In case you don’t know, InvestorPalooza is getting ready to go down!  We will be in Dallas September 19-21.  We have a ton of speakers, and its going to be a blast.  Call the office at 803-831-2858 to make sure you get your tickets.  At the time of writing, we only had a few seats left.  So call now!

Getting ready for this awesome event means the office is filled with a different kind of energy.  Its excitement for sure, but tinged with panic.  We want to bring you guys the best InvestorPalooza possible.  All of the prep work that we’ve been doing is starting to take shape and become tangible.  If you’ve ever been a part of building something from the ground up, you know the kind of manic joy that comes from seeing it bloom.

But IvestorPalooza means nothing if we don’t get the opportunity to help people.  That’s why we decided to do something different with our speakers this year.  When we booked them, we said that they needed to bring content, not a sales pitch.  We want these three days of training to be the kind of event that people remember.  We want folks to look back ten years from now and say that InvestorPalooza was the event that changed things for them.  The event that gave them the advice and support to start making deals, and not just another sales pitch.

So if you want to be a part of an event that is looking to change the “status quo” of Investment Seminars, then register now for InvestorPalooza.  Call my office today at 803-831-2858 and get your seat!  Now, on to the links.


Since we’re doing InvestorPalooza in Texas this year, I thought I would cover some concerns for out-of-state properties.  Doing these kinds of deals can mean broadening your business in a big way, but only if you’re careful.

Events like InvestorPalooza don’t happen without partnerships.  I’ve had some partnerships that opened up the doors for deals that I couldn’t have done on my own.  So when it comes to partnering, keep your head up.  Who knows, you may be partnering with me one day!

Being a full-time investor is the dream.  Its what we all aspire to be once when we get our feet wet.  As Bruce Dickinson once said “I got a fever.  And the only prescription is more cowbell”.  Same basic principle.  But don’t let the dream cloud your current reality.  Its better to stay grounded for a little bit so you can achieve more later.

Apple announced two new phones and a watch this week.  Technology is constantly changing.  Even in Real Estate.  I found a great article detailing some of the trends we are starting to see, and how you can stay ahead of the curve.

And a big thanks to Russia, for making a mortgage company that gives out cats with every deal.  Yes, that is a real thing.