This one goes out to the new guy.  We’ve been talking in the office about how to make it easier to get into Real Estate Investing.  I’ve been investing for decades, so I sometimes forget what its like to be new in this market.  Especially at this time in Real Estate.  One of the big things that I hear is that “Real Estate is so complicated, I don’t know where to begin”.  I’m hoping to change that in the next few months with some new content that will give  anyone the tools they need to start investing.  And to start, here are some links that will give all the newbies some key info.

We often hear about how Real Estate seems so confusing.  I’ve had countless people talk about wanting to get investing, but they seem scared of this “Real Estate Monster”.  But I’m here to slay that monster.  Its not that big, its not that scary.  You can do it.

Now that the fear has subsided, lets go over the first steps you should take.  One of the main questions that comes to my attention is “What’s your best advice for someone who is new to Real Estate Investing?”  After hearing this for several years, I decided to answer that question, once and for all.

You’re starting to make deals.  You’re making headway.  You think that you’re invincible and nothing will ever go wrong.  That’s not realistic.  Something WILL go wrong.  Its inevitable.  But you can help to soften the blow.  You can stem the tide, at least for a while.

A simple way to help make sure your investments pan out is to get a home inspection.  You would be amazed at what you can avoid, and also how you can negotiate, once you have some basic info.  If you’re not getting a home inspection, do it.  Do it now.  No, seriously.  Call someone.

Because we do a lot of rehab, people often think that our lives are like one of those home improvement shows on TV.  Just a heads up, those are ridiculous pieces of fiction.  “House Hunters” is one of the worst.  So here is a list of some of the most annoying things that happen on that show.