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All About DealMachine with David Lecko and Josh Johnson


In this episode, we have David Lecko and Josh Johnson. David is the CEO of DealMachine while Josh is the vice president. DealMachine is an app that helps real estate investors contact property owners of off-market properties through direct mail, email, and phone by simply taking a picture of any house.

DealMachine has added millions of dollars of revenue to 1700+ wholesaling businesses. It allows real estate investors to scale driving for dollars and has had over 600,000 properties added and mailed.


  • How DealMachine works
  • How they got the idea of making the app
  • How different DealMachine is from other apps
  • The frustration one experiences doing a lot of deals
  • On having automated workflow
  • On training people
  • About the process
  • Some of DealMachine's features
  • Key benefit of DealMachine
  • On sending mail multiple times
  • Their ideal clients
  • 3 major payment structures
  • Advice to those who are just startingl


  • “The goal is to keep it simple.”
  • “Earning while learning.”