buy rental properties.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. So you’re using private money to fund these deals?

Matt: Yeah. Kind of a cool story. I found one of my main private lenders through direct mail and this was when I was first starting about six years ago and I was doing a lot of direct mailing campaigns and I ended up going over to this guy’s house and he was probably in his sixties, you could tell he was a seasoned investor, been around a while, and I walked up, you know, as a newbie with my clipboard and, you know, my suit and tie on and, you know, looking all dorky and trying to be impressive and, you know, not knowing what I do now, I think I maybe had flipped six or seven houses at the time.

Larry: Right.

Matt: And I go through the walk-through with him and my spiel and all that kind of stuff and he goes, “You know what, I like the way you present yourself.” He goes, “But I’m not gonna sell you my house. But what I will let you do is I’ll let you list my house and I’ll take the proceeds from this house and I’ll reinvest them with you on your next project.” And so long story short, about three, four years later, I had sold twenty-five of their rentals which freed up about three and a half million of cash for them and they are one of my main private lenders that fund the majority – had funded the majority of my 150 flips over the last five, six years.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. They gotta love you.

Matt: I have made them a lot of money. It’s funny. You know, I go over to their house a lot for breakfast and just talk and, you know, MasterMind and network and just stay connected with them and every time I pull up to the house, it seems like they got something new and awesome and, “Hey, Matt, thanks for buying us this car this year,” “Hey, Matt, thanks for sending us on this, you know, great vacation,” so it’s been a complete win-win, right? They get to lend out their money. They get to generate a great return. I get to fund my deals essentially with none of my own money. Their my first lender and then I usually will, you know, they fund 90 percent of my purchase price, 100 percent of my construction costs, and then I will leverage that last 10 percent in the holding cost for the interest-only payment through a secondary lender and put them in second position, therefore funding my deals with other people’s money.

Larry: Right. That’s awesome, man. That’s a really good story. I love that. I love that.

Matt: You just never know where those opportunities are gonna come from, right?

Larry: That’s so true, man. You never know. You always have to be looking and thinking about how you can help somebody and how they can help you at the same time, right?

Matt: So true. Yep. It’s gotta be a win-win.

Larry: So, I mean, you’re in a very, very hot market out there. How are you getting your deals? Are you doing a lot of direct mail or PaperClick or Facebook marketing?

Matt: Direct mail and honestly relationships have been one of the largest ones for me. Doing PaperClick for quite some time. It’s gotten really competitive. Don’t do a ton of Facebook marketing, but really those two main ones have been direct mail and relationships so I have just consistently built up a reputation and relationships with people in the community who are either agents, contractors, wholesalers, bird doggers, attorneys, you name it, you know, I’ve looked at that landscape as kind of my orchard, my farm, and for anybody that’s been looking to, you know, leverage this strategy, many people burn out because they’re very short sighted, you know, and I say this is the difference between the microwave mindset and the Crock-Pot mentality, and if you were to ask yourself if someone was gonna make a dish out of the Crock-Pot or the microwave, which one would you prefer to eat, and the answer is always, “Well, of course, the Crock-Pot makes it way better.” But guess what? It takes a whole lot more time. And it takes a lot more ingredients to fuse together, to create that masterful dish that makes it to where you’re like, “That’s a no-brainer. I don’t want the frozen dinner, I want the Crock-Pot meal,” right? And that’s the same mentality that you have to go into, one, real estate investing in general with. It’s a long-term gain made up of many short strategic sprints along the way. But also, you know, with the relationship building side of things, and I’ve been, you know, when I first started, I was looking at raw dirt but then I had to, over time, right, become the farmer and go, okay, I need to rototill this dirt, then I need to plant the seeds, then I need to nurture the seeds, then I need to keep watering the seeds and then I need to go back and, you know, figure out additionally what other things I can do until they start bearing fruit and you reap the reward of your crop, and then I replant and do it over and over again and so that’s one thing that I have consistently made a priority and focus in my business is to always be developing relationships with people and trying to add value to them, trying to connect this person with that person, and also just by having a presence on social media and some of the other things. When people come across a deal, right, and I teach and train people what does a deal look like if it comes across your plate and why the heck should you think about bringing it to me. I highly incentivize people to bring me deals. I have over time built my army of people who bring me opportunities and deals which, one, it’s free lead generation, right? It’s not free necessarily from time but it doesn’t cost me any marketing dollars, and, two, it’s a way that I’m able to find those deals but pay those people for the opportunities that they put on my plate and that’s something that, you know, I will continue to leverage over time. But those two, direct mail and relationships, have been the two greatest opportunity generators when it comes to investments.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. I love that. You know, you mentioned earlier on that you have a lean model, a lean team, and I love that. There is something to be said for keep it small, keep it all. Tell us about what does your team look like and how do you run that.

Matt: Uh-huh. So right now it’s me. I have, well, really two employees and then the construction team, like I said, does a good amount of the heavy lifting when it comes to the – like when you’re talking about what team do you need, I mean, my aunt is an escrow officer, she’s been in title and escrow for twenty-five years so she handles obviously that side of the business for me. I have a phenomenal stager that I’ve been working with for five years that does a lot of my design and has helped on that side of things. I’ve got a fantastic real estate agent who is my previous business partner, and then the construction company handles everything on the construction side from project management obviously to all the labor that we use on the projects. So when we’re talking about in house, it’s really me and two other people in the office, that’s it. And I – I mean, literally if I wanted to, you know, mine is having maybe an accountant or a tax strategist or someone who can really handle the finances ’cause that’s something that’s extremely critical to staying on top of and in front of. You, the individual, could generate the leads, take the calls, go on the appointments, and run a multiple six-figure real estate investing business every year.

Larry: And that’s what you do. What does a day in the life look like for you?

Matt: That’s exactly what I do. I would say now, on my real estate investing business, maybe five to ten hours a week, probably ten hours a week on a busy week with real estate investing and the rest of it I spread out into the other areas that, you know, I’m focusing on, building out multiple income streams and, one, with the podcast, two, with the e-learning, the courses, the MasterMinds, the coaching that I do for other individuals and offer for other people that wanna learn how to, you know, invest in real estate, all the different facets but, other than that, I mean, my real estate business doesn’t take up a ton of time. Now, I will say that it is kinda like the snowball effect. It takes a lot to roll that snowball up the hill and once you build out the infrastructure and the systems and the teams, then it’s just tweaking and optimizing those systems, those processes, putting those people in place and holding them accountable to the standards you’ve created, but once you get to that place, which most people give up before they get there, it becomes a whole lot more fun ’cause you get to make a good living as well as free up a lot of your time to spend it in areas that you’re really passionate about.

Larry: That’s awesome, man. I love it. I love it. This has been really, really good. We got to talk about personal development, mindset, and even some real estate.

Matt: Yep. It’s been awesome, man.

Larry: So if somebody wants to reach out to you, how would they contact you?

Matt: They can reach out to me on any of the social media platforms. All my handles are the same. It’s officialmattya, M-A-T-T-Y-A, and they can either e-mail me at mattya, M-A-T-T-Y-A, That’s the number six, figure, flipper, dot com. Those would be the main platforms that, you know, usually I’m heavily engaged on my social media platforms and always, you know, going back and forth with people who I’ve either connected with from my own podcast, being on other podcasts, or just on the social media platforms that are out there.

Larry: Right. That’s awesome, man. Hey, I really, really appreciate you taking the time today. It’s been really, really good. It reminded me of a few things that I need to do with my own personal development, and I thought I was doing good at a book a week. Man, I gotta step up my game.

Matt: There you go, man. It’s funny. Any time you get around other people that are, you know, operating at a higher level, I know from our conversation last time, I was like, oh, man, I gotta try this and do this and – that’s the beauty of anybody who’s listening to this show of, you know, you don’t need to try and do it all, but pick one thing that you know you can do better at and implement a plan and a strategy and just take massive action on it, and you’ll be surprised, you know, looking back in three weeks, you know, a quarter, a year, man, how much ground you’ve covered by just consistently surrounding yourself with people, you know, conversations, and experiences that force you to think bigger and raise your game.

Larry: That’s so true and well said. Man, I really, really appreciate you being on today. Thank you so much.

Matt: Cheers.

Larry: Thanks a lot, everybody. Take care.