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Dealing with Residential Mortgage Loan Officer with Mark Ross


In today's episode, Larry talked with Mark Ross of Good Steward Lending Services. Mark shared a lot of things—how RMLO or a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer can help you assess a borrower and how to provide feedback if they have the ability to pay, among many others.


  • Mark's background story
  • His traditional lending business
  • Buying and selling of notes
  • Whose money they are using
  • What the Dodd-Frank Act is
  • What is required by the seller to comply with the Dodd-Frank Act
  • What CFPB or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is
  • Qualified mortgage ratio
  • What a seller’s typical deal looks like
  • What APOR or Average Prime Offer Rate is
  • The kind of deals he is looking for
  • Land contract
  • Mortgage state versus deed of trust
  • RMLO's services charge for a seller doing a seller finance transaction
  • The kind of downpayment he wants to see


  • "I just look at things and try to be more practical and realistic."