Woohoo!  Finally Friday!  I hope everyone has been enjoying these links and posts.  It’s been a busy week here at The Goins Group.  We’ve been prepping and shipping out copies of my new report on the Dodd-Frank Bill.  If you’re involved in seller financing or looking to get involved, you really can’t afford to miss out.  The consequences of not being in compliance range from fines, all the way to jailtime.  So get your free copy here!

I’m currently in Denver, Colorado getting ready to rock out a 3-Day Training Event.  These events are a great way for people who are ready to make deals TODAY to get some in-depth information that can make a huge difference in their Real Estate Investments.  But never fear faithful readers, because I’m equal opportunity when it comes to these awesome links.  Also, if you have any suggestions of places I need to check out while in the Mile High City, let me know in the comments!

The big news from last week was the Zillow’s buyout of Trulia for 3.5 billion dollars.  We had no idea what that meant for both companies, or for the industry as a whole.  And while we don’t have any word from either of the companies, we are getting some reports that indicate some obvious, and not so obvious changes.

I like big houses.  Except when I have to clean them.  Thankfully, that isn’t often.  But if you hate cleaning big houses as much as I do, then these tiny houses may be just the thing you need.  Also, they’re adorable.  Like baby houses.  

I don’t normally report on celebrities.  I don’t keep up with the lives of the rich and famous.  Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Burt Reynolds, and other A-listers don’t normally make the rounds on this site.  But when there is overlap in Real Estate, especially with a cautionary tale like this one, it seems right to join the gossip rags.

Everyone makes mistakes.  Everyone.  I’m no exception to this.  The four pairs of acid-washed jeans in my closet are proof.  But when you make mistakes in Real Estate Investment, they can quickly snowball out of control.  I have a few checklists like this one when I make deals.  Mistakes happen, but you can make an effort to avoid them….I should go clean out my closet.

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