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Land Investment and Project Development with Andy Laikin


In today's special episode, Larry sat down and had a chat with his guru, mentor, and father-in-law, Andy Laikin. They talked about Andy's experiences in real estate and the best deals he’s had.


  • Andy's background
  • Getting into real estate
  • His deals
  • His favorite investment
  • Formula for land
  • Selling condominium units
  • Hiring a general contractor
  • His best deal
  • Developing townhouses
  • Oceanfront deals
  • Developing mini storage units
  • What he did when he cannot sell the units
  • Auctioning units
  • What RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation) is
  • His advice to those who are still starting


  • "If you buy it right, you'll be able to sell it."
  • "Quality is more important than quantity."