As always, here are some of the best links in Real Estate Investment. Its been a busy week here at The Goins Group. In addition to all of the information, education, investment, rehab, and other projects we have going on, I had to do a lot of travel as well. Now, I hardly ever turn down the opportunity to tell people how they can start a Real Estate Empire. I’m actually on the road right now. I’m not driving while I write this. Promise. But as awesome as travel is, there is nothing quite like the comfort of home. I like to remind people that we are in the business of creating “homes”. Not just making money. We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

I’m looking forward to some well-earned rest at the end of this weekend. I will be in a hammock, doing my best to ignore all of my calls and emails. Because the greatest investment you can make is in your family.
But before we get to that, the links this week came from a couple of different contributors. Which honestly, makes my job a lot easier. If anyone out there has a link or two they think is awesome, send it to me! You can get in touch with me under the Contact section of my site, or through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. Thanks everyone, and enjoy.


We use technology a lot here. I mean A LOT. No seriously, we have some guys here that could probably take down the internet if they were inclined. So, with the ever advancing nature of technology in the Real Estate, should we just leave anyone that lags behind in the dust? The fact is, we may not have a choice.

Speaking of tech, how many people are using tablets for their primary work tool?

If you’re a veteran, first off, thank you for your service.  Secondly, you could be using a loophole to make some of your best investments ever.

We mostly use some very trusted contractors for our rehabs, but not everyone has that kind of budget.  So here’s a quick guide to deciding if you can “Tim Taylor” your project, or if you should source it out to more seasoned hands.

You know those guys that I said earlier could crash the internet?  A couple of them are into comics.  Big surprise there.  But they brought me this article that makes me think those Bazooka Joe comics I found under some insulation may need a second look.

Also, if you can’t find me at the office next week, it might be because of this.