Growth can be scary.  Venturing into unknown territory is not something for the faint of heart.  This week has seen a lot of shakeups in the Real Estate market.  From the Zillow/Trulia merger (see my article on that here) to the buyout of Family Dollar, we are starting to see some big changes on the horizon.  But this is just the beginning.  We have no idea what the long term ramifications are, but I’d like to think that this a positive move.

I’m also releasing my 16 page report on Dodd-Frank, and more importantly, how it affects seller financing.  Even if you aren’t involved in seller financing, it’s worth the read.  Shameless plug.

The big news to start the week has been the acquisition of Trulia by rival Zillow.  And as expected, there are some differing opinions on what effect this will have.

I normally am not involved in commercial and industrial Real Estate.  It’s not my niche.  But when I see something this big happening so close to my home in Lake Wylie, I have to check it out.

As a happily married man, I had no idea what Tinder was.  But thanks to some of my single employees, I was given a crash course in one of the simplest interfaces I’ve ever seen.  And this kind of simplicity is being ported over to Real Estate Investment.  Our friends at Geek Estate Blog bring you the Tinder of Real Estate.

I touched last week on how some veterans can make incredible deals with rental properties.  Here’s a great article on how all of our retirees can cash in!

As someone that buys a lot of HUD homes (and I mean A LOT) being a cash buyer goes a long way to putting you at the top of the list.  But not everyone has the resources to bring cash to the table for deals.  That’s ok.  Here’s how to compete with cash buyers.

The second bombshell of the week was that Dollar Tree was getting ready to purchase Family Dollar for 8.5 Billion dollars.  Both of these companies employ triple-net lease facilities.  This hit my radar big time.  So what does this mean for you in Real Estate Investment?  Well…. no one really knows.  But Family Dollar has its corporate headquarters just outside of Charlotte, NC.  So of course, here is a local piece on what this means for the area.

If you guys ever find something you want ot see on these posts, just let me know.