These links are the best in Real Estate Investing for this week.

We’re always on the cusp of new and exciting things here at The Goins Group.  Sometimes that means new techniques, other times new technologies, and sometimes its something that can’t quite be described because of how unique it is.  In the next few weeks we will be debuting several new and exciting things that will help take your Real Estate Investing to a whole new level.  So make sure to be on the lookout.  You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to keep up with all of the incredible things we’re about to release.

Just about everyone I know has a smartphone.  And what we’re able to do with them boggles my mind some days.  And they’re becoming a larger part of advertising than ever.  Its time to make sure that mobile advertising is a  priority for your business.

New tech gets released all the time.  And it constantly affects our industry. Take a look at some of the new inventions that you’ll probably be using within the next couple of years.  Lets stay ahead of the curve.

It can be difficult to grab someone’s attention.  While writing this, I’m checking my Twitter and working on my needlepoint.  But if someone delivered a coconut….. maybe I would put down the needlepoint.

I used to want a Ferrari Testerossa back in the 80’s.  Who am I kidding, I STILL want one.  And then I saw this.  The new F-80 concept is poster worthy Ferrari goodness.