I’m always looking for the newest info in regards to Real Estate and Investing.  There are lots of ways to get that information, and tons of websites that help to disseminate it.  But with so many great sites, and a large community of professionals continuously adding to them, the amount of information available can seem overwhelming.  Even more so when if you try to narrow it down to what only applies to your style of investing.  So I’m here to help take some of the guesswork out of it.  Each week, I will be posting some of the best info I can find on various sites and forums.  All of this is designed to help you spend less time scrolling, and more time building your Real Estate empire.  From Wholesale Investing, HUD Homes, Commercial Properties, Financing, Communities, Technologies, Techniques, and lots of entertaining and fun links will be included every week.  So click on these links, enjoy the content, and let me know what you think.  Thanks again.

The Federal Reserve wants to wait for better wages before it will push for an increase in mortgage rates.

From HVAC to that squeaky drawer: What you should know about First-Time Buyer’s Home Maintenance.

One company wants to give sellers the ability to show buyers EVERYTHING about their neighbourhood.

Freddie Mac is getting rid of even more risk.  $285 Million Dollars worth.

Low approval rating will probably kill Zillow’s “Coming Soon” feature.

This is an animal that is real.  And it’s terrifying.