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Long Distance Real Estate Investing with Glenn F Goss


I've known Glenn F Goss for many years. Glenn is a retired law enforcement officer and now a full-time real estate investor and a stay-at-home dad. He does virtual investing, rehabs, lease options, wholesaling, and many more.

In this episode, he shared how he managed the changes in the market, how he finds deals and many more.


  • How Glenn got started in real estate
  • What he is doing now and how he rolled with all the changes in the market
  • On building his team
  • The kind of deals he is doing
  • The reason he moved back over to lease options
  • What a sandwich lease option is
  • On finding deals
  • Finding and structuring private money
  • Where to find private money lenders
  • His future plans


  • “Listening is more important than talking.”
  • “Keep it simple.”
  • “If you're giving somebody a business, never ever be afraid to ask them for business in return.”
  • “Start now. Start slow.”
  • “Short-term pain for long-term gain.”