It’s Back to School Time!!

So often we talk about work, real estate and making money and fail to mention the people that mean the absolute most to us. Our families and all the people that make up what that means to us. Sometimes that means your blood relation, sometimes that means work family and sometimes it just means a very strong friendship.

With fall right around the corner, kids have either started back to school already or will be over the next few weeks. I just wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to the kids of all of our staff members! A special little look behind the scenes of The Goins Group.

Larry & Pam’s son, Noah, is entering 7th grade this year. Gosh time passes much too quickly! When I came to work here at the Goins Group, Noah was just a little fellow!


Senior Education Adviser, Ron Devine, shares that his daughter Faith is entering the 3rd grade this year. Faith is such a sweetheart. She can come into the office and I don’t even know she’s here unless I happen to pass through Ron’s office. So well behaved and sweet mannered.


Junior Education Advisor, Angelique Girard, shares that her daughter, Juliet, will be starting Aveda’s Esthtetician School and Ava is entering the 3rd grade this year. I haven’t met Juliet and Ava yet because Angelique is new to the family but I hope I get to very soon!

Juliet & Ava

Senior Education Adviser, Cortney King, shares that her daughter Kaitlin is entering the 1st grade this year. Kaitlin is such a cutie and a little fashion diva. Kaitlin can put together outfits like nobody’s business, complete with accessories!


Junior Education Advisor, Deirdre Baker, shares that her sassy little Naavah, is entering kindergarten this year.


Senior Education Adviser, James Rushing, shares that his son, Jordan, is a rising senior this year!


Senior Education Advisor, Dean West, shares with us that Lucas is 11 years old going to middle school (6th grade), Alex is 8 years old and going to 3rd grade and Callie is 4 years old and not going to school, she just wanted her picture taken! LOL!


Kandas, our Director of Sales & Events, shares her daughters, MaKayla and Morgan with us. MaKayla is entering 6th grade and Morgan is heading into 3rd grade.


Accounting Manager, Cicely Mack, shares that her daughter, Jordyn, is entering 7th grade!


As for my girls, one of them is already out in the working world (Jenna) and my youngest, Caylen, is heading into fall semester at York Technical College pursuing a radiology degree.


And last, but certainly not least, Nathan Amaral, Head Coach, tells me that even though his oldest daughter, Brooklyn, has her makeup all ready to go for school, she isn’t “quite” ready yet.


I hope you have enjoyed this little behind the scenes post. We are all family here and we consider you a part of it. We love our kiddos!

Melanie Bell, Author