Some Successful Real Estate Students Stop By the Office!

Arun Vidyarthi came to us as a Realtor and seasoned investor. He purchased a property from in Shallotte, NC although he lives out of state.

Arun could not be more pleased with the outcome of events and is renting the property with a net of $400 a month cash flow.

He called Lisa Williams, his portfolio manager, who works at to let her know how great everything turned out and asked if he could come to our office in person to meet Larry, Wendy and Lisa and the rest of the Investors Rehab family and thank us in person, and buy more houses!

We are really excited for Arun and his wife Rekha as they are well on their way to financial independence.

If you are ready to start reaping the rewards of investment property ownership then please call our team at 803-831-2858 or visit to get started today.