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Scaling a Wholesale Business with Brett Snodgrass


Brett Snodgrass is a full-time real estate wholesaler who has been actively investing since 2007. Brett is the owner and CEO of Simple Wholesaling, a company focused on bringing opportunity to real estate investors as the buy and sell properties in the Indianapolis area.

His mission in life is to glorify God by serving as many people as he can through his real estate business. In this episode, Brett shared his unique business model which is co-wholesaling.

In this episode, Brett shared his unique business model, about co-wholesaling, and many more.


  • Brett's background and how he got intro real estate
  • Overview of Brett's team
  • Generating seller leads
  • How co-wholesaling works
  • On their wholesale profit
  • About their list
  • Type of properties
  • What they use to value their properties
  • Having a separate brokerage
  • Advice to those who want to get started
  • Transitioning to being the visionary and ceo
  • About EOS (EOS - Entrepreneurial Operating System)
  • Roles of a visionary and integrator
  • Running his business virtually
  • Accountability metrics
  • Taking interest in buying and selling notes
  • Getting his family involved in note investing
  • Assignment vs double closing
  • Cleaning out properties
  • Systems they use
  • Focusing on one thing and doing it well
  • On their market


  • "If you don't have your acquisition's team getting deals, nobody else has a job."
  • "Don't do it alone. If you don't know exactly what to do, just get involved with a company whose doing deals already."