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Rental Financing For Investors with Caeli Ridge


Larry has been excited to interview Caeli Ridge for long time. Caeli Ridge is the president and CEO of Ridge Lending Group and a fellow real estate investor. She has spent around 20 years as a nationwide lender, loan officer, and real estate investor in both residential and commercial properties.

Caeli is also an established real estate investor. She has held up to 42 investment properties across the United States. She has worked with tens of thousands of RE investors and homeowners all over the country and has helped more families realise their dreams of homeownership as real estate investors than any other mortgage lender in the country.

Ridge Lending is the preferred lender for over four dozen investment networks nationwide.


  • About Ridge Lending Group
  • Who Caeli Ridge is
  • Having a comprehensive and diverse product line of loan products for investors
  • - The Golden tickets
  • - Specialty
  • - Short-term fix and flip money
  • - Commercial financing
  • What residential properties are
  • What their ideal borrower would look like
  • What happens when the borrower has exhausted their Fannie Freddie capability
  • Fix and flip type of loan
  • Refinances available for investment property:
  • - Rate-and-term refinances
  • - Cash-out refinances: delay cash-out and standard
  • Why it’s important to work with a lender that understands the details of non-owner occupied
  • Difference between the delayed CO refinance and the standard CO refinance on the BRRR methods
  • Commercial lending
  • How important having some experience is
  • Their process


  • “Your network is your net worth.”
  • “It is the leverage or the use of other people’s money that gives us the greatest rate of returns.”
  • “Lending on investment properties is like navigating a battleship in a creek.”