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Real Estate Wholesaling


Ron Walraven started his real estate adventure in 1999 when he decided to retool his career. He became one of the top selling Brokers in SE Michigan in 2004. While he was a broker at Keller Williams, he listed and sold over 3000 properties.

He changed his focus to work one-on-one with home sellers by 2012. He is now purchasing properties to fix up and sell, keep as rentals, or sell to his network of cash buyers. He buys houses of all kinds and in any condition. In this episode, you will learn more about wholesaling.


  • How he started as a broke
  • Getting into wholesaling
  • What his wholesale business looks like
  • Number of deals in a year
  • The status of the market they are in
  • Wholetailing
  • Their typical deal
  • Putting your deals in MLS
  • Private money
  • Probate and inherited properties
  • Buying cars and other stuff in the house
  • Difference between probate and inherited
  • On how to negotiate with people who lost a loved one
  • Having their own realty company
  • How many mails they typically send out
  • On Marketing


  • "As investors, we are always looking for what of value is."
  • "The money is in the follow-up."