I love when we have Inner Circle students in the office.  These folks come in, excited and ready to learn.  And that energy is infectious!  The office is always hyped, people are smiling and laughing, and we often find ourselves pushing to do even better!  Maybe we want to show off a bit, but its a great time, and we make some incredible deals in these periods.

Our students get the opportunity to learn from the best while they are here, and one of the best ways to learn is to get hands on.  That’s why we do the Bus Tour.  This has been a staple of the Inner Circle experience since the beginning.  Wendy, a few folks from the office, and myself, take the students out to some houses that are in various states of contract, rehab, or sale.  We do this so that they can see firsthand what they need to be looking for in various deals, and what they can do to make better decisions in their Real Estate Investing.

This trip was a unique one.  We stayed in the Charlotte area and saw several houses in various states of repair.  Or disrepair, depending on your view.  I made sure to bring along Jordan, our Content Creator, so that we could properly document this unique hands-on learning experience.

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