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Probate Investing and Marketing with Sharon Vornholt


In this episode, Larry invited Sharon Vornholt. She is a marketing and branding expert and has been investing in Louisville, Kentucky since 1998. She is also an expert in probate investing. Aside from being a full-time investor, Sharon is also a blogger, podcaster, author, real estate and business coach, and an expert in direct mail marketing for real estate businesses.


  • How she got into real estate
  • Discovering probate
  • Process when buying probate properties
  • What you need to work on when doing probates
  • Understanding state laws
  • On having a good real estate attorney
  • How she convinces people to get the list
  • Verifying if they own real property
  • Marketing for probate
  • Letter 1: Condolences letter and No condolences letter
  • Cleaning up the things left behind
  • Probate course


  • "You literally won't run out of leads with probate.”
  • “You have to be a good listener.”