I always love going to new places.  There’s an intangible excitement that comes from being in a foreign environment.  Its one of the many reasons why I speak at as many events as I can.  So when we decided to go to Cleveland earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity.

People who travel for a living understand that something will always go wrong.  And there were more than a few hiccups on our first day.  My lavalier mic broke.  For anyone who has seen me speak, you know I use my hands a lot!  So having to use a handheld mic was not a great start.

Then Liz, my Event Coordinator, let me know that the suitcase that contained all of our courses and paperwork was lost.  Quite literally, lost.  As of this post, I have no idea where this thing is.  I’m really hoping it shows up soon.

But for some reason, at least for myself, when things go wrong they also go right.  My students in the Cleveland area have been awesome!  They came in this morning and revitalized my attitude.  This group loves to speak out and ask questions. And man, they have had some great questions.  Its always amazing to me how sometimes I can leave my own event learning something new.

So my first day in Cleveland was a bit of a rollercoaster.  But why not enjoy the ride?

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