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Lease Options Turnkey Investing with Jimmy Vreeland


In today's show, Larry talked with Jimmy Vreeland from St. Louis, Missouri. Jimmy is a former military and now a full-time real estate investor. He specialises in turnkey and lease options. He is also the co-founder of Cashflow Tactics and the principal of Joint Ops Properties.

They discussed why you should consider lease options among many others so don’t forget to tune in!


  • Who Jimmy Vreeland is
  • Their business model
  • Finding their out-of-state investors
  • What their typical deal looks like
  • The kind of return their investors are getting
  • Getting deals
  • How he got into real estate investing
  • How daily content on Youtube helped them
  • Their market
  • Secrets to keeping good crews
  • Turnkey model
  • Strategy on raising private money
  • His past job experience
  • Why he chose to do lease options
  • The typical lease option deal
  • Qualifying your lease option tenants
  • How a rent guarantee premium works
  • Dodd-Frank
  • The level of repairs they do
  • The kind of volume he is doing
  • Marketing and finding lease option tenants
  • His business structure
  • The CRM he is using


  • "Real estate has been the greatest wealth producer in this country."
  • "The easiest part has always been finding the person who wants to move in into the house."